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  1. I thought the yellow was on the other planet, and the yellow was managing to pierce the shroud (making the planet visible like a star).
  2. So glad you asked questions about Autonomy and Aethers. My theory that Autonomy was Aetherbound before she took up a shard survives!
  3. It has two characters from The Stormlight Archive acting as wise sage/exposition info dump people to the main cast of the book. It also has another character that is Stormlight adjacent and is better understood if you’ve read those books. the story is also very clearly being told to people living in the planet from Stormlight Archieve, so the base narrative sort of expects you to know who the people on this world on it’s very minor, but it would be weird not knowing imo in my personal opinion, the book is better if you know who these two characters from another word are, and what the third character from another world is. I’d read Stormlight first. It’s intended that you have read Stormlight IMO
  4. I love the idea of the Yoki Hijo being the 16 large splinters.
  5. I was thinking 14, as there are 14 people like Yumi
  6. Well, as far as we know the children of returned cannot change their appearance unless they are directly in the line of succession for the throne and are therefor connected to the royal locks ability. But the Royal locks thing is weird as hell, so who knows. Or maybe Shallan is closer to a returned than to the child of a returned.
  7. I wonder if you are in-fact correct about the breaths. I am not sure if you have read the Shallan's Mither theory that someone else posted to you, butmaybe Shallan's mother utilized breaths in some way to create Shallan? Especially considering some info from Warbreaker. Breaths is an easy solution to the question of how a Herald might be able to procreate. Who knows what this means for Shallan's brothers though. Very Mild Warbreaker Spoiler
  8. 1) Where did the humans on Ashyn come from? 2) Did Odium bring anything/anyone with him after he left Sel? If so, what?
  9. I wonder if only human species get breath.
  10. That’s why I firmly believe that Cultivation was meaningfully involved in bringing about Honour’s death. Honours death allowed a lot to change, and maybe his death was used to fertilize changes that saw to be beneficial. GivenCultivations intent, the 10,000 years of stagnation must have been quite hard for Cultivation to handle. Cultivation clearly wants something mind boggling new, and it just seems like Odium had some help in getting rid of Honour once and for all (re: but WE killed you!) If cultivation saw that killing Honour would let them finally replace Rayze, then wouldn’t she do it? Especially considering her intent: reap to sow.
  11. I can see Cultivation wanting to shut down foresight. Cultivation seems to use foresight better than most shards and to plan quite far into the future. If there were many humans on her team running around with foresight, then it would be harder to stay in control of her plans. As we saw with Renarin, a truthwatcher with foresight can cause A LOT of ripple effects in shardic machinations. If I were Cultivation, I wouldn't want people around my team causing any ripples whatsoever. Starting a cultural belief ghat foresight is always evil might be the best way to reduce future-sight reverb.
  12. Venli is not only a Willshaper, but she is also in the Regal Envoyform which gives her the powers of translation and interpretation (almost like a 3rd surge). I wonder if Willshaper + Envoy is letting her do some strange things in regards to translation Stormlight to Voidlight and vice versa
  13. Do we have any information on where human on Ashyn came from? I am not sure if they were there before Odium, or if Odium brought them to Ashyn. As far as we know, there isn't a perpendicularity there (though maybe there was in the past before Honour and Cultivation settled on Roshar permanently)
  14. rhythm of war

    I agree. She seems to think Dalinar was a huge risk, but she rolled the dice anyway. It would make sense that Mr.T would present risks as well. It would be interesting to know if Cultivation chose Mr.T specifically before his trip to the Nightwatcher or if Mr.T showed up one day and Cultivation decided to try and work with him as best she could. Is her plan the best of all possible plans or is she working opportunistically?
  15. I thought the word sibling was used because the sibling doesn't have a human gender (so sister/brother doesn't work).