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  1. Yeah, I could see flamespren, rainspren, or other force related spren coming before the shards, but emotion. I am still suspecting something else.
  2. Something that has got me confused is why there are emotion spren. I am under the impression that most of the spren are of honor from the shattering. But honor doesn't really care about emotion... Not shardicaly at least. Odium however.. What do you all think of emotion spren being a damaging blow to odium from honor. Where the spren might be actually corrupted by honor himself rather the other way around. That would also explain how odium is bound to roshar.
  3. The one i would want: I would enjoy endowment, just to see what people could do with it. I would rather sit down with people i like and develop new technology with them. The one i hope i am more aligned with is honor, but the one i probably would be more aligned with
  4. So long as they don't divide by zero. But.. would they require a chaperone? Would love to have shallan be there then as they start talking have her blurt out "No Mating!"
  5. I figure the oathgate is resting on top of the land it isnt actually part of the plateau. You can't teleport something that is connected to the ground.
  6. I'v taken the day off so i can download oathbringer and listen to it for the whole day slumped in a chair Then once the book arries I might have time to reread it too!
  7. I am starting to think lift did not get through to darkness at all, but merely delayed him.. We see in oathbringer chapters where the everstorm healed the parshmen. The heralds are repeatedly stated to be going mad. I am thinking that the everstorm actually healed him as lift helped break him out of his thinking. Think it was actually lift or somewhere in between of the everstorm and lift?
  8. Was just about to post this, with the minor addition. Secret histories
  9. Just throwing ideas could it be part of the mimicry of the other ...spen? I think she drew 3 items, it drew 3 items.
  10. In one of the wax and wayne series,
  11. That might be a reference to the ancient style of... kamar? (Audible listener here) that Szeth uses to fight unarmed... that or some windrunner having fun!
  12. I honestly thought that the moment Dalinar married, he would instantly forget Navani... So I was surprised, that he remembered his first wife instead... So I still agree with this theory.
  13. Simplistic I can think of, give it a shardblade and shardplate, or if you can get around the breath issue a nightblood. Another possibility, could a soulstamp restore the memories of the former lifeless?
  14. Wasn't meaning that you shoot through the bubble, just set up the aons in there. Of couse unless the elantian figures out heat seeking missiles