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  1. Pale shades of blue can be very similar to white however - "Alice Blue" for example is a shade of blue that is almost white
  2. it could be that Navani assumes she wasn't intelligent because she didn't know many things that are considered common-knowledge by Roshar's standards i mean if for example Navani met someone who had never known what a fabrial is or how to use one, she'd assume that the person is dumb - except that because fabrials didnt exist in her world, it'd make sense
  3. Prof mentioned the entire 5th grade classroom he taught was murdered by epics, and we see that it's easier to deal with his personality changes when he does science experiments that reminds him of them. This is much like how Megan is less afraid when she is with David, hence being able to deal with the personality changes more easily. I think that watching the people he deeply cares about dying is his weakness, which means that instead of killing Tia (which he can't due to his powers weakening when attempting to harm someone he cares about), it would be best to kidnap her so that nobody may harm her to use his weakness. This would explain Tia's disappearance - He can't kill her, so he hides her instead.
  4. Rather than a weakness activating from a person not fearing him, I think it's activated when he *thinks* someone isn't afraid of him. When David told Steelheart his weakness, he said it in a calm tone, causing Steelheart to think David wasn't afraid. As a result, his immunity disappeared and the explosion killed him.
  5. This isn't a plothole. Prof explicitly mentioned that he had never tried gifting his powers to another Epic. Also, he communicated as little as possible with other Epics and tried to hide his powers, so asking another gifter would be impossible. Prior to David's effect by joining the Reckoners, the Reckoners only targeted weak Epics, and they didn't bother talking with them, they only attempted to kill them. Considering these facts, it makes sense that Prof wouldn't know she's an Epic. He heard for the first time that gifters can't give powers to Epics only after Megan "died," so prior to that he most likely assumed that it just doesn't work on certain people.
  6. I enjoyed The Rithmatist quite a lot
  7. I would love this as an anime. It wouldn't be too difficulty to hire a japanese animating studio I suppose, as america isn't good at making anime... The only decent cartoon (Animation wise) would be Avatar or Legend of Korra. Also, SA in a movie or TV show would just be weird. Take the movie of The Last Airbender as an example.
  8. I can only say that Kaladin was stupid for giving a shardplate to the very person who plotted to kill the king, despite Moash promising to call it off. "I will kill the king, help me. If you say no I won't kill him" "No." "Ok, I'll stop." "Good, have an item that is worth an entire kingdom" "Thanks! Now I can be even deadlier when attacking the king!"
  9. I began with WoT, then WoK (Which I adore)... Then when the next book of WoT came out saying "By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson" the name was super familiar... Took me about a week to figure out why.... Then I was surprised because I loved his writing so I read Mistborn then Rithmatist then Alloy of Law and finally Elantris
  10. Guys, I'm quite sure the curse is unrelated to the request. I don't remember where I read this, but I remember one of the bridgemen (I think Lopen) mentioned his father asked for some scarves for the winter, and ended up seeing the world upside-down. How are the two related? The nightwatcher is just an immortal sadistic spren that enjoys giving painful boons or strange to people to make a laugh out of it, such as laughing at watching a guy who is forced to act as if he loves a wife he doesn't remember, or a man who suddenly thinks he is upsidedown all the time. I would request to replace the nightwatcher and become the nightwatcher herself. My boon would be eternal regret of my decision and the want to end my misery due to hate and regret, but being a spren, I cannot die.
  11. So, how do I join? And is this pretty much the forum version of Mafia/Town of Salem?
  12. Just a question, how do I join?
  13. That would just be sad, so much has changed since he visited, a surprise little brother would be even more surprising, he might feel like he doesn't belong anymore or something
  14. I love cookies! Do you happen to have brownies by any chance?
  15. Hello! My name is Ari, I first got into reading epics and long books from the Way of Time. A while before the 11th book came out (I think it was the 11th), I went into Barnes & Noble to look for a good book, and I (Luckily) found a book with an interesting cover and title - The Way of Kings. Pretty quickly I fell in love with the book. A while later, I search up Wheel of Time again to see when the next book will be published, and to my surprise, it said that Brandon Sanderson will be writing the book because the author died. I was surprised, but I was delighted as well - I decided to search up Brandon Sanderson and I quickly devoured all of his books. I'm a 17 years old israeli, though I've lived in the US for a good 7 years so my English is quite good. I'm also a gamer, and my favorite games at the moment would probably be Dota, Rust, and Vessel. I've known about these forums for a few months, but only now did I create my account. I hope the community is nice here :3