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  1. As a reasonable rule of thumb. Stainless steel is a metal. Hemoglobin is not. So I would generally presume that one cannot Push/Pull on blood. Though even this gets kind of squiggly when aluminum comes into play. We know some alloys keep aluminum's weird Allomancy resistance but not exactly which ones. I keep meaning (and forgetting) to ask whether that carries over to duralumin*. Allomantic/Feruchemical-grade duralumin probably not, but the alloy mixes that someone would use for structure I've no idea. Fun point of trivia: in our world, duralumin was originally developed for building zeppelins. *Some of you may think this is a dumb question to ask. There are, in fact, people who have flat-out told me that it's a stupid question and that the answer is obvious. Unfortunately for everyone, those people come from both "yes" and "no" camps, thus making it all the more certain that I'm going to ask this dumb question someday.
  2. I used Graphic Audio to get my husband to "read" Mistborn - we went through Final Empire while on vacation last year, and the first 2/3 of Well of Ascension this year's vacation. We still need to get through that last third this summer... But trying this out also solved my long-distance driving sleepies. I don't get drowsy on audiobooks! It's amazing! And I deeply prefer the full voice cast; it makes things easier to follow even if some of the voice acting isn't perfect.
  3. I thank you for the clarification. My metallurgy knowledge is primarily "watches too dang much Nova" with a dash of "researched the crap out of aluminum production for the sake of fanfic."
  4. It was glorious and rusting near perfect. The relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley is just so well-written and well-acted it makes me want to cry happy tears. Their chemistry is just delightful. It's not often that I finish a thing and immediately want to go on a re-watch, but this is tempting me.
  5. We all get something wrong now and then. I'm imagining the deeply insulted fit Syl and the other Honorspren would throw if Szeth had ever claimed to be a Windrunner. His bootlaces would never, ever behave for him ever, ever again. I think the Heralds were arranged to be exempt from their Orders' Oaths because of the greater importance of adhering to the Oathpact; that wasn't a thing they could risk coming into conflict with any other bonds. Nale didn't start swearing the Skybreaker Oaths until he'd broken with the Oathpact, and I think that bonding a Highspren and swearing the oaths is his way of trying to make amends and redeem himself for that.
  6. They would not be, just as Szeth was never a Windrunner despite carting around the Windrunner Honorblade for a book. And I imagine the spren would have something to say about that. The nahel bond with a Radiant spren is vital to being a Knight Radiant; you cannot belong to an Order without taking the Oaths. So no, someone picking up Ishar's Honorblade does not make them a Bondsmith.
  7. Yep! Which was exactly right. And to answer the actual question posed - for the most part, the Heralds aren't actually Knights Radiant themselves. Nale is kind of a weird exception to this in that he actually went to the trouble of bonding a spren and swearing the Ideals. But that is separate and distinct from the powers inherent in his Honorblade; he doesn't technically need his anymore. The Honorblades allow the holder to wield Knight Radiant powers without swearing the Ideals. They're magic cheat code items.
  8. I got ya covered. Sometimes internet glitches happen. Report one of the extra posts, pop in a reason, and one of us Moderators will take care of the extras.
  9. If you'll note the rules, thread necromancy isn't really that big a deal so long as the discussion is relevant.
  10. Hm. I think I could see it go either way at this point; is it just that the agents are bound and not able to influence things as much, or are they bound in such a way that limits Odium's access to his own Investiture? Is it possible that him creating the Fused was a trap to siphon away some of his Investiture similarly to how Ruin was weakened with the atium? If the Oathpact is broken and the Fused released, could Odium then pull that Investiture back to himself to gain enough strength to break free directly? That'd be quite a kick in the head to the Singers. "Hey, good job, you won! Okay, I'ma kill all your high-powered leaders now so I can suck back the power I gave them and break free. Oh, and now I'm gonna destroy your world. Toodles!" In as much as you have basic laws of thermodynamics; no matter or energy can be created or destroyed. But I'd all Splintering a Shard pretty effectively destroying it, and the WoB seems to indicate that the Shard will remain intact. That would be an extremely odd result of this theory. That "Everyone Hates Kaymyth Now" tag would really gain new and profound meaning. Man, I hope not. The notion of someone holding that much Shardic power that isn't in direct conflict and neutralizing itself...shiver. I honestly don't think Honor will wind up completely reconstituted at the end of Arc 1. And in fact, if this goes where I think and Dalinar wants to take Odium offworld and plunk himself down where he can't hurt people, I think he's likely to release what Honor bonds he has to do so. Tying up the Stormfather like that could cause problems for Roshar down the line; better to release the spren back into the wild than remove him from the board.
  11. The only reason I phrased it as a caution is how expensive the leatherbounds are. Each volume runs $100 - so every Stormlight novel will be $200 a pop.
  12. If this is the case, then I encourage you to find the WoB and cite it directly as I haven't come across it myself. This would be at least partially contradictory to the one I cited last night, but it would hardly be the first time that's happened. Worst case, it means the finer details of exactly how the Oathpact affects Odium's imprisonment are still unknown. Muahahahahaha! In all seriousness, this looks familiar, and may well have been a subconscious seed of this entire evil theory.
  13. We're using two WoBs from the same signing tour - essentially Brandon is rephrasing the same thing here. The Oathpact is a piece of what keeps Odium bound, but not the whole of it. He can't free himself while it's in place, but there's more to do after that if he wants to wriggle free. If that weren't the case, he wouldn't be spending so much time and energy trying to break it. Step 1: Break the Oathpact Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit! (and destruction)
  14. Odium hasn't actually escaped; he's still trapped. And while the Oathpact is not the entirety of what is keeping him trapped, it is part of the overall binding: I take that to mean that while ensuring the Oathpact is broken will not automatically free Rayse, but it is an important step in that ultimate freedom.
  15. I disagree with most of this. 1. We actually know quite a bit about Sel, and I believe that how magic works there actually does track quite well with the intents of its Shards. Spoilers for Elantris: Spoilers for The Emperor's Soul: 2. Rayse *is* Invested in Rosharan system, and while much of his Investiture may be based on Braize (his current prison and the home of the Fused, whom he has Invested in), it's also on Roshar itself in the form of the Unmade. They're pretty significant spren, so he definitely has tied himself to the place. It's also reasonable to assume he has (or had at one point) Invested Ashyn as well. The only question is how much of that Investing happened before and after the Oathpact went into place. If Dalinar does end up holding Odium, I think we might see the first on-screen example of a Shard de-Investing in a planet to remove those influences. He may not be as Invested as Honor or Cultivation, but certainly is enough to tie the majority of the Odium Investiture to the system should he die. Even if it didn't Splinter on its own, I'm imagining a chunk of Investiture turning into a mega-Unmade on the scope of the Stormfather and it's rather terrifying.