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  1. It would be interesting if The Old Magic was magic from Ashyn, and that that a Spren representing "where we came from" formed on Roshar. THis would explain why the Old Magic is so different, and why the Nightwatcher looks so peculiar.
  2. During a re-read, I came upon this quote from Hrathen to Dilaf: "Ambition was the one emotion Jaddeth would accept as readily as devotion" So Jaddeth, of Dominion, values the essence of two shattered shards? The only other two shattered shards (we think) at the time of Elantris? Coincidence? This is strange and illuminating for a few reasons: 1). We know that traditionally, the three major Kingdoms ignored each other. But suddenly Fyorden began ambitiously conquering other territories.This goes against centuries of the nations "ignoring" each other. What changed? It wasn't the shattering of Dominion and Devotion. So then what was it? 2) Many of us see Jaddeth as expressing traits of Dominion, but it is interesting to see him value devotion and ambition in those he controls. Could this be more than coincidence? 3) Ambition got to see the somewhat sloppy destruction of Devotion and Dominion. Perhaps Ambition saw a way to resurrected or proliferate itself by utilizing the Dor? 4) Ambition has been described as "Mono Black in terms of Magic the Gathering", which is all about sacrifice and undeath. When I think Black, I think cards coming back from the graveyard. Could this be a hint at Ambition's resurrection? 5) Threnody's morbid investiture seems to be about undeath in some way, is this a clue to what Ambition is trying to do after death? 6) Ambition is ambitious. It seems odd a shard like that would go down without repercussion. 7) The land itself is becoming sentient on Sel. Who knows what that might do to how shardless investiture manifests. Any thoughts on this quote? Do you think it means anything? Does anyone else think Ambition may be a hidden presence?
  3. Will you ever do a Reddit AMA WOB cast? There are so many on Reddit and I am surprised people don't talk about Brandon's /u/mistborn account
  4. It would be interesting if people could "burn" sand passively in a similar fashion to metals (when they were badly hurt). Sand can provide water, so maybe that was occurring, and since water has oxygen...maybe....
  5. I would choose Awakening and Endowment, personally because I like the science and code-breaking aspect of it. I would rather be a wealthy awakener than a returned, though.
  6. Awesome Theory. I always thought there was something interesting going on with Lightsong. He also managed to always be in the right place, where as Blushweaver didn't have that luck in place. Awakening is such a new art (we presume) that likely there hasn't been much research into spiritual awakening. Could you command something to "be lucky" or "age quickly"? Could a high heightening internally command themselves to be lucky, or see the future, or slow down time? Very interesting, indeed.
  7. Thats how I feel about the Horneater Peaks (big stones abnormally temperate)
  8. Brandon is very active on reddit (username mistborn). Do we have a plan on how to categorize those entries?
  9. We also have The Old Magic to explain. Is this something that was on Roshar before? Brandon does not consider it one of the Big Three Magic Systems: My personal theory is that The Nightwatcher is a "made", and that's why her magic isn't operating under a regular magic system, just like we wouldn't count any of the Unmade as a unique magic system either. This is confusing though because we have one Unmade saying (paraphrased) "We were made then unmade. I am not of him. I am of me. I am an ally!", but then we have this WOB And While we know that the Storm predates the arrival of shards, we do'nt know if the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher and the Made predate the arrival There must have been magic on Roshar pre Shard influence, and the Made/God Spen are pretty good candidates. I would love some more facts on what the natural magic system was in the before-time (and it better not just be Pure Lake Fishymancing)
  10. I wonder if any of the famous painters in Stormlight were invested with breath.
  11. It really seems like the only way to read it is that half-shards are filled with sentient spren. There isn’t any reason to read it another way. I’m very shocked only one person was arguing for this position. The text clearly says that those spren may have once blessed a radiant, and there’s no reason to believe this conversation was a fake-out. This entire book is about ethics, and radiant spren being used in Fabrials is par for the course so far. Anyway, I found this episode quite frustrating and wanted to turn it off quite frequently. I can’t fathom why the majority of the casters refused to accept there was likely slavery going on (and that it was very likely). The amount of mental scaffolding required to disprove the idea is not compelling in any way: “maybe Mr.T was lying and Dalinar didn’t understand and the Stormfather had bad gas at that exact moment and we agree it’s possible but for some reason it is not happening here for unrevealed reasons”... Me.T could be wrong, but the reader is supposed to believe he is right.
  12. Bonds does make sense as that is a constant between the Parshendi, The Heralds, The Radiants, the Fused, the Sleepless, and the Farbrials. Mistborn Era One Spoiler and non-spoilery Warbreaker info.
  13. It does seem like oaths are the focus, but that colour is bleeding into the system as a sub-focus as well (eye-color, gemstone colour). With Nalthis being so close I wonder if there is an interaction between focuses going on?
  14. 100% agreed that Zane in the worst character in the Cosmere.
  15. I am not saying that the Spren are only of Honour, but that the Oaths are of Honour. Perhaps you have ti cultivate truth, but i'm not so sure that is the case.