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  1. ..... I get that depression is important to the story, but i just don't enjoy reading people being depressed all day long. Kal's arc has stopped being interesting and has moved onto the point where I just don't care. It isn't even an arc anymore. Its just staying sad as the plot moves around him. Every page is just mawkish emo mopiness, and while i am sympathetic, it just isn't compelling. I lived with someone who had depression for years, and after a few years of co-suffering you just sort of need to move on with your own life because trying to help them just isn't a rational use of time. I feel for Syl, but in a "this isn't yours to fix" sort of way. Everyone has dark days, and we should be there for them, but you cant be there for someone having dark years. I can handle Shallan, but do I want another 1000 pages of her maybe trying to maybe make progress? I just don't care. Id rather have them die off so we can focus on other people at this point (and I love Shallan!). There are so many more interesting people, and I think the book needs to let them go or let them heal. Being stuck in the middle for 3000 pages is getting old. Depression and mental illness are really important, but this depiction of them is not making for entertaining reading(which may be the point, but man is that thoroughly annoying point to make for 3000+ pages)
  2. It is said as "tin" in the audiobooks.
  3. Renarin also used his light to make a thunderclast unsummon. It wasn't clear how generalized that power was. Could the light-unsummon be used by any radiant, only truthwatchers and a neighbour order, just truthwatchers, or just corrupted truthwatchers? Truthwatchers are in the middle of the order diagram just like bondsmiths, so maybe they have some pivotal power or influence as well?
  4. This is my favourite shard cast program, no jokes
  5. It’s super hard if not impossible to leave the Rosharan system with your spren. But maybe she goes to Ashyn?
  6. Shallan even says Ishnah is a most trusted confidant. My guess is that the poison was in the mouth-gag. The whole thing about “injecting” was a misdirect. Ishnah had direct control of Ialai’s mouth.
  7. I feel the Sibling is slumbering in the Horneater peaks. All the things the tower needs are things the Horneater peaks inexplicably have (plus they believe the god spren were involved)
  8. We do have Tien and his finding "face-rocks". There is a possibility that magic stones do/did exist in some way. Hints would be Tien, Thunderclasts, Shin Stonemages, the Sibling going to a mountain range, and the prohibition against walking on stone. I am wondering if Ashyen magic was more stone based than gem based, and some of the stone magic went with the refugees. A common counter theory to mine is the theory that the Shin were told not to leave the reservation, so they had a big thing with leaving the grassy areas (that eventually became a stone aversion). Personally, I think there have been too many unexplained stone hints and really want there to be some truth to it.
  9. The metals are an access key that let people tap into a specific arrangement of investiture. It would make sense that the metal could be rigged to apply the unlocked effect in another system.
  10. I wonder if Kal will be asked to use Nighblood to perm-kill Leshwi and then I wonder if that would break him
  11. Dalinar has the authority to free Odium, so it isn't a huge stretch that he and the Stormfather have the authority to open the Oathgates.
  12. I also thought Shallan was doing much better. Viel is extremely important to her, so keeping her as a part of her is fine. Shallan is now able to bleed between her personas and control who she wants out in order to suit her task. Thats what I want for her. I don't need her to just be one person as her powers let her be so many and connect in such interesting ways. The fact she can control it is a great step in my opinion. It has moved from a crutch towards being a tool.
  13. Im not sure if Gavilar is really like that, or if an unmade/Braize influence is causing some huge personality changes.
  14. While lamentation is a noun, it is usually used to describe a verb. People say "acts of lamentation" or "He lamented". It is closer to things like "cry" and "wail" than something like Sorrow or Misery.
  15. I always assumed the names were for the death of Ambition, and perhaps the curse laid upon the system after whatever happened happened. My gut was that Ambition ripped free of the planet too quickly, and this had consequences (also in combination with her mortal wound and eventual death). Or, my other theory, is that Ambition is ambitious and made a plan to one day resurrect (leaving magic about that could help that apotheosis occur once again). We have a WOB saying if Ambition were a Magic the Gathering person, she would be mono-black (resurrection and necromancy magic). I have my suspicions that the ShoDell will return.