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  1. Was kinda confused for a bit there, didn't see anything about a digital Way of Kings Prime anywhere, had to go reread the sneak peak page on his website. Either didn't remember or didn't see that he's releasing a PDF and Ebook format of Way of Kings Prime on his website tomorrow. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  2. It depends what situation you're in. If we're talking Final Empire era, Inquisitors will know if you're using multiple forms of Allomancy unless you can produce a coppercloud that prevents them from detecting you which kinda nullifies the question. So if you're only going to use one power publicly it would depend on your objectives. If you're mostly just doing political stuff, emotional allomancy is the way to go. If you have an associate like Breeze who's particularly better at emotional allomancy than you, copper might be a viable option for political work as well. If your political work is identifying other hidden allomancers, bronze is an obvious choice. If you're more concerned about combat/espionage, steel pushing or pewter burning are probably your best options. I could be wrong here, but I don't think gold mistings were public knowledge at the time so I'm not sure that's an option. So yea, there is no single answer for this, it's situational. If we're talking Era 2 and you're Mistborn, you're pretty much a god among men. There aren't going to be any Seekers that can pierce your coppercloud without Hemalurgy so as long as you can hide visible evidence of your powers, there's nothing stopping you from using them.
  3. What I always found funny was that Shallan herself said a couple times in WoR that she could be run through with sword and survive it but never thought that might apply to Jashah as well. As for Tien, it's one thing to see someone like Jasnah "die" but the others are right that Kaladin literally laid with Tien's body for hours. However, if Tien could make illusions and wanted Kaladin to believe he was dead, he might have made another person look like him long enough. I don't think Tien would have the motivation to do that and probably didn't have the requisite skill to do it either. Still, not a complete impossibility, just extremely improbable and I personally don't think that's how it went down.
  4. oathbringer

    Actually, what we know is he will have the flashbacks for that book. Brandon could pull another Eshonai and kill him before we get there.
  5. That could be why so few reach the fifth ideal, most people who join the Skybreakers are people who know their own moral code is insufficient and they need to follow something external. You can't become the law if you know you can't administer it justly and fairly.
  6. I think they're more useful than you would think. Having a police force that can't break the law without losing their power to enforce it seems appealing. Other Skybreakers would likely be compelled to deal with a lawbreaker in their ranks as well. Of course they're limited by the system of laws they're sworn to uphold, but that's a problem with any law enforcement agency, spren bond or not. According to the Radiant quiz info, one of their main duties was policing the other Radiants, kinda an answer to the "Who watches the Watchmen" situation. I'm interested to see what happens to them, I don't believe they'll stay on Odium's side permanently.
  7. Shardblades and Nightblood are both relatively large chunks of Investiture that gained sapience over time. One difference is that I don't think Nightblood can transition between realms without a perpendicularity like Radiant Spren can. I don't think we've seen Nightblood cut through inanimate objects like a Shardblade can, but it usually just destroys stuff, so I'm not sure there.
  8. I think Stump and Ym had to of at least sworn the 2nd ideal. Wyndle didn't seem to think Lift could heal using Regrowth in her first interlude until she had progressed. I think she had to swear the 2nd ideal before she healed Gawx. I know Lift isn't the same order, so I may be wrong there and Truthwatchers can do Regrowth sooner than Edgedancers. Renarin didn't get it until later as well, but like you said he's an unknown variable. I think Shallan is on the 4th ideal. She has given 3 truths along with the 1st ideal when she was younger. Lightweavers(Shallan in particular) are weird though, so the literal amount of truths might not equate to the level of ideal. Also, you can't inhale Stormlight without having sworn at least the first ideal, so Vathah is at least on the first. The one thing I've been wondering is if you actually have to say "Life before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination." Almost none of the main characters have done this onscreen before infusing Stormlight. Some like Kaladin hadn't even seemed to have heard it before someone else(Teft) mentioned it. I don't know how Shallan would have known the ideal as a little girl, especially with a decidedly anti Radiant mother. Hoid didn't even say the full oath, he just say "Life before Death, little one."
  9. The changes he's proposing aren't necessarily mutually exclusive with Vin pursuing Elend despite her true mission. In the proposed version she's supposed to be focusing on influencing Shan to take actions that will further the crew's plans and romancing Elend would risk alienating Shan.
  10. When more than one Shard invests in a planet it seems to result in more magic systems than Shards. In Scadrial's case, Ruin and Preservation were two opposite shards equally invested in the planet(though not the humans, more Preservation in them) which seems to have created three magic systems. One entirely of Preservations, one entirely of Ruin, and one that's an equal mix of the two. Feruchemy allows one to Preserve attributes and then use them Ruinously. Spoilers for other book series: But yea, more magic systems doesn't necessarily mean there's another Shard present for each one.
  11. There's a number of reasons that's extremely unlikely, foremost being that Lift has bonded a Radiant Spren. Cultivation is powerful, but I doubt she could transform an entity as ancient as the Nightwatcher into a human so effectively that said human could form a Nahel Bond and share their sapience with a Radiant Spren. Also, Lift is aproximately thirteen years old and the Nightwatcher scene with Dalinar was less than ten years before her interlude in WoR(can't remember the exact timing). I also question the motive/strategy of making one of the three Bondsmith Spren into a human, limiting the maximum amount of Bondsmiths to two.
  12. Also worth mentioning is that he used the knowledge in his copperminds to remake the world when he Ascended. He could still tap his metalminds so he's definitely still a Feruchemist, though how it works for the other Feruchemical powers I cannot say.
  13. Ah good point, forgot about that.
  14. They made Magneeto's prison out of plastic in the Xmen movies, that's probably how they would handle Mistborn/Coinshots/Lurchers. Man, it would suck to be Wolverine on Scadrial. But, yea plastic is definitely going to make being one of the aforementioned Allomancers less powerful than in bygone eras.
  15. This is still going up against the same problem. I'm not an expert on poison, but I would think most poison would lose efficacy over time so you would need to know the exact time you needed it poisoned. The poison would definitely have a bigger window than the cold/hot options, but you'd really need to plan that out in advance and that stamp would be a single use, not something you could re use in any situation. I guess you could change yourself so that you very often have the tendency to poison your weapons, but you could also just decide to do that without a stamp...