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  1. I'm one of two Buddhists? lol. xD
  2. Well hello everyone. I don't know who's all still around that would remember me, but I've been around for ... well a LONG time. xD Also, on this page. You can change the Miyabi defense. It's not a theory. It's definitely named after me.
  3. I'm more interested in the concept of a Spren and their Nahel Bonded human hating each other, but continuing on due to the ideals. The likelihood of this happening I feel is very low considering the two would have to share a core set of ideals in order to be Bonded. Generally people who share the same beliefs get a long. Though I could imagine that, while wanting the same things, the way they want to go about them could be different which could cause tension between them, but when it came down to it, they helped each other in order to achieve the larger goal. This would be a very interesting relationship to see explored by a character, even if it was just an interlude character or someone we only saw once or twice.
  4. I like this. It's not something I have personally considered, but will have to when I reread WoR the next time.
  5. I can see what you're saying, but I think once he gets there his need for revenge will abate as he reasons through whether killing people is a good idea or not. I feel like he will become similar to a "nuclear deterrent." He'll show how grossly powerful he is and kill a bunch of people and then be used a pacing mechanism to say, "You better not, or else."
  6. Not necessarily. I forget exactly where I would find a WoB on the issue, but he has said in the past that the Hoid we see may be more than one person.
  7. Ishik 20 Rysn 20 Ym 20 Nan Balat 19 Axies 21 Baxil 20 Geranid 20 Taln 20 Lift 20 Zahel 20 Eshonai 20 Szeth 19
  8. YAY!!! =D What do you guys think?
  9. Oh, I'm exceptionally excited to hear the dialogue between Szeth and Nightblood. Previously Nightblood has had little to no real conceptualization as to what good and evil are and makes arbitrary decision based on the ideals of his previous wielders. I imagine the two will have a number of conversations that go like this: "No, Nightblood, that's evil." "Why?" "Because reasons you wouldn't understand." "BUT WHYYYYYYYYY!?" haha. Odium ... Hmm. I guess his and Honor's thoughts on Nightblood would depend on whose side he's on.
  10. Well let's dabble around and make a few things and see if we can start something. What are people's email address. I'll invite everyone to a Google Doc who wants to participate and we can just see where it goes, or if it dies out after a while.
  11. 16 is important because that is the amount of pieces that Adonalsium shattered into and is a fundamental piece of the Cosmere. The 10, if I had to guess, would be because it is something which was chosen by Honor. He gave 10 people his power, he made them create 10 orders. The magic itself isn't based on 10, just the culture and the number of orders. I'd be willing to bet if you broke down the magic system mathematically it's based on 16 in some way or another. Something like a chit stores 16 units of STormlight and a Mark stores 156, etc. The different magic systems is a thing that can be affected by a lot of things. The Shard's intent, its strength, etc.
  12. It would be something that would require a number of people working in tandem to keep updated and working properly.
  13. Aons 2 Breath 3 Ferring 19 Investiture 5 Lerasium 10 Preservation 8
  14. Aons 10 Breath 9 Elantris 8 Ferring 11 Hemalurgy 3 Investiture 9 Lerasium 10 Miles 14 Preservation 10 Kelsier 18