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  1. I think that most people are not particularly concerned by what they taste like. Though soulcasters also get weird mental effects from their savantism so maybe meat soulcasters are concerned about what they taste like >.>.
  2. I don't really see Rock as a Lightweaver. In my book, it's not just telling lies that makes you a lightweaver but repression or denial. Rock doesn't seem to be repressing anything within himself. He's just not telling other people stuff.
  3. I think Adolin fits the Edgedancers well, even his concern and consideration for Maya herself treating her almost more like a person than a thing in some ways even before he knew she is a dead spren fits the ideal of "remembering the forgotten".
  4. I imagine meat soulcasting ends up with what is effectively super magic cancer.
  5. game

    Elantris. I like it but it shows that it's his first novel. Plus Warbreaker currently has more general cosmere connections. would you rather be a lifeless or a slaveform singer?
  6. So you can hit somebody in the soul with a Shardweapon in a blunt form but it's not really the default.
  7. I feel like I'm basically the only person in the whole fandom that does NOT want Navani to be a Bondsmith. Like it's not that I don't like her, I do, it's just that I feel like the Bondsmiths should be different people from different cultures and stuff to bring together a wide range of people and having two of them be a married couple raised in the same culture feels redundant.
  8. I kind of think Kaladin might die eventually tbh. I like him but he just feels like the kind of character that's destined to perform a heroic sacrifice. Adolin also might die but I really really hope he does not. I want the thing with Maya to pan out.
  9. I guess it depends on how good you are with a bow and arrow. Rock could make good use of a Shardarrow I imagine. And hitting any of their internal organs would mess them up pretty good in the long run if not in the short run.
  10. Szeth is like twice his age so no, lmao. Come to think of it we don't know how old Venli is exactly so it makes it a bit hard to ship her with anyone.
  11. He's the only unattached main character at this point unless Szeth counts so it's not a surprise.
  12. Honestly if that's the worst ship in this fandom then we are lucky. I've seen ships the likes of which would give you nightmares in other fandoms.
  13. I don't see Syl and Kaladin's relationship as romantic at all, it's more familial or a very close friendship. I'm not sure if spren do romance, generally. I kind of feel like the foreshadowing is that Tarah will show up again and they will get back together, but I dunno.
  14. I also crackship Rlain and Jasnah. For some reason my brain likes to crackship Kholins with listeners.
  15. We also have WoB that Hoid is afraid of NB. So I'd say Hoid thinks NB could kill him.
  16. My crackship for Venli is Renarin.
  17. I saw pictures of that dude on Reddit. It was storming awesome.
  18. Pattern also says in WoR there were fewer sapient spren at the time then there are now, probably because Honor was still alive and not Splintered.
  19. I do like the idea of her managing to get through to him when he's hitting rock bottom and encouraging him to pick himself up and continue on and not give up on himself.
  20. We don't know, but a common theory is that Rlain went to look for them as he's absent at the latter parts of Oathbringer.
  21. Lots of autistics consider autism to be part of their identity and some have self-diagnosed as autistic without being identified as such by others. Renarin doesn't use a label because he wasn't raised in a society that has one. I think he would be glad to be able to understand better why he has difficulties with some things others don't.
  22. This sounds entertaining, let's do it.
  23. We know that Stormlight healing did not remove Renarin's autism. I don't think holding a Shard would either, though it might be harder to notice it, especially as the mind was shaped by the Shard's intent. But that's a very gradual process. Autism is heavily tied to a person's personality and the way they see themself,
  24. Perservation gave him the opportunity to ascend himself by leaving a bunch of loose power lying around.
  25. I agree with @Calderis that people tend to underestimate Adolin's issues and overestimate how broken you need to be to have 'cracks" in your soul. I do think he might not progress with Maya until he can overcome some of his inadequacy issues because he won't say the Ideals when he feels so unworthy.