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  1. Note to all going: as in past years, I will be giving out 17th Shard ribbons for your badges. You will need to find me to get one. (Spoiler alert: I'm easy to find.)
  2. I think the primary issue with Alloy of Law is its unplanned nature. It started as a writing exercise, turned into a short story, and then he morphed it into a full novel. It wasn't originally plotted as a novel, which throws the pacing off. Given that Brandon generally plots things out pretty tightly, the odd nature of AoL can throw people off a bit when they first read it.
  3. Will I be there? Magic 8 Ball says: "Duh. Is water wet? Good grief, woman, why do you keep asking me such stupidly obvious questions?"
  4. We still exist! I, alas, have not yet seen any of season 9. I have to wait until it hits Netflix.
  5. I believe there will be a significant difference between becoming a Compounding savant and what I personally like to refer to as Compounding drag. This is potentially a thing per: Compounding drag would be somewhat similar in concept to pewter drag (and obviously pewter Compounding would be pewter drag squared). You'd have to run yourself hard on your metal for a fairly significant period of time and different metals will have different results. Compounding steel for a while could possibly lead to feeling like you're made of molasses afterwards; zinc might leave you feeling dazed and like you're having trouble thinking/following things going on around you. My speculation would be that tapping (not continuing to Compound) a metalmind for a while might help you ease off of the effects afterwards. But it'd be exceedingly minor compared to savantism. A Compounding savant will as be wholly dependent on burning their metal as a regular Allomantic savant would be. This is the level that I'd say that Miles had reached; he Compounded gold all the dang time and thus experienced all of the weird side effects thereof. A savant cannot function normally without a burn of their metal going on constantly.
  6. Way late response, but I just spotted this. Hello, fellow JordanConner!
  7. As stated in the Mistborn Ars Arcanum - Allomancy creates more power than you put in - that comes from Preservation. Hemalurgy results in a loss of power - hence Ruin. Feruchemy neither creates nor loses power, and thus it is the balance between the powers.
  8. I see what you did there.
  9. Really? We have an entire thread on the Groups and Clubs board. Join the Herd. Also, hi, lookit my avatar.
  10. I would consider Compounding drag to be somewhat different (and less permanent) than savantism, though the effects might well be similar. Compound steel for three hours straight? You're going to feel like you're moving through molasses for a while afterwards, but you'll recover. Pewter drag after Compounding has the potential to be extraordinarily dangerous. But the effects and severity will vary widely depending on the metal.
  11. I've been poking around with Compounding for a while now, particularly steel. I might be *mildly* obsessed with trying to get all my fanfic details as perfectly correct as possible. This is one tidbit that I wheedled out: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/332/#e9576 My general feeling is that Compounding drag would have its highest impact on the physical Feruchemical abilities. So yes, Steel Compounding is powerful, but if you do it for too long at a time you're going to feel it afterwards.
  12. As a reasonable rule of thumb. Stainless steel is a metal. Hemoglobin is not. So I would generally presume that one cannot Push/Pull on blood. Though even this gets kind of squiggly when aluminum comes into play. We know some alloys keep aluminum's weird Allomancy resistance but not exactly which ones. I keep meaning (and forgetting) to ask whether that carries over to duralumin*. Allomantic/Feruchemical-grade duralumin probably not, but the alloy mixes that someone would use for structure I've no idea. Fun point of trivia: in our world, duralumin was originally developed for building zeppelins. *Some of you may think this is a dumb question to ask. There are, in fact, people who have flat-out told me that it's a stupid question and that the answer is obvious. Unfortunately for everyone, those people come from both "yes" and "no" camps, thus making it all the more certain that I'm going to ask this dumb question someday.
  13. I used Graphic Audio to get my husband to "read" Mistborn - we went through Final Empire while on vacation last year, and the first 2/3 of Well of Ascension this year's vacation. We still need to get through that last third this summer... But trying this out also solved my long-distance driving sleepies. I don't get drowsy on audiobooks! It's amazing! And I deeply prefer the full voice cast; it makes things easier to follow even if some of the voice acting isn't perfect.
  14. I thank you for the clarification. My metallurgy knowledge is primarily "watches too dang much Nova" with a dash of "researched the crap out of aluminum production for the sake of fanfic."
  15. It was glorious and rusting near perfect. The relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley is just so well-written and well-acted it makes me want to cry happy tears. Their chemistry is just delightful. It's not often that I finish a thing and immediately want to go on a re-watch, but this is tempting me.