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  1. Yeah I posted something on r/cosmere (I think that's the one) a few days ago about this. I was thinking that Hoid could be a dragon, which would be awesome, because Hoid is awesome and dragons are awesome, but alas that probably isn't true because of other WoBs. On the other hand, someone pointed out that in the letter, Hoid addresses Frost as "you old reptlie." So I'd say there's a small chance Frost is a dragon. Here is the thread:
  2. People Moash is working for are Diagramists, right? (Dude with Moash when fighting Kaladin at end of WoR says this isn't what the diagram said or something along those lines) Shallan is working for the Ghostbloods, right? Don't feel like finding the quote again (I found this like 6 months ago and thought I had posted it but I guess not), but Shallan's employer told her that Amaram's life is reserved for another. Moash and the rest of Bridge 4 is, at this point, the only group of people who know Kaladin is a Radiant, and unless the Ghostbloods tracked him all the way from the battle where he became a slave, Moash is the only one who knows that Kaladin hates Amaram (come to think, this might have been after Adolin's 4v1, but I don't think so, and even still there's no reason the Ghostbloods would keep Amaram for him) Therefore Ghostbloods = Diagramists, or at least they are working together. This whole theory is from like 6 months ago, so I might be wrong.
  3. I think it might be a characteristic of the spren itself, because I think Pattern is also permanently visible?
  4. I don't think that's the case, because I remember somewhere, I think it might have been the letter to frost or whatever (it's been a while, sorry) that it said Ati was a nice man originally, and you see what the shard did to him (or something along those lines). So at least one of the shardholders was a good person. You could easily still be correct, but I don't think that's the case. Of course, the source does go on to say that Rayse started out mean, so perhaps it was a conspiracy but only some of the shardholders were in on it?
  5. theory

    If shardplate is actually made of multiple spren, which I accept as a great theory, I have three questions: 1. How does the visor black out to protect the wearer from lightning, as in the end of WoR (pretty sure that happened, too lazy to go dig the book out) 2. How is shardplate powered by gems? 3. How can you regrow a full set by feeding one piece stormlight? I think, assuming this theory to be true, two and three could lead to some interesting points. If shardplate, made of spren, is powered by stormlight, is it reasonable to assume you could somehow power a shardblade with stormlight? what would it do?
  6. Erm...chapter 19.
  7. What if...Adamir was Brandon's alt account? It's the perfect cover... no one would suspect him (because that's what I'm doing right now, not suspecting him).
  8. You mean Alcatraz would be that mean as Brandon?
  9. If no one has posted this before, I would be surprised, but I couldn't find it here, so I'll say it. On page 363 (paperback edition, unfortunately) of the Way of Kings, in one of Dalinar's visions (the one on the farm) it says So the stance that works best against the Midnight Essence, a type of creature that bleeds smoke, happens to be called Smokestance? Probably not a coincidence. Maybe each stance was created to fight a certain type of... well, they aren't voidbringers, but a different type of creature of Odium? Stonestance, for example, could be powerful against thunderclasts? I know that the stances are based off of the ten essences, but what if they're also good for fighting different creatures? Perhaps Odium made different creatures out of the ten essences? There might not be anything here, but that fact that Smokestance works best against creatures of smoke seems like too big of a coincidence for me.
  10. Surface area might have some effect, since we know metals are burned from the outside in (Zane's fake atium).
  11. Hello! don't forget to check all cookies for spikes!
  12. Hello, Syntax! Don't trust the cookie.
  13. Hi!

    Hello! If you're offered any cookies, don't take them. They may have spikes.
  14. By good I mean saving-the-world good, not morally good. We all know he's a horrible person. Okay. This is a bit far-fetched, but it's the only explanation I could think of for Amaram to be trying to bring the Voidbringers back, seeing as there's no-one around to bribe him with a "position of power in the new government" type of thing. Dalinar is was a good friend of Amaram's for years, probably since before the assassination, since Amaram presumably hasn't been to the warfront until WoR. Since no-one would want to make friends with the Blackthorn except out of fear, it's safe to assume that Amaram was really close to Gavilar. Gavilar was trying to bring the Heralds back (or something, I couldn't find the exact quote) and the Parshendi had him killed because that would also bring their gods back, presumably making them voidbringers. What if Gavilar had told Amaram his plans? Shallan saw when she went to spy on Amaram that he was trying to bring the Voidbringers back. What if Amaram, being a smart man, realized that there was no reason the desolations had actually stopped and the Heralds and Voidbringers had just disappeared, and that bringing the Heralds (or whoever it was) back would attract the evil that would turn the Parshendi into voidbringers, and that was why Gavilar was killed? Actually, let's make this theory crazier and bring the black sphere into it. So if the black sphere was connected to bringing the Heralds back, and Amaram couldn't find it on Gavilar's corpse, he'd try bringing them back the other way, which is by bringing the voidbringers back to attract the Heralds' attention from wherever they were, or because they appeared right before a desolation. Actually, this theory seemed a lot better yesterday night... I hope it sparks some ideas though!
  15. Welcome! Read whatever you want next, but if you have to wait a while to get another Sanderson book, read Warbreaker. It's free on his website.