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  1. I don’t know if this works, but you could write it in a google doc, use it, turn it off, and copy and paste the resulting text here?
  2. We might be mostly dead, again, but we can still chat about stuff! EDIT: Someone needs to lock the old thread. I don't have the mod privileges. Thinking of making some memes to celebrate a new thread.
  3. Oh that’s interesting. I feel like they team up after a super cool dramatic anime show down. They’re both exhausted and emotional, and then they’re best friends foreva! And one of them stabs the other in the back “weeks” later and says “no doubles,” while the stabbed one weakly dabs and says “nice” as they bleed out. Edit: I’m in the epilogues. Wow. Just. Wow.
  4. Them* It depends on the angle you take, I think. From a metanarrative perspective, Kokichi can win. From a power versus power perspective, no way.
  5. I wonder which Oregon and Edmonton Epics would fall into that category. Kokichi? Their powers are REALLY weird. i thought about Kokichi versus an Endbringer, btw, and I think it depends on the situation. They come in the first wave, they get one shot. They come late, they one shot the Endbringer.
  6. Yeah, no, I get it. Not sure why I got the idea Noelle was a telekinetic, though. I also thought Dina was older the first time I read some of it. Dunno why. Edit: And the other shoe drops. It drops hard.
  7. Of course. I read content. Edit: So that’s what Grey Boy does. I assumed it was “grey goo” related, just like I assumed Noelle was a powerful telekinetic. I think the Grey Boy assumption had more basis?
  8. Yeah, she does. I'm on the first chapter of Sting, the... third to last arc?
  9. Cherish is the emotion manipulating murderer who’s girlfriend material.
  10. Ey, chill on the deets. Don't think I figured the Contessa and Fairy Queen thing out. I see why he would do what he does, whatever it is. Who leaked that footage?! EDIT: Oh, that's what he did. Never mind about the motivation, then. EDIT 2: There's something about the Slaughterhouse Nine that's just so good. I love all of them.
  11. Oh, Great Noodly One, don't tease me like that. Glen?!
  12. I JUST FINISHED THE BEHEMOTH FIGHT ARC. I JUST... WHAT? Words of Radiance's climax didn't get me this! Shaken. EDIT: Oh, hey Twily! I know you don't like Worm, and I'm not sure if you finished it, so I'm sorry that it's all I'm going to be on about for a while. How're you?
  13. No, it’s cool. Might be a bit lost at times, but no rules against it.
  14. I just started it a bit early because people kept talking about it. So, you know, whatever. Remington Springfield. .22 caliber rifles. Pugs? Parties? Cake? Happy New Year's, ya'll.
  15. No problem. Feel free to stick around and chat about superpower stuff.
  16. Not really. Mostly dead. This is the continuation of a series of discussions about the What Happened In Oregon (And Also Canada) roleplay.
  17. I don't think I actually ever figured out what Ballistic's powers were? Also, not sure what you mean what jobbing. EDIT: Also, I'm on the last bit of Drone, right before the first(?) Taylor vs EDIT 2: I meant Behemoth.*
  18. What actually are their abilities in the sepcific? All I know is that they yeet people around.
  19. Ah. Neat. I guess I never thought about it. My own naming conventions when I first joined this thing were... hm... well, they were something. Actually, I don't think they've gotten any better.
  20. I’m taking physics now and I still don’t get it. Is it short for mass times velocity?
  21. Which one was that? I was just checking on what I'd written for the Wastelands to consider throwing Darwin at an Endbringer, so I was thinking about that RP recently.
  22. Oh, that's fine then. As long as there's a justification. Too often, it feels like people just tack on numbers and letters to sound smart. For example, "Prime Invincibility" is such a stupid term. Also, My Hero Aca doesn't get a pass-- the categorization is so weak. It's only split three ways.
  23. We don't tend to use numbers. Worm has some good classifications in terms of categories of abilities, but assigning numbers tends to be pretty useless for the aforemost mention. More effective to discuss the direct limitations. For example, "needs to focus." "range of two normal sized city blocks," and "isn't immune to their own power" are much more useful, both in universe and out. We were talking about a syntax based categorization system a long while back, I was interested in exploring that a bit further as it could probably work for building a unifying system. The specifics of the Worm classifications are useful as a starting point, but runs into problems when you transfer it to systems like my hero aca. (Again where the numbers fall short-- in BNHA, you can increase your ability with your own power with practice. That's not true in most, so for the syntax based system to work, you'd need to have the first bits be about defining the specific system, ie, Manton Effect or not (BNHA doesn't, Steelheart doesn't, Worm does-- obviously, since it comes from there), are the origins consistent (usually for everything but comic books), can people have multiple powers). Our rules are pretty loose regarding restrictions, with the limits being placed more on "what makes a good story" rather than "what exists in the setting." Numbers limit that. I don't see any system that uses numbers that actually has a point in including them, as opposed to just trying to sound scientific. I love Worm-- it's a web serial, btw-- but if they don't include a reason for the numbers by the end of it, I'mma be annoyed. The number thing is a pet peeve of mine, in case you couldn't tell, and I love superpower content. EDIT: TL;DR: We don't use numbers, basically, sorry for the wall of text.