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  1. Game starting in 60 min
  2. Next game will be tomorrow at around 3:00 MST.
  3. Ever had a windshield wiper blade flip over while driving on the highway through a snow storm? It's fun.

  4. Cards Against the Cosmere starting in 30 minutes. Password is 17Shard

  5. Game starting in 30 minutes Password is 17Shard
  6. It has returned! I've found a new hosting site, and, with the permission of @FeatherWriter, I have recreated the old decks. If you'd like to help test them, join me at 4:00 pm MST, 6:00 EST for the first game in a while.
  7. Flipped my car today. That was fun. Got over it.
  8. Flipped my car today. That was fun. Got over it.

  9. Will be going to Breckenridge tomorrow. Got a bunch of powder over the weekend, so it will be a blast.

    1. Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      Ookla the Kijetesantakalu


      skiing is fun

      I was at Mt Bachelor last week (in oregon)

  10. Bought the dip on Gme, and watched it go up by 20. This was a good day

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    2. Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      that's at least forty seven points!

    3. Kaymyth


      Well, yes, that's true. But you lost 42 of them for dying with the rest of humanity.

    4. Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      you think I was on Earth?

  11. Fair enough lol. To make it possible, change 2sin(x) to 2tan(x), as tan(x) has an infinite real range. Alternatively, Solve e^x = x for x.
  12. Lets try this one on for size 50 - 2sin(x) * (3 + 2cos(x)) = 0 Solve for x
  13. In Oathbringer, Nale had a discussion with Szeth about following the law of the land. They determined that since the Singers were the first settlers of Roshar, that the law of the land would be the law of the Singers, and therefore, the law of Odium. Recently, at the end of Rhythm of War, Leshwi, along with Venli and several Singers and Heavenly Ones, split from the rest of the Singers and Fused and escaped. So that presents a question: Does Nale know of these events? If so, would the law that should be followed be the law of Leshwi's faction or the law of the Fused?
  14. Ain, you cannot blame the lightning bolt for setting the forest on fire, nor can you blame the forest for burning. It is just the way it is. The only thing you can do is put out the fire."