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  1. Never thought of that or seen anyone suggest it, have an upvote!
  2. It had been said a couple times in The Final Empire that TLR had a perfect memory, most people think copper compounding was related.
  3. I wonder if the dilution rate is similar to the rate Hemaluric spikes decay, fast at first and then slowly until it hits a ceiling of sorts. I believe that's a logarithmic curve, but it's been a while since I took algebra.
  4. I don't think that's how the Oathpact works. The Desolations don't end because all of the Heralds die, if that was the case then at some point humanity would have just killed all the Heralds to end it instead of the Fused. The other Oathpact related condition to end the Desolations, killing all of the Fused is now impossible because they return to the Everstorm, not Braize. I'd also like to mention that your first sentence says "I don't think Jasnah wants to kill the Heralds" and your third sentence states she just wants to keep finding and killing them. I'm guessing you meant send them back to Braize as opposed to some sort of permadeath, but that just read kinda funny. Also, Jasnah only knows that Jezrien was somehow actually killed but not how. Regardless, I don't think ending the current Desolation lies in the old Oathpact. My best guess is that a new one will be made to end the current 5 book arc and the next arc will be the final Desolation following someone in the new Oathpact breaking or somehow Odium is defeated in book 5 and the second arc is some sort of new plot.
  5. There's a difference between someone dying when someone is too young to properly remember them and someone getting killed. If her father died of a heart attack or cancer, it wasn't anyone's fault. But when he was killed and the man who did it is practically stalking you, I think some anger/coldness is merited.
  6. Kelsier could talk to him because he had cracks, same as Vin's mother, she had not spike. Hemalurgy creates cracks due to its nature and how it interacts with the soul, but the ability for Shards to influence people through those cracks is not unique to Ruin. Preservation couldn't do it because it was in its nature to shore up those cracks instead of widening them. I don't believe Odium or the relevant Unmade have any similar inhibitions. Though Odium seemed limited in how he could approach people on Roshar, it was either through the Everstorm or the Stormfather's visions, he does seem to have some influence over the people of Roshar. The Alethi seem especially influenced by him, I don't think that the Unmade alone are responsible for how warlike and dishonorable their society had become. Or at the very least, Odium directed the Unmade to influence their society in specific ways.
  7. My best guess would be Odium or the Unmade. Seems similar to how we were shown Ruin and Preservation influencing people when we got a look behind the scenes in Hero of Ages and Secret History. Also worth noting is that people with cracks in their souls are easier to influence in that way, and Balat does seem broken. That does raise the interesting prospect that Shallan's brothers are all Nahel Bond compatible, as Radiant Spren use the same cracks to facilitate the Nahel Bond.
  8. While it's not exactly what the OP is asking, there would be no quicker way to kill a Highspren than Kelsier as a Skybreaker.
  9. I remembered seeing this WOB a while back, may answer some questions here. ParadoxicalZen How exactly is the Moon Scepter linked to the Dor? Brandon Sanderson The Moon Scepter is-- I suppose I can canonize this, now. Okay you're getting one out of me. So the big thing about the Moon Scepter that it was-- It is a Rosetta stone for the [Selish] magics. Meaning it translates them from one to another, and what the different symbols mean, does that make sense. source
  10. Maybe she couldn't do it while Honor was around, he may have had some way of blocking her from doing that to the Radiant Spren.
  11. This kinda makes me wonder what metal that gets burned through allomancy actually looks like when it's getting burned in someones stomach. I wonder if we'll get a scene or something where some scientists in future Mistborn books study that using x-rays or some other technology to allow them to see in the human body.
  12. This is awesome
  13. Yea, I was going to make a similar reply. I also felt at the end of WB that Susebron was going to be an actual ruler instead of just giving his Breath to another tongueless God King. Spoilers for Hero of Ages, Secret History and Mistborn Era 2 below: While I understand their story may be finished, Susebron and Siri will have had a lasting impact on Nalthis. And to any argument they wouldn't be a party to making Awakened weaponry, they already use Lifeless, nuff said.
  14. It might also be possible that Vivenna and the God King collaborated to make her sword. He has enough breaths and the tongue to do it and Vasher might have let a few too many things slip that enabled him and Vivenna to work it out or at least to the extent to make the sword that she has, not quite Nightblood.
  15. Maybe they become Judge Dredd when they swear the 5th ideal.