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  1. So i think that LoF lock the object in place. I believe if you drew it on a chalk board. The boars would be locked in space-time by the LoF. Pretty much what im trying to say is the LoF is the anchor not the chalk board. Kinda like a the "Immovable Rod" from Dungeons and Dragons
  2. So a 2 point circle can be changed into any other except 9 point. Unless you draw the triangle perfectly in a way to intersect the 2 original points
  3. So the bind points don't come into play unto you actually bind something to it. Intent comes in when you do the first binding. As long as the triangle can be changed to accommodate the other bind points but keep the original ones, it shouldn't matter.
  4. If you have ever seen a sword duel, 4 on 1. Then the 1 looks spectacular. Also when kaladin rushed in and distracted them, the book says Adolin went for the offensive and was a blur of sweeps and jabs. So just think of a random guy drop kick one of the duelers, its an extremely funny picture in my head, then his disadvantage is only 3 on 1. Either way, Adolin even surviving that long with 4 people attacking him, he must have been a sight to behold.
  5. Yeah, but you could draw a circle around the eclipse and have the bind points connect. Then go with lines of forbiddence on the sides. Only problem is according to the rules of the tournaments, when your first circle is breached you lose no matter how many you have inside
  6. Yeah, you could draw it before hand in like a "Chaulking Creation" and draw it as quick as you can. Then you just click and drag and it redraws it for you. In the same time you drew it on the creation menu. In the creation menu you can specify the speed, strength, and health based on the drawing where you identify the parts, either legs or claws or teath or a shell. Size would also help with health. Overall detail adds a overall buff to all stats!!
  7. That's just what we think is the second one. I think so too, but there is no evidence at all. Just a bunch of hunches.
  8. No it doesnt. It says right next to it. "Disputed, Citation needed"
  9. Mind-blown.....
  10. I don't recall that ever being in any of the books, could you quote it? Im not arguing, just asking. I do have many different theories with bondsmiths and Storm father, nightwatcher, and the water one with a bunch of faces are the three being one of them. Also i thought maybe the third one could be a corrupted bondsmith that bonded with odium but that one is probably the farthest from the truth. Also, maybe the third one could have a partial bond to both honor and cultivation spren. Maybe acting as the moderator for the other 2 bondsmiths. Makes sense since they are supposed to unite. And if one is working with each influence stuff could get messy.
  11. How do we know that?
  12. Taylor Kitsch!! He looks gruff enough and his eyes are slightly almond shaped. He did a great job with ghe attitude in John Carter
  13. Maybe the 3 bondsmiths each bonded to a manifestation of Honor? On physical (the highstorm) one cognitive (the storm father) and one spiritual (Honor himself, or maybe Ishar)
  14. immortal words

    I got a feeling it would be somwthing like "I will lead those who can protect others, even if they may die protecting", that's why he couldn't say it. He can't let Tien die again. He's to afraid of letting his friends (possibly squires) go into danger to protect others. That's also why he assigned himself to the most dangerous shifts guarding people in WoR.
  15. Lupis is right, if everyone was a rithmatist, then the whole plot of the book is redundant. I do believe everyone has the capabilities, what we need to do is look for any common characteristics to determine what the factor/factors are that make someone a rithmatist