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  1. The only way I can think of explaining this is that Vin knows that each metal comes in pairs; the base metal and its alloy. I can't recall if she correctly paired Atium and Malatium or if she considered gold and Malatium a pair considering how similarly they work. But I think she knew that there was a metal in that grouping that was missing. I realize that isn't how those pairings actually work; electrum and gold are a pair and Atium is a god metal. But my guess is Vin thought of the twelfth metal as something she hadn't found yet that was paired to Atium or gold as she had realized that they weren't really a pair.
  2. Could be that Sazed did something to give him back some of his humanity. In the audiobooks, he is less gravelly in AoL compared to HoA.
  3. Not Decay, the one that was behind the Aethers.
  4. I'd also like to point out that although the Shard hasn't been canonized, there is still at least one Shard from Aether of Night that is out there. Brandon has seemed to indicate he still wants to do an official version of that story, though when he will is undetermined. So, there's at least one Shard that isn't Splintered and there could be more that we just haven't seen yet.
  5. My assumption is that if he transferred to the PR before they died, he would have sought them out. Though, if Harmony's perpendicularity isn't in Northern Scadrial, he might not have been able to see them before they died in the PR and unable to get there in the CR as you said. At least, I'm also assuming he can't just transfer in and out of the CR like an Elsecaller. We don't really know the timing of any of this though, so it's all speculation. I'd like to think he saw them before they died and if Brandon never clarifies I'll just keep that as my headcannon.
  6. He spoke to Vin briefly at the end of Secret History. I imagine he spoke to Breeze and Ham at some point post HoA. Of the original crew, only Dox and Clubs died when/where Kelsier couldn't be there.
  7. Yea, Brandon mispoke in the first one, the footnote clarifies it. Fortune is a Cosmere wide phenomenon and Feruchemy is one of the only confirmed magic systems that has it at the moment. Hoid uses some form of Fortune that allows him to determine somewhere he needs to be to see or do something important. The only other place we've seen it used on Sel in Elantris, spoilers below for that; It seems to involve knowing the future or somehow gives you guidance/direction based on the future. But yea, always read the footnotes, there are a number of WoBs that seem contradictory until you read those.
  8. There's a lot of world building in the Graphic Audio version that was basically replaced by pictures in the graphic novel version. I understand why, but this was the first graphic novel/comic book that I've ever read that wasn't set on Earth, and I never realized how much you don't have to lay out when you're familiar with the setting like we are with our own planet.
  9. theory

    I haven't seen a transcribed version, it's a verbal reading Brandon did at a convention. There's a video on youtube on Brandon's channel, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfd5zIA0SYU Again, it's from the unreleased book 4, so if you don't want even the slightest spoilers, don't watch that portion of the video. I don't know precisely where the Stormlight reading starts, I think it's somewhere around the 40 minute mark. It's an entertaining video throughout though, so I recommend watching the whole thing.
  10. theory

    Yea, that Lift reading Brandon did recently seriously contradicted what everyone thought we knew about the Nightwatcher. Spoilers for unreleased RoW below: It's pretty likely. I think in WoR, Szeth was hanging around Urithiru and said that the stone there wasn't unholy to walk on for some reason. Probably won't get to know more about that until book 5 unless poor Szeth gets his book pushed back again.
  11. It's from a sapphire, the different gems indicated which order of Radiant left the message. So that is most definitely from a Windrunner as that order is aligned with sapphires.
  12. I listened to the reading last night while driving, he most definitely said it was an interlude. I don't think she had many if any viewpoints in OB either, she was mostly seen through other characters like Dalinar and Szeth.
  13. It must have been really tricky for Cultivation to grant Lift's request to never change. It would be like asking Ruin to preserve you.
  14. I think the whole champion thing has something to do with how Honor and Cultivation sealed Odium on Braize, the Intent of the shard of Honor, or The Oathpact. Preservation did something in particular to make Vin more Connected to him, I'm not sure that's been done with Dalinar in a deliberate way because obviously Honor is dead. Though by now, Dalinar is probably connected enough to Honor that he could pick up the Shard if it were not Shattered, similar to how Vin picked up Preservation.
  15. I wanna see Kelsier show up in The Lost Metal. I wanna see Shai again too, seems like a waste to make such an intricate character for a single short story. I don't really care if I see Silence or Sixth of Dusk again.