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  1. The effect might work like Cadmium bubbles (slowing down time for people inside the area). I am not sure if that ability is cognitive or spiritual, though. Edit: it could even be physical, as speed and time are connected in our realm.
  2. Over 80 tribes of Native American people were eradicated by disease, starvation, war, murder; so I would say probably similar levels would happen with Rosharians (maybe less if their kids get the benefits of breath).
  3. Braize and Ashyn are not hospitable. if Odium wins, I doubt those worlds get any better. I am aware that spren are locked, but if the planet is going down maybe they will get a chance to leave? Or they really, really won't. Nightblood is from Nalthis, but I feel like we could have been told there were other planets and he was a mutant version, and that would be fine. Why do we even need him to be from Nalthis? What's the point of mixing the two world together? "I need a sword" could have been done in a lot of ways, and so far making Nalthis creep into the book hasn't been enough to justify Nightblood's foreign backstory. Disease is a pretty real-world reality in refugee camps. Having the people develop health issues would be true to form. Perhaps their children would receive breath and those children would acclimate better in turn.
  4. Nalthis is the closest planet in the cognitive realm, and we have two politically important Nalthians as potential sponsors for the resettlement. I agree other planets are possible, but we have three data points (a customs agency in Nalthis, closest location, and prevalent worldhoppers) pointing towards Nalthis. People still need to eat in the Cognitive realm, so they will need aid fairly quickly. I can see Nalthis turning into Turkey and having massive refugee camps all along the border with other planets being unsure if they should let the people of Odium into their worlds (considering what happened the last two times). We also have a WoB saying Warbreaker is a necessary prequel for Stormlight, and I don't think what we have in the plot so far is enough to justify that. In this exodus some people might go elsewhere in the cosmere, but the bulk would go to Nalthis; think Syrians crossing the sea and ending up in Europe. And yes, usually those better off manage to be the first-wave refugees. Rarely do the poorest get out first, so maybe only the Alethi get out and certain races/peoples are exterminated. We also have a confounding issue regarding if spren will be able to leave with the people, or if oaths will be broken again in order to flee. Maybe Bondsmiths can open perpendicularities now, or maybe new fabrials are an option; or maybe only 50,000 get out and we get a Battlestar Galactica thing going on. Who knows? It will be a mess, but Roshar has always been a mess. Stormlight's main theme seems to concern what happens when people are displaced (Singers, Listeners, Ashynites, Horneaters, Dysians, Iriali, Natans, Tower-people, Radiants, Alethi, etc etc) and I have hard time thinking that all this thematic build-up won't end with the cycle repeating itself but on a much larger scale. Other Plot Convergences 1) the Iriali believe they are on a long trail going from planet (singular) to planet (singular), so a sigular port of entry seems even more likely. Unless the Iriali we have chose to stay in the past and way back when there already was an Iriali exodus, then we have a plot point saying something must happen to make that entire country want to leave when the invasion wasn't enough to do that so far. They might even have their own Old Magic from before that helps them Worldhop? Who knows? 2) Spoiler for Stormlight 4 Prologue
  5. "But what Lift does is a hint" seems to imply that Lift is doing something similar to non-boon cultivation magic, so thats either being able to turn matter into investiture, not-aging-ish, seeing spren, going into visions, or physically interacting with things from the cognitive realm. As for "Odium has killed me", Shards die multiple deaths it seems, and though Odium may have caused Honour to die one way or another, how Honour actually let that death occur seems up in the air. I won't mention spoilers to other series, but a vessel's death and a Shard's death are not entirely the same, and the death of a Vessel can have quite a long and complicated transitional period even after they consider themselves dead. Death for Shards seems to happen several times it seems: a point of no return death, the death of the vessel over time, the death of a shadow of sorts, the physical death of the vessel's body, the shattering of the shard itself.
  6. I agree that Book 10 is the more likely choice for the Roshar destruction, but I fear that if it happens in Book 10 we won't really get to see the ramifications in the ways I would like. I would love to see Jasnah dealing with the Court of the Gods as she pleads for her people to be let in spite their 0/2 planet history. I want the Heralds to be viewpoints into how the last refugee crisis went, and to act as a foil/echo of what the new Radiants try to barter for when they flood Nalthis customs. I did a degree focussing on war-ethics, and my job is dealing with refugee resettlement and education in Canada, so I have quite invested in seeing how Brandon handles the series themes of displacement, loss, and transition. I've also got an MEd on training non-literate refugee adults to read and write for the first time, so I am also curious about how a shift in writing culture/norms would work in this post-Roshar age.
  7. We still know very little about how Honor died, and we have seen suspiciously little gloating from Odium on this point. It seems quite likely that Honor's death is not what we thought it was. Perhaps it was an honourable suicide to prevent unwanted destruction, or perhaps Cultivation laid the final blow and used his energy to 'cultivate' something. Cultivation may have near infinite power, but she has less than Harmony, so using Honour's essence for something seems like something valuable she would do. Who know what power a shard can consent to another shard, or what powers something like Cultivation could do with such a massive change. We also have Unity as an added clue that Honour didn't die exactly as others have. As with Lift, many people think the food-thing is a side effect, but we don't see other people gaining investiture in the cognitive realm when they eat. Also, the Stormfather is very upset when he sees what Lift is doing. Clearly Cultivation broke some norms and went above and beyond what she is suppose to do. If I were Cultivation and I knew the ever storm was coming, I sure as storms would think about changing the rules on my side as well. Even if it is a side-effect, Cultivation has discovered a new way of fueling Radiants, and that will be a huge upset in battles to come. This war has been described as an arms-race, and since we know Cultivation has been planning, she sure as Crem has some weapons to unleash after an incubation period of 5,000 years. The Weeping and the Storms are the obvious attack point for Odium. Cultivation would be a fool if she didn't try and make a contingency for that, and allowing Radiants to fuel themselves on her investiture is the obvious move. Food doesn't seem like a random source of investiture, but seems directly linked to the western beliefs that cultivating food is of the highest honour and importance. Food is connected to Cultivation in-world, so this seems like a significant connection. Lift is likely an accident or a test, but the game has changed significantly either way. There are likely other ways of granting the food-investiture perk, and I look forward to seeing what those are.
  8. It would also be great for covering up murders. "This man has been dead for days! I wasn't even in the city until yesterday!"
  9. Ive always wondered if Hoid helped set up Elokar's death in some way, or if he was just at the right place at the right time. He keeps saying he will do evil things, and I am itching for this to be one of them.
  10. I wonder if Adolin could bond a spren and use that connection to somewhat bring back his dead-blade through his connection to the new spren.
  11. That seems to close to other Brandon plots. My money is that Roshar goes boom and we see a massive Cosmere refugee crisis. Nalthis Customs, anyone?
  12. I was doing a re-listen of Oathbringer and noticed something I haven’t seen spoken of on the forums yet. When the special ops team storms the palace of Kholinar, they free some guards who had been locked away in a room. The guard claim that only a few days had passed and that they had only been fed around three times. However, the guards had been in there for weeks, had grown large beards, and by all accounts should have starved to death or become sick from their living conditions. The guards were in fighting condition, seemed lucid and sane, and were shocked to discover how much time had passed. So what gives? The weirdest thing is that the men reached down and were shocked to discover that they now had long beards (proving how much time had occurred). What isn't clear is if these men were simply unaware of their beard while in the dark room (seems odd but okay), or if those beard grew quickly once the door was opened. A connected oddity is Shallan seeing healthy looking food swarming in rot spren. The food should have wasted away but it had remained in tact. I assumed the food was tainted in some other way, but what if time was acting oddly and the food had not yet realized it was rotten in the physical realm quite yet? Similar to how the men hadn't realized they'd grown beards while trapped in the room? I wonder if the Heart of the Revel has the ability to preserve and protect anything within a certain radius. It might accomplish this by slowing down time in a unique way, or at least the perception of time in the cognitive realm? I am not sure how to consolidate the experience of 3 days with the growth of a beard for three weeks. Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. I don't believe Odium was responsible for the most recent shard-death. I think Cultivation may have harvested a huge piece of investiture recently and is now utilizing that energy to plan something big. One of her steps seems to be playing with powering the radiants herself, so maybe she expects the storms to disappear OR she plans on launching a final assault during the Weeping.
  14. I can't find the quote on reddit but someone in another thread has, but Feruchemy was given to the Terris as a gift. We don't know how it was given or by who, but that is an interesting fact even if it leads to more questions than it answers. At least it scratches off the "random mutation" possibility.
  15. The dawn shards are the Unmade. Each time one was used to win a desolation, an unmade was created. Some seem to think the heralds caused the unmade and the unmade stole a part of them; maybe these things are both true or maybe not. The last Dawnshard could be used to win, but then a Bondsmith Unmade would be created, and that is no es buenos.