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  1. A person approaches! Kokichi examines her, trying to figure out what her deal is, when she points a gun at them! Rude. Also, pretty handy introduction of what her deal is: having a gun and pointing it at people who are licherally just sitting here, man. "Now who are you, and why did this building just explode?" she demands, and they stretch, completely unperturbed by the weapon. Like, yes, they could get shot, but the less of a big deal they make it, the less of a big deal it became. Which, they figured, was kinda obvious, but dumbies just didn't learn when it came to them. "Kokichi. And I'm a they/them Epic! Theypic? No, that soooo doesn't work," they say, trying to comb their hair into some sort of order. "Your local friendly inconvenience. As for the building? It probably just seemed dramatic. Or maybe it had something to do with that off the charts dumb meeting I got stuck in." They count off on their fingers, trying to count all the Epics they'd seen at it, but they lost track super quickly. Waay too many people. If that was where the boom boom came from, then, well, even if killed their new bestie, Kokichi couldn't bring themself to be mad. It's a natural result of hubris! Hubris sounds like hummus, and now they're hungry. They reach into their pockets, all seven of them, and finds nothing. "Hey, do you have any snacks?"
  2. The stranger approaches, carefully. Too carefully. "May I?" they ask. "Eh?" Hunter asks, a little caught off guard. Even though the thing distracting her was a lecture on how she needed to be more careful, and, presumably more alert. Her posture's submissive, but whether that's for the sake of the dogs or Hunter herself, she can't quite figure. She's not the best with people. "You wanna?" she asks, tilting her head at the dogs. Hunter squints, trying to remember what the proper response for this situation is. I need to spend more time with other humans. No, you don't. Shush. It's too early in the morning for this people thing. What's the risk of saying yes, what's the risk of saying no? She doesn't want to think it through, doesn't want to hear Leaf rattling off the long list of reasons why a stranger could be dangerous. If she said no, would the stranger listen? It seems like it, with how her posture is, but... whatever. Ugh, whatever. "If you're careful," she decides. Just hope she doesn't blame us if she gets bitten, Leaf remarks, skeptically. She's not acting stupid. She'll be fine, Hunter tries to sound reassured. It wouldn't be accurate to say that everything went black. It also wouldn't be accurate to say that everything went white. It might be accurate to say that everything went weird, but, Kokichi was in the room from the beginning, so it's hard to imagine things getting even weirder than that. Well. They did. And as lovely fun as it'd be to try to describe the indescribable yet also perfectly easy to animate, if you think about, let's just skip to the fun bit. The screen shut offs midscene, reality skips a couple of frames, however you want to put it ,and Kokichi finds themself lying in a pretty dang near exploded building. Rather conveniently exploded. They've only got a gash across their head, dripping blood in their eye, which they wipe away, leaving their neon pink hoodie all bloodied. "Effffffff," they whine, seeing the stain. There's some holes across it too, though those are totally inconsistent. They look around. "Lee? You make it?" No response. Not even a groggy, "yeah," from another room. There's a bloody smear beneath a pillar that might've been him. They don't bother investigating. "Ugh, he's probably dead. Lame. Ef, ef, ef." They kick one of the few remaining pillars in this totally busted building, getting kicked back a bit. "Not poggers. Just. Majorly not poggers." Their words echo. This is like, the only messed up building in this area. Or, not the only messed up building, because everything is kinda messed up, but the rest is mostly blown out windows or whatever. Nothing as thorough and bloody as here. There's got to be someone around to exposit whatever nonsense they've missed, hopping forward in time like this. If that's what happened. The smell in here-- ick. No thank you. "Not poggers, you hear me!" They shake their fist at, what, God? Calamity? Some other, third, made up thing that's a funny and topical reference that they can't be bothered to actually fill in as part of their internal monologue, but trust them, it's really hilarious? Yeah, that third very funny very topical reference sounds about right. It's just bonkers enough.
  3. Hunter starts off her first day in Edmonton like she starts off any day: feeding her pack. Okay, the dogs aren't really a pack or anything. She just says that because she thinks it sounds cool. Still, the word pack implies a sense of unity, which her seven do not have, remotely. She's long since given up on feeding them individually, resorting mostly to tossing the food at the general hoard and letting them sort it out themselves. She's sure that's not proper, that she should be trying to get them under some sort of control, beyond the basics of sit, stay, come, and whatnot, but hell, she's got enough trouble keeping them fed and from accidentally hurting each other or getting hurt at all. Hunter’s no veterinarian. If they get injured, they’re staying that way or worse. Bandages only go so far. She tosses them some handfuls of whatever she’s scrounged up, all their leashes tied to the tree, before taking her own rations out. Running low on food, she notes. Running low on everything, another voice notes, a little snidely. We should’ve packed more. “Shut up,” Hunter growls, mentally punching Leaf in the shoulder. They snort. “It would’ve been too heavy.” Could’ve taken a ride. “Dogs wouldn’t have fit.” She knows they look ridiculous, talking to herself out loud like this, but in days like these, nobody cares too much. They’ll think she’s dangerous, sure, unpredictable, definitely, but hell, who isn’t? It’s not like anyone’s going to lock the three of them up, when they’ve got their dogs around. Hunter’s in no denial about what bringing them with her makes the body look like. She finishes up the measly scraps, about to toss just a bit more to the pack, but Leaf’s disapproving glare in headspace stops her. Taking care of the body comes before taking care of the dogs, in their world, and yeah, Hunter gets it because if she dies, then the dogs don’t have anyone to take care of them. But still, she hates seeing them go hungry, and she’s lived with her own pain before. She scratches behind Lightning’s ear, and before she knows it, she’s got the rest climbing all over her, begging for attention of their own. It takes her a moment to notice the other human, lurking nearby. Looking at her, looking at the dogs. Short hair, brown eyes, definitely not short. Not huge. Not a physical threat in that way, though she’s certainly physically tough enough. Suspicious. “You’re paranoid,” Hunter retorts. “I’m just saying, they’re suspicious,” Leaf replies, using the mouth this time. Their voice is a bit higher pitched, though it’s obviously coming from the same body. Quietly, though, not enough that a normal person could hear. “Do you always have to think the worst of people?” They don’t respond out loud this time, and the unspoken answer would be obvious, even if Hunter could help hearing it automatically. Yes, because you always think the best of them. Someone, unfamiliar with the system’s ways, would probably think that meant the main three of them — Hunter, Leaf, and the usually neutral tie-breaking A.E.G.I.S. — could reach an average, trusting who needed to be trusted and not trusting people who shouldn’t. That person would be someone the no-longer active Pocket would’ve called a sucker.
  4. Sure, I guess! We'll do our best. - Nix EDIT: Added our new maple character to our post in the maples thread!
  5. ooooh taylor swift plez i love her sm - juno
  6. Okay, so, we'll moderate if absolutely nobody else wants to, but I'm not very good with authority and don't really like the idea of a leadership position. Also, hi! We're a system. We talked about this some in the discord, but, in case you aren't in there or if you've missed it, here's a bit of a reintroduction. (And here's some links to resources on plurality:,,, Nix: Me! I'm the host, which means that I'm in front -- using the body -- most often. They/them pronouns. I'll be writing for a new human character. Juno: They're a nonhuman protector. Sometimes they're a wolf, pretty much exactly like in this pfp which probably isn't a coincidence, and sometimes they're a person. They're more energetic, meme-y, and will probably be writing for Kokichi. They/them. Protector means they're here to, well, obviously, protect us! Kind of aggressive at times, memey. Lisa Wilbourn: She/her. Social trauma holder, caretaker, fictive of Tattletale from Worm. I know a lot of people here are familiar with that source, so like, please be chill, and don't bring up anything specific about the events to her. Worldbuilding talk is fine, anything after Arc 22 is fine, anything else, please keep behind a spoiler tag and be aware that although she has a lot of the same memories, she's not literally the same person. She's also a part of us. I'll keep her from being too rude. She might write an Epic, might write a human, might not write at all. B.: They/them, its/its. Fictive of Rachel Lindt, but they don't go by that name. The only name they go by their is villain name. Which. Is not something we can say on this platform. So, B. is a compromise. They don't really mind their backstory or anything being brought up, and they're very different. They probably won't write for any characters-- maybe a dog, now that I think about it, we were going to have my character have a dog. We don't really have any amnesia between all of us, so don't worry about trying to catch any of us up. This isn't necessarily an exhaustive list, more might pop up, because that's just how this sort of thing works. We can answer questions, but just in general as a reminder, google is free, and if you wouldn't ask it of a singlet (non plural person), don't ask it of any of us!
  7. We'd be interested, keeping Red for sure and maybe coming up with a new character.
  8. Oh, activity here?
  9. Same as breaking. I'm also not sure how easily I'll be able to go back to these characters and degree of intensity, since I've gotten pretty used to writing for stuff with much more explicit violence and swearing since. It was already a little weird, what was it? The summer before last? It's good to hear from you guys though. How's everyone holding up with the whole, *gestures vaguely at the world,* you know, everything?
  10. We're mostly innactive around here, I don't know if we could really resurrect it.
  11. To be fair, this plan will end up killing whoever tries it anyway, especially if it succeeds. I don't know what the exact scientific consequences for "ripping the core of the planet up towards the surface at absolutely ludicrous speeds" would be, but I don't think they'd be good for the planet. Or anyone on it.
  12. Literally just woke up from a dream where I came up with this very important hypothetical question. If enough Nicrosil Mistings affected one lerasium mistborn, flaring duraluminum and iron, could they rip out the core of the planet?????
  13. Oh, interesting, what we’re they writing? my AO3 is CloudDreamer bee tee double u. Edit: Guys, guys, @TwiLyghtSansSparkles @Kobold King @Voidus @Edgedancer, remember the Uniclycist? The actual guy that character was base on has a Twitter, handle is @theunipiper. And he has a kid. And still rides around with flaming bagpipes, in all sorts of costumes.
  14. No, I’m writing one on AO3, tho. Well, I have a couple of really short ones about canon characters, and one longer projects I might not finish