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  1. Point. But Grindelwald was the original counterpart to Dumbledore (the Dark Lord vs the Lord of Light), like Ruin was to Preservance, so...
  2. Ok, you're making my head hurt now... I was thinking about it, and at some point I decided it would be wonderfully ironic to have him as Gryffindor, but then I realized I don't remember the original Mistborn books as well as I should, so it's hard to say. But the idea of Lord Ruler being a magical Dark Lord coming from the house of supposed 'good guys' is too brilliant to pass up. Then again, Slytherin is ambition and cunning, and he's got those for sure. And the Ravenclaw intelligence. The only house he couldn't get to would be Hufflepuff. Can we just send him to Durmstrang? TenSoon as Sirius Black. They were even the same type of a dog I think (big, black, shaggy). Though I do see him potentially working as Fluffy (from Philosopher's Stone).
  3. I have a very little chance of ever getting to ask Brandon this, but if anyone would, I'd be curious to know Kelsier in Slytherin and Marsh in Gryffindor would be brilliant. On the first glance (considering their reputations and so on) it would seem that it should be the other way around, but if you get to know them better it all makes sense You killed me with Clubs as Filch. (I read Mistborn so long ago I barely remember Clubs, but that line would be hilarious anyway) Overall, I totally agree with you on all counts. I mean, I do like the thought of Spook being a Gryffindor, but he would make a wonderful Puff too. Also, Dox could propably be part-goblin since he handles the money (my friend made this joke...) Would kandra be allowed to be students at Hogwarts? Or would they be considered a 'magical creature'? Because if we're sorting them, I'd say MeLaan to Gryffindor and TenSoon... Hufflepuff maybe?
  4. Controversial opinion, but I never really liked Vin much, so can't truly say for her. You may be right though. As for Kelsier he's such a mix, he'd either be a very Gryffindorish Slytherin or a very Slytherinish Gryffindor. Personally I'd put him with the snakes too, but I may be biased, since I'm apparently a Slytherin myself and Kell's my favourite Yup, Wax is hard, same for Marasi. I guess Wax is slightly more Gryff and Marasi slightly more Claw (considering his past in the Roughs). Wayne though? He is very loyal, especially to Wax, a bit less on the hardworking part. With his conman persona, sneakiness and the way he plays his 'roles' he could make a very good Slytherin (then again, personal bias, I love Wayne too). But then again, as a Puff he would fit in with characters such as Tonks from Potterverse... Also Steris is definitely a Ravenclaw. Personally I believe that all Terris people from first trilogy (Sazed, Tindwyl) would be in Ravenclaws since they focus so much on gathering and understanding knowledge. Ham is a Puff, but Spook does strike me more as a Gryffindor, shy and unimposing at first, but very courageous and badass in the end (kind of like Neville Longbottom). Any idea on Dox? I admit, he escapes me completely. Marsh too is a bit ambiguous, though propably Slytherin. It's scary that this is the house I'd sort most of them into, since I also think it would fit Allrianne (spoiled girl from old family, sneaky enough to hide being a Rioter, has agendas, even if it's mostly seducing Breeze, and is not as ditzy as she seems at first glance - cunning and ambitious indeed).
  5. Hey This may not be exactly a discussion about the Mistborn books per se, but just a fun question that I sorta need for fanfiction writing purposes. That said, if I put the thread in a wrong place on the forum, I apologize and definitely don't object to it being moved accordingly. Same goes for using wrong tags, I've no idea how to tag properly. Anyway, if you were to sort the characters from Mistborn series (and that includes Wax and Wayne series, because I love those guys) into Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter, how would it go? Personally, I'm only sure that Elend and Sazed would fit in Ravenclaw and Breeze maybe in Slytherin, though I'm very open to all suggestions. I'm actually completely torn whether Kelsier is a Gryffindor (stupidly brave hero type) or Slytherin (you can not tell me he wasn't very cunning and VERY ambitious with his grand plan). So, if you have a free while to wonder about this or if you already have any opinion on the subject, I'd gladly hear them. Again, don't take this too seriously, it's really just for fun and maybe to wonder about which values the characters mostly represent and what makes them tick... Anyway, I eagerly wait for any ansers!
  6. Lift - that makes sense. But since she calls Surgebinding her "awesomeness" that would mean that Nightwatcher forced/convinced Wyndle to bond her. I'm not saying it's impossible, it's actually valid, but what about the fact that she exists partially in Cognitive Realm (thus being able to touch the spren) and that she can turn food into stormlight (which may be a direct consequence of existing in Cognitive Realm). I think this is more likely to be her boon - I mean, where else it could come from? Dalinar - the part about Nightwatcher is pretty obvious (at least in my eyes). As for the rest... I don't know if Cultivation will be Splintered, personally I don't think so (which doesn't make it impossible of course). But for some time now I was thinking that Honor will be reforged and Dalinar will become it's Shardholder (who would be better?), so I agree with your theory. I'd really like to see this
  7. Personally, I have nothing against Renarin. He seems to me as a potentially interesting character, but he appears rarely in the book and doesn't get any pov, so it's rather easy to forget about him. I guess more people would like him if he had some more spotlight, because now he's just rather easy to miss. Readers always feel strongly about important characters but often don't have any opinion about those more in the background. Now, about the connection between characters' diabilities/psychical conditions and the way they're received... I agree that people suffering from similar conditions feel better being able to relate to a character on a personal level. I think it's a good thing. And while I strongly believe that it's wrong for a reader to hate a character because of said character's condition, I think such things shouldn't be taken so much into account. I mean, I think that using a psychical condition, disability or a hard past to justify everything the character does or claim any criticism to be disrespectful on this ground is also wrong. Yes, such things can explain why certain character acts as he/she does, but it doesn't mean that said character can't be criticised for his/her mistakes. I think it'll be better if I explain it on an example - my opinion's of characters. I actually kind of like Renarin but I think that some of the things he did were stupid or reckless. Joining the duel was reckless, but I admire Renarin for this - it was also brave and it showed his devotion to his brother. But keeping Glys and his visions secret for so long? I'm no expert so I don't know if it's related to his autism or not, but I believe that doing so was stupid. No matter if it can be explained or not, I see this action as a mistake on his part and that's it. Now, Kaladin. Kaladin is my favourite character so far. It doesn't mean I don't want to hit him on the head with a book, hard, when he does something stupid (like the time when he challenged Amaram). Other times, when he's particularly sad or beaten down, I think he needs a hug And while I understand he's depressed, some of his actions and decisions he makes (possibly because of this) annoy me - like the way he refused to trust anyone with light eyes. He may have had reasons and all, but I was angry he judged people because of eye color and not who they were. I judge him regardless of his condition - I may understand but it doesn't mean I have to approve (again, of actions not of his feelings). As for Shallan, well, I dislike her. Very much. Though I admit she had her moments (one or two... ). Her past can explain why she acts the way she does, but it doesn't mean I have to like her, right? I guess it boils down to whether or not I'd like to spend time with such person or not in real life. I think that if I had a chance to meet Renarin, I'd befriend him without any problems. With Kaladin too - though I'd propably argue with him often (but hey, I argue with my best friend at least once a week about some stupid things and we're still best friends since we were 3 or 4). But I honestly can't stand people like Shallan. My interactions with such always end in a big row. How can I like her in the book if I know that if she were, say, a girl I know from college, we'd hate each other with passion? It doesn't have anything to do with psychical conditions or whatsoever - I judge characters as I'd judge real life people. After all, it's a person we interact with not a specimen of a certain condition. We should be respectful but it doesn't mean we should look only at this. Now, I hope my post isn't offensive in any way to anyone. If so, then know that I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention, and please let me know why it is so - I'll try to learn for the future.
  8. Apart from that one scene he wasn't that much of a jerk... I don't know, I don't have any issue with this conversation... :ph34r: When you point it out I guess you're right, but personally I didn't see anything wrong there. I was pretty sure he has given the Honorblade to Dalinar when he came back to Urithiru... I guess I'll have to find my book. I have a feeling that he would still want to cover up for Moash if possible (he's way too loyal to his men, even if they don't deserve it). Or at least he wouldn't want to give that information away if it's possible to keep it hidden. But if Dalinar ever asked, Kaladin would answer truthfully - Syl will make sure of that. I really hope that Kaladin won't backward his character development to go back to mistrusting Dalinar because of Amaram... He should be above that now.
  9. Wow That's awesome! I can totally see this happening! The child is completely calm in Navani's arm, Dalinar and Renarin managed to pull themselves together and stop laughing, Adolin stands grumpily, mentally cursing that storming kid. The doors open. Jasnah enters the room and takes in her surrounding. Her eyes widen at the sight of chaos. "Not again!" she moans, covering her eyes with her hand. Renarin starts to chuckle again. He has heard the story of how Adolin tortured Jasnah when she was forced to babysit him. Or, to be exact, many similar stories... Navani smiles mischievously. "Jasnah, dear, since Adolin has proven to be completely unreliable and incapable of watching over a child, mostly due to his mindset being very similar to his supposed charge's..." Adolin grimaces. "Mashala! Please..." He tries to cover his embarassed blush. He has had enough of being laughed at. "...we are left without a responsible person to look after your nephew this evening" continued Navani, ignoring Adolin completely. She had a better idea now. "So I thought maybe you could..." Jasnah paled. She only came to this room to ask Navani where she has placed a book she needed. She didn't expect to find this! The whole sight reminded her way too much of one of those feral evenings when she was forced to somehow contain a certain blond bundle of energy. She looked at her nephew horrified. The boy seemed to realize this, as he directed his gaze at her and beamed happily. "Jasnah! Jasnah!" he shrieked in joy. "Jasnah huggie!" he added, making grabby motions with his hand in her direction. If that was possible, Jasnah paled even more. She stood there for a while, frozen, until she rapidly turned around and left the room. She barely stopped herself from running, trying to save some of her dignity. "Noooooooooooooooo! Jasnah back! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" screamed the toddler. The princess quickened her steps. "Jasnah, where are your manners?" asked Navani loudly. "How can you be like that?" joined in Dalinar. "You are breaking the poor child's heart!" His words were backed up by another wail. "You should be ashamed" chimed in Renarin. Jasnah stopped and looked back. She cringed slightly at the sight of her covered in tears and snot nephew motioning in her direction. "I have important work to do" she claimed, fighting to keep her voie even. "What could be more important than your own family?" asked Navani. Jasnah looked from her mother to her uncle and cousins. One glance at Adolin's face brought back all the times he managed to unleash the sheer force of Damnation in her presence years ago. "No" she said. "Never again. I'm not spending time with any child named Kholin ever again!" With that she turned around and left quickly. Her dignity forgotten anyways. The other four Kholins looked at each other and bursted out laughing, while Navani coaxed her grandson to calm down. "You know, Adolin" started Dalinar, barely able to speak between bursts of laughter. "It's your fault she's like that." Adolin scowled. Renarin looked at his brother, completely aghast. "What have you done to her anwyay? I've never seen Jasnah like that!" he claimed, shocked. Dalinar intended to recall one of the most colorful stories and Adolin was getting ready to defend what's left of his dignity, when Navani butted in the conversation. "Now, gentlemen..." she started, accompanied by the prince's soft sobs how "Jasnah doesn't love him at all". "We still need someone to watch over him this evening. We already decided that Adolin is not a good choice, so..." Her gave wandered towards the other two. Renarin immediately backed away. "I would be honored, but I have duty with Bridge 4 today, so..." With that he bowed and escaped the room. Dalinar was desperately looking for an excuse, as he has had enough of hyper-active children ever since his own son grew up. "Well, dear, I'm afraid I have some duties to attend to..." He looked to Adolin for help. Now, Adolin honestly considered leaving him alone to this as a revenge from laughing at him, but eventually he decided it's too harsh of a punishment. He smirked mischievously. "Of Bridge 4 speaking... What about we dump the kid on Bridgeboy's head?"
  10. From this perspective, Wit really acted like a jerk. But it could also be that he tried to encourage Adolin's sense of posessivness - he wanted to force him to fight for the girl he cares for... Though even if, it was still a bad joke on his part. Personally I think Wit is amusing, especially in a way he interacts with others. I would really like to see more of him together with Jasnah in an interlude... But he has already given the Honorblade to Dalinar... I think he wouldn't start the subject himself, because if he were to speak at all, he would speak the whole truth. I guess I simply perceive the matter in a different way
  11. In the situation I described, I think Kaladin would be the kind of person to try and take care of the most important tasks (looking over the prince) himself... Then Jasnah would come along and relieve him from said duty only to find much more suitable caretaker Kal propably wouldn't know who in Kholinar to trust enough, but Jasnah knows better. And yes - the situation would make opening the Oathgate the top priority - Navani is the best person to babysit the little prince Oh, I'd like to see the situation in which Elhokar's son is in Urithiru and Adolin is forced to look after him for a while. He would be all "This kid is some kind of a hyper-active skyeel! How in the name of Almighty I'm supposed to deal with him?!" only to hear Dalinar, Navani and Jasnah (in unison) saying: "You were even worse". At this point Renarin bursts out laughing I don't think he ever claimed to love her (but I may be forgetting something), though it is rather obvious conclusion... As to failing to say the right words on time - that's your interpretation, we only know he failed her somehow but in a different way than the others (who died). While your idea is very valid, it's not completely sure Of course she was important, the question is - is she going to appear again and if so is she going to still be important to him? I think my only real issue with this is that whenever Tarah appears in the books, she and Kaladin will already have a history together so everything in their relationship will be worked out from there. And I really like it much, much more to see the love blossoming directly on page - not rekindling of a feeling that was there before... All of my ideas have something around 1% of credibility - it could be possible, but not a chance it will happen But still, I like them... And I guess there's nothing wrong in hoping I will be right in something (not necessarily this, but something).
  12. I think it could be possible... But I guess he wouldn't come up with such idea by himself. Though if somebody hinted such possibility at him... That's amazing But hey, Jasnah was only a teenager then (I think she's about 10 years older than Adolin). Now, as an adult woman she's propably gotten better, even if she's not pleased with having to care for a child. Besides there's no telling that Elhokar's son would be such energy volcano as little Adolin was I am well aware of that... And yes, I know that the possibility of another important character being introduced in book 3 is next to nothing. But hey, still can dream, right? As for Tarah... I barely even noted her being referenced to Not to mention being interested by her. To me she didn't seem special, she was just... well, she was there in the past, but now? A memory nothing more...
  13. True that Well, Adolin never minded Wit's jokes about his courtships... I don't know, maybe that was Hoid's way of saying "settle down finally"? As for the part with Kaladin and Shallan - I thought it was funny I didn't read it as Wit having bad intentions towards Adolin, he just wanted to be amusing and I think he knew Kaladin wouldn't do that anyway. I think Kaladin may not start speaking on his own, but when Dalinar asks him something related to the matter (where is Moash if nothing else) then he will answer truthfully. It's not his style to lie, besides Syl wouldn't be happy with him if he tried to.
  14. Me too, but with Amaram, the impact would be more powerful - he hates him much more. I think that upon meeting Roshone again Kaladin will come to the conclusion that he's just a selfish and pitiful bastard, which is still better than what he thinks of Amaram. Wait... I recall Kaladin in prison only once (after the duel)... But I think you mean also the time when he was in a slave wagon, right? Anyway, then it's like that - first imprisonment: he gives up, second imprisonment: he almost goes crazy, becomes angry and swears not to be locked up again. And then, the third imprisonment - he goes willingly and tries to make the best out of it, knowing that he's not really locked up because he's capable of leaving whenever he wishes to. As for the secret vigilante... Yes, Kaladin is usually very obvious and outspoken in what he does. But he's smart. I like to think that the plan was something like: use Syl-blade to defend darkeyes, so they will think that they're being protected by someone highborn, use mundane weapons and worn clothes to defend lighteyes so they'll think that they're being protected by someone lowborn. Kind of trying to patch the differences between them. But that wouldn't work if anybody saw that he's the one doing both things. I think that Syl may propose him to hide his face... And I never planned to kill the innocent kid. He survives. Kaladin takes him to Urithiru, being forced to babysit a toddler for some time. I guess it would be nice if the boy grew to like him very much, but in my plans he always ends up adoring Syl Anyway, after Elhokar is killed, the little boy becomes the king. But since he's too young, Dalinar acts as his regent. Navani takes to rising her grandson with the help of Dalinar and his sons. They make sure the prince grows into a better person then his parents were... I didn't try to imply that Aesudan was unfaithful, I never thought of it. But now that you mention the possibility... It makes all too much sense, with Elhokar spending last 6 years on Shattered Plains... Aesudan found herself pregnant with someone so she quickly arranged to visit her husband in the warcamp and later claimed the child to be his... That could make a good story. And would explain why Jasnah wanted to assasinate her I don't have many ideas for Jasnah Before she comes to Kholinar she was busy with whatever she was planning in the epilogue. Prefarably together with Wit - their interactions are hilarious Then she arrives, sees the state the city is in and tries to take control. But she's informed that somebody is already in charge. She's very unhappy with this and demands to be taken to this person. On her way she sees how well everything is going, how the wounded are being helped and so on, and she decides that whoever took charge of the city did a very good job of it. Her anger subsides - now she's curious. Finally she meets Kaladin. He's unwilling to believe who she is - Jasnah Kholin was murdered after all. She proves her identity to him (maybe with the help of Ivory, I'd actually want to see Syl interacting with Ivory - with any Nahel spren actually) and he apologizes (grudgingly), informing her that he's a captain of Dalinar's guard. Upon learning what happened in Kholinar and to Aesudan, Jasnah relieves Kal from the babysitting duty (after all, it's her nephew) and takes charge of everything in political sense - Kaladin still leads the guards/city defense and is responsible for helping common people. They share responsibilities, trying to figure out what to do with the city. Jasnah also contacts Dalinar. They don't believe she's who she claims to be (they'll answer for this mistake later, when she meets them personally ). Dalinar orders Kaladin to secure the city and bring the prince to Urithiru. Renarin suggests they bring the city to Urithiru - there's enough space and everybody would be safe. Kal leaves Jasnah to work on the Oathgate and makes sure that everyone gather in the palace (or however big is the range of the gate), gathering supplies and useful (and not destroyed) things from around the whole city. Jasnah figures out the lock and they go to Urithiru. Citizens are willing to follow their princess and Kaladin becomes considered a hero. Some (especially darkeyes) may even start to hero-worship him. He's not very comfortable with this. I have some theories about Liss (my favourite one is that she's the Herald Chana, but there's little to no evidence in favor of this ). Let's just say she decides that the queen needs to go, but killing the prince would cause too many problems. Now, Tarah... I get your point, but I'm not sure if I want to see her again. Yes, Kaladin deserves someone. I just tend to think that it should be a character we haven't seen yet. A girl he meets in Kholinar maybe. One of my favourite scenarios is a lowborn lighteye young woman. She's unhappy with her position in society - she's a woman so all she can do is read/write (useful, but boring), engage in music or art (never had any talent in them, so she dislikes them) and... well little else. At least nothing practical. She always dreamed of being allowed to fight, to make a real change. In secret she trained archery (easier to practice alone than sword/spear I think). When the riots start she tries to blend in among the rioters (she decided to support them, because her family wasn't important or rich, and queen's stupidity left them in a bad situation), but she never heard of eye drops before. She's very lucky nobody in the crowd saw her eyes from beneath the hood. But suddenly a strange man appears - and he talks to the rioters convincing them to stop and try to help the people instead of assaulting lighteyes. Half of the group listens to him. The leader though tries to beat down this man but gets easily disarmed and defeated, but to the girl's surprise, not killed or even much hurt. Then others become afraid and decide to call it a night. They're going to try another day, when nobody will get in their way. Now, she won't have any of this. The lighteye they were about to assault was favoured by the queen and one of those who had caused her family's suffering. She's proud and determined, so when other's leave, she approaches that strange man and tries to force him to answer her questions (mostly along the lines of "why do you meddle in this?" or "why protect this brightlord when he doesn't desrve it?"). She attacks him with a knife, but he obviously doesn't want to hurt her. She tries to use it to her advantage. Unfortunetely, they cause a commotion. The guards come out and see them. They claim them burglars and try to kill them. The strange man protects her (no matter how much she claims she does not need protection) and tries to dispose of the man without killing them. He even stops her from slitting the throat of one of them. He grabs her and they escape, but later she pushes him away and runs home. But there was something strange about this man. She's curious and keeps trying to spot him in a crowd. It's not very hard - he comes to her family's shop to buy a new knife (they're blacksmiths). She later follows him and finds out where he stays. She's determined to find out who he is and why is he so strange (he helps everyone, even those who doesn't deserve it or even try to kill him). She's being sneaky - he's not aware that she's spying on him (or so she thinks). Her curiosity is piqued up when she spots a windspren constantly keeping him company. One day she sees him risking his life to protect a group of urchins from city guard. Then he gets hurt while saving life of one of those guards. Ignoring his own wound he helpes the urchins and another guard whom he hit too hard. She hides back in the alley, sure that he hasn't seen her. But he did. And he catches her, demanding explanation as to why was she following him. So she asks why is he helping everyone. When he answers "because they all cannot protect themselves", she shuts up and ponders his words. She stops following him after that, but wonders if she'll meet him again. Ok, enough for now. This post is already long and full of ramblings. I may continue this next time