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  1. Also, this could be why Hoid attempted to get close with Shallan and Elhokar, he wanted to form connection with them to get a better chance at bonding their Cryptics or the other ones that were observing them.
  2. Ah I get it, it's kinda like on Amazon where they suggest they buy things similar to the thing you're looking at. "Spren have also considered bonding this human, would you like to add it to your cart?"
  3. Pretty much all of the main character Radiants have one similarity; they had siblings that were proto Radiants. For most of them, that sibling was a big part of their motivation/mindset that leads them to become Radiants. Kaladin: Tien was confirmed to be a proto Lightweaver and Kaladins inability to save him was quite obviously a huge part of his fight to save Bridge 4. Dalinar: Gavilar was a potential Bondsmith candidate and was receiving the same visions the Stormfather later sent to Dalinar. Dalinar's inability to save him led him on his path to unify Alethkar. Shallan: Helaran was attempting to join the Skybreakers, his abandonment and eventual death to Kaladin is what sent Shallan on her quest for truth. Venli: Eshonai was definitely on her way to bonding Timbre and the callous way Odium & Co treated her death and her people was a big part of what set her on whatever path she is on now(we'll obviously know more about that come next November). Jasnah: Elhokar was just so close to becoming a Lightweaver(and earning our respect as readers) when his untimely death occurred. This one is the stretch in my examples here, but I have a feeling his death leading to Jasnah's ascension to the throne will be a big part of her future POV chapters. Now I'm not sure if Brandon is trying to do something with this, but 5/10 of our main protagonists having such similar situations cannot be a coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if when we get Lyft and Szeths POVs, they have a proto-Radiant relative in their life that has a massive impact on their motivations as characters. Renarin and the two Heralds are the odd ones out, but who knows what their POVs will contain? Maybe Adolin will die on the verge of becoming a Radiant.
  4. Oh, they were probably attracted to Taravangian and the whole Diagram plot too. They were actively kidnapping and killing people and lying about it as well as carrying out a deception that he was an unintelligent person.
  5. They were attracted to all the lies Shallan was telling to Jasnah and others while she was in Kharbranth. I think once she was truthful they weren't attracted to her anymore and found other people. And then she left Kharbranth and they didn't follow her.
  6. Wow, did not know that, I really hope we see that combination now. That's a real game changer for the more powerful Sand Masters who can't really utilize their ability to master a lot of ribbons for extended periods without dehydrating themselves.
  7. Ah I forgot Hoid is supposed to be a main character of Era 4, that makes sense now.
  8. If only there was a Feruchemical metal that allowed you to store hydration similar to how bendalloy can store nutrition, that would be immensely useful to a Sand Master. Maybe Soulcasting would be the best option there, but it would be difficult to make use of that on Taldain with all that Invested sand being resistant to Soulcasting.
  9. Has Brandon confirmed that Mistborn Era 4 is the final set of books in the Cosmere? I had always imagined there would be a final book/series that brings everything together for some sort of conclusion made up of relatively equal parts of every series kinda like an Avengers movie. Either that or a book from Hoid's POV involving characters from the various locales of the various series.
  10. Yea, I had a rather expensive and clearly labeled gaming PC shipped through them a couple months back and the box had a massive dent in it, luckily the packaging was sufficient. Say what you will about Amazon, their shipping game is on point.
  11. Same here, but I think I shot myself in the foot. I had it delivered to work instead of home due to fear of package thieves and they changed the shipping method last minute when(I'm assuming) they realized they can't use Fedex Home Delivery for a business address and went UPS instead. Luckily enough, I'm Jewish so it might still show up before Chanukah ends, fingers crossed.
  12. Hey did anyone else's get shipped yet? I still have not received notification of shipment.
  13. Some speculate that copper compounding is the secret to TLR's rumored perfect memory. They make mention of how TLR might recognize Dockson(who had been caught in some sort of scheme prior to TFE) because he had a perfect memory and that's why he can't be their spy with the nobility.
  14. I thought that the thing with the metal was just the fact that is was Soulcast instead of mined, had something to do with Stone Shamanism, never connected that with Scadrial.
  15. What exactly did you mean when you referred to him as a Hemalurgist then? Just that he preforms a lot of Hemalurgy but doesn't necessarily have any Hemalurgic spikes?