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  1. I suspect Honor set up some automated mechanism to give them new bodies.
  2. Eh I'm not sure there's anything"missing" from the spren itself, they are just really messed up from losing the bond in that manner. I think a new bond is enough. The difficultly is initiating the bonding process with a mostly-unreactive spren. It requires a lot of work from the human partner, and possibly the unusual circumstances of meeting the spren in the CR (which as far as we know has never happened before). Besides I kinda feel like there's been enough bondsmith ex machina.
  3. Yeah I think a Fused wouldn't work. I see no reason why a regular singer wouldn't though.
  4. I'd be surprised if some of the 17th Shard and Silverlight people weren't packing more than one magic system.
  5. I would argue that Lift is actually deceptively articulate when she wants to be. Being articulate is about getting your point across clearly more than using fancy words IMO. Which also applies to Adolin, for that matter.
  6. I think we might be placing too much stock in one section of one book written by one person, after the Recreance, based on hearsay. Just because somebody perceived the Edgedancers they met as "articulate and refined" doesn't mean that was actually a universal trait displayed by all Edgedancers in all situations.
  7. I think the crudeness in that sentence was a deliberate bit of humour on his part, given the context.
  8. Nothing wrong with being a tad predictable sometimes. Not everything has to be a massive plot twist and doing things just for the sake of subverting reader expectations can lead to a bad story. Brandon's talked in the past somewhere about resisting the temptations to add twists just for the heck of it. (Pst I think you posted that in the wrong topic by accident) Getting back on topic, I expect Adolin and Maya to have a unique Radiant-spren relationship even if the technical aspects of their bond are essentially normal and I'm interested to see it develop.
  9. With regard to Adolin's fit with the Edgedancers and Maya So yeah, I think that's a good hint that he fits with them. Is he an obvious candidate at first glance? Perhaps not, but I think that makes a better story. And as for him being nothing like Lift, Well Lopen isn't much like Kaladin,and he's still bonded to an honorspren. Besides I feel like Adolin and Lift may be more similar than it appears, something about the way they interact with people feels similar.
  10. I don't think having magic makes a character not relatable. I relate to most of our Radiants to at least some degree, and when I don't it's because of personality clashes rather then because they have magic.
  11. LOTR is a different kind of setting with a different kind of magic.It wouldn't make sense for there to be a lot of magic using characters in that setting because that's not the kind of setting it is. In some settings magic is rare, in other settings its common.
  12. I absolutely want Maya to be revived, and I suspect the only way that's going to happen is if she forms a Nahel bond with Adolin. I think that's cool though and Adolin would make a great Edgedancer. And I agree with @CosmicSieve's point about the Recreance, I definitely think there's more to what went down there then we know and Maya could shed some light on that situation as well. And, also, her revival could encourage more spren to take the risk of bonding which Team Unity definitely needs. Plus, I'm just a huge sucker for the power of friendship and love triumphing. PS: Thanks for making your own topic instead of derailing the other one.
  13. The object in question is a bottle of the sand found on Taldain (from White Sand). The sand contains a microrganism that reacts to use of Investiture nearby, turning the usually dark sand white.
  14. YMMV I guess. Besides, most of Brandon's PoV characters in most of his books have some form of magic, so it's not really a surprise. Personally I think Navani would make a great non-Radiant PoV, since she has an important but non-combat role in the first place. She hasn't had many PoVs but that could change. For Adolin, the only other options would be for him to be sidelined or killed off. That's what frequently happens to 'token normals' in combat roles. But I think this debate is maybe getting a bit off topic.