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  1. After the game, the king and the pawn both go in the same box "Most people say that war is hell, but it's not true. War is war, and Hell is hell. You ask yourself, which one is worse? To hell, only the sinners go to suffer, there are no innocent bystanders. But in war, the innocents, women and children are the ones who truly suffer"
  2. The Swedish version of "A Lifetime in War" might just be one of the most beautiful things I've recently listened to, and every should listen to it immediately
  3. "As your highmarshal and superior officer, I forbid you to bond with anyone else until you attempt to work with Rlain" Kaladin like a boss! And Dalinar apparently knows of the God Beyond. Cool.
  4. Climbed Quandry Peak today. Was a perfect day for it. Left car around 7:40. Summited around 11:05. Left summit around 11:30. Got back to car around 2:30. Starting elevation:10850 ft Summit: 14265 Round Trip Length: 6.75 miles
  5. *Reads chapter* Oh no, they're getting PETA for spren! Almost just as bad as Ghostbloods
  6. New favorite. The Last Battle, by Sabaton
  7. Someone though some eggs at my car last night. I have an idea who it was, but have no way to prove it.
  8. Been getting a lot into Sabaton recently
  9. All of my close relationships have always been with coworkers. This has led to all of them taking on a form of sibling relationship. I've been finding this increasingly annoying lately.
  10. For the price of $100 I'll be able to get a season pass for the unguided ski season at Silverton. This is a quarter of the price I'd pay later in the year, and comes with the option of a $34 heli drop. This place is basically lift served backcountry, and is one of the rawest skiing experiences out there. I am excited for next winter!
  11. "The idealism of an era is often the cover story for the theft.
  12. everything is what it is and not another thing
  13. I'll leave this as a test post. My timezone is MST. My clock currently reads 7:22.
  14. "Why is it considered more noble to kill 1000 men on a battlefield than to kill a dozen at dinner?" The life and freedom of everything he loved was hanging on his ability to do nothing. To the Senators, that much was just like another day at the office, but to the district attorney, it was terrifying.
  15. In most modern countries, distinctions are drawn between law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges, with each role being filled by separate, dedicated personnel. Do you guys think less radical Skybreakers would draw similar lines? Would being a judge for instance, require having sworn the fourth oath, while anyone who's sworn the third can prosecute? What do you guys think?