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  1. I don't think so - Renarin could not use progression to heal Rysn's legs - she had been crippled long enough that her mental image of herself in this form had been solidified. Trying to use progression on someone beyond what their genetics would normally allow, or to an extent beyond their vision of their normal state? This just seems like an impossible feat, or one where the cost of Investiture is needlessly high. A better option would be to cause non-sentient life that has the capability to do so, to grow in ways lethal to your target. Like going full Poison Ivy and causing the plants to grow around your target and constrict/crush them. But causing giantism in a humanoid so that there heart fails as it can no longer support the body? Don't see that happening.
  2. Hmmm. Sunraiser is the only blade we know of that has all ten glyphs. I would have been inclined to guess that it was a bondsmith blade, the sibling who is 'asleep' if not for the below WOB
  3. How did any original members of any cult where you need mentorship from someone of 'X' status to progress make things work? They were the first and set the rules for those that come after. In this case, between Nale and the Highspren, there is no reason to doubt that they came up with a structure that the highspren approved of before more oaths were accepted. But the first ones were a surprise to everyone before Ishar forced the first proto-radiants to form orders and swear ideals. After that tradition. And in a cult of law, I am not surprised that the Skybreakers were able to maintain a strict adherence to the code of law.
  4. As @Scion of the Mists says - purely unsubstantiated theory. What I do have is the below WOB stating that you can use a spike to take something from a spren. As spren are cognitive beings, and Kelsier is a cognitive shadow now, it is not a huge leap to think that someone in Shadesmar could spike Kelsier, or that he could do it himself. We also know that you can store memories, and use spikes to grant feruchemical abilities. You can also create the medallions to grant abilities. So it is not a huge stretch (in my mind)to see Kelsier, who has endless time, spending some of it doing research and coming up with the medallions. Then Physical realm people (We saw him communicate to spook across the realms) to get them to make what he needs. He downloads his memories into a a copper medallion, and then has his entire identity spiked out of his cognitive shadow. That Identity spike gets implanted into a mistrwraith and he essentially becomes a kandra. He gets his memory bank back, and reclaims them all. He gets his skeleton back, and reclaims his body. He continues to experiment with spikes and medallions, and gets his powers back. It is not a huge stretch (to me). He had 300 years to figure it out, and he is nothing if not driven. But I have no source, no proof, nothing other than the knowledge that invested metal can hit spren, and a bunch of thoughts that kinda make sense to me.
  5. I'd be willing to bet he incorporated himself into a spike, as we know you can spike Cognitive shadows, and was implanted into a mistwraith. He is using his own skeleton. But I'm not married to the idea.
  6. Thanks for the info @Pathfinder! I am still skeptical about being able to soulcast something that then cannot be soulcast - it feels paradoxical. I am probably wrong, but it nags at me. In the WOB you present, Brandon does not confirm or deny that a given material can be soulcast into aluminum, only that aluminum cannot be soulcast into anything else. Call me crazy, but that makes me want to put on my tinfoil hat and going into deep aluminum conspiracy theories. But still, he never expressly says you can't make Aluminum via soulcasting, so yeah, it could still be possible.
  7. I am not convinced this would win. I'm not convinced that you can make Aluminum by soulcasting something else into it. The only person who claims that is possible is Shallan in WoK, no else has made that claim. And well: So unless we see someone more reliable claim this, or someone actually do this, I kinda want to stop assuming that it can be done.
  8. Is there a way for those of us who did not participate to see the solutions?
  9. Is it too tongue-in-cheek to say that you were annoyed to find that there was always another secret? I'm sorry I missed out on this, it looks like it was really fun, though if I am fully honest, I think I would have been dead weight on any team.
  10. Because nothing says Romance quite like Necromancy! That said, This thread caused a lot of smiles last year, so I am glad to see it back.
  11. True. Vin and Wax have killed as well. I think the difference is why. Kelsier went out into the night looking for people to kill. He broke into Noble houses with the goal of murder. Most of the time, Vin or Wax killed those attacking them, or those who would harm the people they were protecting. I think the Intent here is what matters, as it is the Cosmere. Kel did kill to protect. But he tried to kill that soldier that questioned him. He went out looking to murder people based on their birth or who they work for. In most stories, told from any perspective other than his crew's, he would be the villain. But he would definitely get along well with the punisher or huntress.
  12. This sounds like a painful prospect. Like hugging a porcupine, or a particularly surly hedgehog. In all seriousness, Harmony has trouble directly interfering due to the competing nature of his intents, and his own desire to let people learn on their own. I don't think he wanted Kel to do whatever it was that led to his current incarnation, based on what was said in Secret History, but Kel is also kinda permanently around - at least in the sense that he was trapped in the cognitive. Mix that with Kel's experimentation, the fact that Marsh has acted as Harmony's agent, and the fact that Brandon has stated that Kel would be a villain in most other series has me aligning with the view that he will be an era villain for sure. Especially given how he dislikes Hoid, who is confirmed as the Era 4 protagonist. So let's face it. Kel was an anti-hero at best. He got the role of hero because he was fighting something much worse than himself, but his methods were questionable at best, and he allowed his prejudice, hatred, and thirst for revenge to drive too many of his actions. I'm pretty sure that Wax and Wayne would find him to be villainous if he gets any screen time. So yeah, I do see a conflict between Marsh and Kel. I don't think I see Marsh surviving that though.
  13. Its funny, I had not seen this, and started a thread along similar lines in the Warbreaker section yesterday. We know, both from Warbreaker, and the Warbreaker annotations that Endowment picks who returns, gives them a vision of the future where they may be able to play a part to help or prevent the outcome. Se gives them the choice to return, and if they accept, she wipes the memory (Paradox prevention?) and sets them loose. As they approach their goal, they maybe get some visions. Or maybe they are driven in a direction from the first (Blushweaver for example). And all five of the scholars were returned who became some of the most skilled and most influential beings of their time. And they created Nightblood - who is being followed by one of the remaining scholars, and a descendant of the returned, on Roshar. While Brandon has not given us much info on how skilled Edgli is at future-sight compared to other shards, she has to be medium to top tier in my mind if she can grant visions to those who Return before she offers them a Divine Breath. So, in my mind, Edgli is playing the longest of games. She may be erratic, but she has a goal. And while she may not have known exactly how Nightblood would turn out, or the full Ramifications of his existence, I definitely think she was picking her Returned with the goal of creating something like Nightblood that would be in place in time for Odium's return to Roshar. She definitely has skin in the game and has her finger on the scale. Whose side of the scale is anyone's guess, but I have no doubt she is in the know and prodding events through the use of the players who carry her Investiture.
  14. Not sure if this has been theorized before, but been having thoughts, and I figured I'd write them out and get people's opinions. My thought is that Edgli, the vessel for Endowment has really good Futuresight and manipulated events to bring a weapon like Nightblood into existence to further her goals for the Cosmere endgame. First things first: Brandon gas been cagey about how well Endowment can see the future: But we know that futuresight plays a role in Endowment's Returned. Each Returned, at the moment of their first death, is granted a vision of the future by Endowment, where they see an important event that their presence can aid in providing a favorable result. Sometimes it is by their action - Lightsong saving the Godking. Sometimes it is by what they can teach - Calmseer showing Lightsong the value of sacrifice and caring for others. And then they have their memory erased so that they cannot try to pre-emptively change things and cause paradoxes. Though sometimes they get hints in visions or dreams to poke them in the right direction. Regardless, all Returned return for a purpose. And that purpose involves visions of possible futures. We also know that the five scholars were all Returned. They returned, for a purpose as of yet unknown to us, though some of them may have accomplished that purpose before their demise. Regardless, they went on to become some of the most skilled Awakeners of the era, and all highly contributed to the advancement of Awakening as a science. They created and improved the lifeless, they discovered new commands. And Shashara created Nightblood with Vasher. Shashara is dead, killed to prevent her from creating another Nightblood, but Vasher is still lurking about, following and guiding Nightblood in his own way. So what if Edgli has top tier Futuresight, and used it to create the five scholars, knowing that they would create Nightblood. Knowing that Nightblood and Vasher would eventually end up on Roshar in time for Odium's break-out. Knowing that Nightblood would be a weapon that obliterates its foes on all three realms? Does anyone else feel that Edgli is playing the longest game, and that Nightblood is her endgame piece? Her ace in the hole?
  15. Nah, you need to creatively stack together the abandoned sets of shard plate from five orders of Radiants with non-overlapping Surges to unlock their final mecha form. When combined in the right order, with the users shouting the right oaths, while holding out the proper coloured power stones, they assemble into a five-pilot shardplate-chasmfiend. Best way to fight a Thunderclast.