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  1. That's for the Quietus/Red & Jacklyn scene. It's worse than you think and we're not even too far in. I was Red in my dream last night. It was Red Lite, barely in any detail, because dreams and thank goodness for that, but still. Still. You know that quote that goes "Do you think God lives in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he created?" Yeah, that's me with this very special and respectable individual sometimes. I've been drawing her a whole bunch since I've included her in my webcomic project and it's certainly interesting.
  2. But let's only use that in case someone isn't being too active-- I'd like to keep the actual writing here.
  3. Sounds good. Don’t see any reason why you couldn’t, unless writing positive interactions with Red would be uncomfortable.
  4. I can’t take Quietus or Taya. I’m not TOO interested in Epoch, but if no one else wants to...
  5. Excuse me, what's more traumatic-- Nighthound or someone voluntarily hitting on him, actually, yeah, TO BE FAIR, you're right. Edit: Just came to the realization that Red would probably hit on Literally Actual Hitler. An Uncomforting Thought.
  6. Red doesn't see why we can't say that. Also, she's not that evil. The damage she does is mostly psychological? And -- oh, maybe I'm a Red apologist? Because she is kind of me. Just like most of my POV characters are.
  7. Excuse me, but Ray and C4 did pretty much nothing wrong. Just a bit of pet murder and attempted arson.