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  1. This place is in Alethkar.
  2. Getting my CDL also got me a pretty nice raise.
  3. This place is on Roshar
  4. This place is in the Physical Realm
  5. “Blood of the innocent. Blood of the guilty. Fresh blood. Cold blood. Old blood. You’re standing in a river of the stuff. It’s flowing through you. Gives you strength. It’s also tearing you away and drowning you. And for all the blood that’s soaking you through and through... it’s nothing compared to all the bloodshed you’re going to prevent.” He sighed and shrugged. “I also see stars above you... stars beneath you... stars within you. You’re made of stars. Bloody stars.” Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
  6. This place is in the Cosmere
  7. Siri's Dad's Place?
  8. For really loud music.
  9. "In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive." - Jordan Peterson "Don't hit anything you didn't aim for and don't aim for anything worth more than a penny." - A truck driver
  10. Why are truckers so hard to deal with? They're all full of air.
  11. Last week, I talked about how my car broke down. Today the mechanic got back to me. It's not just one thing that's blown and needs replacing. The entire piece of crem is ruined. Now I'm going through the car buying process, and it's been a load on my plate. Add that to me being a full time student and working and it's just been a week.
  12. I got home fine. It was actually one of the less bad places I could've broken down. Had a sign for directions and a bridge for shelter from the rain when attempting to hail other drivers
  13. Car just broke down and my phone battery is low.