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  1. unless person didnt target someone or targeted a different person who didnt die and they know bleeder killlleed somone?
  2. can we say the same person three times? or does that work like bloody mary? mary mary mary *screams in hoororr* can we say ourself? wilson wilson wilson? i was so hoping to sow chaos. not to be confusing with sewing chaos because i dont want to sew a picture of eric chaos. mine skills of at needlework would be suuuppper terrifying if i tried that...... archivisisisist might be a good way to sow chaos. heh. shhard anyway. br there be white text heere
  3. el dont like comprooooommiissed elim teams.
  4. shhhhhhhhh its not a joke. why would you say its a joke. im cleeaaaarrrtly bleeder. i need to dieeeeee.
  5. oooooh suicide by lynching. my first lynch as a villager. yassss queen. i offer no defense. kill me. i be bleeder. i wants to get to the dead doc and taaaaaaaalk. edit: forgot to do this: wilson :DDDD
  6. me is not always right. also not really the most experienced. plenty more experienced if you count experience as games playedddd.
  7. eh me think that depends on person. if outed elim is aman absolutely lynch him every time but thats cuz aman is aman and he very good at manipulation and ikyk and just everything. pyro no aman. sorry pyro but it true. also about you its everything. like almost every post makes me cock my head to the side and go "wuuuuuuuuuuut" only not really because there also be a facial expression of mild confusion/consternation/another word ending in -ion and me dont really say wuuuuuuut but me kinda think it ya know? like "he cant really be a villager right? he being too defensive of outed elim pyro but thats far too obvious a ploy for elim riiiiight?!?!" my head be all confused with your posts. cuz there be all the alarm bells but like that means there be too many alarm bells for you to really be elim. me think. me not sure.
  8. me didnt believe you and then me went and checked mine post and youre right! oh noes! this is terrible me say. just terrible. uhhhhhhh. define next level???
  9. i.....actually kinda believe pyro right now. he hasn't really been doing much ikyk - and the little ikyk he's doing is pretty obviously ikyk (like with teammates and stuff). the other stuff he's talking about im fairly sure is actually true. like when he was talking about his teams frustrations with orloks analysis that was all totes true and i knew it was the second i saw it (no surprise they killed orlok last cycle either). his talking about asking teammates this turn has seemed pretty genuine too. im taking most of what he's saying at face value and just ignoring when he mentions specific people.
  10. i forgota comment on that ninja post but like i gotsta. so like sure elkkk be attemptin a case for his innocence but he cant exacltty not attempt that. if he be bleeder he dont got a team and its only him so if he dies he loses. he cant just give up and trollolollolol us like pyro can. so yeah he makin a case for himself but its not a good case - probably is on the surface level since the smuggling bit sounds good but like what villager would actually be like "i gonna soothe karnage right now even tho i was already spied on once nand might be spied on again and karnage will probably be attacked by bleeder right now but i still gonna do this"? thats like super chaotic play right there. joe level chaotic ya know?!?!? and now the dowser claim also sounded good but then he follows it up with the thing about sitting with people and soothing them as they die and descirbes his ability as soothing people as they die but thats not dowsers power. i think if he were actually dowser hed know what his pwer actualy was ya know? as i told devotary via pm when she informed me about elk targeting karnage (yes i knew this before i voted on elkkk) - i never tasted elk meat before. i wonder if its gooooodd. even if its blooooooodddddddyyyyy cuz he bllleeeeeeeedddddddeeerrrrrr
  11. i know i know this is my second double post in under an hour but i just gottta say megasif is setting off like allllllllll mmyyy alarm bells. every single one of htem. me head is splitting with the bells goin off. its a problem. what is this. so much noooiiioioise. eidt: oh look not a double post anymore cuz megasif ninja'd me. good ninja. much stealth.
  12. el or elkkkk? el is the im and she aint aplayin this game
  13. double posting because i just went to look at the rulesss and dowser just has the normal smugler role which is totes not soothing peeps as they dieeeee. why you soothing peeps as they die elkkkk!?!??!!? my confuzzledment is stil sorta there but its less - me thinks elkk is a liar liar pants.
  14. wait wait wait wait wait wiat. you think im bleeder because you think id be playing cautiously and since you think bleeders playing cautiously i could be bleeder??? wut. like really wut. what about my current playstyle makes you think id be playing cautiously??!?! im all down for the funsies and caution aint no fun! dear goodness. caution takes lots of strategy and im specifically trying to avvvooiooid that as much as possible (tho this is me and i cant ever seem to shut that part of my brain off completely sad as that is). but really peeps. elkkkk is not the first person to say they think i might be bleeder with actual reasoning like this behind this guess. im just so confuzzlded cuz like sure old me woulda been all over caution and strategy and probably scanning before killing but old me wouldnt be having fun this game either and thats just no good. none. like zero. its zero good. like ground zero good because it would be the ground zero of my enjoyment of the game and who wants to deal with ground zero of that. not meeeee. meeee likes fuuuunnn and meeee is havvvvvvvingggg fuuuuun tyyyyppping liiiiikkkkkkeeee this. hehehehe. im literally lolling right. lololololololol. anywayz moving on on the plus side if you take pyros bet at least i dont have to give up my leatherbounds but i dont think you can take pyros bet because pyro is betting opposite me and thats the same side youre betting yikes. me is legit confuzzled now. i mean, me was confuzzled before but that was a mild confuzzlement. this is more serious. this is like actual puzzlement since i.....mightve been wrong? im def rethinking my certainty now. :/
  15. prrrreeeeeettttyyy sure thats basically impossible given pyro outed himself when he had no reason to if he were innocent. but what do me know. me is just a person who likes use to avoid proper weird usage. ha. weird. you funny phone. you funny.
  16. thas a good point bugsy. thanks for catching that.
  17. acccctttually from my perception in this hypothetical scenario theres still a nil chance im bleeder since the last time i checked my gm pm it said i was a criminal gossip so not bleeder but if you want to give me (even a me you suspect might be blleeder) one of your living teammates if i still live ill take it :))))
  18. if elk is bleeder and you guys kill me this turn would you actually give up one of your teammates tho? id be deadzo.
  19. ooorrr if its not elk (tho i really think it is since why else would he target araris one cycle and karnage the next when thats conveniently exactly where bleeders kills both cycles have presumably been) it could be someone who wasnt around c1 like bugsy or hammond or maybe someone else also targeted araris (poor araris picking up all the actions like people were wanting to hit an experienced active player but didnt want to touch orlok and me whats up with that). but spasibo for acknowledging that im not an elim i guess? but....aalllso no thanks for saying i must be bleeder if its not elk. not cool pyro. not cool. not that i gots anything to worry about since id betttt hmmm how much would i bet on elk being bleederrrrr lets seeeee i could say all the money in my wallet but thats only like a dollar in coins and who wants a dollar in coins? plus thats a loousy bet. ummmm i could also say my leatherbound copies of mistborn and well of ascension but that might be tooooo much of a bet. am i really that certain? what if i lose? self, do you really wants to possibly give up those leatherbounds? nooooo. but devotarys right - why would elk target karnage last turn if hes not bleeder out of all the people he couldve smuggled a vote off of if he were actually a smuggler. okay yeah im goin for it - i bet my two leatherbound mistborns that elks bleeeeeddeeer. who wants to get rekt? take me up on that bet pleeeeease. edit: joe and all spectators/dead - you are excluded from the bet. nothing to you. js
  20. huh?
  21. ah yes. the saying the wrong name issue that affects many from large families. "wilson - me mean orlok - me mean ... you! get over here!"
  22. you could be both bleeder and a smuggler - doesn't mean you smuggled anyones vote c1. see araris voted alongside 6 other people and we dont know if it was araris vote that got cancelled. there was an impersonator that turn as well and we dont know if the impersonator voted on straw or karnage since both are missing votes. this is not a definitive claim imo.
  23. esp given the lack of momentum we had last turn with discussion given straws lynch. yes we got a lot of info but that was more just luck than anything else
  24. unlikely the elims have a bartender and if they did i dont think theyd attack striker - its easy to think that now when we see that he had two good roles but multiple people were sus of him so id think that kill would be more likely from a village bartender. and elk its always good to kill elim aman no matter what. thats just good practice - esp since he's done it not once but twiiiiiccce. why people leave him alive when hes known elim i dont getttt it. but as i said pyro not aman. i not worried so much about him if we leave him alive for a turn or two until the bartender(s) can clear him out. esp when he's a (self-claimed but im inclined to believe most of the self-defeatist things pyro said last cycle after claiming elim) stalker. anywayz i know why elks voting pyro - hes probs bleeder and he wants to make the pyro lynch as inevitable as the straw lynch last cycle. but why you other people going after the elim when we gots a bleeder out there? shouldnt we be kinda thinking about that? yes the elims are a threat and we gotta clear them out but given that karnage has claimed flogs (which im not actually skeptical of that claim - i was inclined to believe it from the second he said it while maintaining enough doubt to kill him if things didnt add up with his claim in a couple cycles but i was like 95% believing of that claim) and we kiiiiinnnda dont want flogs to die. guessin you missed this little answer from joe about double taps. pyro seemed pretty honest when he mentioned it in the thread. self-defeatist and straightforward about it. dont like you being evasive.
  25. me read that as pure nai elkkk. well actually not pure nai. me see a scenario where elk!bleeder is like "hmmmm they have information me targeted araris c1 and me dont want them thinking thats right so maybe if me pull a jokey karnage they think pyro was lying and me can be okkk" me actually agree with tess bout the pyro - mostly cuz me is hoping leaving pyro alive for a little longer might give info. of course me saying this turns everything he says into an iyky but iiiiiii doooooonnntt caaaarrreee. he not aman. he being outed elim left alive dont scare me. not sure where to vote yet. maybe archivist? maybe br following the dead orlok's hunch? my phone wants to capitalize orlok's name. me must reteach it that the lowercase way is the correct way. the only way. it is the way. edit: actually........ elk