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  1. I am not saying it is true, but I would love if the big bad were Ambition. Spoilers All Series
  2. It doesn't give it away. It isn't clear if the narrator is also the author.
  3. The mistwraith idea makes the most sense to me, perhaps a Kandra offered up their body after absorbing Kelsier's bones.
  4. 1. What sparked the recent-ish Shin invasion? (Was it the Stormfather?) 2. Why is Odium “the broken one”. If he is maimed, what damage did another shard do and what is the nature of that damage? 3. What role did the Amians play in the desolations? Why did some of them support the scourering? 4. What is the significance of the purelake, and what other abilities could the fish grant? Could fish elsewhere also have spren bonds that grant powers? How does this work? 5. What causes the highstorm. What is the origin.
  5. I think one of the points of the book is that who is honrable and what is honorable is quite hard to define. I’m having Roshar go down, we can explore that in more interesting ways (imo). I’m not saying Roshar has to go down because of human ignorance mind you. Maybe Roshar goes off to destroy Odium, or Roshar goes off to protect Nalthis, or maybe maybe many different things. But I don’t think “the heros save the day at the last minute and defeat an evil-ish shard” is a plot that Brandon would consider doing (for various spoiler reasons). It just doesn’t make sense that Brandon would visit that plot again. What does make sense is to show a migration and the end of a shard. We need to see those things; we don’t need to see good guys save the day.
  6. I am fairly certain Roshar will be destroyed at some point in the series, and the Rosharians will be refugees (likely Nalthas). The series is about transitions like that, and thematically and structurally I’m pretty sure this is inevitable. I think we have pretty good confirmation of this as the Iriali have a prophecy that they will need to do more migrations off of worlds, so likely that will be in the series. We know the ending of the series is in book 1 or 2 somewhere, so the vision of Roahar being destroyed is a fairly good bet. Also, certain series plots are off the table since Brandon has already done them with other worlds. We need to see a shard go down, and sorry Roshar, but that’s probably your shard (be that Odium, Cultivation, or both). Nalthis has been described as a prequel book, and that’s never sat right with me. Nightblood isn’t important enough to need an entire book. But, the people of Roshar trying to get refugee status on Nalthis would be quite an interesting connection and would make Vivenna and Vashar’s political connections quite relevant. Also, which world is confirmed to have a customs agency... Now likely this would happen book 9 or 10, but book 5 would be extremely interesting and would give us 5 books dealing with world hopping, realmatics, refugee crises, magic shifts, guilt, and all that. I think a book 5 end would be incredible, but I’m 95% sure Roshar goes down by the end of the series.
  7. The only shard i would like to see would be Remorse. That could be the shard that just wants to hide, since it doesn't want to cause more harm.
  8. Maybe you would be semi sentient and would be able to protect your family. After all, Silence's shade had some sort of consciousness and was able to protect Silence. It would be an interesting form of ancestor worship. It would be interesting if The Deepest Ones were something like The Ire. In Secret History, the Ire speak as if Threnody was a player, not just a horde of angry shades.
  9. I wonder if killing the Heralds first would prevent Odium from perma-murdering them? It might be a good solution. (although, I for one think the gem-hemalurgy death is reversible)
  10. I'd like to add some Shin person who started the Shin Invasion.
  11. What do we make of the other people that were sent the visions from the Stormfather? Do we think they also could have/are currently uniting aspects of Roshar? What do we think the requirements are to be sent the visions? Since the Stormfather sent less than 10 (a suspicious number to reference), there must be specific qualities that set someone apart. Currently we have 1) Dalinar 2) Gavilar 3) A middle-aged potter taken for the death rattles. - perhaps his ability to unite broken works was something useful? That chanting, that singing, those rasping voices. ” — Collected on Kakatach 1173, 16 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a middle-aged potter who reported seeing strange dreams during highstorms during the previous two years 4)?
  12. Maybe it is the possibility of Sebruki using some kind of investiture. Sebruki seems to have "snapped", shows some eerie traits, and the bolt she fired seems to have been potentially influenced by fortune. The other option comes from secret history. The Ire speak of Threnody as a force of people who might get in the game, not a random horde of shades. Maybe there is a Cognitive Realm City on Threnody as well?
  13. Nightblood was also said to be created in extremely unique conditions, so it is possible that the type of breath/investiture used was something rare and hard to come by ( I am thinking something like Lerasium)
  14. It would be interesting if The Old Magic was magic from Ashyn, and that that a Spren representing "where we came from" formed on Roshar. THis would explain why the Old Magic is so different, and why the Nightwatcher looks so peculiar.