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  1. The last picture is amazing. Is that art maintained throughout the chapters? I'll add it to my to-read list. If you're not picky about the art, I suggest reading Angel Densetsu. It's a classic.
  2. Q: Why didn't the Lord Ruler just burned all the Atium?
  3. Moses - Bible Brandon Sanderson - Cosmere, Rithmatist, Reckoners Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time Jonathan Stroud - Bartimaeus Trilogy / John Lockwood and Co. Patrick Rotfuss - The Kingkiller Chronicles Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth books 1-3 Rick Riordan - Demigods etc. Anne Rice - Interview with the Vampire F. Sionil José - The Pretender Brian Anderson - The Godling Chronicles
  4. I disagree on the first post, based from the quotations, it's from Marsh' pov and Sazed's, therefore you're talking about two different things. Sazed's thoughts are only a hypothesis, is there something else about eyesights based from Marsh?
  5. Connecting that entry to the Prof. is appropriate too, but I'll go with David here, fearsome depths means what? Water right? But oh, I wish that David didn't get to have a 'water power' (Regalia said that he'll get it). We've seen 2 powers with that affinity already. I hope to see a different one if our mc gets to have one. OR maybe he didn't get to be an epic, maybe that something inside him means that he overcomes his fear, therefor making him stronger.
  6. Half of Shallan's quips in way of the kings.
  7. I always thought that Melody can command her chalklings because of it's 'uniqueness' and the details about them. Hum. Any way, I'll go with badly drawn Zergling. Quantity over quality for the win! You can draw it under 1 second, so rushing the enemy is a must. On the other hand, maybe i'll go with Snap.
  8. The shadow rising?
  9. There's a similar discussion(maybe a year/months ago?) like this I think, IIRC, he sees shadows, like Elokhar.
  10. The user will be confused I think. lol. Normal use of atium + duralumin with the effects of enhanced visions of the burner's different path in life.
  11. I wanna say the Rithmatist but Mistborn really leaves an impression for me Edit: The final Empire
  12. demandred asmodean lanfear semirhage mogheiden cydane hunter (perry nemesis) belal mezana samael arangar ishamael aginor. EDIT: OH, the question is from august :S sorry