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  1. It would definitely be either at 7 or shortly after because I'll probably work until 6 on whatever Thursday we choose.
  2. Oh my word it's been a year and a half already? How is this possible?
  3. Okay so it's been a number of months since we've met. Do we want to do something this month? If so, when? My schedule fluctuates week-to-week, but I'd like to come if possible. Best times for me are Monday, Thursday and/or Friday nights and Saturday early afternoons (except the 9th). Sunday too, but I think that's right out. @Taliax @Sunbird @Mailliw73 @Steeldancer @Walin and anyone else I may be forgetting
  4. Can't help with the scissors (though I hear there are scissors for lefties, but I've never seen/used them) or graphite, but if you've got a computer mouse that fits either hand, you can change the orientation to left-handed. I used to work a desk job and tried that out on a whim, and now it's the first thing I do with a computer only I will use. I think the worst thing about being left handed/left side dominant is the fact that we live in a right-side dominant world. Not just with items, but I've come across a lot of terms that have different meanings for left-dominant people than right-dominant (particularly in sports), and they're used almost exclusively in the right-dominant way, so when a left-dominant person uses them, they have to explain further what they mean. For example, snowboarding. Your dominant foot should be in the back, and those who board like that are "regular". Those who board with their dominant foot forward are "goofy". But a lot of people (right-dominant people) define regular exclusively as left-foot forward and goofy as right-foot forward. So if I tell someone I'm goofy, they'll think I'm right foot forward. But no, I'm left. So it looks like I'm regular, but I'm actually goofy. The best part is almost an addendum to the worst. Because we live in a right-dominant world, we have to learn to use both hands, increasing the dexterity of the right hand. I would wager that the average leftie has more dexterity in their non-dominant hand than the average rightie. If I were to break my left arm, I would still be able to do just about anything I would need to, without needing to relearn those tasks for a different hand. I have many rightie friends who could not say the same thing.
  5. ....heh. >> We tried to stick to mostly characters we knew were there that night, with the exception of Hoid (aka Wit), or characters who were very likely there (like the Captain of the Guard, who may or may not have been Tearim at that point in time, but the Captain needed a name, so he became Tearim). The reason we didn't include Taravangian was because there wasn't really any indication he was there that night. Gavilar mentioned Thaidakar, and while that doesn't mean Thaidakar was there, there's a chance he may have been or at least some Ghostblood. We were shooting for 25 characters, so we had to take a couple guesses towards the end. But for the most part, outside of Hoid, we tried to stay as true to the prologue's characters as we could.
  6. ....oops. I even looked in the spreadsheet for that, but there wasn't anything that I could see. I'm pretty sure we lost a number of things by not notating it in the spreadsheet immediately after giving it, though nothing else was as serious as an extra life. The rest was mostly just broams and random items collected off corpses. So technically you're alive, but I'm not going to adjust the write-up since I like how it is. We'll just say that Klade didn't aim as well as he'd thought he did so you used Stormlight to heal. No, and I wouldn't reveal it even if there was. This is a game that could be run again and it wouldn't be the same every time. Not even with eliminators. Heck, it might not even have eliminators in some versions. This played out like it did not because it was planned like this but because certain players did certain things that led to this inevitable conclusion due to those actions. So a rerun could be very different if only a couple people did things differently/succeeded where they'd previously failed. Maill got to experience that too. It was highly amusing, seeing so many people assume he was in the game when he was actually in the spec doc watching these assumptions. Some of those rolls were just....insane. And some were almost heartbreaking. A person would fail being only a point or two off, and then I'd look at their RP points and they've got 5+ and if they'd just used a few of them, they would've succeeded. That redirect was brutal. As was Klade's hiding while Adolin attacked him and he attacked Adolin. Both of those single actions ruined more than one win con completion. The action that really killed me though was Ialai's second to last attempt at her win con. If I remember correctly, she had three players assisting and then Kelek put in his own personal protect rather than an assist. That hurt to see, especially since Kelek had the same type of win con so they both would've achieved it right then.
  7. The High Price of Freedom/Aftermath Honour watched the palace with bated breath. Would her/his/its help actually mean anything? Only time would tell. - Only one more left, the Kholin killer thought, creeping through the hallways after the queen. The last hour and a half had been difficult, with such a to-do around Jasnah Kholin's protection, but finally, finally, she was open to attack. At least, the killer was pretty sure she was. It would be mighty inconvenient if she survived, since he had others to kill after her. He had a mission, after all. Begin the desolation. Not that he'd come here expecting to do that. Quite the opposite in fact, But plans change when one's old gods are revealed. Klade shuddered, remembering the Unmade. He didn't want to be serving his old gods—his people had abandoned them eons ago to avoid exactly this—but then these Alethi just had to meddle in things they didn't understand and look what was happening: the world was on the precipice of a Desolation. And they only had themselves to blame. "Halt!" Klade froze, and then realized that the call hadn't been for him. It came from ahead. He peeked around the corner and saw Jasnah confronting the Captain of the Guard—what was his name? T-something? He couldn't remember. The Queen's back was to Klade. She didn't see him coming, but she didn't have to. - Tearim noticed movement over Jasnah's shoulder. Klade. What was the Parshendi holding? A....knife? It was! And with the way he was looking at Jasnah, it was clear the man had one goal: to kill the queen. Tearim pushed Jasnah out of the way, and then he felt pain. So much pain. Why was there pain? Was it Klade? No, no, Klade had frozen for a second, looking at Tearim, but he still held his knife. So what had happened. Tearim looked at Jasnah. She held a blade—not her Shardblade—and it dripped blood. His blood. She'd tried to kill him. - Klade took the moment of distraction to close the distance between himself and the Queen. He knew he only had one chance to kill her and his aim needed to be true. She was a Radiant. She could heal, but she couldn't heal from a killing stroke. He swung his blade. - A Radiant, dead. Honour lost all hope. The Desolation was coming and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. She'd tried. But it was now clear to her that she'd underestimated Odium. - No, Tearim thought, watching the blade pierce his queen's body. She fell, gasping in pain, and Tearim knew she wouldn't be rising again, Radiant or not. He heard a sound behind him, and then Liss was there, helping him to his feet. She already had her wicked-looking dagger out and Tearim unsheathed his sword. - Klade watched the queen fall. Slowly. The light in her eyes went dark and he knew he'd succeeded. He heard the sound of metal behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder. I thought he was dead. But no, the Captain stood with his sword out, and that servant girl stood next to him, with a weapon of her own. Klade attuned to Irritation. He'd only just murdered the last Kholin. Was there really to be no rest for him? - Ialai had learned much since she'd accidentally killed her husband. She no longer hesitated to kill if she knew it was the right thing to do, and she knew this was the right thing to do. She hurried down the corridor to where she'd heard Jasnah's cry, but when she rounded the corner, she had to pause for a moment to take everything in. Jasnah was on the ground, blood surrounding her. Even at this distance, Ialai could tell her queen was dead. Another Kholin, gone. Tearim stood next to her body. He was also bleeding, and Ialai knew why. Jasnah had attacked him, and he must've retaliated. And now he was trying to kill a Parshendi. Ialai ran to stop the murder, but she didn't get there in time. Klade tried to defend himself, but he was blocked by Liss—where had she come from? Ialai had completely missed seeing her, and why was she helping Tearim?! Tearim skewered the Parshendi. "That's for killing the queen," he said. Ialai brought her blade down, into Tearim's back with as much force as she could. And then his words hit her. Klade had killed Jasnah Kholin. Not Tearim. Tearim had defended her. And she'd just killed the man for it. - Honour breathed a sigh of relief. She'd judged them too harshly, too soon. They'd actually done it. Miraculously. Somehow. Take that, Odium/Senility, she thought. - Wit stood on his chull and brought a scroll out of his pocket. Holding the top, he let the end fall. And fall. And fall. He had a lot he needed to say. But before he was even able to get one word out, Ialai and Liss stumbled into the feast hall. They were both covered in blood and looked rather...distraught. That was curious. But not curious enough to stop him from what he needed to say. He cleared his throat, but Ialai cut him off. "Jasnah is dead. And Tearim. And Klade." Well, that changed things a bit. Wit started rolling the scroll back up while Ialai explained just what exactly had happened. Her explanation took a while, which was good because the scroll took a while to roll up. Finally, though, the scroll was gathered and Ialai's explanation was complete. Wit leaped off his chull. "Well. It seems my time here is done. Fear not: I'll be laughing at your spiritual essences once you all have been long forgotten. Especially you, Sadeas. No, not you Ialai. Your husband. I'm sure his spirit is around here somewhere. Might even be in this rock," Wit said, pulling the moss-covered rock out of his pocket and looked closely at it. It would make a strange sort of sense for Sadeas' spirit to take over something that looked so like him in his physical form, so Wit spoke to the rock. "Even though you're dead, I'm still laughing at you." And then he walked away. As he passed Liss, he dropped the rock onto her head with a "boop," and continued on his way. Liss grabbed the rock off the top of her head and stared at it in confusion. And that's game. A big congratulations to the following players, who completed all of their win conditions: Jasnah Kholin Wit Players who failed one of their non-final win conditions but completed all other win conditions (including those who died after having all their win conditions revealed) also won. Those players are: Ialai Sadeas Ivory Adolin Kholin Liss Drunk Beggar Ash Darkness Kelek Master Spreadsheet Beggar Feast (dead/spec doc) Palace Grounds (ostracism doc) Alethi Secret Societies Shadesmar Women Diplomats Intellectuals Parshendi Gavilar's War Council Heralds Feast Hall Back Wall Monastery Dias/Monastery Dias 2.0 Sunwalk Entrance Ten Herald Hallway Unused Guest Suite Darkened Corridor Loading Dock Art Gallery Thanks to everyone who played and thank you so much to Orlok and El. A thousand thank yous to both of them. I'll have a bit more to say about my thoughts on the game but not tonight. I'll save that for a couple days hence. Please use your own account now. We'll be locking up the anonymous accounts in the next few hours.
  8. This turn is over. Coincidentally, the game is also ending a turn early since the Desolation was prevented. Congratulations on that. I'm going to go figure out a writeup and everything.
  9. There is about one hour left in the turn. Get your orders in if you haven't already.
  10. Yes, but I'm not Tanavast just as Orlok isn't Rayse.
  11. LG49/AN3: Hour 12 - Unite Them A bell tolled somewhere in Kholinar. No mortal knew why the bell tolled or even who set it ringing. Honour knew, though. Or at least, the fragment of Honour that still lived. It was Odium. Honour shivered, feeling Odium's might grow just that little bit more powerful. Hopefully it was only for a time. A day. But deep down, Honour knew it was worse than that. The Desolation was almost here. Odium was almost free. Honour wasn't even sure it could be stopped at this point, but she—he? it? did Honour have a proper gender pronoun?—wasn't about to sit twiddling her/his/its metaphorical thumbs waiting for the self-proclaimed Shard of Passion and Omnipotence ("Ha," Honour laughed. "As if Hatred could supply either of those two. More like the Shard of Senility." And then Honour chortled at her/his/its joke). These people needed all the help they could get. So while Honour might be mostly dead, Honour did what Honour could. Tearim and Liss are no longer ostracised. All actions placed in the first 24 hours of the turn will have an additional 15% chance of success. A final note about RP points: I've been very lenient when counting RP points. From now on, however, I will only count 2 posts each turn per player that contain less than 25 words of RP in them. All other posts must RP 50 or more words in order to get an RP point. Oh, and happy birthday, Orlok/Odium.
  12. LG49/AN3: Hour 11.5 - A Storm Reduced to a Drizzle In the shock of Adolin Kholin's death and the depletion of the Kholin family down to just the queen, the few celebration-goers who were left alive took a moment of silence. Perhaps it was to mourn Adolin. Perhaps it was to mourn all the recently passed. Perhaps it was merely because they were emotionally drained. Or perhaps it was for an entirely different reason. The only thing that was certain was that nothing really happened. No one was ostracized. No one was killed And no, there is not a character named "No One" who just had this happen to them so don't ask This cycle will end on Tuesday, 30 October, at 11:30 PM MDT.
  13. LG49/AN3: Hour 11 - Nothing Makes Sense Anymore It was never supposed to be like this, Adolin thought. This night should've been a night of a celebration and flirtation. He'd been looking forward to tonight for days. Maybe weeks. He wasn't entirely sure. Certainly ever since his latest conquest had started ignoring him. He'd been hoping he'd have some luck in replacing her, but instead of spending the night smiling carefree at any (and every) girl even close to his own age, he found himself forced not to show his grief. Brother, dead. Father, dead. Uncle, dead. Aunt, dead. Cousin, dead. He'd had to kill his cousin's wife. It didn't make sense. Nothing made sense. But he couldn't show that. Not even now, while walking through the palace halls where he'd spent years of his life. He had to be strong. He was one of the last of the Kholins. A dying breed. Storms. He heard a noise behind him, and he spun around, instinctively summoning his Shardblade. When did that become instinctive? He couldn't see anyone, but he was still relieved when, ten heartbeats later, he felt the sturdy feel of blade in hand. Better to be cautious than...well. Dead. Continuing down the corridor, he stayed alert for any sounds other than his own footsteps on the stone. And heard another noise. He spun again, but there was still no one there. He thought for a moment that he was just hearing things. Maybe the grief was finally getting to him. Maybe he was cracking. He'd seen that happen to his father, after his mother's death. His father, the powerful, awe-inspiring Blackthorn, broken from a single death. Adolin knew he wasn't his father. He didn't have that same strength, as much as he'd tried. The Blackthorn broke under one death. Adolin had five to break under. Six if one counted Aesudan, which Adolin didn't, since he'd never really like the woman. Killing her had been distressing, but it hadn't been heartbreaking. Nothing like seeing Renarin fall, or the Blackthorn himself dead. Another noise, from the other direction. Now I'm just spinning in circles, he thought, looking ridiculous. Just before he dismissed his Blade, however, he heard a soft patter of feet. Running. Towards him. He spun again, knowing this wasn't in his head, and sure enough, someone was running toward him. He couldn't tell who—the face was covered and the clothes were nondescript—but identity was the least of his concerns, he realized, as he saw a blade swing at him. This time, his moves were truly instinctive. He blocked the weapon, and immediately made an attack of his own. Which his opponent quickly parried. Adolin fell into Vinestance to defend himself from the counterattack, and then spun into Windstance. His opponent seemed barely able to keep up with Adolin's attacks, coming one after the other, so when the man (at least, Adolin assumed it was a man) was disoriented, Adolin fell into Stonestance, raising the Blade up high to deliver a final blow. But the man moved fast, not truly shaken, swinging his Blade at Adolin's torso. Faster than Adolin could bring his own Blade down to block. He fell to the ground, unable to feel his legs. He dropped his Blade, and it turned to mist. He would've thought there'd be more pain, but instead, there was just numbness. And as his opponent advanced, ready to kill him, he realized he wasn't completely opposed to death. He could join the rest of his family in the Tranquilline Halls. It had been too long since he'd seen his mother. It would be nice to be with her again. With his father without the draw of drunkenness. Perhaps death would make more sense. Adolin Kholin has been killed. This turn ends on Sunday at 11:30 PM MDT