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  1. I don’t know why this conversation made me think of this but wouldn’t it be wild if one of us what a senator? Or other politician or famous actor or whatever. Senator was just what popped into my head first. I mean it’s unlikely just cuz of numbers but like, you really don’t know that much about your online friends until you do. I’m just a 16 year old high schooler, but like... am I? Are you the queen of England? If any of you are the queen of England, you legally have to tell us.
  2. Doyyyyy, that’s cuz there’s a dash in it, haha.
  3. I’ve pulled Red into my webcomic— which I started! It’s ! Please check it out— although she’s not gonna be introduced for a couple of arcs. I might bring Kokichi into some other stuff, but there’s a lot of problems involved with their existence anywhere— notably, the fact that if I’m the only writing, they get ridiculously unbalanced for meta reasons. I might work Red into my monster of the week campaign, actually, depending on how things go. (I’m the DM/Keeper and it’s set in the SCP Foundation Universe because I have a new addiction.) Speaking of Oregon characters showing up in unexpected places, Nighthound hopped into my dream last night and hunted me for sport! It was only him in a loose dreamlike sense, but it was still somewhat yikes! @Edgedancer, he leaves one heck of an impression!
  4. Wanna make some memes and chill for a little bit? EDIT: I wonder what happened in Three Portlands. Was there three times the things that happened? EDIT 2: Do any of ya'll have other social media I could follow you on?
  5. Anyway, how is everyone? (On an unrelated note: Glass is a surprisingly common last name for Normal Human Therapists dealing with Wacky and Probably Not Entirely Human patients.)
  6. Holy Shards, you're a really good artist. :o I wish I could color like that. 

  7. Aw, shucks. I'm absolutely not unbiased, though I'm flattered. Lemme check it out!
  8. Why me?
  9. Hm? Me?
  10. I’ll make the new page again. If we go back to being active ever, jeez. I’m perfectly okay with spending the hiatus in Winter’s Self Indulgent Kokichiposting Zone, but it sure would be nice to actually write some “canon” stuff.
  11. I could pick one of them up if no one else wants to. anyway, some more self indulgent Kokichi designs.