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  1. Heh. Sew-in interfacing is a lightweight, stiff but see-through fabric that I often use for my patterning. I trace the originals onto the stuff so I don't have to cut (and thus destroy the other sizes of) the pattern. As for the rest, I recommend looking up some tutorials on YouTube for how to lengthen arms and legs of patterns. They're going to explain it a lot better than I can.
  2. Worth pointing out - I should be rolling into town the night of May 30th and staying a couple of days. @Rubix and @firstRainbowRose are being gracious hosts and (presumably) going to be in some control of my schedule, but I'll be in the area.
  3. Most patterns have a place marked on them where you can lengthen or shorten the pattern piece. If you know about how many inches longer than the average your arms are, you can use some sew-in interfacing to create a new pattern piece to fit the length of your arm. Same thing with trouser legs - there's always a marked place for lengthening.
  4. Hey, you never know! I've been a lot less active than I used to be! Maybe someone missed me! Or maybe I'm, like, super arrogant or something. Perish the thought! As if I would steal from the people who volunteered so graciously to host me and my husband. Besides, spikes are for staff use only. I do miss the days when I could eat mac 'n cheese with impunity. Sleeves? What's wrong with sleeves?
  5. Sshhh! I'm trying to encourage him to be more confident! I haven't really gone anywhere, I'm just on Discord a lot more than the Shard proper these days. (I'm visiting Rubix and firstRainbowRose in a couple of weeks!) Ooooooh. That's pretty freakin' sweet. I think I need this for that SHIELD cosplay I'm probably never going to create but keep daydreaming about.
  6. Yeah, that was meant as more in general, rather than just directed at you. Everyone is being so adorably extra careful about spoilers, but I'm just gonna be mean and say, "Nope! Thread says spoilers, so it's got spoilers!" The thing of it is, so many resources are renewable. Thanos is suddenly the most powerful being in the universe - he can just impose his will on everyone and force them into sustainable living. He can just magic up water purification devices that efficiently recycle existing water and enrich the existing arable land, then enforce everyone learning how to handle sustainable farming. Heck, he can probably even tinker with plant genetics to increase food yields. Give everybody plans for efficient renewable energy generators. Or, you know, just make sure every sentient species in the universe has access to affordable birth control. Populations tend to even out on their own when this is available. He's literally got the power of the universe at his fingertips. He can do anything. And yet he chooses mass genocide as a reasonable solution. Honestly, I think I'm understating the problem. Earth is about to dive into a massive economic collapse. After the Snap, millions will die. His history of culling planets is a lot different from what he winds up doing. At least before, people KNEW what happened. There was some control to the culling. With the Snap, it's just...random. And the vast majority of people in the universe are going to have no idea why half of their number just crumbled to dust. The mass panic that results is going to be epic in scope.
  7. Warning: I'm not spoiler cutting. The title of this thread states that it's full of spoilers, so I don't really understand why the cuts started in the first place. (I deliberately avoided the thread until after I'd seen the movie.) It's an interesting thought, but I just don't think it's borne out by the narrative. Thanos's own words never indicate that this idea ever even crossed his mind. He's going to kill half the universe and leave it in "perfect balance" - if he had thought there were other solutions, I feel as though he would have acted on those once he had the gauntlet. Instead, he makes it clear that he thinks killing half of everybody is the only solution. And it's even worse than it looks on paper, because he never considered collateral damage. The after-credits stinger showed some of that right off the bat - how many pilots dusted, bringing their aircraft into fiery crashes? How many car accidents killed more people? How many pieces of heavy construction equipment were in mid-job when suddenly their operators were gone? To say nothing of infrastructure and simple things like food distribution - half of the personnel responsible for growing, processing, and distributing most of the world's food supply is gone. What about kids whose luck of the draw dusted all of their parental figures? What about power plant operations? What about doctors and nurses and other hospital workers? Earth is going to be lucky if even a quarter of its population survives the year.
  8. You have out-pedanted me? I am offend! Boots!
  9. I'll probably be checking in on Twi soon. I'm hoping to be able to stop over with her for brunch when we go through her area on vacation. Quiver's probably gotten busy and forgotten about us again. Name ping him enough times and maybe he'll pop in to tell us to knock it off. (Maybe I can summon him like Beetlejuice - @Quiver @Quiver @Quiver!) Zathoth pings in on the Discord server now and then.
  10. I got the pattern I used from someone on Ravelry: The Geeky Hooker. If you want a pattern, you should go get hers, because it's awesome.
  11. When I was in junior high (back in the Dark Ages when the Berlin Wall fell and the internet was just starting to think about being born), we were granted access to the high school library. I stumbled across Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, and I was gone.
  12. It's the one I gave to Brandon!
  13. Brandon tends to do a lot of research into any mental health issue he puts into his books. He'll read up on it, talk to people, make sure and have someone on his beta reading team to proof everything he puts in. So yes, you're going to see that he nails the accuracy more often than not.
  14. I do the same thing. Some days after work I'll deliberately move to walk on the textured part of the sidewalk that's meant to warn vision-impaired people that they're near the parking spaces just so I don't have to focus on which foot just hit a crack. It all feels the same there. But for me, it extends to really stupid levels. Like, come on, brain - different colored tiles on the floor at the airport do not feel the same. Stop trying to convince me that they do! Edited To Add: basically, it's a matter of extremity. One or two minor things, eh, it's not really something to worry about. My OCD tics could get very limiting if the urges were to get stronger to the point of being overwhelming. I can resist them, but most of the time it's easier and less stressful to just channel them into something that people don't notice.
  15. A few things: What Shallan has isn't DID, but something else that manifests in a similar way. She's developing different personas in order to handle the extreme compartmentalization of her emotions. It looks similar from the outside and can easily be mistaken for DID, but it's a completely different issue altogether. Autism is not a mental illness, but rather a difference in the physical wiring of the brain. This is generally referred to as "neurodivergence" rather than a mental illness. (ADHD also falls under this category.) Now for my stuff: I actually talked a bit about this in one of the JordanCon panels, but I do have a mild form of OCD. A lot of people like to joke about how OCD people "must have the cleanest houses" but that manifestation is by no means universal. Some people have a compulsion to clean or an anxiety about germs, but certainly not all of us! I tend to need both sides of my body to be "even" which means I'll do stuff like measure my steps so that my feet hit the carpet the same number of times before moving to linoleum, or chew my food equally on both sides of my mouth. And I'm really good* at disguising this so that people don't notice I'm doing it. I also tend to silently count my steps in sets of eight, but that's a byproduct of many, many years in marching band that never quite shook itself out of my psyche. If one arm touches something cold, I have a desire to touch the other one to the cold so that they feel the same. So the compulsions can totally be weird and nonsensical, and not necessarily a way of making everything neat and orderly and perfect. That said, if you ever play Ticket To Ride with me, I will straighten the trains at some point. Sorry. I'll try to resist most of the game, but eventually my resolve will crack and it will happen. Deal. In my case, I'm capable of suppressing the compulsions, but doing so causes me stress. If I'm already under stress, the compulsions get stronger and indulging in them actually helps ease that existing stress a little bit. Just the simple act of color-sorting M&Ms and then quietly eating them two at a time (one on each side of my mouth, of course) can chill me out a bit. I also experience social anxiety where it can be difficult for me to approach people, especially in crowds, if I do not have a specific thing to talk to them about (and even then, if I don't know them, I'm likely to come off as weird and awkward). So if you ever see me at an event, please, feel free to approach me. Once that initial ice is broken and I have convinced my brain weasels that the person does indeed actually want to talk to me, I'm fine. * I told my husband about talking about the "even steps" thing after I got home from con. He looked at me in mild surprise and said, "I didn't know you did that." We've been married for 7 years.