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  1. The devil does not care who does the hating as long as the hating gets done." -Andrew Klavan
  2. What do you get when you mix Polish with Hebrew? A balanced language.
  3. Learned by text. Had a stronger reaction to a test grade. Unsure how I feel about this. Does having this reaction to someone I know dying make me a bad person?
  4. Annnd, she's gone
  5. People are equal. Ideas are not.
  6. Like a softer version of Martin, but with more books.
  7. I really liked Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series. First book is The Last Wish.
  8. That's the thing though. I used to joke about how glad I'd be to see her gone. And now that the news has dropped, nothing. I don't really even know this person anymore. Just my memory of the person.
  9. I've just been told that a major figure in my life has been put on hospice. Also, I had pretty much no reaction when receiving this news. I had a stronger one when discovering that an old forum had finally been retired.
  10. You get Honor! *Inserts axhound*
  11. Anyone here know of any salt tolerant trees that could grow in dry enviornments, such as south eastern California? I need to know for a school project.
  12. Will you cosin this dance? Your presence is integral to this event You are the next term in this sequence.
  13. I get to start on a preliminary engineering report, one of the more intense pieces of writing I've been instructed to do, with a week to do it. Right as midterms are approaching. Yay.
  14. Sparked a new discussion on a talk show. Feeling slightly accomplished.