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  1. After going through all the others Shardcasts, this one definitely sticks out. It's everything you could want from a cosmere podcast: analysing the text to such a degree that you derive beautiful (crazy) theories that actually sound quite convincing. Great job all of you! For the podcasts I would like to see: something on the herald and the oathpact revelations we got, perhaps together with a discussion on the fused and the parshendi side of the conflict. Maybe a Shardcast about Shadesmar cause we got a lot of that in Oathbringer. And I really want that Nightblood 2.0 conversation you promised! Also Odium his appearance and what Dalinar was doing in his 'Unity' - scene. Yeah, I don't think you'll run out of ideas any time soon!
  2. So, we know that Brandon's next Non-Cosmere series is going to be Apocalypse Guard, a series exploring the "Quantum Multiverse" (that's what Brandon calls it) first introduced in the Reckoners series. Do you guys think this series might not only tie in to the Reckoners but also other of his Non-Cosmere stories. At first I was skeptical myself, fearing that those worlds might all feature some kind of Calamity and have Epics in one form or another, but after reading the synopsis of the series, especially this sentence I have changed my mind: " These real, alternate versions of Earth are sometimes very, very different from the one we know. " So could this be Brandon's master-plan to include some of his non-cosmere worlds into the Apocalypse Guard Multiverse? As far as I know every one of his other stories (Legion, Rithmatist, Alcatraz, Perfect State, Firstborn, Defending Elysium, Dreamer, HARRE) features Earth to some degree, so it's certainly possible. I hope we get maybe a cameo of one of his earlier worlds. What do you think, could this be a perfect chance to connect some of his Non-Cosmere stories?
  3. Seconded, you just have to read this series, it's amazing. This book was probably the best of the whole series, so good job, Brandon! For all those not convinced, read the comment on this post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/51dimk/alcatraz_kindle_sales_299/?st=isrpmmcp&sh=afec3a2e
  4. I loved this book and I loved all of the explanations it gives about the magic system. So I'll try and answer some of your questions: So it's important to understand that there were two distinct processes that "made" the Smedry Line. First making them energy sources for glass and a bit later giving them the Smedry powers to absorb the excess energy, that was destroying their city, in a ritual involving the dark powers. I think the ritual at the end of the book was neither of those (who would he bestow those powers upon?) but Biblioden seems to want to redo the first process for the whole world! Yup, the talent circle (Incarna Wheel?) hasn't been expanded upon in this book. And yup, we don't know what the Dark Talent was. Probably the biggest mystery still standing, with the mysterious shadow in the mirror, etc. Attica seems to think there's not a lot special about it, but I suspect that's just misdirection. Perhaps the Breaking Talent has something to do with those Dark powers. That's also why I didn't think this would really be the last book: there's still a lot left unexplained (Dark powers, Breaking Talent, Worldspire, ...) PS: Can we put spoilers here without them being hidden?
  5. From what I've read from the various signings this isn't really the case. The next series, Apocalypse Guard, will take place in one of the alternate universes (the Reckoners Quantum Multiverse is what Brandon calls it). It will give us more insight in Calamity's species and interdimensional travel, Core Possibilities and all such things... Mizzy would be the protagonist of a possible Second Reckoners Trilogy. Brandon isn't even sure he will do it but it could contain things like Abraham's backstory and background on other cities, as both are things he has recently RAFO'd because he only wants to canonize them when he actually writes it. So nope Mizzy isn't really the protagonist of Apocalypse Guard and I really doubt the ties to the Reckoners Universe will be that strong, except for the obvious Calamity tie-in.
  6. I'm still waiting for the day he really breaks Gravity to save himself (as was hinted in the third book). Now that I'm thinking about it, I love how much foreshadowing for later books there is in this series.
  7. Nice lists of questions, here are some I have: Why couldn't Larcener take Megan's powers? I don't think it's ever mentioned again in the book, but it was such a strange occurence.. Also why was Megan still troubled by the Darkness, even though she faced her fears to save David. I mean a few times in this book she nearly succumbs to it, but shoulnd't she be cured? Besides that I'm just dying to learn more about the Reckoners world both before the Calamity Collapse (what happened on the other continents, are there Epic Empires somewhere), and after it (how much Epics are 'good' now with Calamity being gone, what will happen to those who still are twisted and why do the powers work with Calamity being gone). And I guess most of the Calamity-related questions (where did he go to, what are the other realms he speaks of, Core possibilities, his own people, Non-Interference, his powers) will be answered in the Apocalypse Guard series, which I think has been confirmed to take place in the Reckoners Multiverse, and is about a team stopping world-ending events (sounds very much like Calamity, waiting for humanity to end itself, doesn't it).
  8. So today the new Alcatraz Editions were released and I have to say that they are fantastic. The drawings are beautiful and completely in the spirit of the book (some of them even have handwritten comments by Alcatraz or Bastille) and the world map is awesome with possible hints of places to come in the next book?? They even corrected some small details (like changing Melerand to Nalhalla). And finally the covers are absolutely stunning! I can't wait to reread them.
  9. 'Imagine if Donald Trump ... That would be hilarious.' So some people here seem to be able to look in to the future
  10. It seems everyone has kind of forgotten this guy from the prologue, so what do you think? Could he be the earliest example of influence from Trell or was something else going on?
  11. So I guess the boost Wax experiences when decreasing his weight during a steelpush is the effect of his twinborn powers. Also Harmony saying: "Yet others, who were nearly destroyed..." When talking about technological process. Does he mean the Southern people here?
  12. I get what you're saying but each Surge seems to be more of its own magical system than each metal. I mean, Brandon has said several times that there are up to 30 different magic systems on Roshar, so he counted every Surge as a separate one. And for the rest it seems weird to me that you could just mix two different magic systems without at least getting some kind of consequence. But of course it's all just speculation on my part. Now that I'm thinking of it, this could explain why Wax seemed to be the first to use a 'steel bubble'.
  13. Interesting question. I think she fits in the same category as Wax. Both of them have a mixing of two powers (Lift having control over 2 surges and Wax being a Twinborn). Technically Miles would also fit in here but he has the luck that his abilities directly enhance each other. This reminds me of something I thought about recently. If Lift and all other KRs get a unique power by mixing two surges and thus two kinds of Investiture, why wouldn't twinborn get some similar unique power by mixing an Allomantic and a Feruchemical power?
  14. 'What made him choose this girl? Was it because she was a Mistborn? Was it because she had Snapped so early in life, coming to her powers even as she went through the pains of the unusually difficult labor her mother went through to bear her?' Here's the exact quote, that indeed says she Snapped at her birth. (It's also in the epigraph of the epilogue, ironically)
  15. Well thank you very much. One last bit: do you think the smart velcro is what's controlling the movements of the spheres, forming the patterns and changing shape to let missiles pass through?