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  1. Wasn't actually me who said that, was somebody else, though I did agree they had a good point. My main objection is that I think spren are asexual and aromantic by default.
  2. Spiritual Realm shenanigans.
  3. Hoid could turn most fights into a draw, by dint of being near impossible to kill or permanently injure.
  4. She isn't. She's dead and has moved onto the Beyond (the cosmere's general 'afterlife'.
  5. I feel like he kinda has to show us listener kids in book 4 seeing as it's basically gonna be the listener book, imo. I'm also super interested in this subject.
  6. I'm of the opinion that any form can reproduce in theory they are just less fertile and lack any inherent impulse towards those activities so they usually don't.
  7. He's not ever described as having glyphs, and neither is Ivory, and those are the two living spren whose Radiants (probably) have or have had access to Plate.
  8. there's also the deleted scene which shows Jasnah immediately after the attack on Wind's Pleasure, that does show her talking to some objects as she soulcasts them.
  9. this is a cool idea, and I'm fine with either 'everyone knows' or 'this is a new thing'.
  10. going with Awakening, because if you have enough breath you are unaging, and even lesser amounts of Breath slow it down. Immortality ftw. The actual overt magical powers are just icing on the cake really.
  11. Of note, Jasnah is all but confirmed to have access to Plate as of the end of OB, and Shallan likely had access to Plate at one time even if she's currently being unreliable narrator about it.
  12. Yeah, several of them have discussed the fact that they have been getting worse over time, not better or staying the same as you'd expect if it was just trauma.
  13. Syl had a single glyph (the Windrunner glyph) at at least one point in OB, iirc. None of the others are mentioned to have glyphs at any point.
  14. I think it's related to Bondsmiths not having had Shardblades, historically.