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  1. I said this back in February in the "powers and limitations of the shards" thread. so, yeah, I've always disagreed strongly with Chaos's theory.
  2. no such thing as an annoying topic as long as it's legitimately trying to discuss the books. edit: also, I think I heard that Brandon said that the earthquake that created the Chasm and caused the Reod was a natural event. Although if Aona had been alive she might have been able to stop the earthquake from doing enough damage to the landscape to break AonDor and Elantris. Or at least helped the people fix the problem sooner. So maybe the Reod was indirectly Odium's fault.
  3. Or Shallan learning to fight from Adolin and/or Kaladin. That one probably won't happen for a few books though.
  4. We don't have a clue how Szeth comes by his powers, although somebody over at Stormblssed suggested it involves some kind of hemlugy-parallel type thing. Kaladin is probably able to get more power then Szeth from the stormlight, he definitely got a power boost from the Second Ideal. As for Nightblood, my gut says Nightblood is already invested and nothing would happen to him if Endowment was killed and Splintered. my gut could be wrong however.
  5. and I think they use that terminology in the book as well?
  6. I agree with zas and happyman, I remember Brandon saying in the Mistborn annotations when talking about Ruin that there is "very little left of the mind that once was.", that Ati's original consciousness has been so throughly shaped by the power of the Shard that it doesn't bear much resemblance to what it was originally. So Ruin is basically a totally different person then Ati, so it makes sense that he doesn't think of himself as Ati anymore.
  7. remember Kal has 3 glyphs, the original 2 he got when he was enslaved and then the shash glyph which he got just before the main story picked up. If I were him I'd slash up the original two and leave the shash glyph, because having "dangerous' written across your forehead is BA.
  8. of tomato sauce
  9. So over at they are having a contest to win a free Mistborn or Stormlight Archive T-shirt, and the contest is to say which characters from those books people would give birthday presnts to and what they would give them. Well that contest is only going on for a week, but i thought it might be fun to have a permanent version running, only without the free t-shirts, because I couldn't afford to give out free t-shirts. But I will give out upvotes. This is for any Adolansium mythos characters, not just Misborn and TSA. Try not to give the same gift to the same character that somebody else has already done. I'll start I would give Kaladin a year of professional counseling, because the guy needs it. I would give Shallan assertiveness training, for the same reason I'd give Sadeas an all-expenses paid trip to the South Pole, naked. I'd give Adolin a MP3 player with several audiobooks of dating advice installed. I'd give Jasnah a copy of The God Delusion, because I bet she'd like it. I'd give Ham a set of books on philosophy.
  10. Brandon will only say that the dark-glowing sphere is a "major big RAFO." Which means it's important.
  11. ask him which gender Endowment is. It's been annoying me. Also ask if Endowment is the only Shard that has ever been present on Nalthis.
  12. My current favorite of Brandon's books is The Way of Kings. HoA is my second favourite. I agree with the people who said Elantris isn't quite as good as the rest, it's good but not as good. The magic system isn't as original and well-defined as teh ones in Mistborn and Warbreaker (we don't know enough about Roshar's magic to judge the systems there.)
  13. *cracks up* I'm predicting Adolin and Renarin falling for Shallan, and then Shallan falling for Kaladin. And then Kaladin falling in love with Adolin.......ok not that last bit. I just couldn't resist closing the circle. Actually I'd rather see Kaladin/Renarin then Kaladin/Adolin
  14. My dad says he often disagrees with the Rotten Tomatos rating on movies, for what it's worth.
  15. Also Camping has gone conspicuously silent.
  16. your head asplode.
  17. I kind of pictured them looking like the Dremora from the Elder Scrolls series of games. Only without the horns. Dremora have red/black skin, and there's even a fan-theory that they grow their armour, because you can't loot it from them. Which, given Jasnah's revelations about the parshman/Parsehendi possibly being Voidbringers, becomes scarily appropriate.
  18. I think Brandon shot that idea down already.
  19. It's good. As long as we can get a better server that doesn't suck monkeys.
  20. spare cargo pants
  21. same here, and I've had a few incidents when the darn thing was down for hours.
  22. that Hoid invented
  23. seeing as people who've given away their Breath are still sentient, I'm not sure it works. Breath is probably a piece of Endowment but it doesn't bestow sentience.
  24. presumably if they didn't have enough Preservation to be Mistborn and didn't have the proper SDNA it wouldn't do anything, except make it so you could make them Mistborn with another nugget. Now if you used an alloyed nugget of lerasium and another metal you might be able to make an offworlder a misting.
  25. I actually get the impression from reading the abstract that light-eyed people are more likely to get addicted because they need to drink more to get pleasant mental effects and are more likely to build a physical dependence. Also, you have blue eyes don't you?