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  1. I partialy agree with you, for me was a great failure from the begining.
  2. Not only secondary characters, some of the main characters are going to die in the next episode, for example Bienne and Jaime were saying goodbye to each other and in a way to the fans too, mayhaps same with Theon and Sansa, Jorah and Dany, Arya (I'm not sure about her) ..... For practical reasons, I think that Tormund has more chances of staying alive than others "more important", because the death of a main character close a plot and therefore less minutes on the screen. Tormund can give a spark of humor when is needed to raise the spirits or simply to fill space. (And yes, I like him )
  3. Well, they're taking their time to prepare the develovent of the end of the threat. I'd have thought this chapter was a bit boring and quite slow, but the scenes between Brienne And Jaime worth the waste of time. Those moments were pure gold!!! From my point of view the readers of SOIF aren't going to find all the answers of the plots until George finally writes Winds. The serie is going to develop the main plots and leave some holes, unfortunately It's imposible to wrap it all on 6 episodes.
  4. I agree, It's was a good introduction to the final season. It was expected to be rushed but I think that the lack of books in these two last seasons is obviously affecting to the quality of dialogue and plots in general. Anyway, I enjoyed especially the dragon ride and the eye contact between Bran and Jaime.
  5. "Hello. My name is Íñigo Montoya, you killed my goat. Prepare to die." "Hasta la vista Goat."
  6. I agree with you in the first statement, but the rollercoaster comes with the redemption of the character that everyone thinks he has no opportunity to do it. He has fallen so low that (almost) nobody expects it. If a law or a religion says that everyone has to kill a newborn in Christmas, Would you do it? or would you try to stop whom would try to do it. Sometimes the bad guy is who doesn't do anything when he can, or who follow the rules knowing that he is doing horrible actions. You're problably right, but the real antagonist is Odium, the people can chose to follow him or give him their backs, and in a 10 book's series it would be quite flat if the arc of a character doesn't grow from the third book. Who knows, maybe all of you are right, and Moash ends being the Odium's puppet (dont you remind this a bit of Szeth arc?, Szeth follow orders, Moash too)
  7. Exactly, think in Mushu (Mulan), we all hate him when he broke the stone dragon but at the end, he achieved to help Mulan. Coincidence? I do not think so. I saw Marsh first!! He is mine!! (Adolin too ) I'd be quite boring if you don't get any surprise, Do you like flat characters? People without personal growing or evolution at all? Because this is what you are asking for a character that until now only had make a few really really bad choises. He felt regret when he saw Kaladin when he kill to Elkohrar, he missed bridge4's crew, he help to the pashmendi, he does't have a wicked core, he is simply quite lost, his thirst for revenge blinded his good judgment. Szeth was the bad boy in the first book, but now he surprised us and we are hoping him to joing Dalinar. When I read I like to feel like a rollercoaster with surprises and unexpected twists of plot, If Moash finish like Odium's champion and the Kaladin's antagonist, It would be so predictible and boring.
  8. Shallan would be nice, she's exasperatingly boring. I hope for Moash a great arc of redemption, maybe I'm a bit naive, but I think that at the last moment He is going to do the right thing, kind of "Marsh style" Deep, very very deep inside he is not so wicked.
  9. Curious, I was between Chiri-Chiri and wraisjghnivs, this last won but It was already taken.
  10. @Chaos Happy birthday!! Doomslug the Destroyer I love the way Spin express herself!! Kind of dramatic and pompous .. And her attempt of flirting was really charming. Jerkface turned out to be more jerk than expected..., well he was defending against Spin's actions, but that was a low blow.... Jerk! That was a really short chapter...
  11. I too thought that the slug could be a Krel, or another kind of alien, the previous inhabitants of the planet, maybe he kept in hibernation until Spensa "unfreezed" him?? But the most interesting part is that I took for granted the "the dragon" would be the Ship, and know It seems that could be a flutist slug
  12. Good to know it @Govir , I don't mind a romance, but a surprising plot is always better!! This is a young adult book, I take for granted that the romance would be more like a innocent flirting, but never it would be the core of the book. Anyway, romance is the least I enjoy of Brandon`s books. I enjoy it, but enjoy the rest much more!! I'll try to see it like you, but right now I'm completely hooked and waiting for the next chapter.
  13. I love your prediction, I hope it happens that way Maybe the Skywards prove their value in a extreme situation and at the end all of them can be Pilot. Definitely Jorgen is safe, but I'm not so sure about Kimmalyn. Another possibility is that the rejected ones will be Spensa's crew in her superb ship Sorry, but I think that the romance is crystal clear, though I'd rather Rig for her. I don't know if I like it, It's kind of torture, a pleasurable torture but torture. I love what I've already read, looking forward to next chapters....
  14. "I don't like goat. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." "Goats are a girl's best friend and a man's worst enemy." "Is that a goat in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" "Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett... Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do? Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a goat."
  15. I suppose that if a moderator erase the account it´ll easily resolve the problem the account is @vodiyehi and it has written 789 post so far It's extremely annoying