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  1. Part of me wonders if Shallan was a cognitive cutting of Chanarach or something? Like Chana was making a new Chanarach to take over in the Oathpact. It would be an interesting twist. Shallan is a human, but she also has a little something extra.
  2. I want character development and lore. For example, I never really liked The Lopen after TWoK, but his bonding over disability experiences in Dawnshard. Dawnshard gave a lot of lpore, but also spent some time showing human angles that the main series doesnt get in to.
  3. To me, the most obvious hidden ending is the vision the Stormfather gives of Roshar being destroyed.
  4. Mine is that Odium brought some humans with him from Sel and planted them on Ashyn.
  5. We know that Taln was not meant to be a herald and instead ended up becoming one (Ash says this). If there was someone who was supposed to be a herald but didnt end up doing that, what happened to them? We also see that Ba Ado Mishram is treated as being quite different from the other unMade. Could Ba Ado Mishram be an unmade herald equivalent? And lastly, at the end of RoW, a herald speaks quit familiarly about "Mishram". While Heralds often knew Odium's spren quite well (likely during time on Braize), would they have had much opportunity to get to know Unmade? ____ Theory: Mishram decided to join Odium and became corrupted, thus freeing up a spot for Taln to join the heralds when the heralds made their deal. Wants: I would love for Mishram to be related to Ashe in some way (sister, mother, cousin, anything).
  6. While a strong counterpoint, we still need to explain why the blade would be glowing. I personally think Shallan decides she must have been wrong to assume her mother's soul was in there (because Shallan realizes this likely doesn't make sense), but we will learn that Shallan's original belief was correct and the light was real and was something unique.
  7. Navani dies to save either Dalinar or Jasnah. The sibling may die too.
  8. 1. Shallan figured all this out at some point. To the best of our knowledge, Shallan has never had a conversation about her Spren/Blade with anyone between the events of her unbonding and the events of TWoK/WoR (minus a very short conversation with Hoid at Middlefest). Any knowedge Shallan has she gained as a child. Based on the flashbacks, Shallan does not gain any new knowledge until WoR when she starts re-learning about radiant spren and the orders. However, as an adult in TWoK/Early WoR she understands that she has a blade (she thinks about heartbeats and remembers that heartbeats dont matter for her) and she knows her spren was her blade (as she admits she hates Pattern for killing Shallan's mother). 2. Understanding the details here doesnt change what occurred. What matters is that Shallan did know this either before the death of her mother or on the day of the death of her mother. We know Shallan understands the connection here because Shallan blames Pattern for killing Shallan's mother. Shallan could only have learned that while bonding testement, when Shallan killed Lady Davar, or when Shallan unbonded Testement. Interestingly, at this point in the series it had not been revealed to the reader that Spren become shardblades. If Shallan understands this, then there is no reason for Shallan to believe her blade/spren was glowing as was trapped in a safe. 3. Again, Shallan has never spoken to anyone about her blade or spren, so how would she have learned anything after the day her mother died? She must have known almost all of it on the day her mother died. Yes she had a conversation with Testement, but that wouldnt change the fact Shallan saw glowing light. 4. We have never seen any evidence of someone sensing a shardblade. Maybe radiant blades are different, but there is no textual evidence for this. 5. Lin did not put the blade in the safe because Lin was thinking that the blade was valuable. If we believe that the blade was the important thing in the safe, Lin could have used that blade to make a fortune and save his house - he never did so. Lin knew something about what was going on with Shallan/Radiants. We know this since his wife says "[Shallan] is one of them!". "Them" implies the information has already been shared between the speakers, so we can assume Lin is aware of some of what was going on. Lin decides to never engage with what occured, and despite his greed he never considers the blade as an asset. If we believe the blade was the item in the safe, perhaps he feared Shallan would resummon it. But either way, Lin tries hard to forget what is in the safe (despite him looking towards the safe in the same way Shallan often does). What is in the safe is never considered an asset to the Davar family.
  9. Shallan sees her father put something glowing into the safe and clames it was something glowing brioghtly and that the object was her mother's soul. Tnen, Shallan goes to the garden because Shallan expects Testement to be in the garden as usual. Shallan would not think Testement was in the safe and locked away forever and then proceed immediately to go meet Testement in the garden. Shallan therefor knows Testement is not stuck in the safe and we can discount whatever was put in the safe as Lin outting Testement in the safe. As well, as an adult Shallan knows she can summon her Shardblade because Shallan debates admitting this truth throughout TWoK and WoR (as proven by her mentioning heartbeats). Shallan knows that the blade is not permenetly locked in the safe and knows that a spren becomes a blade (as evidenced with her conversation with pattern). If SHallan knows this, then it is not logical to assume that whatever was glowing was Shallan's Testement blade. Whatever was in the safe, Shallan felt it was trapped there, glowed like nothing else, and was her mother's soul. Testement and The Blade do not fit what Shallan describes or how Shallan behaves. Why would a blade glow? Why would a spren glow? Why would Lin lock them away at all? Everyone seems to discount this as Shallan being mentally unstable, but hallucintating that light at the time of the event is not in keeping with any of the mental issues Shallan has ever shown us - she forgets details; she doesnt make them up.
  10. This to me is the biggest clue - Shallan does not hallucinate, and Shallan had enough information to know that Shallan's spren/blade was not her mother's soul. If this is a delusion, it serves no puprose. To me, it seems clear that Lin put something else in the safe besides the blade.
  11. The theory might be true, but one change is that Shallan actually didn’t fully realize that her mother was a herald. Shallan will put the dots together, and then she will realize what happened.
  12. This could mean she is part Horneater on her father’s side, and got some Ashyn red and some recessive/co-phenomic Horneater red. SInce we do have at least one red-haired Ashynite in Chana, we can assume it must have been in the genepool somewhere. However, I do see your point though. Thank you for posting that.
  13. There is a part of me that wants Venli to end up being the good guys champion maybe the humans get delayed and it ends up being a listener fighting for her world and her future.
  14. Shallan’s mother was Chana, and Chana was trying to raise her daughter to take over Chana’s position in the Oathpact. Testament detected this and ended up being drawn to the area.
  15. Venli is not responsible for the breaking of the Oathpact and/or Taln returning to Roshar as all of that happened before the Everstom was summoned. Whatever happened with Taln is something completely different. Venli is culpable for the genocide of her people and the summoning of the Everstorm. This desolation was a double-wammy, and there are mistakes made by many people across the board, but Venli's guilt should not be about the return of a desolation. And as for the theory, I want to say that that Chana theory is just that Shallan killed Chana and that Shallan believes that she ended the world. Shallan needs to deal with the fact that she is in fact NOT to blame for anything that she did and that she is not to blame for the things her abusive and mentally-ill parents forced her to do. Personally, I feel that adding in this twist makes Shallan's total shut-down, mental break, and weird religiosity make a lot more sense to me. It isn't that Shallan killed Chana that is important to me, but that horrfying psychological trauma of a God, who is also you mother, telling you that you are too evil to live. And then, knowing that your abusive father is the only one who stepped in to save you, which resulted in you killing your mother, killing a god, and starting an apocalypse. Shallan has actual, spiritually-authoritative reasons for believing that she is a worthless wretch who literally does not deserve to be alive. Ouch... As for what happens after Chana dies, it is completely up in the air: 1. What was that glowing light that Lin put in the safe? Did Shallan hallucinate (not her typical mental illness), or was a light left behind when the herald died? Light is sort of the motif of The Stormlight Archieve, so I am not willing to throw away a magical glowing light as a meer hallucination. Did Shallan have a connection to that light and therefor could see it? Was that actually Chana's soul as Shallan believes, because we know for a fact that Shallan went to meet her spren after and Shallan damn-well knows the spren and her blade were not trapped in the safe. And was the safe just a regular safe? What did Lin know about Chana? Did Chana have any contingencies to not return to Braize? How did Chana's connections plan in to any of this? 2. If/when Chana did go to Briaze, was Odium aware she had returned? Did Chana manage to play the hide and seek game? How many years did it take her to be caught? 3. When she was caught, what happened? She is over the whole thing, so could she make some kind of deal with Odium? Could she have changed sides? Was she tortured? Did she break? Maybe she bowed the knee to Odium and she broke when Odium commanded she break (to help the Everstorm)? Maybe she tried to hold out and it took a few years? Where is she now? 4. What was Gavilar doing? Some people think his "I will become a god" and "Tell Thaidakar he is too late" means he went to Braize or that he was trying to become a herald or a fused. I have heard the theory that Gavilar took the place of a Herald. Maybe Gavilar switched with Chana and Chana went to the beyond? Who knows how this Gavilar plot-gun will play out. 5. If Chana is around, then what will Shallan's meeting with her be like? I would LOVE to see that.