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  1. CrankShaft leaned back on his bar stool, a can of what appeared to be engine oil in his hand. "Me? I was in the clink back in England, whats now the New British Empire, when my powers came to me. 'Course I broke out as soon as I realised what I could do and thought i'd travel around a bit, see the world y'know? It's not like anyone can stop me going places now. I've been exploring the fractured states for a couple of years now, an Epic down south mentioned this place and the fights so I thought it'd be fun to give it a look." CrankShaft took a sip from the can he was holding. "Greece sounds interesting though. Maybe i'll visit when I get round to Europe, though I doubt that'll be anytime soon, there's so much to see here in the states."
  2. Crankshaft eyed the newcomer standing at the bar. The man seemed to be wearing interesting collection of machinery on his person, even if some of it did look a bit old fashioned. That kind of gear could come in useful. Excusing himself from IronForge for a moment Crankshaft strode over to where the man, Steampunk, was standing. "Alright mate?" Grinned Crankshaft, slapping Steampunk on the back of his alto-suit playfully. "Here for the fights too are yah? Don't suppose you know where me and my mate IronForge over there can sign up do you?." As he said this Crankshaft spotted a pile of application forms sitting at the bar. "Ah nevermind mate, I got it" He said, grabbing a form and scrawling his details onto it with a mechanical pencil that had suddenly replaced one of his fingers. After handing the form to one of the bartenders he turned back to Steampunk. "I dunno about you mate but i'm parched. How about a drink?" Crankshaft said amicably, one of his hands glowing before being replaced by a Mobile "Don't worry, i'm paying."
  3. "Ta for the coat mate," Crankshaft said, shrugging on the trenchcoat and buttoning up the front, "I've no clue who this Think-Tanks is though. I've only just arrived in town meself to be honest." Checking the coat to make sure everything was covered Crankshaft continued, "But if he'd be able to give me some info on this town then i'd like to chat with him as well."
  4. The Woman tending the bar was giving Crankshaft a very dirty glare. Clearly she was an Epic herself or else a very brave vanilla. Most of the other bar patrons were trying very hard not to stare at his lack of clothes, after all if an Epic wanted to walk around naked there wasn't much vanillas could do to stop him. Crankshaft was about to ask the Bartender for directions to the nearest clothes store when he noticed an Epic in a trenchcoat speaking with a waiter. Perfect, thought Crankshaft, hopping off his stall and making his way towards the Epic calling himself IronForge. "Excuse me mate," said Crankshaft, giving a little wave to get the mans attention "but I don't suppose I could borrow your coat for a bit? It looks just my size."
  5. Mornings fine if that keeps things moving. I wasn't quite sure what time it was supposed to be at that point.
  6. The small dirt bike rolling into Salem looked innocent enough, if you discounted the fact it had no rider, as well as the fact that it appeared to have human eyes and ears growing out of the front. In fact the Bike looked downright out of place. The bike slowed to a halt outside what looked like a local bar, glowed and was gone. In its place stood a man, with gangly limbs, messy hair and no clothes. "Sparks that was a long ride!" Crankshaft said, Stretching "I forgot how cramped being a bike gets after a while." Passers by were beginning to stare, although the vanillas were trying to be a bit more discreet about it. Guess they must not get many new faces around here, he thought. He glanced around. There really were a lot of people staring at him. Crankshaft glanced down at himself Ah, I forgot that I can't transform my clothes, I really liked that jacket too. Crankshaft scratched his head a moment, shrugged and then strode into the bar.
  7. Salem
  8. Thanks. I've got a couple of ideas for complementry powers, i'll write up a bio and post it a bit later.
  9. In that case would it be alright to create an epic with similar powers under a different name?
  10. Hi, i'd like to join the salem thread if possible. I was also wondering if someone's already claimed the Scrapheap powers from the google doc? Wasn't quite sure since it's in the claimed section but there's nothing saying who claimed it and I couldn't see an epic with those powers in the Epics of Oregon thread. Thanks.
  11. "Good to meet you to Amrynn. If you need a communication collar or any other gear just ask. I promise it won't be filled with explosives... anymore."
  12. "The middle?"
  13. Screwloose Immediately turned green and ran outside. After a few minutes (best left undisclosed) he returned. "Yeah, I might of slept in a bit after returning from Scadrial. Would you mind telling if anything important happened in my absence?"
  14. alleyverse

    So tell me, would you fine lot of... beings accept an excellent Motivator Macaroon recipe as payment for becoming a freelancer/ research assistant? I must admit I find the idea of a Dark Alley not limited by the constraints of Hemalurgy refreshing.
  15. Screwloose cracked an eye in one of the sub caves, surrounded by half finished devices. "Dear Calamity, my head. I swear i'm never going to the root bee bar again." (Sorry for my absence. I've been busy leaving uni and starting a new job.)