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  1. I think I have a grasp on this but I want some help with it. At the battle of Thaylen Field Dalinar held Honor and used the power when he united the 3 realms and created Honor's Perpendicularity. The Coppermind says that any person that does this (holds the power of a Shard) becomes a Sliver. It also says that a Sliver knows it is a Sliver. Does this mean that Dalinar has gained knowledge of the Cosmere? Does he now have a better understanding of what the 3 realms are, and what happened to Ashyn, and the presence of other Slivers & Shards through the Cosmere? And if so, how does everyone think he will he use this info in the fight against Odium?
  2. The table says a nicrosil spike steal investiture. So could a Returned be spiked with nicrosil and steal his "godhood" as they put it in Warbreaker? So it would steal that god's "naturally occurring biochromatic investiture" to be then placed into another person.
  3. I am rereading the Stormlight Archive and caught the mention of The Tear, a star in the Rosharan night sky that is named after Reya. With how connected everything is in the Cosmere I thought that maybe that star would have some significance, like the sun of one of the other shardworlds. Even though Taldain is inaccessible to the rest of the Cosmere, could The Tear be the bigger sun in the Taldain system?
  4. I've tried connecting the other names that Vasher has gone by with the names of the other scholars, or at least with the ones Vasher has already taken care of, but I can't figure out what Denth means in Chapter 19 when he says: “Vasher. He’s used it for a while. It’s a joke on his part.” Anyone have any insight?