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  1. Granted, you become permanently illiterate. I wish I could become a Willshaper.
  2. Granted, they embarrass you publicly at every opportunity. I wish to meet Hoid.
  3. Granted, thay're good, but in the opinion of someone who usually gets bad grades. This means that your grades are kept at a constant average low. I wish to be better at german.
  4. Sadeas is just a natural progression of the Alethi elite, Dalinar probably did things just as bad as his betrayal in his own youth.
  5. And he's gay. With his opposite. I know it's only fannon, but it's beautiful. Also he's a beautiful evil red head.
  6. The OP could just be a stylized version of the radiant chart.
  7. Yes, but Amaram is stupid, and he didn't need the shardblade.
  8. I'm assuming that you meant soulcast, but I think I see your reasoning. They might've been closer to the cognitive realm because their abilities relate directly to it. Also the other few radiants that have been bonded, Lift and Rysn, (this is making the assumption that Rysn is a Willshaper) are pretty closely connected to the cognitive realm, Lift because she can touch spren and Rysn because she can Elsecall. Yes, they did and Gavilar was one of them. In Jasnah's POV at the beginning of WoR she catches them scheming in the corridor. It's pretty safe to say that it's pre Gavilar's death.
  9. Granted, he never finishes writing the first book. I wish for Incredible drawing skills.
  10. While I don't think that this theory is really that plausible, I think that it's more possible that void forms partially correspond to the orders of the nights radiant, like one void form for each radiant order. Also, Nightform is very interesting, since it seems to be one of the forms that really defines voidbinding, since seeing into the future is quite possibly evil. (Also, tangent, but I have a suspicion that Renarin isn't actually one of the knights radiant and that he's accidentally bonded to a voidspren, since Truthwatchers have the surges of lightweaving and growth. But ignore this, it's a really shady area.)
  11. If you take Kaladin's track record into account, then she's probably a lighteyes. He just has the worst luck.
  12. The sons of honour are all religious extremist idiots, so far as I've seen. They are literally the most stupid secret organisation in the series so far. I almost want them to have some really good reasons behind their actions, but it's probably not the case. Rant over, Amaram is the superior cremling.
  13. Sure, but you can't control the place. When you travel you travel to literally anywhere in existence. I'd advise not using this power. I wish for time to rewind and for team NZ to win the rugby womens sevens.
  14. Sure m8, you loose both of your arms. I wish for tickets to the 21 pilots concert in my city.
  15. Alright. Be prepared for a rather... Interesting bane. So you have your signed books (Including secret history and the ones that he published only on Kindle.) But you also have a friend who becomes suddenly obsessed with his books. They borrow all of them from you in one sweep and take them on a holiday to Tonga. Have fun getting your soaked sun-bleached copies back. I wish I had the power to change other people's personalities.