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  1. Yay! Happy Calamitas!
  2. "Did I top it, empath?" Quota looked over the line of blood-covered yellow school buses, arranged in order of size. They were filled with dead bodies, of course--some male, some female, some school children--and Timeport was apparently trying to sell them to unsuspecting passersby. "Well, I don't know how to say this, Timeport, but I think you've really outdone yourself." Quota chuckled, laying the sarcasm on thickly. "I mean, where did you even get these buses?" Timeport shrugged his shoulders. "I know a guy. Besides, don't mock me. I bet the people I've killed to fill these buses way outnumber the people you've killed in your lifetime. Just give it a shot." Quota sighed. "Fine." He turned to a random vanilla on the street and started subtly making her more receptive of his offers. "Hey lady, how much would you like to buy a bus?"
  3. Um... Bus sale?
  4. I need to get a BusDriver post up for the chase. I'll do that as soon as I possibly can. Also, would anyone mind if I changed his upper limit from 10 to like 25 or 30? I'd still like him to have a hard upper limit, but 10 is a bit hard to work with. I'm totally okay with whatever, but I figure that he's already weak enough as is without a limit of only 10.
  5. Not sure if I'm allowed to start one, but whatevs. For those of you who haven't played before, on your turn you: Hurt one person for two health points or hurt two people for one HP each. Always highlight whomever you're hurting in red. Heal one person for one HP. Highlight this person in green. ​You cannot hurt and heal the same person in one turn. You must hurt and heal on your turn; don't just do one or the other. Once you hurt'n'heal, you must wait for at least 2 more people to post before posting again. Anyone who reaches 20 HP becomes immune and is highlighted purple. You cannot hurt this person until the second round, which starts when there is only one non-immune person on the board (that person's HP is automatically raised to 20 and kept on the roster). The second round's HP cap is 30 and no one can become immune. Introduce yourself! 10 17th Shard Discussion 10 Tech Support 10 The Coppermind Wiki 10 General Brandon Discussion 10 Events and Signings 10 Interview Database 10 Cosmere Theories 10 Stormlight Archive 10 Mistborn 10 Elantris and Emperor's Soul 10 Warbreaker 10 Cosmere Short Stories 10 The Reckoners 10 (includes both Firefight and Calamity boards) The Rithmatist 10 Alcatraz 10 Other Stories 10 (includes Skin Deep board) The Wheel of Time 10 Writing Excuses 10 Reading Excuses 10 TWG Archive 10 General Discussion 10 AMAs 10 Entertainment Discussion 10 Tech Discussion Creator's Corner 10 (includes Sanderson Fan Fiction board) Role Playing 10 (includes Inactive RPs) Mistborn: The Inquisition 10 Sanderson Elimination 10 Reckoners RPG 10 Social Groups, Clans, and Guilds 10
  6. Technically it's five minutes, and he went a half hour into the past, but whatever.
  7. Blaze, that whooc was awesome.
  8. I see what you did there.
  9. Congrats voidus!
  10. It has to be full body immersion or half body immmersion. So if it was just his head, he could teleport away.
  11. Half immersion cancels his teleportation, and full immersion cancels his resurrection. So I'm imagining this giant ball of water that Timeport is engulfed in. And it is beautiful.
  12. It's Twi's turn with the vanillas, I think.
  13. Take on the Trifecta.
  14. The lack of romance is what makes novels good, not the presence of it. We read Importance of Being Ernest in English 11, so not all teachers look down on comedy. I'll submit my vote for the later series in Terry Brook's Shannara chronicles. Like, the "dark witch" of shannara series (the one where the Ellcrys dies again and the Ard Rhys gets trapped in the Forbidding and they're searching for new elfstones, i think that's what it's called) is just awful. The characters are all wooses, nobody does anything, and every fifth chapter is a freaking lead-off chapter*! It's got barely any plot and just...ugh. They turned me off the shannara series completely. *"Lead-off chapter" being defined as the type of chapter that ends with something like "And then they laid down in bed, and then they started kissing. And then they couldn't stop." And then the next chapter about those characters starts with something like "They woke up the next morning, still feeling warm from their night together." Or something like that.
  15. Idea: Impact joins the bus chase going after deathwish.
  16. Accidental downvote.
  17. No one has guessed me yet.
  18. So what did they do with the Trifecta?
  19. Let the Ookla-ness begin.
  20. Hey! You stole my name!
  21. I know someone who can help with that.
  22. No, she turned that sword in her room into mist when she was holding it. So I'm not sure if it is "holding it, and her clothes go too." or "touching it."
  23. She can at least turn anything (small enough?) that she touches into mist, so she might be able to absorb things in her mist form.
  24. Mommy brand cleaning tools, BusDriver brand dashboard accessories and Grumpy Taffy, Timeport brand melee weaponry, Gregory trying to take over the Brandon Sanderson brand; I can see this going somewhere. Speaking of, Twi it's your turn with IRL and Gregory.