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  1. Doesn't really make much flavor sense for the Traitors to want to keep Dalinar alive? That could fix the problems with Dalinar claiming to the thread and then controlling the game.
  2. dont remember who but someone said they smuggled raes vote (sart?). me impersonate rae. totes missed second impersonate both c1 and c2 so that interesting. me like both reading and xino lynchy lynch. probs wont vote since using impersonate and since elims almost certainly have impersonate and likely smuggler want to make it harder for them to be sure about vote manip.
  3. me just confirm there be impersonate c2. devotary mentioned it. this not me. me no impersonate c2 or c3. probs elim impersonate. impersonating the villagers. impersonating the peasants. kinda like trogdor burninating ya know? only impersonating instead of burninating? me go back to work now.
  4. grrrrrr knew me shouldnt have impersonated. had this feeeeeling it would be tie without. feeling was right. me doubly sad now. there was impersonate c2 right? that not me if so. unlike me joejoe like to capitalize words for no reason.
  5. smuggle dont move vote. just removes vote. vote go bye bye. when shard smuggle vote, pyro be down one but xino dont go up one. only impersonator move vote and that cost impersonators vote cuz me cant vote myself while pretending to be someone else. me no be in two places at once. lame sauce.
  6. me agree with tess they pyro has outlived his usefulness. me would move me vote but since me will impersonate, my vote dont matter. about my idea with ties tho - we could set up a multi tie on elim suspects. they might be able to mess with one or two but they wont be able to get all of them. me thinking pyro shard and archivist. edit: or xino - just remembered tj analysisizing that linked him with straw quite nicely
  7. no but we wouldnt be going for straight tie cuz me got impersonation edit: me sad me didnt pull from hh to sart cuz then all three woulda died.
  8. probs shouldnt assume me trust every post pyro or that me comment about every post you troll. me ignore most of your posts regardless so me pretty sure me havent fallen for any of your trolling. me think we should go for tie on pyro and someone else. given possiblity of ties me not quite as worried about having gone after bleeder the last couple cycles.
  9. dont read troll to me. pyro generally obvious troll. at least me think me can tell when he trolling and when he not.
  10. oh-ho. this seems to be tacit, unintentional acknowledgement that said analysisizing is accurate.
  11. not from pms to me knowledge. however as tess pointed out last cycle while analysisizing the pyros posts kynedath seems very likely to be evils. shard also seems very likely to be evils. so team couldve given kyne alibi for every cycle having him claim to have scanned teammates on cycles he dont got real alibi. me think kyne evil. me dont think kyne bleeder.
  12. nope. smuggler soothes vote. not move off. me move off. me move hh to pyro. sart not snuggle. snuggly smuggler. is that oxymoron? sart not clear. sart not use power from what me can tell. sart probs bleeder since sart say he would do that to clear self. sart
  13. my vote is staying but me impersonating someone so it being cancelled.
  14. it not a bad plan. it strategic and me think it would work. if the games here had different meta me think more people would be on board (tho me also think if games had necessary meta for this plan to be accepted, you would not be alive right now). but the meta here is what it is and most players dont like mayors. sorry.
  15. me aware. me forgot to refresh page. me made an edit acknowledging the redundancy of me post. also me dont think your plan is being rejected cuz of source. me personally reject plan because mayor plans are no fun. tess seems to have rejected partly for same reason. me dont want you to do it both because you evil and me dont like mayors. me not quite as certain as tess that it wouldnt work - me actually think it would in part were everyone on board. however everyone not on board hence it dont work. too many people dont like mayors so too many people wont agree to mayor plans.