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  1. Other - Ialai. She's as bad as Sadeas, only still alive.
  2. Rlain gets my vote.
  3. I think @Raphaborn is saying that if Marsh is in a speed bubble, created with Preservation's investiture, that Ruin's influence on Marsh would be diminished.
  4. In one sense, isn't Wit/Hoid the ultimate troll?
  5. Weekend at Bernie's his dead corpse through the Oathgate to the Shattered Plains and drop him in a chasm. Let the highstorms and everstorms take it from there.
  6. It could all just depend on the lighting
  7. And here I was thinking small. I was going to say he needs to unite the 16 Shards and bring Adonalsium back.
  8. I think Marsh is the Hema-Hoid. Maybe he's gotten some access to something like Lightweaving that can help him blend in. Warsaw signing (March 18, 2017)
  9. Harmony, maybe? Depending on how their other correspondence went.
  10. Do Axehounds count?
  11. I had to fix that But I agree. It seems most people notice something different about the sword. And they only have two real categories. Sword or Shardblade.
  12. The black sphere is the excrement of a Nibblonian.
  13. This was going to be my point. The Lopen has never perceived himself as 'missing' an arm. I imagine that if Rysn hadn't been so defeated with her disability, she might have been able to be healed to. I like to think that she'll still take the ship her Babsk gave her, go on an adventure, discover herself, become a willshaper and be healed.
  14. We know there are whole pantheons in which every member is Bavadin, or rather, an avatar of her.
  15. You specifically said the First Oath. That has nothing to do with physical form of the spren. That comes with later oaths. Life before death. It is easier to die than to live. Radiants need to choose to live (Not commit suicide by poison or jumping into chasms) Strength before weakness. Those who are strong need to serve those who are weak. There are a lot of interpretations of the first oath. All I'm trying to point out is that I don't see that it prohibits a pacifist from swearing it. They may struggle with future oaths, depending on their order, but if it was clear before, Oathbringer showed us that there were Knights that don't progress through all five levels.