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  1. I wouldn't say there are any major discrepancies between the two. The actual discrepencies seem to be minor details that don't impact much, or are just clear errors that made their way into the graphic novel due to poor workmanship(the boombox being a prime example). I'd say the Graphic Audio version is more of a directors cut where a bunch of stuff that got cut for the graphic novel version were added back into the story. It's mostly notable in the first graphic novel where a lot of the worldbuilding occurred in the prose, but was cut because it just wasn't feasible to convey the information in that medium.
  2. You're likely right about the Honorblade, but the timing isn't a coincidence. At this point in the series, Odium was still trying to line up Dalinar as his champion and Szeth had just been sent to kill him. I'm not sure if Odium did more than watch, but he might have been prepared to intervene in some way to make sure Dalinar survived the encounter.
  3. I think there's a bit more to this. First, I don't think Sazed filled all of those metalminds to the brim, he didn't have a lot of time when he figured he'd need to start filling them for the upcoming battle. Second, typical metalminds(not TLR's bracers or The Bands of Mourning, which are filled to the brim and piercing the skin in TLR's case) aren't completely unpushable like aluminum. I believe at some point Wax says the lines are fainter but not invisible. Third, the rings likely didn't weigh very much, making them easier to push than a typical bracer metamind. I think all of those things combined make it possible for Marsh to have hit Sazed with the rings without needing duraluminum or TLR levels of Allomantic strength. If they weren't full, didn't weigh that much, and Marsh was properly bracing himself for the steel push, I think it's possible for Marsh to have pushed them fast enough to embed them in Sazed's skin like he did. For the original question, as someone else pointed out, if you store attributes in a weapon you plan on using in melee combat, any time the weapon is chipped or damaged, you'll lose a bit of the attribute you have stored in it. But, I'm guessing if someone were to do this, they're looking for a cheap way to make an aluminum-like weapon. So, steel wouldn't be an economically sound weapon for this purpose considering how much time/effort it takes to make a steel metalmind. That means you'd have to go with something easy to store metal in, and I can't think of any feruchemically viable metals that are tougher than steel. Iron would probably be the best choice for this. Easy to store and not as soft as something like gold or copper.
  4. I seem to recall something about Szeth not having light eyes in WoK, can't remember specifically. Moash's eyes are still dark though, so no it does not change eye color like a Radiant when they reach the Third Ideal.
  5. It's possible the Heralds can change the shape of the Honorblades or they're the only ones who know how. Maybe it actually is different than when Dalinar saw it in the vision. Presumably, yes. At the very least, the Honorblade that gives Elsecaller powers would by necessity need to go to Shadesmar with its wielder. I'd bet that the Honorblades behave like Azure's blade and Nightblood, they just remain swords when you take them into Shadesmar.
  6. Step 1. Ask if the number of words in a Stormlight book can be counted Step 2. Tell the community you're looking for the word "money" Step 3. ??? Step 4. Profit
  7. I'm not inclined to believe Ishar and Taravangian that Szeth's father is dead. Ishar has a very questionable perception of reality and there was almost nothing that was true in his other statements. Taravangian was in the process of gaslighting Szeth and could very well have been improvising. As for Heleran's Shardblade/Shalash's Honorblade, I've seen people guessing that Heleran's Blade was an Ashspren(I think that's the Dustbringer spren?) based on the flamelike design. I managed to find the art that I think you're referencing for Shalash's blade, it does technically match that description assuming Chaos labeled it right. Here's the link for anyone interested: Edit: For some reason the link wasn't working, it's the news from May 3rd 2020 on this website. I was ready to dismiss this at a glance. I figured the Honorblades would look somewhat like the Shardblades of the corresponding order and that the flamelike pattern a solid indication it was a Dustbringer deadeye. But I suppose not all of them, if any, really match their corresponding order. So, I don't think this can be entirely dismissed, though I'm not entirely sure how much of a narrative purpose it would have for the currently released books if this Shardblade turned out to be an Honorblade. Last we saw, it was on its way to the Horneater Peaks, so if there's anything to be revealed, it would happen in the Horneater novella. Though I can't remember if Brandon was going to be able to get that out before Stormlight 5, I feel he said the schedule might not allow it.
  8. I feel like El will be in the back half, not a one book antagonist like Lezian or Raboniel. I think his epigraphs are an indicator that he lives past the events of book 5. I do think that Brandon learned from that situation and hasn't done anything as egregious as that in his books. Though, he did admit to regretting how he handled Amaram in OB and how some significant things happened off screen that hurt Amaram's portrayal.
  9. Ok, went through a few early chapters in RoW and found these: That confirms that they indeed do not lose Voidlight while flying. That does seem to imply that their powers are tied to their Voidlight supply, though there's this bit a couple paragraphs later after Kaladin decides to let him live: His Voidlight was expended at this point, but he was still in the air and was able to get away, though it does seem like his abilities were hampered. Not very conclusive, but I do think this indicates a relationship between having the Voidlight and the Fused being able to use their abilities that don't drain the Voidlight. It's possible he had a tiny amount left, but as far as I know, the Lights try to heal the body automatically until they are depleted. Though I suppose if anyone knows how to stop that and keep their light, it would be the Fused. There's another blurb from RoW about how Venli has a small amount of Voidlight that fuels her Envoyform abilities that also doesn't deplete, that might shed a bit more light(haha) on the situation, I'll see if I can find that at some point. As for the spren/Highstorm issue, even if it isn't Investiture, they are getting something out of it. Syl noticeably brightens, which could be an indication of increased energy, though it could also be a mood thing. That may not seem like much to you, but I have serious doubts Brandon would have written that bit in as something that just makes the spren feel better, it feels very much like they get something vital from the Highstorm. And if they do, that does present another problem for long term voyages off Roshar with a spren. I could see them being able to miss a Highstorm or two, but it's quite possible that the effects of not being near one for a few months could be detrimental to the spren's health. Sidenote: if the spren really isn't losing Investiture over time and charging the sand doesn't cause them to lose anything, couldn't you just use the spren to recharge sand instead of a perfect gemstone? Considering perfect gemstones aren't exactly common, that seems like a more scalable solution.
  10. Actually, yes, spren seem to be constantly losing Investiture. In OB we see that the Syl and Pattern recharge in some way when the Highstorm passes through Shadesmar. They would not need to recharge if the Investiture that they're made up of stays at a fixed level. We do see that spren need Stormlight to recharge themselves after they're wounded, but Syl and Pattern had not been wounded like Notum was when they needed to recharge. For the Fused, a relevant question would be whether the Heavenly Ones can fly when they expend all of their Voidlight. If there's an instance of that happening, then the light isn't a factor in their ability to fly. It's been a little while, but the battle at Hearthstone in RoW part one might yield an answer on that. I feel like it's mentioned at some point that Fused fly off to refill their Voidlight, but can't quite remember.
  11. I think Navani and the Fused access their respective Investitures similar to how Allomancy works. In Allomancy, the metals themselves don't have power, they are a pattern to receive Investiture for a specific purpose. Fused(and I think Regals) sing the song of prayer and they are Invested with Voidlight. Navani and the Sibling together sang two separate songs in harmony to access Towerlight. The song, like the metals, is a pattern or an access key that allows them to infuse themselves with the respective Investiture for that song. But I think there's something else in there that determines which types of Investiture someone has the ability to infuse. For example, Kaladin can't use Voidlight to fuel his Surges via his Bond with Syl, but Renarin likely can use Voidlight to fuel his Surges. So, I don't think gaining access to other types of Investiture is as simple as learning the Rhythm of that Shard, though it would allow you to manipulate Investiture that you already have stored on hand. It's why Raboniel didn't have unlimited access to Lifelight for Navani to experiment with, she couldn't just conjure it up. As to why it Navani's revival of the Tower was so dramatic, I believe the limits of the amount of Investiture you can produce using that method are based on the vessel's capacity. In the case of the Fused, they are limited to how much they can hold in themselves and their gemheart much like a Radiant is limited by how much they can hold in themselves and what gems they have on them when Dalinar opens the perpendicularity. The Sibling is a massive network of fabrials and gemstones, which means they can hold a massive amount of light, so they drew in a massive amount when they were finally able. The only way I see this theory working is if light stored in a gemstone is its own mini perpendicularity and the sand is piggybacking on the stored Investiture to access the Spiritual Realm. You can't have an end positive amount of Investiture by letting it leak into the white sand unless that Investiture is coming from something/somewhere else. Extrapolating on the lightbulb analogy, there wouldn't be enough energy radiating from a lightbulb to power a separate lightbulb, but you might be able to connect to the source of the lightbulbs power and syphon off some for other purposes. A relevant question for Brandon would be whether or not an infused perfect gemstone would charge the sand, as we don't know that for a fact and this theory is predicated on that assumption.
  12. I was kind of being hyperbolic. It's entirely possible for Sazed to do that, but I don't actually think it's likely. Just thought it was an interesting possibility. I've never really been sure Wax is going to be super important to the grand scheme of the Cosmere, he wasn't even really in Brandon's original plan for the Mistborn books. I do agree Wax is likely a result of what Sazed meant in the letter about looking for a champion, but I also feel it isn't going to work out.
  13. So if Harmony is looking for a representative the represents both Ruin and Preservation and Wax is his Ruin while the Kandra are his Preservation, the next logical step would be to make Wax a Kandra.
  14. To Jasnah's credit, she has been told that God exists, but that the beings masquerading as gods killed him. If God can be killed, is he really God?