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  1. I'll leave this as a test post. My timezone is MST. My clock currently reads 7:22.
  2. "Why is it considered more noble to kill 1000 men on a battlefield than to kill a dozen at dinner?" The life and freedom of everything he loved was hanging on his ability to do nothing. To the Senators, that much was just like another day at the office, but to the district attorney, it was terrifying.
  3. In most modern countries, distinctions are drawn between law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges, with each role being filled by separate, dedicated personnel. Do you guys think less radical Skybreakers would draw similar lines? Would being a judge for instance, require having sworn the fourth oath, while anyone who's sworn the third can prosecute? What do you guys think?
  4. So, as a basic counter argument. When I make a choice to do something, that choice is never made in isolation. It is made with the consequesnces of previous choices behind me, and with multiple opportunity costs in front of me. Under the same set of circumstances, and with the same set of prior experiences, it is highly likely that I would make that same choice again. Given this, was there ever really a choice? Was that free will, or merely one thing being higher on a hierarchy of decisions than another?
  5. Memoirs of a Royal Guard, along with everything else in the series, is good Witcher crossover
  6. Anyone read some good fanfics recently? That's my primary engagment with the fandom these days.
  7. Normally, I'm not much for love songs, but this one here is amazingly.
  8. "The best lie is the truth told in a way it won't be believed."
  9. He gave very explicit instructions and a three hour buffer for this scenario. It's really my fault for not double checking everything before submitting. That's the funny thing. I submitted multiple pages. They just ended up being blank lol
  10. I got 13% on a big test. How you might ask? Apparently some images didn't survive a file format conversion as well as I'd thought they did.
  11. My tax refund was about 1500. This means next year I can actually return to Vail, where I had first learned to ski, as I hadn't made my budget with this size of a refund in mind.
  12. For a tree to have leaves that reach the heavens, it’s roots must dig down to hell. Nietzche
  13. Governor ordered the closure of all the ski resorts state wide
  14. 381. Never, under any circumstances, split the party. It can only go poorly.
  15. Dark Souls Remastered\ Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Jedi: Fallen Order Monster Hunter: World Witcher 3