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  1. Hey, you should spoiler your post, this is a White Sand topic and spoilers from other series need to be hidden, preferably with info for which books it spoils. But yes, I'm not sure how Slatrification is a problem once a story is set outside of Dayside given some of the other OP applications of other magic systems.
  2. I'm not 100% on this, but I could see copper masking someone from an alerter fabrial. I could also see it diminishing/preventing emotion spren from being attracted to people inside the bubble, both in and outside of Shadesmar. As for blocking the Surges, I think you'd need aluminum, not copper.
  3. I'd say it's more because the Honorblades were in some way related to the Oathpact, which has been nearly shattered, but not completely. The Radiant Nahel bond is said to be based off the Honorbaldes and when someone breaks an Oath they swore to a spren, they turn into a deadeye and the Surges can't be accessed through the blade. I'd wager something similar is happening with the Honorblades, but because Taln didn't betray the Oathpact, the Honorblades still function, albeit at diminished capacity.
  4. I suppose that is possible, but someone would have to be on a Steel Inquisitor level of spikes to have all the abilities granted via Hemalurgy. That in itself is a serious weakness that leaves someone open to strong emotional Allomancy and possibly other similar applications of magic that we have not seen. It probably wouldn't be easy to manage, Fused are able to heal and a lot of the Surges make it pretty tough to keep a Surgebinder confined for long. Not sure I can go into much more detail here without running into RoW spoilers. As for Yelig-Nar, we have no clue. The only things we really have are an epigraph from Hessi's Mythica in OB: And the fact that Amaram used several different Surges while dueling Kaladin in the end of OB.
  5. The Honorblades in the hands of ordinary people are definitely weaker than a Knight Radiant. An Honorblade wielder uses Stormlight less efficiently than a Knight Radiant and can't heal Shardblade wounds. Now, we have no clue how powerful a Herald would be wielding their specific Honorblade back before they betrayed the Oathpact. I would imagine they were stronger than a 3rd Ideal Radiant, but that's speculation. You can access additional surges if you have the relevant Honorblades/Spren bond, but acquiring both would be exceedingly difficult. Brandon has said that having the Honorblade in addition to a Spren bond would increase the relative strength of the powers, so given that Nale has his Honorblade and is a 5th Ideal Radiant of the Skybreakers, he's stronger than any Radiant is likely to get. The only way I feel we'll see any character gain access to all Surges is if they bond Yelig-Nar, who is said to grant access to all of the Surges.
  6. Given the fact that if you do Resealing wrong the person can die leads me to believe it isn't precisely using the Spiritual Ideal like that. Unfortunately, there really isn't a lot of knowledge to be had on the topic. It's the one area of Forgery that Shai didn't know much about and we have exactly one WoB on it that is essentially a RAFO.
  7. I'm not sure Resealing(Flesh Forgery) is based on a person's self image. It's more similar to Aon Ien, a more manual process where whoever is doing the healing needs to specify to the magic what to heal. Resealers have to study the body in depth much like a doctor so that they know how each individual part of the body is supposed to function so that they can Forge it to be whole where it is damaged. There could be things specific to the person they're working on, everyone has their quirks. But the process doesn't involve the subjects Spiritual ideal self to determine how the body should be healed, it's at the direction of the Resealer.
  8. At the very least, Kaladin wasn't really focused on the strange things Vasher did and talked about. He seemed to be more concentrated on his psychological issues and how he's supposed to move forward. I'm getting close to finishing OB and getting to my first re-read of RoW, so I might come back with a more informed perspective on this scene. But, that's the feeling I got when I first read the chapter when they were doing previews.
  9. In the original version, no. But the 10th anniversary has a scene with Hoid at the end talking to a Skaze. It's the only time we've actually seen them, but someone else mentions them in the original, I think Dilaf.
  10. That may be a bridge too far in terms of portraying the authors vision. Graphic Audio isn't very big and seems to cater mostly to people from the United States. It makes good business sense to make the people of the nation that is represented the most have an American accent. I'm not saying it would be any worse, but I have a feeling an Arabic/Israeli accent would be received worse than the rural American accent. Anyways, we're definitely off the original topic, so we should probably take this to another thread or something if you want to discuss further. Something I forgot to mention on the original topic; the Fused were living in a place that humanity calls "Damnation" so "damn" was definitely in their vocabulary at some point in some capacity. I believe the word "damn" derives from "condemn." People(on Earth) were likely originally saying something like "condemn him to Hell" and it got bastardized to "damn him to Hell." Except on Roshar, Hell is Damnation and "damn him to Damnation" sounds kind of ridiculous. So, I'm guessing it fell out of use and people mostly say something like "to Damnation with you" or "Storm you to Damnation." That's my best guess to explain that.
  11. Yea, they did kind of get several characters completely wrong in the GA versions. Though, I think it does a lot better with the characters who are supposed to have accents like the Theylans and Azish. The Lopen accent/speaking style is supposedly more accurate to what Brandon had in mind, but I think Michael Kramer's vaguely Australian accent for Lopen fits much better. Kaladin's accent being vaugely Southern/Midwestern US definitely took some getting used to, but I guess he is from a rural part of Alethkar so they probably figured he should have a rural accent, though I don't know if it was Brandon's vision for that one. I will say, if you can get past some of those things, the GA renditions can be quite enjoyable. I mostly like them because I dislike how the normal audiobooks have two narrators based on the gender of the person's perspective. I like both narrators, but it bothers me when a character floats between narrators and sounds completely different.
  12. Yea here's the WoB on that: So, yes they indeed are immortal in that sense.
  13. Depends what you mean by immortal. I believe they are immortal in the sense that they don't die of old age or have extremely long lives. But they can be killed or die from misfortune.
  14. I never read the Silence Divine reading. Man they really screwed that planet up good.
  15. Going to address this point by point. First, WoBs on Shallan and her bond are not to be trusted completely. Some of it can be proven to be untrue and Brandon misled/obfuscated the truth on some points because he didn't want to ruin the Testament moment in RoW. He also implied that this is supposed to be confusing and he wants us theorizing on it: The gem isn't required for a Knight and while Shallan "killed" Testament, it doesn't seem like she completely severed her bond, or Testament wouldn't be following her around. I have no idea what you mean here either, I think we lost eachother. You asked why Pattern would be pushing her to speak the Truth that she killed her mother with him when it was really Testament. She didn't say "I used Pattern to kill my mother," she said "I killed my mother." How she did it wasn't the relevant part, only that she did it. The fact that she used Pattern(or so we thought at the time) was supposed to be a shocking revelation to the reader and an important piece of their relationship, but it wasn't explicitly part of the Truth she spoke. He's pushing her to do this because these are the deep Truths of her life, the things she needs to confront to advance as a Lightweaver.