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  1. There is hope, this is the first time we've come less than a week within the release date before it changes. Fingers crossed that September 18th is finally the day, but I won't be surprised if it changes between now and then.
  2. Where did you get A-Tin gives perfect pitch? Never been mentioned to my knowledge. Maybe you're confusing that with Breaths? Also, wouldn't playing the music loud enough for an audience to hear be painful for the Tineye? Although, a deaf Tineye ala Beethoven or Mozart might be interesting.
  3. That's would be pretty standard for Hoid.
  4. I know it's not very helpful to answer a question with a question. But doesn't this question make a little more sense when you ask "why stops Odium from doing this?" I don't see how destroying planets fits into Honors game plan at all while destroying Roshar like that would definitely benefit Odium. I'm guessing Honor/Cultivation along with the Radiants were too strong and omnipresent for Odium to pull something big like that, he is only one Shard to their two. Technically, it's not how the planet sees itself, it's how its inhabitants view it. Just like the Kholinar palace was one thing Jasnah found in WoR prologue, it wasn't just a collection of walls and doors, it was one cohesive whole because it was viewed that way. Now that doesn't mean the collective inhabitants of Roshar are savvy enough to know they live on a single planet in the vastness of space. There's also the question of how the cognitave aspect of a planet appears in Shadesmar. Is it just another sphere or is the environment itself in Shadesmar the cognitive representation of that planet? I think you're right on the limit in how much investiture a shard can channel through a single person and I also think that that person's will has to be greater than the object they are changing, especially if it doesn't want to, it's why Jasnah is so much better at Soulcasting than Shallan. So, yea I don't think even Jasnah could match wills with a whole planet and that woman is stubborn.
  5. Yea, I'm putting my eggs in the Graphic Audio basket and cancelling my Kindle preorder in favor of the physical copy. If the third volume of the Graphic Audio version comes out a month after volume two just like volume two will a month after volume one, then it will be out sooner(mid October).
  6. There's a WoB somewhere on the inquisitors not all having the same spikes depending on availability of the desired powers. A-Atium and F-Gold were probably the common ones they could be missing, and they'd probably not send those inquisitors on dangerous missions and used them to intimidate nobles and obligators instead. Also, I doubt Ruin used A-Copper spikes on many of his inquisitors, Vin and Elend could easily pierce any coppercloud that a non Mistborn-Inquisitor could put up and possibly even the Mistborn-Inquisitor coppercloud.
  7. Hey guys, I left a comment on a recent White Sand article on Tor and didn't remember to check back till I saw Brandon share the article earlier today, here was my question and response from the guy who wrote the article;
  8. As an accountant, I'd be remiss if I didn't put forward accountantform. Odium could be easily defeated if you bury him in enough paperwork and red tape.
  9. I wonder if Galladon ever got a Seon.
  10. This contradicts what I said but it's the only thing I found that really touches on this. I'm not really picking up on what the editor's note is implying, maybe someone else knows the answer to that or can puzzle it out?
  11. I had a discussion on how I thought the Atium we see in the Mistborn trilogy was an alloy of electrum but someone up high shot it down. I was sure I saw a WoB or something that said the Atium from the pits wasn't the pure form of Atium but there are so may WoBs on Atium that I never finished searching through them to find it. But, yea, Atium does seem to do the opposite of electrum. Electrum allows you to see what you will do in the next few seconds, Atium lets you see what everything around you will do in the next few seconds. The fact that they essentially cancel eachother out always seemed off to me considering Atium is a Godmetal and electrum is not.
  12. I think the excitement has generally been tamped down by the fact that the release date keeps getting pushed back. Now the hardcover is saying October 1st and that makes me really doubt the digital version is being released September 4th as it is currently advertised. We were supposed to get this back in July and now I feel like they'll get all three parts of the graphic audio version out before the graphic novel version, but maybe I'm just being a pessimist at this point. I am significantly more exited for the graphic audio over the graphic novels anyways. I really don't like that art style and I am kinda miffed that they had that chapter at the end of volume 2 that looked so much better but volume 3 is going to try and imitate the original style to make it more cohesive. Hopefully the new artist learned from the mistakes of the old...
  13. With the prose version that Brandon gives out not being cannon/unpolished and the graphic novels being such a disappointment so far, this is welcome news.
  14. I disagree. The "runaway" Kandra has four options; hide among the nobility, hide among the Skaa, hide among the thieving crews, or hide in the wilderness. I'm ruling out the nobility and the wilderness because the nobility would be idiotic due to the small amount of nobles and I doubt a Kandra would give up civilized life just to live as a fish as you said. They seem to be able to retire after a while serving contracts so giving up and living like an animal just seems illogical to me. Hiding among the normal Skaa may be effective for a time but also seems illogical. Skaa have it as bad as the Kandra do, the exception being that nobles are more violent with Kandra because they know they can't die easily so there aren't many consequences to beating them to death. Still, trading life like that for the life of a Skaa seems like a small improvement and at some point they'll do something that merits death as a Skaa and they'll be outed as a Kandra when they don't die. In Era 2, hiding in the populace would be easy, but in Era 1 the only large group of people was the slave class and there's no way a Kandra could hide forever among them. That leaves the thieving crews and we never saw a rouge Kandra among them or any of the other groups which means if this ever did happen, the Kandra was found and captured.
  15. Oh yea, I forgot about that, have an upvote. It's likely that in some way there were plotting against TLR or maybe just tried to escape the Kandra civilization and blend in with humanity. The Steel Inquisitors would probably have been the ones to hunt them down and bring them in, would be pretty easy with emotional Allomancy and their ability to see the Kandras' spikes.