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  1. People..are allowed to have strongly felt opinions about what will happen in future books. Obviously we don't actually know what will happen, but we have strong opinions about what will happen. Generally I read "X is going to happen" in these discussions as "I think X is going to happen". People tend to phrase things strongly when they feel strongly about them. And we are all here because we love these books and have strong feelings about them. Otherwise we wouldn't bother right? We could hedge our bets and say "I think" all the time, but this is a fan forum not a scientific conference requiring that level of rigour.
  2. It's called having a discussion and neither my nor Calderis's posts were originally addressed to you anyway, we were responding to Calyx.
  3. There are definitely hints in OB that he has some underlying issues with self-confidence despite all his advantages. He may already be 'broken' in that sense, you don't have to be as much of a trainwreck as the main three Radiants to be 'broken' (nor is being 'broken' 100 percent necessary though it does make it more likely you'll be able to bond a spren).
  4. I think of Tavi as a Bondsmith or Edgedancer personally. He's great at uniting people, and he also has a habit of listening to people that nobody else listens to (which is HOW he manages to unite several very different species against a threat).
  5. I want to point out that Brandon has said it's not actually 100 percent necessary for a person to be 'broken' to become a Radiant. That said, I do expect finding out what really happened to Evi to have a major impact on Adolin in book 4 and it will probably play into his arc with Maya.
  6. Yeah, he's said that generally reviving a dead spren is really hard (but not impossible), but he has RAFO'd any questions about Adolin and Maya specifically. And I think what happened at the end of OB is strongly suggestive that the process of revival is starting.
  7. Might be a matter of taste and we'll have to agree to disagree, cause I don't think it does.
  8. Renarin is awkward because he's autistic, and also because he's keeping secrets about Glys (at least in WoR and OB and maybe in WoK too)
  9. I'm pretty sure that's the only time the mist a Shardblade appears from is described in any detail. Brandon was dropping hints even then. I do think living Blades appear from mist as well, the mist is a result of Investiture "condensing" into a physical form.
  10. You could be right. It's just my interpetation/headcanon. Regardless, I definitely don't read Kal and Syl's relationship in particular as being romantic in the slightest.
  11. with regards to pronouns the narration uses 'she' for Venli, and she's female-aligned even if not exactly female, and many female-aligned non-binary people irl use 'she' pronouns. I definitely think one of the Willshaper oaths deals with responsibility since the hints we have indicates that is a thing a lot of them has trouble with and the the fourth ideal in particular seems to deal with things members of the order tend to have trouble with. Extrapolating from the Windrunners anyway.
  12. Gosh I hope he doesn't kill Pattern. I'd be sad. I also really hope Adolin doesn't die (because MAYA). I think one of Kaladin's parents is gonna die in book 4. Just because Kaladin is not allowed to be happy. I kind of hope if it does happen it's his dad, because Brandon has a habit of killing main character's moms and it'd be nice to see him kill a dad for variety.
  13. Eshonai.Yes she's dead, but she's still getting flashback PoVs to complement Venli's PoVs in the present.
  14. yeah, Kaladin is nothing if not predictable with regard to getting attached to people and taking responsibility for their well-being in a not-very-healthy way.
  15. Nightblood could destroy one, but Nightblood.