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  1. Here and today you will die. Alone, unmarked, and unmourned like the creature that you are
  2. Below is one of the most impactful songs I have encountered. It describes in detail one of my deepest level fears, and brings it to life both rhythmically and lyrically. It is a masterpiece of a performance for these reasons.
  3. Super excited for Armored Core.
  4. What hats do you guys wish we could have seen Wayne wear? How do you think he'd sound in an engineer's hat? Would he recognize a difference between design, manufacturing, and foreman?
  5. Anyone else feel that Charlie the Unicorn is a pretty good proxy for Kaladin? And that he'd get on with Adolin about as well?
  6. "Souls of Gods and souls of men, meet in cinders to ascend" Fading Light, Aviators
  7. The best power is jolly cooperation. Turning an adversary into an ally is far greater than any amount of investiture.
  8. Finally downed Radahn! That guy was a piece of work!
  9. General stance on religion: Science collects data. It is not properly equipped for dealing with questions on what to do with the data. When abstracted, religions tend to attempt to provide these tools. Among these tools are personality archetypes, moral reference points, and general value frameworks.
  10. What do you mean by God? I believe in a first cause. I believe in some form of uplifting, that enables different degrees of sapience. I believe in an absolute high moral reference point. While I am a practicing Christian, these are the fundamentals for that. EDIT: While I don't agree with everything he says, the guy in the video below has some good points on this subject. I consider it worth watching
  11. Brandon Sanderson is now playing Elden Ring
  12. Enjoying the hell out of Sabaton's new album.
  13. Mustborn introduces the three realms, and is also complete.
  14. It's supposed to release on PS4 as well.