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  1. I don't see this turn as surgeon lasting long, at all. It is not at all what Dainar meant him to do, and it is not benefiting the army. I think Kaladin is going to get assigned to go with Shallan and Adolin into Shadesmar for a bit.
  2. It may not be as hopeless for the humans as you think. Zahel has given us this - And the fused have been around much longer than Zahel has. So rather than seeing it as the Fused going mad over time, I think it may be more accurate to describe it as their will being subsumed by their Intent. And as they are cognitive shadows bound by Odium, Odium's Intent has to factor into theirs. We also saw in Venli's chapter that certain Singers no longer return, because they are not stable enough. So yes, the fused are reborn endlessly, but the toll of all those deaths is not negligible. And every fused that is lost to madness is irreplaceable. The attrition goes both ways - eventually the human will run out of trained soldiers, but the fused sanity has a limit as well. The question should not be 'How long can the humans survive without changing the face of this war?' but rather 'How long can this war persist before irretrievable damage is done to both sides?'
  3. It seems that the metals affect the spren, not the effect the spren has on the world. So maybe you would use brass on the spren in a spanreed, so it doesn't overdo, and zinc in a heating fabrial, to get a stronger source? I could see a copper cage make the fabrial less detectable, and brass be used to clear up fabrial signals over long distance (again spanreeds, increasing the communication range?) Ummm, Iron and Steel.not sure about those. I want to know though. It is so weird, I am more excited for the realmatic theory in the epigraphs than the rest of the chapters.
  4. Wait, what, you use emotional Allomancy metals to either Riot or Soothe the Spren, and the pairing works the same? SQUEE! Squee.
  5. I am so glad someone is asking about this on reddit. I have been asking about it on the Tor site with the beta readers. Maybe the wound is supposed to be leaking (or bleeding) voidlight, not actual blood. But either way this needs to be clarified, because a shard wound should not be bleeding actual blood.
  6. Different metals affect the captured spren in different ways?!?!?! Allomancy cross-over into Fabrial tech?!?!? Yes please. Now to go read the actual chapter. I didn't make it further than the epigraph before my gibbering commenced.
  7. I remember way back when in Oathbringer that Adolin might become Highprince, and need to take a Highprince title, I joked about him being Highprince of Fashion. Seeing him give fashion tips to Syl has me Want to bring that supposition back... I loved that little moment.
  8. Dalinar mentions the Shin invasions, which would imply that they are recent enough to still be remembered in history - so more recent than the Desolations, and if my theory holds true, more recent than the Recreance. It is an off-hand, one line mention when he is talking about other conquerors, like the Sunmaker - about as small as the references to what Ishi was doing before we 'knew' he was Ishi. This is exactly what we were discussing in the linked post - Alethkar is geographically the furthest from Shinovar, and is the historic homeland of the Radiants - so they would have had the highest concentration of discarded shards,and the Shin would have been at untenable levels of extension by the time they reached that far. It is further supported by the non-canon original Szeth chapters that can be found that have some details about a militaristic lifestyle in the Shin homeland, as compared to what is shown to the world. I am very attached to this theory, was very proud of myself for coming up with it, especially seeing as no one could shoot it down. I'm even more happy that other people are connecting the same dots completely independently from each other. It lends more weight to the potential veracity of the theory.
  9. You and I tend to agree: The Shin have the most My Theory runs along the lines that the Shin self-appointed themselves the guardians of the abandoned Honorblades, and later, after the Recreance, they further appointed themselves the guardians of the abandoned shards. I further believe that they used the Shin Invasion as a cover for the collection of as many abandoned blades and plate that they could.
  10. A Canadian signing? In Toronto? Not ideal, but closer than he has been in a while. Might be able to make it!
  11. Yes. All of these. Small moments that hit just as hard as the big moments.
  12. Yeah, most of Kaladin's chapters in the middle of WoK are hard to read. Makes me wince when I do a re-read knowing I have to go through his pain again.
  13. I was reading Brandon's live tweets from New Years Eve, when he was showing progress on the last scenes of Book 4. His update four, below link, mentioned a scene that was painful to write. Update four This got me thinking of scenes that were painful to read - where they hit the feelings hard. The obvious one is Elhokar's end. But that's not the one that hit me hardest. For me, it was a scene just after the fall of Kholinar, when the main team had escaped to Shadesmar. I don't remember the exact location, so I can't give a full, proper quote, but it was when they were looking for a method of transport across the sea of beads, and Shallan was looking for the right cognitive representation to help them. One of the ones she discarded she described as 'a piece of trash that still thought of itself as a child's toy.' That imagery, of a discarded/lost toy in a sacked city, with no idea of what happened to the child who had loved it, that hit me really hard. What small moments got to you? And how many do you think are coming in November.
  14. It was the highlight of my Tuesdays. I hope they do this again. The downside was that when the book came out, I had to force myself to re-read those sections to have them clear in my memory as I went into Part 2... So who knows?
  15. Yeden and Dox could work. But picking characters who die, in a series where very few women with lines survive (Tyndwyl, Shan Elariel as examples) feels problematic. Swapping the gender from male to female for a character who is affectionately called Dox is even more so. This is why I gravitated towards characters who survive the entire trilogy. Ham, who is important for moral and ethical reasons, who provides guidance could be really fun swapped. My worry is it would echo Ais in Whitesand too much. Spook is a key character, who has their own arc. And maintain certain character beats would allow for more of the LGBTQ representation that has been missing. Marsh... Marsh could work as I said. THe older sister, female Inquisitors, all of it would be fun. I'm not sure I want it though.