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  1. Can you imagine a book about that. if anyone could make a book about a 5 foot bubble interesting i bet it would be Brandon Sanderson. It would probably include the Bendalloy allomancer losing faith in his mission years in and training the children to attack those who created them. Anyways I think I overstretched but I think it would only be a feasible plan to bring the women to term. Then they would harvest the children abilities through Haemalurgy. On demand Haemaleglic powers. Buy a power and one of the children is brought to you and you are given its power. Messy process.
  2. It is too bad Bend Alloy is so expensive or else they could just find someone to flare it in the room full of pregnant women and then the pregnancies wouldn't take as long. In real time the wait would be a lot shorter to see the "Fruits" of the their "Labors". -sorry couldn't help myself- It wouldn't be the first time that someone stockpiled a metal and the rest of the world thought was scarce. I know that it is a stretch but a fun idea to play with. What could take many generations would might only take one or two.
  3. I am sure that a thread like this has been explored but seeing as I could not readily find it have have come to ask it myself. If you came the the Nightwatcher, what would you ask of her? Even better, what do you think would be what you would get? I would ask to know all the RAFO. I would then end up dumb and paralyzed so I could not share the secrets with anyone. ( /(Well Written Brandon.... well written)
  4. I personally like your theory. It would be very interesting to find out that the only way to destroy Calamity would be using the powers that it gifted to the Epics. It know that this is its weakness so it also makes the epics uberevil when they do use their powers. This would mean that the Epics would have to band together and fight it while fighting their amplified inner evils. Seems like a plausible ending to me. Steelheart made the city Steel while angry at himself for being so evil. and this is just an ingredient needed to destroy calamity. Just a thought.
  5. Don't hate me for posting this here. I have been avoiding all non Cosmere BS books because I didn't want to get even more confused then I already was. But after reading through a couple of pages of this thread and the Oregon one I now really want to read the Steelheart books. just wanted to thank you for opening my mind to non Cosmere BS Books.
  6. She would probably just turn your eyeballs upside down just to get back at you.
  7. Touché fatebreaker. I can truthfully say I didn't see that one coming.
  8. Welcome to the land of everything Sanderson and where the people can't stay on topic even in the intro thread! Don't worry, Brandon will not know who you are so he can't judge you for your crazy comments if you end up meeting him. So have fun. Just not without me. That would be bad form.
  9. I bet the downside would be experiencing death once everyday or something horrible like that.
  10. Sounds like Fatebreaker's intent is to have his barbecue flavored human so if he soulcast then that is exactly what he would get. At least he has the barbecue flavoring. This thread is enough to make anyone vegetarian. (Said while eating a steak)
  11. As far as I can tell the nightwatcher can only grant a wish that affects the person who is doing the wishing. If this is true then it makes complete sense why Taravangian would ask for the capacity to bring the voidbringers back. He is asking for himself to be affected in such a way that he can make something happen.
  12. Man I hate it when I show up almost a month late to a party to observe. I hope I get an invitation to the next one so I can observe in real time.
  13. What is the highest waffle stack that has come out of your kitchens? I am purely curious and would never imagine using it to climb to the Tranquiline Halls. If you think about it a waffle tower would be the best form of upward transportation (barring flying) because you could eat whenever you were hungry.
  14. Could it be that the blood is human because of the intent. I just remember that in many other part of his books intent is very important. Like in WoB where awakening is very dependent of intent. This would signify that if someone wanted chicken tasting meat they would get chicken tasting meat that doesn't have to be made up of human.
  15. Song: Space form Something Corporate Book: Ender's Game Now I can experience one without thinking of the other. I will actually start humming the song while reading because It is so stuck there. Its funny because I listened to many other songs at the same time but I think it was because the song was about space and the book was too.
  16. I have to agree! It would be like micromanaging. If they spent too much time trying to fix everyone's problems they would not get anything they needed done. I think they need to be more free to keep jumping between world and pushing things ever so slightly in their favor. Also we have to remember that if they do too much that they may create too much attention. Hoid had people after him in WoR and even though we know that he is powerful we don't know how powerful they are. If he makes too many waves he might end up in a showdown with some real bad mamerjamers. I understand the theory but I am not sure that he can awaken other things on Roshar. He can rig the stormlight to feed him breath but I do not believe that he can then use it as breath to awaken. (Disclaimer: I have only read WoR once so maybe I missed him doing this already in all of the awesomeness that the book is)
  17. Hello My name is Bow Tie bandit (Justin), and I am a 17th shard Addict. I first got hooked on Brandon Sanderson Books through reading the Wheel of Time. I stumbled upon the 17th shard after reading WoK, which blew my mind. It is funny because I understand the idea of the Cosmere and that all the books have the same elements (ie. Cognitive realm, or magic system deriving from a Shard or shards) But it wasn't until I donated hours of my life to the discussion boards that I understood how intricately these books where actually connected. I now join to share what few original thoughts I have in regards to some of the discussions. I do this not because I want everyone to know how great my ideas are but because I need you all to correct me. That way I can understand these works of art even better. anyways that me and my Journey thus far in a nutshell Thanks for the corrections in advance.
  18. Thanks everyone for welcoming me! I wasn't sure this was going to be so much fun!! But know I know.
  19. I caught that! At least I learn quick Thanks for the heads up.
  20. Gasp! Have I been missing things on the forums because I didn't think to highlight everything.
  21. Well then! The adventure shoul be somewhere other then earth, in the past, and please include the weeping angels. That would be awesome. At the end of the episode he would give one bow tie back so I can always remember the adventure. It would be cool if I came back for th season finale for a short appearance. I hope someone here grants wishes because I am now super excited.
  22. Only Bow Ties for me! I must confess that if another doctor came along and wanted his Bow Ties back I would only give them back if he let me come along for one adventure. Sadly i feel this is becoming too whovian for the Brandon Sanderson fan site so i will leave me dreaming at that.
  23. I would like to join the great Observer's Guild. If you read my introduction on the introduce yourself page you will see that I have been practicing observing for a while and feel I am ready to start the commenting. The only time you will see me act out of turn is if there is a bow tie involved. (I really can't help myself, I am a bandit) What I bring to the Guild is a truck Load of Jarlsberg Cheese, and rudimentary knowledge of accounting. other than that I can sing karaoke and can fly in my dreams. Please allow me to join Thank you
  24. Wow you give me too much Credit. Capaldi ditched the bow tie, for his own reasons that don't make sense to me, and I (like a bandit) stole the extra bowties that were left over so they would not go to waste.