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  1. Thinking more of Harmony + Devotion + Dominion I came up with: Solidarity, Cooperation, or even Unity maybe?
  2. I've thought about how 'regular' people might try to use the Dor to Ascend. But never considered someone who is already a Vessel might be able to. Can you imagine if Harmony was able to somehow 'move' to Sel and eventually gain two more shards? Sazed would be quarter-Ado! Watch out Odium. Preservation + Ruin + Devotion + Dominion = ??? (I never was good at the game of coming up with combined shard names)
  3. Shoot, I recently saw a WoB about your second question, but can't find it now. From what I recall, Rand and Moridin's souls were linked since they crossed balefire streams. At the end of the book, the soul that wanted to live, Rand's went to the body that would live, Moridin's, and the soul that wanted to die, Moridin's, went to the body that would die, Rand's. It also mentioned your first question about the pipe. But he just said that Robert Jordan had already written that part, it's straight from him. And RJ didn't leave any notes about how or why Rand was able to. I agree with @Dr. Dapper's thoughts.
  4. I'm re-reading OB again. In chapter 39, the Knights Radiant are meeting. Pattern comments to Shallan that the room has memories. Shallan mentions it to Jasnah, suggesting that she inspect it in Shadesmar. I don't recall anything coming of it, or even being mentioned again. Before I keep reading and forget about it, I figured I'd ask here. Does this come up again? If not, has anyone asked Brandon about it?
  5. That doesn't mean they don't also have a high priestess.
  6. Yep, I think I understand the location limitations on Sel. I thought you meant that she wouldn't be able to use them at all. I imagine if Steris found herself in Rose Empire with enough time, she'd be a great forger.
  7. Is all Selish magic hard to hack? I understand that Elantrian and ChayShan are. But Dhakor magic seems like it wouldn't be difficult, if you have access to sacrifices and the constitution to make those sacrifices. And Forgery seems like it just needs study ( A LOT of study).
  8. They just have to make sure the other champions are cognative shadows
  9. I'd love to hear Nightblood with Ralph Wiggum's voice.
  10. Sounds like... Marvel Comics spoiler
  11. I imagine from the Singer's point of view that Odium and the humans came together just because of the timing.
  12. I agree. All things Threnody are interesting and mysterious. I also want to know more about the magic system that Forton used to create the potion that made Hrathen look like an Elantrian.
  13. Isn't that how she got out of Shadesmar at the end of WoR? Hoid complains about her "Elsecalling" into the middle of nowhere, a week's travel from civilization.
  14. No way. Our My second favorite Herdazian is Palona
  15. Rock. All others are airsick lowlanders.