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  1. I kinda thought it was too, but I think with a bit of effort, we can keep it going!
  2. Nobody: Not a single gosh darned person: Me: Wow, I can’t believe I have to redesign Kokichi twenty different times. Someone: You don’t... have to. Me: No, I’m gonna.
  3. That’s pretty much most of what goes down here anyway. That and random memes. Even during the heights of original Oregon activity, we only did about 10% actual planing. What’s the Dresden Files and the Skullduggery Peasant? EDIT: Oh, also some art I did the other day. Which is sideways for some reason.
  4. My opinion on death battles is that they need to be written out to explain how someone wins. Re: Isekai Kokichi. On one hand, you have them out of your hair for a while. On the other hand, they might come back as a level twenty sorcerer about to cast actual literal magic with righteous anime rage.
  5. The Surprisingly Long Crossover Nobody Asked For: The Power of Hatsune Miku (God) and Anime versus Cosmic Horror Eldritch Abominations, starring mentions of gore, some violence, medication, trauma, and a large number of homicidal shenanigans (SCP + Oregonverse = Beautiful, Glorious, Chaos) Item #: SCP-1912 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1912 is to be contained in a containment area capable of sustaining life humanoid no smaller than 40x40 feet and provided with whatever not-Internet forms of entertainment it requests at Site [REDACTED.] It prefers sugary food, but it is important to regulate its intake of any substance known or rumored to to cause hyperactive behavior. See Addendum 1912-B for the specifics. Only God knows what would happen if it got drunk. No, not SCP 343. It takes 20 milligrams of long acting Adderal generic shortly after waking along with standard vitamins and 5 milligrams of short acting at six thirty PM. Any complaints by it are not to be heeded, and all attempts at convincing it to refer to its the medication as something other than “calm making snacks” to “crunch on” have proven futile. In emergencies, calling it “my butterfly” or simply “butterfly” will negate its powers for fifteen to thirty minutes. However, using this will destroy any and all rapport between members of the Foundation and SCP-1912, making research more difficult. As of now, all memories of those emergencies have been erased by amnestics, but it is important to minimize any risks. Addendum 1912-A: it grows bored and starts attempting to engage any researchers in conversation, it should be obliged, as SCP-1912 is prone to attempting dangerous stunts when left alone. However, the following subjects should be avoided at all costs. The origin of its scars. Its confinement/lack of freedom. Its family. Any mentions of spiders or butterflies. They have no aversion to insects in general and are rather fond of cockroaches but mentions of topics even tangentially related might lead to an association with those two. The state of Florida. Any sort of weapon but especially knives. Violence, including its own violence against others. Elvis Presley. Edmonton, Canada. Its “nightmare face.” Dogs. Old friends. Trauma. Its assigned number. The name “Chiyou Atsuki” These subjects can be discussed but are liable to induce a passionate, albeit seemingly unrelated to past trauma, emotional reaction. These can have destructive results but are unlikely to result in loss of life, with one exception. Freudian psychology. The Marvel character Gwenpool. Any argument about “who would win in a fight.” Castles. The manga and anime adaptations of Berserk. Doctor Who and its fans. Full List Bellow In edition, any Class D Personal involved in testing must have no history of kidnapping or have targeted children, with the exception tests designed to purposefully inflame SCP-1912, and any attempts to do so must involve exposure to SCP 999, followed by Class A amnestic, in order to prevent it growing hostile to the Foundation. See attached Incident Report 1912-B and Cross-Testing Log: SCP 1912-SCP 999 under Addendum 1912-C and 1912-E for more details. Update A1: Any staff assigned to SCP 1912 who is found to have self describe as a weaboo, weeb, otaku, or any sort of hardcore anime fan at any point in time will be swiftly reassigned. Researchers with a casual interest are acceptable, but they’re on thin [PROFANITY OMITTED] ice. I don’t care how harmless it turned out to be, the “Great Hatsune Miku Containment Breach of ‘[REDACTED]” will not be repeated, and anyone found referring to Incident 1912-A as such will be administered a Class C amnestic. Update A2: The same applies to anyone calling it Kokichi Kochan Kokunchi Ko-ichi912 Koko Ko any sort of nickname will be transferred and administered Class C amnestics. Update A3: Moe is not an appropriate term to use in reports. Don’t. Update A4: SCP-1912 does not have memetic properties relating to language, and any attempts to justify using its particular vernacular in any situations requiring professionalism with the excuse that “Ko-Talk is contagious” will be assigned to review the Foundation’s standards for official documents. They will also be reminded to review Update A1. Update A5: The list of unacceptable topics has been updated. Update A6: See Update A5. Update A7: That’s it, I’m replacing the unacceptable topics list with acceptable topics, and you will stick to it or I will know why. Addendum 1912-B: Remember that any food delivered must be checked against the following: Full List Bellow Addendum 1912-C: Incident Report 1912-A Incident Report 1912-B Incident Report 1912-C (In Progress) Addendum 1912-D: Experiment Log 1912 Read Full List Bellow Addendum 1912-E: Cross-SCP Testing Log: SCP-1912-SCP-999 SCP-1912-SCP-682 (See also Incident Report 1912-C) Description: SCP-1912 is a humanoid Type Green, preferring the name “Kokichi” and they/them pronouns. It grows irritated when described by its number or by it pronouns. The word surrounding it acts with the logic of an anime. Although it is incapable of ceasing the effect at will, SCP 1912 is well practiced at manipulating it to its advantage. The range is unknown and seems to affect anyone at all relevant to its current situation. The furthest mobile communications tested so far was at [REDACTED] miles, with no decrease in potency. Fortunately, SCP 1912 is not capable of utilizing its full capacity at any time and shows little inclination to attempt such a feat. It is 19 years of age, although it looks younger due to a combination of its anomalous properties and malnutrition. It consistently claims to have not been born with its abilities, saying it spontaneously developed them during a particularly traumatic incident relating to a butterfly shaped knife scar on its back. Testing (see Testing Log Entry 17 for details) suggests that might have been the point where the obvious signs manifested the most strongly, but the more subtle symptoms were already shaping the structure of its reality. SCP-1912 first came to the Foundation’s attention after a [REDACTED] incident in Edmonton, Canada and was recovered by [REDACTED], as covered in Dr. Clef’s report. Before, the rare reports of it had been dismissed as deliberate misinformation with humorous intent released on 4chan, as that was where reports generated the most attention. All posts were left up as to avoid alerting any users of their veracity, and four fake ones were added over a course of five months, designed to be increasingly suspect. It regained popularity as a cryptid following the rise of apparently mundane memes surrounding Area 51, which it, when confronted about, commented that, “I’m not an alien, lol.” It also expressed a desire join the raid, which was vetoed immediately for the obvious and numerous reasons.* It is usually over the top and dramatic, prone to pulling pranks and references that rarely make sense to anyone but itself. *Note: In light of recent events, it might’ve been a good idea to take this seriously. Message from Dr. Winters to members of the Foundation with [REDACTED] clearance. Subject: Some great news and some terrible news, SCP-682 was finally successfully terminated. It has been twenty four hours since the event. Although little of its body was remaining due to an explosion, all samples were found and tested, showing initial signs of decomposition and absolutely no regeneration. In regards to said explosion, SCP 1912 and a yet undetermined number of others escaped containment. Yes, SCP 1912 was responsible for the termination of SCP-682. If you need to ask, you do not have clearance to view the transcript of the incident. It has been reclassified as Keter with a threat level of Red. If you so much as suspect you are remotely near it and are not certified for combat with Type Greens, run in the opposite direction and alert someone who is. SCP-1912 is reclassified as Ketter with a red threat level and to be terminated as fast as possible. It is not to be engaged without the assistance of Dr. Clef and if it is encountered by a team without anyone certified to handle reality warpers at all, retreat immediately and avoid revealing that any Foundation members were there at all. It is highly hostile and will kill anyone it believes to be part of the Foundation on sight. Just because it is acting jovial does not mean it does not see you and is capable of murder while maintaining its eccentric sense of humor. Dr. Winter - Secure. Contain. Protect. Attached: SCP-1912-Style23.jpeg Re: Some great news and some terrible news, I told you it would work. I’d like my twenty bucks now. Re: Re: Some great news and some terrible news, I’ll pay you once you clean up the mess. Were you aware of the collateral damage your little plan would cause? Dr. Winter - Secure. Contain. Protect. Re: Re: Re: Some great news and some terrible news, Would you believe me if I said no? What about if I said yes? Or, perhaps, what if I said that if you thought about their long term anomalous properties, this was an obvious and inevitable conclusion? Maybe I was simply affected by said long term properties? For the record, I definitely didn’t anticipate their new hairstyle, and I still prefer the orange and cyan from a few months ago. Re: Re: Re: Re: Some great news and some terrible news, Knowing you, it’s probably something else entirely and all at once. Why I even bother with the questions at this point is a mystery. You only say that because it gave everyone, especially me, a headache. For the record, the latest look is superior by far. Dr. Bright is running a survey. You might want to get your vote in before "running surveys" is added to The List. On a more official note, you've predictably been assigned to the case of tracking them down. Happy hunting, you insufferable [PROFANITY REDACTED]. Here are the details. I presume you don’t need the initial capture report, considering that you wrote it. I’d there’s anything else you need, I’m sure you’ll let me know. I’m also sure it will be a hat. Dr. Winter - Secure. Contain. Protect. Attached: SCP-1912 Vs SCP-682 SCP-1912 Vs SCP-682 Video Transcript SCP-1912 Vs SCP-682 Video Footage, Antimemetic Filter SCP-1912 Vs SCP-682 Aftermath: Casualty Report SCP-1912 (Outdated) SCP-1912 Testing Log SCP-1912‘s Sitings (Last Updated 2 Hours Ago) SCP-1912’s Requests (716 items) kokichis sickest stunts as recorded by the ko themself dude does this have a character limit im gonna put all of the bee movie script here i have it memori Personal Anime Stash Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Some great news and some terrible news, You would be correct on most fronts, the hat included. I’m most curious about this “Personal anime stash.” I thought the policy on anyone with anything more than a passing interest in the medium handling anything related to SCP-1912 was rather firm. I wonder how the legions of scorned weaboos would handle your hypocrisy. It would be such a shame if said information was leaked. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Some great news and some terrible news, No one will ever believe you. Dr. Winter - Secure. Contain. Protect.
  6. Her weakness isn’t actually being told she’s a disappointment as much as it is her believing it, so that might only work for a little bit. But otherwise, that’d probably be fine. Re: Kokichi, I think they’d be able to figure out their weakness, so I don’t think they’d need that. I’m not sure when I said the thing about their warping and sleep, but upon thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work like that, since it is a passive ability. Maybe I’m just trying to justify them staying awake? Edit: A brief description of their containment has turned into The Time Kokichi Went Even More Buckwild Than They Usually Are. Should not have considered the fact they’d be able to kill 682 super easily. Turns out, dark cosmic horror has NOTHING on the power of God (Hatsune Miku) and Anime. I don’t control the overly excitable child with way too op powers please nerf, the overly excitable child controls me. Am I biased towards their nonsense? Of course. Conveniently, I’m the author of this little crossover so I can do what I want. It’s approximately three quarters done, and I won’t be writing up the actual big dramatic confrontation because that is too epic to be properly conveyed by text. Anyway, I love these things.
  7. Huh, interesting. Sounds like a tonal time period Ko would fit right into. So much content! So confusing!
  8. Ah, yeah, I think it was from 2012? I'll check out some newer stuff, eventually. Once I get a good grip on... like, anything.
  9. Not sure-- Just read the stuff on Incident 239-b so far. I like the patchwork style of canon.
  10. In terms of mental age, I'd put them somewhere between immortal and eleven. EDIT: Update. Upon further exploration of "The Lores," I have determined I may have misidentified a certain character. Dr. Clef is actually Nighthound wearing a silly hat.
  11. They couldn't actually punch their way out. It'd be a bit more complicated than that and probably hard to plan out without just doing it. Same on my end-- I couldn't explain what they'd do. Very flexible, that one. Man, I love my smol chaotic child, who, chronologically speaking, is actually several years older than me.
  12. Fair. I'm just getting into how they handle reality warpers, so I'm not sure how their abilities would interact with them. I doubt it would be possible to completely stop Kokichi's powers, because there are long term subtler affects that are about their role in the narrative.