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  1. I've got a table a little further into the cougareat between two pillars on the side opposite the restaurants.
  2. Yep, the cougareat works perfect. I'll try to get there a little before 7:30 and I'll bring one of the Stormlight books to make it easier to find where we are.
  3. Okay so how about next week, maybe on the 11th? I could probably do the 12th as well. @Ookla the Tolkien @Brassweaver @Ookla the very snazzy Once we get a day/time, we should say something on the Discord as well so others in the area who aren't often on the site/this board can possibly come too.
  4. Maybe? Doesn't hurt to start getting an idea, since December is less than 2 weeks away.
  5. I can't do this week or next week at all - and next week is Starsight, anyway. I would say let's try to set a time for a December meet-up, probably the second or third week of the month.
  6. Don't worry about it. My reason for not wanting to be included was so my email inbox doesn't get spammed with notifications for PM's here, but I've just been turning off notifications for the PM's that I've been included in thus far. I just don't want to have to do that for 50+ PM's.
  7. So, uh. Tomorrow @7:00 in the cougareat? @Slowswift @Brassweaver
  8. This Thursday works for me
  9. As both a moderator of the forum and one of the mods of Sanderson Elimination, the admin and moderating teams do not want other elimination games running on the site that are not tied to SE. I understand your worry about SE being too complicated, and it's true that there are often more complicated rulesets played. However, we have a wide variety of games, some complicated and some simple, and if you ever have questions about the games, you are welcome and encouraged to post in the Questions and Answers thread As Straw posted, you are also always free to sign up to run your own elimination game as well. We love new GM's and players. If you are interested in playing a simpler Cosmere themed elimination game but don't want to continually check the forum for when a new game starts, the anniversary game will be a Stormlight themed simple mafia game and that will start roughly at the end of this year/very beginning of next (hard to calculate exactly when, since it depends on when certain other games end). As it gets closer to Christmas, I would suggest subscribing to the forum so you can be notified when a new thread is posted. Then you'll be sure to know when the anniversary game signups go up. We hope to see some of you over there.
  10. My issue with it actually has nothing to do with keeping talkative or experienced players alive or that I'm shocked I was killed so you guys had less to hide behind. At one point in time, specifically when I was active, we kind of let players who'd been regular and gone inactive for a while (say...oh, I don't know, a year and a half?) survive until around mid-game at least for their first game back, treating them mildly like new players. This was my first QF and I didn't even have time to adjust to the new format let alone start enjoying my first game back in a year and a half before I was killed, and let me tell you: I have basically no desire to ever play another SE game again knowing that you all were so intent on my death so early in my first game back. If you guys don't want me to play, why should I want to rejoin SE as a player?
  11. Right. I apologize. Thank you for correcting me. This is my real ID.
  12. *Looks at ID* I don't see your ID, Tess. If you wanna fall on your sharpened sword, you better prove to us you deserve it! Because my sword is also sharpened and awaiting me. ....huh. When I said I was planning on bathing in blood at the beginning of this game, I hadn't planned for that to be my blood, but I suppose this works too.
  13. No, no. I'm pretty sure I'm the spy and you're the imposter. See, look at my spy ID. I'm totally the spy.
  14. That's hardly a nice thing to say. I think Bard's strategy there is perfectly valid.