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  1. Though I'm similarly not sure Kelsier would fit various parts of the prophecy, the whole bearing the future of the world on his arms could be in some way referencing his scars.
  2. Rysn. She seemed really petulant in WoK, stupid in WoR, and too self pitying in OB. But, I like her in Dawnshard and what little we got of her in RoW.
  3. For my own sanity as an audiobook listener, I go with whatever the narrator does. Get's kinda hairy when the narrators contradict how they pronounced it in earlier books, but it doesn't happen super often. I do like the in universe explanation above where the nobles would pronounce it Kel-see-ay but the Ska say Kel-see-er.
  4. Most people don't pronounce it Kel-see-ay. The audiobook narrators pronounce it like the other one you had, Kel-see-er. I feel like I remember Brandon saying it was supposed to be Kel-see-ay, but I'm not 100% on that. It might have also been a joke if it's real.
  5. I think you're looking at it the wrong way. What Hoid and Odium do are two different ways of using Fortune. Odium uses it to see the possible futures and tries to plot a course to his desired result. I think Hoid lets Fortune guide him and has faith that what it guides him towards is his desired goal. Atium is somewhat of a balance between the two where it both shows you the future and gives you the ability to process that quick enough to achieve the best result. Though it is still influenced by Ruin and guides the user to kill people if they're in a combat situation.
  6. I don't think any of the solutions that require a magic system from another planet are what Brandon means by "much more modern ways of doing this." That gives me the impression that it's some sort of technological advancement. Though I don't really see any way this could be done without some sort of biological component.
  7. So, I think this is answered in part by a particular part of Gavilar's biography that Shallan was studying. I don't remember the exact wording but it mentioned someone hearing a Listener humming to a Rhythm and then encountering another Listener picking up the "song" exactly where the other one was at. So, it seems to me that all of the Rhythms are constantly playing and they pick it up wherever it is currently at, they don't start from some sort of beginning point to the Rhythm. Otherwise, it would be no different than the Singers/Listeners just collectively knowing a bunch of songs. The very word "attune" to the Rhythms implies that it exists apart from the Singers/Listeners, therefore it is just continually playing. I think of it kind of like a radio station; it's always there and doesn't start over just because you "(a)tuned in."
  8. I could be wrong, but I believe they said they were going to touch up some portions of it to make it more visually cohesive. I'm not sure how far they would go, but I imagine at least the last portion of volume 2 would be redone to better match the overall style. I hope they give some attention to volume 1 as well though, it's kinda rough.
  9. You know what, that's fair.
  10. Ah, I wasn't sure whether or not you had seen the order descriptions put out with the quiz, here's the link to all the descriptions on Brandon's website: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/the-ten-orders-of-knights-radiant/ I recommend reading through that before continuing here. We've only seen the Oaths sworn for half the orders so far and Lightweavers are the special ones that don't really help when theorizing other Order's Oaths. Also, our only firsthand example of Lightweavers is Shallan who is basically useless when theorizing about almost anything outside of trying to figure out her past. But, each of the other Orders' Second Ideal we've seen contains the phrase associated with each Order. Windrunners: I will protect - Kaladin: I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. Skybreakers: I will seek justice - Szeth: I will seek justice, to let it guide me, until I find a more perfect Ideal. Edgedancers: I will remember - Lift: I will remember those who have been forgotten. Bondsmith: I will unite - Dalinar: I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together. Willshapers: I will seek freedom - Venli: I will seek freedom for those in bondage. So, the first part of the Second Ideal seems to be more or less set in stone. It's likely synonyms could be used for some of the words, especially considering they might not all be in the same language, but the general idea of it seems to always be the same for each person with respect to their Order. I think the following Ideals start to get more personal to the Radiant, though that likely varies based on the Order as well. For example, Kaladin's Third Ideal is "I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right" and Teft's is "I will protect those I hate, even if the one I hate is myself" while Lopen's is "I've got to protect people, you know? Even from myself." So, there's definitely variation, but there's also a theme. That's why (and I'm not trying to offend) I don't think any of your Ideals apply to Jasnah, they don't have anything to do with her potential, which is the theme of the Elsecaller Oaths. They're more about objectivity, which just seems more like a Truthwatcher thing based on their order description on that page linked earlier. The Elsecallers are definitely going to have variation, as each person has potential for different things. Potential can also mean a couple of different things. It could be a more general sense of potential for specific attributes, in Jasnah's case scholorship, ruling/politics. It could also be the potential to do something; much like Taravangian asked Cultivation to give him the "capacity to save humanity" one of Jasnah's Ideals could be about reaching the potential to save humanity from extinction via Voidbringer. It could also be a combination of the two where the Second and Third Ideal are more about her attributes while similar to the Skybreakers having a "crusade" Ideal, the Elsecallers have a specific goal to achieve for their Fourth Ideal.
  11. Yea, like @Elegy said, the second oath is way too close to a Truthwatcher Oath for comfort. The order description from the quiz does say that the Elsecallers' Oaths are more specifically tailored to the individual, but that doesn't mean they can be anything, they will still have a theme. Only the Lightweavers Oaths were described as not requiring specific words. It's also important to note that while the Skybreakers' Third and Fourth Ideal are determined by the individual, the Second is more general and in the instance we've seen it, included the phrase on the order descriptions from the quiz. But seriously, if you were theorizing on the Truthwatcher Oaths, the ones presented would fit quite well. They're all about seeking truth and making sure people know about it. But the question of what is objective truth is difficult and they wanted to be very careful about how knowledge was disseminated and make sure people in power weren't abusing their people. These all fit quite well with that.
  12. I always figured that Trell or his agents/The Set recruited Paalm and they figured out how to make Kandra spikes together. If any Kandra had the knowledge of how to make them or the ability to figure it out, it would be her. Once they learned how, they just go find some mistwraiths, bring them into a cave system with a high concentration of metal so Harmony can't see them, make the spikes with the unknown Godmetal and they'd have Kandra that Harmony would have no knowledge of and no ability to track.
  13. I suppose that depends on how you interpret "arrival of Shards." I think she's referencing the Shattering of Adonalsium and I'm not sure it makes sense for it to be otherwise. First, she doesn't specify planets, she says places. Second, I'm not sure why she would conflate Scadrians who were literally created by Shards with Rosharans who just migrated from one planet to another within the same system. Third, this would imply that all of the other Shard worlds have humans who got there before the Shard which implies either they travelled there without the aid of the Shards or were created by Adonalsium before the Shattering. There's a lot of mystery to the exodus from Yolen, so it's not easy to confirm anything one way or the other there. It's ironically the same situation with the WoB in the OP, it depends on how you interpret a specific phrase.
  14. Where is there confirmation of that?
  15. Yea, that's a good point. They have to practice with the Honorblades somehow.