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  1. Probably so.
  2. Shallan was also bonded to Pattern as a kid, we don't even know how young she was. So she's not an example at least as far as we know.
  3. There's a WoB for that. So yeah, he IS naturally talented but also there's weird Spiritual echos going on. The Spiritual Realm is screwy.
  4. and it would be 100 percent obvious in hindsight.
  5. Spren bonds can be "passed" like Seon bonds, though obviously the spren would have to be willing. So Syl could end up bonding one of Kal's kids or grandkids.
  6. I suspect it will be resolved at some point actually as part of Kaladin dealing with his issues. But yeah I can't see Kaladin doing anything other than founding his own house. House Stormblessed indeed.
  7. I'm not sure they actually knew what Shardblades were. We've been told they didn't come to Roshar until well after the Recreance so they might not have known.
  8. I'd love to have double bronze tbh. Never needing to sleep again sounds fab.
  9. Hahaha that's cool. Though I think Maya is an actual name also.
  10. Arclo heavily implies that there are other Sleepless out there (they are busy spying on the main cast and ignoring Lift at that point) Also re the Sibling I got this WoB on Reddit confirming that the Sibling is a non-binary spren who uses "they" pronouns.
  11. It's not mentioned one way or the other whether Cryptics have secondary sex characteristics. I definitely think they'd be more likely to be non-binary then many other types of spren. Also, to comment on the original topic of this thread, I agree with @Toaster Retribution that it would make more sense for the Bondsmiths to be from different cultures, with different viewpoints.
  12. It's canon that Shallan is attracted to Jasnah but I don't see it going anywhere because of the age and maturity gap and also because Shallan is oblivious and I headcanon Jasnah as asexual.
  13. We've even had a WoB that implies that being "broken" is not strictly necessary in the first place. So I think discussing over and over again whether he's "broken" is kind of a waste of time. And it also kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth, tbh. Also, while I think Cultivation could fix her, I don't think it's necessary, and from an out-of-story POV it feels like kind of a cop-out. I also disagree that they don't fit together. We've had WoB that she might have wanted to bond with him if she were alive, so I think they do fit together.
  14. I don't think Rosharians have enough medical knowledge to produce viable tissue through Soulcasting. And even if they had the medical knowledge to theoretically do it, it would be incredibly complicated and probably prohibitively difficult.
  15. I agree. I don't think a human soul has the power to add enough Investiture to a being of pure Investiture to change its nature in a significant way. Spren do become somewhat more human-like in thought processes when bonded, but that does not, and cannot change their basic nature.
  16. They can't be in more then one piece and the metal isn't very flexible so you couldn't really do full armour because you wouldn't be able to move. A chestplate or some forms o helmet might work though.
  17. I'd also like to note that Adolin identified her as being made of dead vines after having seen living cultivationspren in Celebrant. So he might also have simply misinterpreted her appearance due to not knowing what kind of spren she is and what they look like when they're alive.
  18. Amaram was even warned that Yelig-nar ate the last person who tried to deal with him. Idiot.
  19. I'd be surprised if he couldn't eat spicy food. It sets off pain and heat receptors but it doesn't really do any damage. Hot tea is a more interesting question.
  20. I don't interpret that as her changing, just him being more observant about her appearance. As a dead cultivationspren she looks like she's made of dead vines, but Adolin wasn't observing her closely at the start due to being spooked.
  21. Yeah, Adolin's treatment of darkeyes is VERY notable, considering how most lighteyes, especially of his station, treat them.
  22. We know from the WoB I got (which I am very very smug about) that Maya probably would have been willing to bond with him i she were alive, so I'd say that's good evidence that Adolin would make a good Edgedancer. I think he's got a ways to go to realize that about himself though, he's very hung up on being what people expect him to be, and I think that's causing him to not notice some of his other strengths, or not value them.
  23. Yeah they are basically missing a chunk both Cognitively and Spiritually as the ripping out of the bond did a bunch of damage. The only thing that's likely to be able to heal them is if somebody can establish a new bond with them, I think. And that's super hard because they are mostly inert. But Adolin might be doing it with Maya.
  24. Dalinar might not have but other people like Adolin and Navani would, also Jasnah's thoughts at the end of OB kind of suggest he's always been like that.
  25. I think simply forming a nahel bond with her should be what is required to restore her,, no extra investiture required. It's plausible that she'll have some lingering "scars" from the whole thing, but I don't think it'll change her basic nature.