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  1. Brandon Sanderson Patrick Rothfuss Brent Weeks Peter Brett Raymond E. Feist George R. Martin Robert Jordan Robin Hobb Steven Erikson As you can see i'm on a very strict diet. I think that's the main ones. : )
  2. Granted you can no do that but you also fall insainly in love with donald trump. i want frozen marshmallows! (they are soooooooo good)
  3. Both smell nice when burned. A hedgehog is like a keyboard.
  4. They are both an acquired taste. Homologous foliage is like prenuptial ferocity.
  5. Granted, it is very successful in the sense that it is the only sitcom in the would that has been running for 5 years non stop and will run for at least 10 years more - non stop. I wish to pretty much be a returned without needing an extra breath per week.
  6. well i guess ill pose the question in the Aether of Night forum but I was saying that wWeeks was influenced by Aether of Night in the writing of his Lightbringer series. I just read Aether of Night after I read Lightbringer.
  7. Well it looks like the similarities between Wheel of Time and Night Angel have been thoroughly discussed but what about the similarities with Aether of Night. When reading it after reading Lightbringer the parallel ideas etc. really jumped out at me.
  8. When first reading Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy I noted several similarities between the setting and that of Robert Jordan's Wheel of time. In both woman magic users live in a 'white tower'. In both there is a seafaring people who do not have a breast taboo. In both There are people who go mad and/or are damaged by using to much damage. In both male magic users are looked down on I recall that there were many more nuances that were similar but I cannot recall them now. Recently reading Brandon's Aether of Night this has again become prominent in my mind as the book has many similarities to Brent Weeks Lightbringer series (Aether of Night was written first). The way that luxin grows out of the hands is similar to amberite. etc. Looking at this now this evidence seems rather scant but at the time it was obvious to me that the books were very similar in ideas ads setting etc. though both had unique writing styles. Does anyone else agree with this or have any other similarities. Regardless of this Brent Week's books are not overpoweringly copied from others and they are still amazing (I would put his Lightbringer series in the upper echelon of fantasy with most of Brandon's work).
  9. Realmatic Theory is whats on my mind!

  10. I disagree Feists later books are definitely his best. ie magicians end.
  11. the wheel of time has a lopin
  12. He is guilty until proven innocent.
  13. He is guilty until proven innocent.