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  1. Yes they were, that was also my favorite part. When Kelsier haunts those Elantrians and gets them to give up their device is probably one of the funniest scenes Brandon has written in my opinion.
  2. Hmm I guess technically Kelsier could have altered his spirit web while he was holding Preservation. For some reason I was thinking he would have to have a physical body to alter and make into a powerful Mistborn but if my memory of how Lerasium works is correct, it just rewrites your spirit web to make you a Mistborn. Kelsier would have had knowledge of how Rashek did that for himself and he knew he wasn't going to be a permanent vessel for the Shard, so he may have planned ahead for regaining a physical body. It does seem very Kelsier.
  3. Personally, I think there's something else going on with the Bands of Mourning that indicates Kelsier couldn't have done it alone. The level of Allomantic power the Bands gave Marasi and Wax seemed more on par with the Lord Ruler's power than Kelsier's. The Feruchemical power level is a little harder to nail down because it's not easy to determine how much was stored in the Bands. Increased Feruchemical strength would affect the ability to store and use attributes but without the knowledge of what was in them before they got to them doesn't tell us much about them other than they make a person Fullborn while holding them. The only way I can see the Band's power coming elusively from Kelsier is if somehow his time in the Well and/or time spent holding Preservation increased his Allomantic power, and I'm not really sure that's a thing. Also, to address the OP, I think his eye spike just grants A-Steel. It's the one power I could see Kelsier wishing for extra strength in and if he had a Lerasium spike, I can't see him putting it in his eye. Also, now that I think of it, it definitely can't be a Feruchemical spike because it is granting him Steel Sight and that is completely separate from Feruchemy.
  4. My answers are video game based, so I don't have something physical. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: I spent about 50 hours of my first playthrough not knowing I could click on a place I'd been and fast travel there. And in that game there are abilities that level up from walking and jumping that contribute to your overall level which in turn determines how tough the enemies are. So, my character was super weak in combat but really good at moving around so I would just take forever running around an enemy landing strategic blows. Wasn't until I asked friend to help me with something and he looks at my stats and then me as if I were an idiot that I learned that I was an idiot. I've gone back and played various older games from the NES/Sega Genesis era and I used to win them all the time and now I can barely play them at all. I'm not sure if the video games have just changed that much or if I have.
  5. While I don't disagree with your opinion, Adonalsium has been mentioned by both Sazed and Hoid, though Sazed's is kinda a typo. Investiture was referenced in Bands of Mourning in that lesson the Kandra gave and I believe Lyft's spren mentioned it as well though I could be wrong on that one. The Cosmere itself has been mentioned in various books, people tend to say that where they might say universe if they were in our world. I am insanely curious to find a person who sees all these terms in the books and is interested enough to read all of them but not look some of this stuff up on the internet.
  6. Elend kinda looks like Adam Scott lol.
  7. Last we heard of it, Marsh removed it from her ear. He probably gave it to them.
  8. It could be that because the changes they went through weren't caused by a Shard and therefore Sazed doesn't know how to reverse those changes with absolute surety that the reversal will work properly. He may just genuinely lack the knowledge to accomplish that while he kinda had the equivalent of Rashek's notes when he fixed the northern Scadrians.
  9. It's been a little while since I read WoT and I did it entirely on audiobook, I can't remember a character named Nakomi, could you provide some context?
  10. I just got an email saying it's been delayed again to July 17th, why are they jerking us around like this?
  11. That is also what I assumed, it only happened when the mists were out.
  12. I believe it was confirmed he was burning pewter in Alloy of Law in the final battle and I think he had the same earring from that book in SoS. He used that one on Bleeder though, and was given Vin's earring after but never wore it that I can recall.
  13. It does somewhat make sense when you think about Atium's place in Allomancy. You can technically make the same point for burning Atium opposed to using it as a spike. It's really not that useful to burn unless you have other combat related powers to combine with it, or you're facing something/someone without Shard based powers. It's value was mostly based on the quick burn rate and relative scarcity. It's only known alloy, while useful to the plot, is possibly even more useless than it's Allomantic counterpart, gold. So, the god metals are insanely useful in their own magic systems and much less useful in the magic system of their opposite, but they can and do serve a purpose.
  14. If it steals all the powers of the person it kills, then I could see a potential use for spiking a Mistborn. While yes, if you consume the Lerasium, you would be a Mistborn without killing someone and a powerful one at that. However, if you had access to enough Lerasium, I could see consuming some and making a spike to be used on yourself and you could very precisely leave most of your powers to your children and future descendants. If you just consume it, they will randomly become mistings, mistborn, or neither. But if you leave a spike and know how to prevent it from leaking to much before getting it to the new bearer, you could choose who gets to be Mistborn instead of leaving it to random chance. I hope that it steals all the powers instead of preserving the one that it does steal and prevents loss of power. If Lerasium only steals one power, unless you really need that power and it's not Allomantic, I don't see it being useful in Hemalurgy and think 9/10 times it would be better to burn the Lerasium instead of using it as a spike.
  15. Also spoilers for White Sand below: