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  1. Could it be Marsh?
  2. I've always been curious about the name/title "Sibling." An only child cannot be a sibling. It indicates that there is more than one offspring of the same parents. Where is(are) the other sibling(s)?
  3. I'm rereading Stormlight now. In her talks with Shallan, Jasnah does mention that she's tried to convince scholars and even some monarchs about the parshmen and the threat of the voidbringers. She even says that her mother is interested in going over her notes. She also mentions that she thought that her bond with Ivory might be an anomoly. It wasn't until she realized that Shallan had bonded a different type of spren that she began to think that surgebinding was coming back.
  4. Huh, hadn't picked that up. Interesting. I thought Brandon's team was working on a conversion table of sorts to compare investiture between systems and that they were planning on using Breaths as the base because it was the most....stable(?) uniform(?)
  5. Unless he Returned....Could that have happened off screen, after Viv found him?
  6. Lifeless armies could improve just about any industry just by providing free labor if Nalthians actually used them instead of keeping them in the dark (literally and figuratively) But overall, I agree, there seems to be more interesting uses for Scadrial magic/tech hybrids.
  7. Personally, I'd rather become a Drab than a victim of creating a hemalurgic spike, or powering a Dahkor spell.
  8. @StrikerEZ Congrats!!! You just finished a marathon. I remember being annoyed when Androl was introduced and got more screen time. I thought, No, we don't need any more characters to follow. But yes, he's one of my favorites now. I'm so glad Brandon got to write those 3 books. He knows how to finish on a high note.
  9. @Pathfinder I think the Herald's return before the Fused. We know Taln showed up at the end of WoK when he broke for 4k plus years of torture. As far as we know, there weren't any Fused around until after the Everstorm. Also, when Taln comes back he talks about preparing people, about the different skills the other Heralds would teach them to get ready for the war. I was always under the impression that the humans got at least a little head start before the Desolation actually began.
  10. Nice! It's not too hard to notice a difference between Brandon's writing, but he did blend it pretty well with Jordan's. The last 3 are big books, but they went faster for me than the others.
  11. It would broadcast Michael Jackson's Thriller into everyone's brains within a 3 mile radius and force them to dance along.
  12. Oops. You are right, I got mixed up completely.
  13. I agree, but I wonder how having avatars all over the Cosmere would play into a fight. I have the thought that they act like Horcruxes. If Odium is able to find one and kill/shatter it, the rest of the avatars will still be around and Edgli will be hurt but not killed/shattered. That could be part of why she isn't concerned.
  14. Isn't that what Parshmen are fo..........oh wait.....We might get more insight of lighteyes learning other tasks that the Listeners used to do, like child-rearing.
  15. adonalsium

    There's always another secret.