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  1. Curiously, it appears that some of the physical books are still available on Amazon (through Crafty's own storefront). I just ordered the one supplement (besides the new Nobles one) that I'm missing. They seem to be saying in the comments that yes, their license is expiring (though there's some fuzzy room for interpretation on applying that response). But yes, they do intend to do a print run of the Nobles book, so I hold onto the hope that I'll be able to nab the entire run in physical form.
  2. Oh, hey, look, a thing that I belong to! I started learning the flute when I was in 6th grade, so 11 years old. Thats, um...35 years ago. xD And yes, I can still play, though I do have a stronger proficiency on the oboe. Ooh, ooh! I did this! I played bass keyboard in high school jazz band, but my senior year, I managed to convince my director to let me do a solo on the flute. Got myself an Outstanding Soloist award at contest that year.
  3. Not really, unfortunately. Even if there were a way to pull the data, we have a general policy of deleting spambot reports once they've been handled. This keeps the report screen from being cluttered so we can focus in on real member issues that might need to be resolved. And a general PSA for everyone: You only need to report one post per spambot. Our special sparkly nuke button bans the account and deletes all of their content in one fell swoop (and we are very, very careful about how we use it, because the content deletion is irreversible). One report to nuke them all, and in the darkness smite them!
  4. It is, and most of it is abject nonsense (though the Handerwym footnotes are deliciously funny). However, the koloss lore we get from it is accurate, according to Brandon.
  5. You can pick up details of this from "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania" which is included in the Alloy of Law supplement to the Mistborn Adventure Game, and was then reprinted in Arcanum Unbounded.
  6. Gack, meant to do this yesterday but then things happened, so--

    Happy birthday!

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      (And I was born after 11:30 pm on the 24th, so technically you're still within 24 hours of my actual birthaversary!)

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  12. religion

    I haven't read the Kane Chronicles themselves, but in general I look at it all with a dollop of humor. Some people do their research and others...don't. (Cut to memories of me choking with laughter while watching Moon Knight with all of the avatars and even the gods themselves using the Greek version of their names, instead of anything resembling what we think the ancient Egyptians called them. I keep waiting for my spouse to stuff a lump of chocolate into my mouth when I go off on TV-watching rants, but he seems to enjoy my pedantry.) I will say that I absolutely adore the Brenden Frasier/Rachel Weisz Mummy movies (all 2 of them, the 3rd doesn't count), and while they do wander off into the ridiculous, they at least make a good effort. The whole "Anubis is a dark, scary entity!" bit makes me roll my eyes every time (I've always had an impression of him being very gentle), when characters speak in any form of Kemetic, they do properly call him "Anpu".
  13. Sometimes they just failed to get past the requirements to make their first post because bots are dumb. And also, sometimes we've already banned them. If you're finding them via the daily birthdays, you'll see a lot of older bots floating around. Regular users can't see if a particular account has been banned. Other bots. One spammer will create a set and try and have them cross-upvote themselves in an attempt to get clicks. Pity for them it doesn't work around here. We appreciate y'alls diligence in hitting the Report button on these things. Several of us try and catch them pre-emptively when we can, but the internet is dark and full of spammers. We see you, and we come at your calls. (Now, what's really funny is when the bots go and report their own posts. Someone out there wrote some janky bot code, and we mods get the occasional giggle out of it.)
  14. When you go to create a post or reply, you'll see that it opens up a text box with a bunch of tools across the front. The eyeball is the spoiler tool.
  15. I'm going to contradict this, at least to an extent, as I really don't have a problem with this thread being replied to. Creative types are, IME, rarely ones to take offense to praise, even if it's on old work. Now, the fact that the replies look like they might be from bots, that's another story. But that's what the Report button is for.