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  1. I'd say for a 13 year-old boy, he did pretty well.
  2. Terrible Lying Rebel - Moash Zane Oops, just realized you asked for Mistborn specificly.
  3. That image really jumped out at me as something more than normal physical ability. His opening fight scene when he saved Ais was impressive, but catching the dart/arrow was too good to be natural. I'd love to find out more about his past AND his future. He's the most intriguing character to me in the series.
  4. It's good you stopped there then. Perrin was my favorite too for the first 4 or 5 books. After that, most of his chapters were a chore to read.
  5. The first part of the book was released 3 chapters per week. I remember being disappointed with the story through all of that part. Kaladin's arc was boring and he was the only one not in El Dorado, I mean, the Stone of Tear, I mean Urithu. It picked up after the first third, and the last section of Oathbringer is my favorite of all Sanderson's endings.
  6. Other - Ialai. She's as bad as Sadeas, only still alive.
  7. Rlain gets my vote.
  8. I think @Raphaborn is saying that if Marsh is in a speed bubble, created with Preservation's investiture, that Ruin's influence on Marsh would be diminished.
  9. In one sense, isn't Wit/Hoid the ultimate troll?
  10. Weekend at Bernie's his dead corpse through the Oathgate to the Shattered Plains and drop him in a chasm. Let the highstorms and everstorms take it from there.
  11. It could all just depend on the lighting
  12. And here I was thinking small. I was going to say he needs to unite the 16 Shards and bring Adonalsium back.
  13. I think Marsh is the Hema-Hoid. Maybe he's gotten some access to something like Lightweaving that can help him blend in. Warsaw signing (March 18, 2017)
  14. Harmony, maybe? Depending on how their other correspondence went.
  15. Do Axehounds count?