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  1. Wow. Of course it’s just my luck that the Kickstarter opens during my vacation waaaaaay in the middle of nowhere, with no internet access. My alarm is set, however, so that I can drive to the nearest place my phone can connect to the internet and get my order in, because I don’t think I can actually live without getting in Tier Four!
  2. Very cool idea!
  3. This would make me the happiest person. Also, one of my dreams is for WotC to bring on occasional guest creative team consultants, the way they occasionally do with developers (like bringing Richard Garfield back for Dominaria). Brandon would be perfect for the job - he could write a few of the key chapters in the Magic Story, and be part of the creative team that finalizes names and flavor text and gives notes to the artists, just for one set.
  4. Oh my goodness I am so filled with excitement right now. Thanks for this, Chaos.
  5. I am sad about no East Coast locations, but I will probably try to make the 12-hour drive to Chicago from Allentown anyway. If anyone is interested in carpooling, drop me a line. Allentown is about an hour west of NYC and an hour north of Philly.
  6. I'll be there, probably with my three kids in tow (as my sitter fell through at the last minute and I haven't found anyone else so far). I'm coming from Allentown, which isn't too far. The auditorium seats 100 and then has additional standing room. I was told seating will be first come, first serve, so I'll probably try to get there as early as I can to ensure a seat - I pulled a muscle in my leg yesterday, and it's still getting more sore. Anyway, the point is, what I really mean, if anyone wants to sit around talking cosmere, or maybe playing Magic (I'll bring the standard deck I've most been playing with lately) or something, I'm definitely planning to go into full-on line-party mode for this one. So come find me! I'll be the big guy with the kilt and the beard and the ltattoos of Aon Kii and Allomantic Bronze (pre-Catacendre version). Hope to see you all there!
  7. Vasher/Zahel also fits the bill of a wanderer, a wild piece, one who makes no sense... Or even possibly Nightblood.
  8. Very nice, love the music, keep it coming! So, I pretty much work with whatever I have. Most of my recordings are a combination of live players and synths. I compose in Finale, and I use Cubase and whatever the sound-mixing software was that came with Adobe CS5. Soundbooth, maybe? It has a killer de-hisser, for when you don't have a soundproof studio to record in. I recently subscribed to EWQL but haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, though I'm very excited to get started.
  9. Does anyone else want to write out some Vorin poetry in Women's Script and then run it through a wave analyzer as if it were a sound wave and listen back to hear what it sounds like?
  10. How do these amazing pictures not have all the upvotes?
  11. I feel like Kelsier is actually an ESTP. Good MBTI typing usually has three levels, and I try to make sure that the person fits into each of the three before I am satisfied with their type. First is figuring out whether they are an SJ, SP, NF or NT. Second is justifying each of the four parts, I/E, S/N, T/F. P/J Finally, third is making sure that they work as the type. Sometimes it will seem like someone is, for example, an I, an N, an F and a P, but then when you think of them as an INFP it doesn't click. If ANY of the three don't click, I usually start over and try to figure out where I'm going wrong. I will try to justify Kelsier in all three of these ways. I will first justify him as an SP, and then parse out each aspect of him, then finally justify him to the whole type in general. First! SP: Kelsier always lets people THINK that his planning is superb, but it actually is not all that superb. Instead, he is just good - not good, amazingly, practically godlike - at improvising. He thinks on his feet INCREDIBLY well, which is something that no Js really do. An NT is a spider in the middle of an incredibly intricate web of people and ideas and secrets that they tug at, strand by strand, tiny bit by tiny bit, until everything falls into place just so. NTJs plan their every move, sometimes for years ahead, and plan for every possible eventuality that they can think of NTPs make their web as varied and massive as possible so that anytime they need something, they are only a tug or two away from getting whatever it is they need to have happen. Kelsier imagines that he is like this - secrets within secrets, etc, that is the mythos that he tries (and really somewhat succeeds) at cultivating, but his secrets are not actually that deep or complex, and his plans change with the wind; everytime he gets new information he adjusts everything to take that new information into account. This is because he is an SP, and incredibly good at improvising and reacting to things in the moment, on the spot. Many of these tendencies are similar to other noted SP leaders like Stonewall Jackson. So, here we go for part two, breakdown of each aspect: E - Kel is energized by people. He basks in their admiration. He loves attention both from giant crowds and from spending time in the company of his close-knit group of friends. The fewer people that are around, the quieter and sadder he gets. He needs alone time once in a while - every person does, Extraverts included - but he doesn't recharge his energy by being alone. He gets his energy from being in a crowd. S - Kel is big about observation and sensory input. This is particularly evident in his analysis of the logbook, especially when you compare it to Sazed, the strongest N we hear from regarding the manuscript. He relies VERY heavily on his senses to give him the information he needs about the world, and he is far more concerned with the way things ARE than what they MIGHT be. He has a vision for how the world ought to be, but it isn't his vision, it's Mare's. His job, as he sees it, isn't to figure out how the world should be. Someone else told him, and now he just has to figure out how to make it that, or as close as possible. T - With Ts, especially in fiction (or in a person you are in a very close friendship with), it is always important to remember a valuable axiom - "Every T is a closet F." The reason this gets hairy in fiction, or with people you are very close to, is that we see those people at their most vulnerable, they reveal their closeted emotions to us. We see his passion for Mare, his fatherly affection for Vin, his deep sadness at his troubled relationship with Marsh - but he doesn't show those things to most of the people around him. Ts feel every bit as strongly as Fs, they simply prioritize thinking ahead of feeling, so that their actions tend to reflect the things they think rather than the things that they feel. Kel's actions are generally informed by thought rather than feeling. The only time we see him REALLY make a decision based entirely off of emotion is when he is about to attack the entire Imperial Guard after they slaughter the rebel skaa army, and at that point he is unbelievably exhausted. Those are exactly the times that Ts are likely to let their closeted Fs out - at that point of exhaustion, almost no T would be able to act based on thought rather than feeling. P - Here is where that improvisation thing comes into play. Kel is a master of dealing with issues as they spring up all around him. He is able to make decisions based of a whim, without any real deliberation at all (really more unique to SPs, even NxPs deliberate a little before acting), and act on them with zero hesitation. When he caught wind of the rebel skaa disaster, how long did it take him to leave, to literally run all the way there? Like ten seconds. From his own POVs we often saw him sort of meandering without much of a plan - sometimes a general sort of outline, but often just a vague "I'm going to cause some mischief when I find the opportunity." Finally, part three, the ESTP whole picture: ESTPs are your stereotypical rock stars, sports stars - they were the coolest of the cool kids in high school. Not the valedictorian, the person that the valedictorian WANTED to be. People flock around them and fawn over them and they just love every minute of it. Most everything technical-skill related seems to come with them with ease, and the stuff they can't figure out they usually either get a free pass on, or they have someone who's willing to just do it for them. Sounds like Kel to me. So there you have it, my considered opinion on why I type Kelsier as an ESTP. Eventually I hope I can do these detail character breakdowns for a lot of characters. I have some done that just need to be cleaned up and typed up. especially for pre-catacendre Scadrial, like Vin - ISTP, Sazed - ENFJ, Breeze - ENFP, Marsh - ISTJ.... I hope I'll get the chance to post them fairly soon. Hope this was an enjoyable (and perhaps enlightening) read.
  12. Very happy to see this thread resurrected. I'm close to [finally] finishing the Wheel of Time series - and by close I mean nearly halfway through book nine. It's taken me a good year to get to this point, but I feel confident that once I hit the Sanderson books I will fly through the end of the series. Anyway, I haven't spent much time typing Mistborn Era 2 or letting the new information from Secret History sink in and help to grow my opinions on the MBTI from Mistborn, so once I finish WOT I'm going to actually spend some time doing some typing in those books and White Sand, as well as re-reading WoR again and hopefully tracking some MBTI morsels in that as well. Excited for this summer!
  13. This is one of my favorite short Mistborn fics ever.
  14. Here is a link to some of the music I've written for various soundtracks: I'm also including a .pdf score for a piece I wrote about the Heralds from Stormlight, arranged for piano and violin. I haven't made a recording of that one, but if some of you feel like printing and playing, feel free The-Heralds.pdf