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  1. Governor has declared April 20 a statewide day of service.
  2. A bored engineer is a dangerous engineer
  3. Q: What is the difference between a phone and a computer? A: The amount of tabs open.
  4. When you guys get to hell, prepare to invade. We already took the Devil's hammer. Might as well take his land too. -- Billy Bob Space Trucker
  5. Some piece of debris made a credible threat against my former school, Columbine, and against Denver schools in general. Threat has now been neutralized. She was found to have offed herself near Mt. Evans.
  6. Have you read the source material? He really ends up developing.
  7. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  8. I vote on no rules at all
  9. I propose we remove voting and give all power to an undefined group of players.
  10. I have come to the inescapable conclusion that Samsung/Google is vastly superior to Apple. This is for one simple reason. They not only allow consumers to make hardware modifications, but they encourage it.
  11. Only humans would play basketball with their prisoners ___ Hambone, Deathworlders
  12. Decided to quit my job. It was just getting unsafe. Feels a bit different from previous quits. Those times, it was kind of sad leaving the people I had worked well with. This time, it's just good riddance to bad garbage.
  13. After they did away with headphone jack? Nah
  14. Just converted from Apple to Samsung. Any advice?
  15. Just wait until Vaati comes out with the lore