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  1. I was surprised to see the podcast treating the Iriali migrations as either flights of fancy. They seem more like forced dispersal on a global scale I think they leave after a huge global disaster. I also think they are a hint that Roshar gets completely destroyed at some point in the Stormlighy Achieve. I’d bet my left shoe that Warbreaker is a prequel to Way of Kings because Nalthis is the 5th land. I mean, Brandon spent time developing a Nalthian customs office of all things....
  2. Another questions would be: is the silver chain from Thenody special in some way? What I mean is, would a silver chain from Roshar or Scadrial not be as valuable for some reason?
  3. While this isn't about divine breath exactly, Vasher does help that kidnapped girl forget her trauma in some way. So we don't know how he aided her but he certainly did something to her memory so that she wasn't a traumatized wreck. We have no idea what he did, but whatever he did likely could be done with divine breath as well, right?
  4. I wonder if the Nightwatchet was always of cultivation. For example, we know that the storms existed before Honour showed up, so was there a Stormfathery spren before Honour? i think the Nightwatcher was something else before Cultivation’s influence began changing her. What was “the old magic”, and how has the Nightwatchet changed over time? Is this a similar process to how the Unmade were formed?
  5. What did Ambition plan before she was shattered? She had plenty of time, was known to be dangerous, and had the opportunity to see Devotion and Dominion splintered. Ambition is associated with undeath shades, so I am pretty sure she had some undeath planned for herself.
  6. I like to think Autonomy was murdered by Trell, and Trell is autonomy 2.0 but that Trell isn't the big bad of the series.
  7. After re-reading the series again recently, I have gotten the impression that regular Truthwatchers see visions of the Present; that is, they see what is happening in the now and can deliver that information to others. They "see" the truth of the moment (perhaps using illumination). A corrupted Truthwatcher sees The Future(s) and no longer sees truth but instead sees possibility. This is dangerous since now an order based on objective fact is making decisions based on possibility and conjecture. ------- It is also interesting to notice that Truthwatchers share a location with Bondsmiths. Perhaps both orders can manipulate the spiritual and cognitive realm more readily than other orders. As well, this may give some hint as to how/why the enemy chose to target Truthwatcher spren as opposed to the spren of another order. The truthwatcher order may have been a top priority to expunge due to there spiritual-realm manipulation
  8. Wow. Toxic much?
  9. A parallel race is capturing Unmade in gemstones: 9 Heralds and 8 Unmade remain (possibly 7). It would be so interesting if Unmade could be ReMade somehow, and join Cultivation side. At least one unmade wishes to do so.
  10. That Tien was developing Dawnsinger abilities.
  11. Could anyone post the letter? I am an audiobook listener so I don't have a copt to reference.
  12. Her mother likely knew for a long time, or at least the father did. It seems odd this would be the first time Shallan's mother had heard of this. There must be more to what happened there, and Envisager makes more sense than anything else. Sure, she already was a Radiant, but the group had had some success already and was trying to increase Shallan's power/ prove what she could do. I do admit the manner in which they did it seems weird, but I still think blambing the other the other secret societies makes much sense either.
  13. I wonder if the mother could have been an Envisager? Perhaps they could have been intentionally introducing trauma and NDEs.
  14. Sure, but she can soulcast the air infant of him into fire, or into a wall, or into a box filled with spikes and blood.
  15. A hemelergist could have the same motivations.