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  1. I would assume not, as I expect the bond with those voidspren and Nergy was looser than the bond BAM had with the parsh.
  2. I declare fearspren to the be the visually cutest things in the cosmere. I want a plushie.
  3. iirc there actually was windspren around when he was trying to swear the Fourth Ideal, so. I do think there's some connection between lesser spren and Plate, though I agree that the idea that Plate is comprised of lesser spren has some serious issues.
  4. Yeah I think they do lend out Plate, though I think they also have a couple of spare sets for that purpose so likely those sets aren't painted, since it would be an expense with no benefit.
  5. The entire hotel scene in BoM. Probably the funniest scene Brandon has written. Also 'NO MATING'.
  6. Autonomy's avatars are not necessarily conventionally physical and I suspect most of them are not. The process of a Shard forming a physical form probably doesn't have much to do with avatars. We saw Cultivation do something like that, though it wasn't a 'human' body. Regardless I do agree with @Wandering Investor that it wouldn't necessarily matter at this point if he was descended from Tanavast, as presumably lots of people are if he had kids that long ago. Also Tanavast and Cultivation were romantically involved so I don't think he'd have been slumming around with some girl.
  7. He did not fully Ascend but I think he accessed enough of Honor's power to become a Sliver, like this is supported by Odium explicitly using the term "Ascend" (with capital) when talking to Taravagian. And I think it's likely he will end up fully Ascending at some point, possibly at the end of book 5.
  8. The Sibling is definitely asleep, per the Stormfather, and definitely appears to have been acting as a power source for the tower's functions.
  9. There are three Shards involved with Roshar, and we know all of them. The Sibling is I think a mix of Honor and Cultivation. Some people think they are of Odium, but I think that's very unlikely.
  10. The theory is that Venli will write a document called that. Perhaps a written history of the listeners.
  11. Honestly the Big Bad of the Cosmere is probably Bavadin.
  12. We probably shouldn't discuss that theory here, it'll just derail the thread. Shardplate theories are a common line of speculation here, there's other threads. Anyway my point was that spren probably wouldn't want to bond somebody that was already bonded. And if they did they'd fight a lot, lol.
  13. I think Edgedancer and Windrunner oaths could work together, but it would still make things more complicated, and spren don't like to share. Syl gets possessive of Kaladin even where lesser spren are involved.
  14. Fortune is just a name people use for powers that allow future sight, because many of them can manifest as hunches that look like good luck.
  15. Yolen has the fainlife and dragons, so it's actually less Earthlike.