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  1. uh they went to the rebels you see the main skaa older man that didn't trust kelsier at first in the caves he even approaches him
  2. ah ok just dang what has he been doing to pass the time ? has he met kelsier? he isn't bound like sazed he can lend thy hand
  3. ah ok thank you basically I assumed the people were all dangerous and were kept in there but they don't know why and so much time passed whoever kept them in there died or they left
  4. alright explain it to me what that girl and the giant wall was all about I had a thought but not sure if im close.
  5. Yea I would like to know what he has been doing all this time ? And why sazed couldn't fix him? Sazed cant interfere but surely marsh could simply lend a hand directly or Is he to bound by rules?
  6. oh wow I was never notified people responded thanks and im sorry
  7. a man who already betrayed you got thousands of your men killed and tried to have you killed bluntly mockingly tells you to your face he will do everything to destroy you your family and refuses to never cooperate. that's why adolin lost it sadeas refusal tolerating something like that has its limits and adolin has shown sadeas a few times he would outright kill him amaram intervened directly when adolin decided to assault the guy. sadeas death is his own fault
  8. So pretty much if this whole Trell is really happening its only happening because Sazed put the planet back in its original spot where trell started?
  9. well brandon that was SAVAGE lmao
  10. I wanna know what happened after WB and how did they end up here
  11. probably something about letting go
  12. cause just like some don't like moash I don't like elhokar
  13. I don't see how kaladin and adolin could even happen when he made the comment about drehy liking another man
  14. Moash trying to kill roshone and kaladin protecting roshone from him. or any bs of moash holding laral or kaladins family hostage because he wants roshone. I hope brandon doesn't go down that road and im afraid he will.