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  1. Wow. Its been a while since I read through the Wheel of Time. Still, feels like an Irali prophecy - should we restart the false rumors that WoT and Cosmere exist in the same universe?
  2. Windrunners express offers same day delivery for deliveries in the west if you order around a Highstorm... Not as flexible as Amazon, but they are working on it. This is the kind of inanity I was hoping for!
  3. I have to wonder, is Hoid the blind man. He said he would let Roshar burn if he needed to, with tears in his eyes. So is this prophecy about Hoid - The many rejoin and become one, Hoid lifts the scales from his eyes and sees what the cost of getting to this point was, and weeps?
  4. Was just thinking about the different things Surgebinders could accomplish non-violently during peacetime. This stems a bit from Dalinar using his shards to dig a latrine in WoK. Obviously, Edgedancers and Truthwatchers could make spectacular farmers and healers with their access to Progression. Bondsmiths and Windrunners, with their access to Adhesion, and its implied uses with Connection could make very skilled therapists. But what really has my brain hamster spinning its little wheel is thinking of Stonewards and Bondsmiths, and how they have control over Tension. From the Coppermind, tension is described as: Taking the flexible and making it rigid. And, I assume, vice versa. If my assumption is correct, and they can take something rigid and make it pliable, Stonewards and Bondsmiths must make killer masseuses. Think of all that tension they could manipulate and relieve. If there is any accuracy to this line of thinking, then Dalinar must give world ending back rubs. Navani is a lucky woman. Any other fun uses of the surges you can think of - I know this sort of topic has been discussed before, but the mental image of Taln, or Dalinar, working as a masseuse after the series is too much fun to not share. Edit: Fixed the shared surge for Windrunners and Bondsmiths. Thanks for the catch Honorless!
  5. I just got my Amazon ship notice for the physical copy. So I will have opinions starting some time next week, I think. I'm cautiously optimistic, based on what has been said about the art improvements.
  6. Thanks! I figured I'd play with the name a bit - he has Radiant surge and on potentially Void surge, so I split Truthwatcher into its components, Truth and Watcher, and played with that to try to name him.
  7. Slightly off the current topic branch, but still falling under the umbrella of 'Belonging to multiple orders': Let's say someone managed it, they were found by two spren of different orders who were willing to share a bond, and had Oaths that were not mutually exclusive. Let's say Windrunners and Edgedancer as an example. Would that Radiant then be enhanced by the resonance of both orders - extra squires and the Edgedancer resonance (I believe the suspect is a facility of communication)? Would they have a new resonance for the combination of four surges? Or would they be approaching Mistborn level where they have two many individual powers to develop a resonance? I don't think they would develop a resonance for each of the 11 possible power combination of Abrasion, Adhesion, Gravitation and Progression. And I don't think that four surges is enough to get into the Mistborn level of having too many powers for a resonance to develop. I feel the most likely case would be a new, previously unheard of resonance would develop for them. And on a similar vein, as Renarin is bonded to a corrupted Truthwatcher spren, I don't think he will have the normal Truthwatcher resonance. He will have a new resonance from the combination of Progression and inverted-Illumination, or void-Illumination (however we want to refer to the void-binding versions of the ten surges). Is it still accurate to call him a Truthwatcher? Or is he something new? A Voidwatcher? A Truthfinder?
  8. Yeah, I'm going to have to start planning to go to some of these international events, I'd love to start seeing some of these signings live again. That, and I'd have a better position to convince my wife that our daughter should cosplay as Doomslug...
  9. Scariest object? Nightblood. Scariest power? Hemalurgy. Thing I never want to accidentally run into at night in a dark Alley? Probably a Mistwraith. Harmless, but creepy. Scariest "natural" phenomena? The Shades in the Forest of Hell. Scariest non-shard individual? This is a toss up. There are a number of individuals of varying power levels who are pretty scary in their own right. Kelsier. Mraize. Marsh. The Blackthorn. TLR.
  10. Potential for spoilers, obviously, for Stormlight four. But from what I saw, nothing we didn't already now from Stormlight 3. The Tor article I though it was neat. a four minute excerpt.
  11. Some really goo ones in here it seems. Well done! I can't wait to see them all.
  12. I think your best bet would be to carry the seeds of those Drop-dead trees from Edgedancer. Make them grow, then fall on your enemies. Or vines to entangle. Or something with thorns to pierce. But I do not see any possible efficient application of progression as an offensive ability. But this is not a typically offensive ability. The abrasion surge seems better used for offense abilities. Make everything frictionless, so they fall and cannot recover. Or increase the friction of everything, so everything scratches.
  13. I'm heavily invested on figuring out where in this block of time the Shin Invasion happened. A major theory of mine hinges on it occurring after the Recreance.
  14. Also given the ideological differences between spren types, it is unlikely that you will find two spren types that will have complimentary personality types. You most likely would hamper your progression through the oaths severely by bonding multiple spren. Sure, Honorspren and Cryptics do not have contradictory oaths, but they are opposed in mindset. The bond would not happen.
  15. So the least alcoholic drink on Roshar?