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  1. I'm trying to do at least 1 per week. That being said, other people can host as well.
  2. Indeed. And relevant too.
  3. Game starting in 30 minutes. Password is 17Shard
  4. Last night, we got Chaos, among many other people, to participate in a grand game of Cards against the Cosmere. It lasted over 6 hours, and was a wild time the entire way through. Huge success.
  5. Game starting in 30 min Password is 17Shard
  6. *Gets down around 4:00* *Wakes up in dark room 4 hours later* Darn you body!
  7. I installed new curtains today. With them and lots of caffeine, I just might be able to survive this night job.
  8. Good advertisement. 8/10
  9. @Queen Elsa Steelheart That sounds real rough. I can only imagine. *Sends hugs with noise cancelling headphones that have a bluetooth podcast system*
  10. They say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but in reality, the longest nail gets hammered down first.
  11. *Sends hugs along with many caffeinated beverages for the lethargy*
  12. If not, there's a format converter called Calibre that will allow you to safely to convert from epub to MOBI, among other formats such as pdf.
  13. @AonEne Nested spoiler take extra cellular data to load and slow down loading times without contributing additional content. That is my personal chief gripe with them. If they were being used as an organizational tool, to compress sections of a long post in a function similar to a table of contents or index, that would be one thing. That would be a productive use of them. That, however, is not what I've observed the primary usage of them to be. My observation instead has been that they tend to function similarly to a rick roll.
  14. There is nothing quite like the feeling of paying for your own tuition yourself using nothing but funds gained from your own labor.
  15. There is also the political triangle, which takes it to three variables, three dimensions of analysis.