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  1. Wax is an exception, absolutely. Harmony has his eye on him, and is giving him a helping <s>hand</s>mist. But even the exception cases have to follow some sort of rules or loopholes. So, yes, it could just be a placebo. But it could also be a hint of what's possible when you're one of God's favored. How the rules are broken is just as interesting.
  2. But see, that's the thing. Wax IS NOT wearing the earring at the moment. He's still angry at Harmony. And yes, the Mists favor Wax because Harmony as an eye on him, but he is still a Misting, and the Mists still seem to help him more. And yes, mists can power Allomancy, especially is the Shard is actively encouraging that. But can they grant minimal powers that a person doesn't even have?
  3. So iirc, Mistborn could see through the mists. So can Mistings, right? Do you know if Ferrings/Feruchemists can see through the mists as well? Anyway. Mists can power Allomancy, and according to WoB, Feruchemy as well if someone knows what they're doing. But it's interesting to me that mists seem to empower Mistings by more than just their metallic power: From BoM: So does that mean that the Mists can provide just a touch of any of the powers? Brandon also said that a Misting's power is determined by genetics, and that Mists can empower and Snap someone who ordinarily wouldn't have enough allomantic potential. So does that mean, since all Mistings are descendants of full Mistborn, that they have like, 60% potential for their primary power and 1% or something for all the others. And the mists empower this one percent?
  4. The thing with Testament, is that yes, it is a Deadeye, and the bond was, at whatever level, high enough for Testament to turn into a Shardblade. So, I recently reread Dalinar's vision of the Recreance, and anyway, all the Deadeyes from then have physical corpses (Dead Shardblades) in the physical realm. And Testament does not have that physical corpses. Or at least, not exactly. After all, Shallan didn't break the bond, have a Shardblade fall in front of her, attach a gem to it, and bind it to herself. So the bond was not broken as fully as the Recreance bonds were.
  5. Lift has NEVER breathed in Stormlight. She gets her powers only from eating. I theorized a whole lot on this, I will make a major post later. I may be completely wrong:
  6. I think it's a bit ironic. Kal: Ok, fine, I can't save everyone. Level up: Windspren Shardplate armor that can fly around and protect more people
  7. So just my general Reactions as I read the book. Well, at least now there's definitely more to play with in Shard grouping.
  8. Also, I submit that one of the Dawnshards is Live!, not Survive. To me survive sounds like barely scaping by, always on the edge of dying. Live! feels like live life to the fullest. As my interpretation of Adolnasium is that of a life-giving sun, creator thing, I feel Live! is a closer approximation of one of its key concepts.
  9. So, Odium. Definition: general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions. Syl to Kaladin, regarding Odium: “Odium is the void, Kaladin. He draws in emotion, and doesn’t let it go. You … you brought him with you. I wasn’t alive then, but I know this truth. He was your first god, before you turned to Honor.” I'm not sure of the wisdom of subdividing into push/pull. That part feels a little contrived to me. But there definitely is an external/internal element. Odium, Honor, Devotion, Ambition, Autonomy - those are internal. Ruin, Preservation, Dominion - External. Cultivation may be either, though at first, I lean external - cultivation of plants. But at the same time, Cultivation itself pruned Dalinar so he could regrow in a healthier way, so that's internal. Endowment can also be either, I think, depending from where it comes. But it's mostly external I think. Internal aspects are emotional / personality parts. Can a Shardic Intent be corrupted? If a godlike being consists of various elements that are generally Benevolent, Odium does not fit. Ruin, yes, as part of a greater whole under Change. But I can't see a personality matrix with four elements, one of which is Odium, being smoothly integrated, or you know, benevolent. So straying from the topic- but can the (original) Shard Intent of Odium have been subverted, corrupted? Possibly by Rayse? As for grouping under the Dawnshard, Ruin and Cultivation definitely go under Change. Honor, Devotion and Ambition, as emotional/personality components also go together, I think.
  10. I freely admit we haven't seen much of Jasnah and Hoid for a while, but from the very last chapter of WoR: So I feel like Jasnah will take Hoid's throwaway comments more seriously. And anyway, with all the we readers know (or don't know, actually) about Hoid, he strikes me as the last person in the Cosmere who's going to be in a relationship with anyone. Unless it's with a Shardholder.
  11. Regarding Lyn's and Alice's speculations from the Tor Discussion, my thoughts copied over from Tor thread: Regarding Jasnah and Hoid. I think we’re seeing this from Navani’s point of view, plus the rumors, and everyone is making the incorrect assumption. I feel like maybe Hoid has been telling Jasnah something. About the Cosmere, or Realmatics, or something. And she probably knows that he’s more than he lets on. I have no idea what information Hoid’s been sharing with Jasnah, but that’s probably what causes others to assume else is going on.
  12. More information about singers. So, the listeners take on forms by bonding with the regular non-sapient (autocorrect wanted non-Sanderson) spren. For example, "gravitationspren to take workform," from this chapter. Regal forms, bond to non-sapient Voidspren, such as stormspren for Stormform, and I don't think Venli's Voidspren type has been named. Extrapolating from Venli, who is very possibly an exception, if a singer bonds a KR spren, their form doesn't change. (Or maybe it does and the Envoyform is interfering. Or maybe it changes at a higher bond level.) But I lean towards the KR spren bond being an addition rather a replacement of the form-spren. ( Just as another contrast to the Voidspren.) Fused, however are very different. In a way, it's an inversion of the spren + listener gemheart dynamic. The soul of the Fused - the ancient singer acts as a spren, in a way. Heavenly Ones are always Heavenly Ones, no matter what the Parshendi they took over was. Thus, the soul of these ancient singers defines the form they have. In addition, I don't think Fused CAN change forms. (In this way, I think they are an ultimate betrayal of singer-hood) Hmm. If a regular singer dies, what happens to the spren? It's released, right? If so, what does a cognitive shadow of a singer look like? I mean, it's the soul of the singer, but not bonded to a spren, yet I don't think it's in slaveform, without Identity. My theory: the souls of those ancient singers FUSED with the spren in their gemhearts that gave them power. (I was going to say melded, but fused fits too. ) So that's why the Fused can take over Parshendi bodies, in an Everstorm, they are part spren.
  13. I like Leshwi. There's an odd symmetry here. The Windrunners kill a Fused One, and in the next Ever Storm, a singer/parshmen loses their life/gives up a body to the spren/spirit of a Fused One, which is the mind of an enemy. If a Windrunner dies, their spren can bond to some other squire. It's a recycling of spren on both sides, with Parshmen and humans dying for it. But the mind of the Fused One is the same Fused one, whereas it's would always be a new person, Windrunner.
  14. So when Spends tries to call M-bot's Massacre it, I couldn't help but be reminded of Murder it diaries. (Another series, another author) I just finished reading it. You know... I didn't predict each of the twists, what it would actually be, but I did realize what plot points would be twisted. And Spends definitely grew up over the course of the book. And I really like M-bot's personality, mushrooms and all. And I want to know more about Doomslug!