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  1. Was going to say the same thing; the words themselves don't matter, it's the intent behind them. Gavilar has just been spouting out random quotes from the Way of Kings thinking it's like a riddle he needs to solve when Oaths are about feeling and genuinely meaning what you're saying.
  2. I do recall that WoB, though it's odd that's coinciding with him supposedly rationing his Bendalloy instead of just wasting it all the time. Maybe he's lying to Marasi about that or is procuring large amount of Bendalloy elsewhere...
  3. For draining, think of Investiture as a mana bar from an RPG, except it doesn't regenerate on its own. As you use it, the bar goes down and eventually you run out and can't use magic. Then you burn whatever metal(s) you can use and it fills it back up. Leachers can drain your "mana" and if you can burn allomantic aluminum, that basically does the same thing, but it's self inflicted. Storing Investiture can get a bit more complicated due to the nature of how that's being applied in the more recent Mistborn books. Like draining, someone could ostensibly store their "mana" in a nicrosil metalmind if they have the ability to do that. But, the more common application in the Mistborn Era 2 books seems involve people storing their literal powers in a nicrosil metalmind. That's because the ability to use things like allomancy and feruchemy are also Investiture. That's where stuff starts to get real complicated and the community at large still doesn't have the full picture of how the medallions that are using that mechanic work.
  4. It's also worth mentioning that bonds with the Unamde aren't going to work the same way as bonds with Radiant Spren and Godspren. Ishar supposedly created the whole Oath system and the order he imposed on the Nahel Bond likely doesn't exist for the Unmade. The rules, if any, would be different. There might not even be a route to advance the Bond in any meaningful way.
  5. There's another reason not cited here that RoW shed some light on. The Parshendi (mistakenly)believed that the Alethi would tire of war. They wanted to have those constant skirmishes that only slowly moved the war forward. They realized their mistake towards the end, but by then it was too late. At any point during the war, if the Parshendi started beating the Alethi to all of the gemhearts, the Alethi would have started making a real effort to win the war. Think about how Dalinar was completely unsuccessful in getting the Highprinces to do anything else but go after gemhearts. If the Highprinces were denied the gemhearts, they would have pushed to end the war, one way or another. And Elhokar would have pushed for finishing the Parshendi off over giving up the war.
  6. It's not. The concept of a Bondsmith predates the Nahel Bond. As far as I can tell, the Godspren aspect most likely correlates to a Radiant Bondsmith's ability to provide Investiture and which flavor that Investiture is. I think it's more likely that the Godspren are the gatekeepers of the Bondsmith powerset because of how dangerous they are rather than the Godspren being the reason why they are dangerous.
  7. Ishar seems to have the same capabilities while wielding his Honorblade, so the Godspren doesn't seem to be behind that aspect of a Bondsmith's powers.
  8. Yea, I had a similar interpretation. It was a euphuism, possibly from the Age of Legends, that basically meant "go create chaos". I always figured it was some sort of strategy/temporary modus operandi where the Forsaken go around doing randomly horrible and confusing things to make it seem like they were playing out schemes that teased an underlying purpose that wasn't actually there. A massive distraction to hide an actual scheme that the Dark One wanted to be lost in all the noise.
  9. I think that the instinct to protect people, especially those who cannot protect themselves, is inherently ingrained in most people while the attributes of the other orders are usually a bit more niche.
  10. That WoB doesn't quite jive with what Raboniel told Venli. It's been a bit since I read that, but I seem to recall that Fused who were killed could return as long as the Heralds remained on Roshar. It was up to the Heralds to initiate the "Isolation" and they usually wouldn't do it until some sort of big battle happened where enough Fused got killed that the human defenders of Roshar could clean up what was left once the Heralds went back. I think, but am not 100% certain, that a Herald dying would jumpstart that process, but in the later Desolations all of them but Taln would do their best to avoid getting killed because they didn't want to go resume the torture.
  11. I kinda disagree with respect to the Thrill. It made Dalinar a terror on a battlefield because the vast majority if not all his opponents on a battlefield are just ordinary people/parshendi. It enabled him and others like him to ignore morality/ethics of killing that many people and maybe conferred an extra bit of stamina/endurance to keep things going. I don't think is made him a better fighter, just a more brutal one that can afford to be reckless because of Shardplate. That wouldn't serve too well in a fight against someone like Szeth, especially given that neither Dalinar or Gavilar have any experience fighting a Windrunner. The Thrill would make them predictable and easy to goad as seen with how Shallan kept an army affected by the Thrill with illusions alone. If Szeth was also affected by the Thrill, it might be a contest. But, if he's unaffected, he'd make short work of them.
  12. I'm relatively certain perpendicularities are manifestations of the Shards in the physical realm, and we definitely saw one of those in Elantris. There's also Soulstone from Emperor's Soul, but we don't really know much about it other than it makes forgery easier. Probably not a godmetal, but maybe relevant.
  13. The problem with this is that Gavilar isn't bonded with the Stormfather. Sure he's receiving visions, but he's never had the intent to truly speak any of the Oaths. He never even had the ability to infuse Stormlight, which comes with the First Ideal.