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  1. I think Brandon said that he's in prison when someone asked about Szeth after OB.
  2. My guess is that as soon as Zahel heard about Szeth's sword, he ran right out of Urithiru. He very much seems to want to distance himself from his past and likely knows that Vivenna is looking for Nightblood. If Zahel had stuck around and team Radiant got him to divulge some of the information he has, I would think Shallan would know how to pronounce Nalthis.
  3. Could be an agent of Kelsier. He can't travel offworld so it's plausible he has people he sends out to gather information. Perhaps he recruited one of the last full Feruchemists after the Catacendre. Or even just a normal Ferring from the current generation on Scadrial.
  4. That still makes no sense. Why spike powers out of a Mistborn when you can burn the Lerasium to become a Mistborn that's more powerful than you'd become if you stole the powers? Remember, Hemalurgy always results in a net loss of power and there are very few Mistborn that would be worth spiking the powers out of as opposed to burning the Lerasium. Not to mention, the stronger the Mistborn, the less likely you'll be able to take them alive to manage it(considering the fact that you are not a Mistborn because for some reason you didn't burn your Lerasium). But if you don't bag a strong one, you're wasting your Lerasium. Maybe that is how it works and that's why Brandon equates using Lerasium as a spike to using a nuclear bomb as a paperweight. But, there honestly isn't much he could have made a Lerasium spike do that makes it at all smart to use it except to burn it or make an alloy of it and burn it.
  5. There's a discord server that some people who backed the Way of Kings Kickstarter made. If you backed the campaign and go to the comments section you can ask for an invite to the server. They mostly made it because the comment section on the kickstarter isn't the most efficient way to communicate.
  6. I'm going to have to disagree there. Lerasium spikes would mostly be useful to Kandra, which there are relatively few of at the moment. But a Kandra would still be better off burning the Lerasium and becoming a Mistborn than using it as a spike. Even Brandon has stated that there isn't really a use case for a Lerasium spike, its primary function is still much more enticing than using it for Hemalurgy. Atium on the other hand can steal any power from any magic system(though with some complications with some like the Nahel bond). The only way Lerasium is at all more useful than Atium is that you can use it on any person while Atium is only useful for stealing from someone with a power. But considering stealing powers is what Hemalurgy is mostly about, Atium is the superior tool.
  7. I think Haylo has it right here. If you look up the Hemalurgic Table of Metals, it shows the two god metals and what they do. Atium says "steals any power" while Lerasium says "steal all abilities." It seems unlikely that ability and power are referring to the same thing, otherwise I don't see why there would be a distinction. Also, it seems unlikely that the God metal of Preservation has a greater utility in Hemalurgy than the God metal of Ruin.
  8. Actually, from what we've seen, Radiant Stormlight healing seems to do more than Regrowth. I don't think Lopen's arm could have been healed with Regrowth but it was able to be done with infused Stormlight.
  9. Ok I re-read Emperor's Soul and figured out the answer. Yes, Resealing can require you apply a stamp to yourself every day. Shai mentions this as part of her final Essence Mark, the one that makes her forget Soul Forgery and would turn her into an ordinary person. She specifically says that part of the Forgery is the belief that she had a terrible accident and had to use a Resealer to fix her body. She would believe the stamp that makes her forget her previous life is the one that keeps her body whole. As for the part where they were all on a metal plate, that is only referring to the stamp Shai makes. Kinda similar to how an anthology is a book that contains a bunch of individual stories, an Essence Mark(a Soul Stamp which rewrites a persons soul in a significant way) is a collection of individual stamps collected onto a metal plate that is tied to the Soul Stamp. The story never mentions or even implies that Shai combined her stamp with the Resealing one, so the logical assumption is that the stamp that maintains the Emperor's body is separate from the one Shai made for his mind. Now, another Forger could likely combine the two so it doesn't need to be that way. However, it's unlikely we'll be revisiting the Emperor any time soon if at all, so we're probably not going to get an answer to something as miniscule as that.
  10. Didn't the Emperor need multiple Soul Stamps? One for the Resealing(repair of his physical body) and one for his mind(Shai's stamp)? If that's the case, that's the use case for multiple stamps. Shai was extremely adept at Soul Forgery but even she didn't have knowledge in every area. Someone/something might need multiple stamps from various experts to achieve the desired effects. It wouldn't be necessary for mundane things but something like restoring a gravely injured, brain dead individual to his former self took two experts. The one thing I'm not sure of is how long the Resealing stamp needed to be applied before the effects were permanent like Shai suggested might happen with the Emperor's mind.
  11. I have a feeling Odium can directly control them similar to how (spoilers for Mistborn)
  12. I don't have access to a digital copy, but if I recall correctly it's when he starts really learning how to use Lashings to change his direction of gravity and he seems to find the objects he's lashing himself to in Shadesmar. He mentions seeing the weird sun with light stretching towards it. It's a real blink and you miss it moment, I only caught it on re-reads. Dalinar also had a slight ability to see the Cognitive realm, when he heard the pieces of the statue wanting to be whole again. I suspect most if not all the Radiants have some varying ability to perceive the Cognitive realm as it relates to their Surges. It's likely due to the fact that their powers come from their Spren which are Cognitive entities and therefore certain aspects of their powers work through the Cognitive realm.
  13. Actually, what he was referring to was when Kaladin was first really learning to use his powers he was able to see into Shadesmar, though it wasn't quite the same as Shallan's.
  14. Well, if Odium figured out what Taravangian did, that Renarin's future sight is going to interfere with Odium's future sight, that might warrant a dangerous operation to take him out.
  15. Actually, that was more in line with the principles of Fabrial science than Hemalurgy. If you re-read that scene, when Moash kills Jezrien, the gemstone on the pommel of the knife starts glowing, much like when you capture a spren in a gemstone. If they used Hemalurgy, whatever they took from Jezrien would reside in the metal and would be losing power if they don't store it blood or a living host. As for the Fused, whoever is doing the Hemalurgy would need to do some serious experimentation to figure out how to steal the specific things they would want to steal(assuming they have a goal beyond killing the Fused). There are a lot of different bindpoints and metals that can only be used for specific purposes that one would need to know of to even begin figuring out how to steal a Fused's ability. Though access to Atium would obviously make this much easier to accomplish.