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  1. Say you have a Pulser or Slider and place them in an aluminum box with the following parameters: Thick enough to block a Seeker from detecting their allomancy Small enough to fit inside a speed bubble Would the speed bubble be able to go through the aluminum to be the maximum possible size? Would the speed bubble get absorbed somehow? Could it even be excluded, like the Meissner effect in superconductivity and magnetism? Sorry if this has been asked before, or if there is no way to know the answer. I wondering of how it could interact. P.S. for those concerned, the box is constructed so the Pulser/Slider would be just fine.
  2. A lot of it is process of elimination, as we've seen most other orders' spren, and based on her personality. The only other order we haven't seen spren of is that of the Stonewards at this point that I know of, and most don't think she quite fits the description we have of them. It is possible that Venli will be something completely new, but it seems more likely that Venli has attracted the lightspren daughter of the captain of the ship Kaladin and co. used to get across Shadesmar, and will become a Willshaper.
  3. This WoB, as well as what I understood from the books, heavily implies that it was Preservation that gave the prophecies to the Terris people, but then Ruin distorted and manipulated them for his purposes. The origin of the prophecies is ultimately Preservation, a shard with extremely powerful foresight -- one of the most capable (that we've seen) in seeing and interpreting the future correctly.
  4. Here is the entire quote, just for reference: Interlude 13: A part to play To me, this sounds like it's possible storms had been used before, but this is the first one that goes in the opposite direction. Old in design, as it is a storm, but new in form, as it goes the wrong way.
  5. There once was a man named Fleet Whose skill and speed was complete He challenged the Highstorm But the Winds followed no more And was forced to admit its defeat
  6. A lot of this we don't know the precise answers to yet (as far as I know, Brandon usually hands out RAFO to Nicrosil mechanics questions), but some of it is explained in Bands of Mourning. The answer to this question is no, or at least probably not. Feruchemy by itself is end-neutral after all, so they would really only be changing the base level of innate Investiture they have in their body. We may not really know what that would actually mean, or how it may be useful, but they wouldn't need to have Allomancy to draw from a reserve they had created. This question is a bit more interesting. I personally think it is one of those quirks of Feruchemy. It is my opinion that since storing and tapping Investiture rewrites your spirit web, essentially everyone can do it. Therefore, even if they aren't wired for Feruchemy, using Nicrosil rewrites your sDNA to be able to anyway, at least temporarily. Edit: Calderis convinced me this was probably not the case. Another possiblity is that there is something special about the mechanics or construction of the medallions that allow anyone to use them, and that Nicrosil is the only metal that can be used for the purpose. In this theory, not everyone can Feruchemically access Nicrosil, but something in the medallions' design allows everyone to access the desired attribute. These two questions can be partially answered by using the rules we know, plus hints of insight from Bands of Mourning. The answer must be yes, they do eventually run out if you are tapping something (like heat or connection). Some like the weight/heat medallions apparently allow a person to both store one attribute (which wouldn't run out) and tap another (which should eventually run out). The book mentions Firemother and Firefathers, which presumably means these people are storing both Identity, so that anyone can access it, and heat. We don't know this for certain, but it is likely. Then the blank heat metalmind is somehow made into a medallion that can be used. A similar process likely is used for each of the tapped attributes, but again we don't know this for certain. I think this is mostly answered by the answer to the second question. Even more basically, there is a limit to how much they can store an attribute, as evidenced by Sazed's remarks about Feruchemy in the Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages. Even if the above answer is completely wrong, and Feruchemy does get weaker, they could never Invest so much you would lose your ability to Invest. However, I don't think that Feruchemy would get weaker, since they are storing pure Investiture itself, not the ability to use or access said Investiture. If anyone has a WoB that I couldn't find, or has more info, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Has anyone ever asked Brandon what would happen if someone were to enter the cognitive realm whilst partly or fully under water? Is it even possible, since large bodies of water tend to be solid ground in the cognitive realm? If it is possible, what would happen to the person who attempted it? Just for clarity, I'm talking about trying to enter shadesmar in an ocean or lake, not just something like taking a bath.
  8. Well, what can I say, we are probably all just looking for anything new until tomorrow comes, and brings us our real fix.
  9. I think it's eyes of red, but I also couldn't read it. The next part definitely reads: We may soon hold surges again, but after that, your guess is as good as mine. Also I read part of the Enemy's Soul, rather than mind, and I think the line is This war is new, and never was, what they thought it to be.
  10. Yes, I believe they are different. The epigraphs are the letter to Spook that Sazed includes with the words of founding.
  11. I don't know why it would be difficult to know Jasnah is an Elsecaller. She states pretty specifically that she and Shallan are not in the same order, and we are told each order has exactly two surges. We know the suge shared by Jasnah and Shallan is Transformation, forcing Jasnah to have Transportation and therefore be an Elsecaller. I think there were very subtle hints Jasnah had not died, including Taravangian's almost throwaway: Had Jasnah faked her death as he suspected? I didn't want Jasnah to be dead, but still missed all the subtle clues until a more careful reread. It maybe could have been cofirmed better, at least not literally two chapters after we find out Szeth isn't dead, but I feel that it needed to be done, if only to show how storming hard it is to kill off a Radiant with conventional means.
  12. For some reason, Human by Christina Perri. I think it's the "words in my head, knives in my heart"
  13. I agree with this assessment; Jasnah and Amaram seems personal. It makes sense when you think about that Jasnah is an Atheist and Amaram is devout to the point of being willing to start a desolation to bring the Heralds back. Amaram's reaction seems to be equally uninterested in a relationship with a professed heretic as Jasnah would be to be attached to such a openly devout person. It reads to me as if "it would never happen" because neither of them want anything to do with the other. It doesn't mean she would never get married, just that she wouldn't marry Amaram.
  14. During the interlude with Pai and the other Ardent, they wak through the oathgate dais and it describes eleven lamps, with a large keyhole. When Shallan unlocks the Stormseat gate, it says only ten lamps are present. I think whoever locked the Oathgates added a lamp to the Fabrial so it would no longer work.This both explains why Stormseat was never locked, and also why when Jasnah tried the Kholinar gate, it didn't work. Stormseat wouldn't have been bothered with to lock since it was probably presumed destroyed during the Recreance. Jasnah had never seen a working Oathgate, so wasn't able to determine why/how the Oathgate was locked. Edit to add quotes and clarify.
  15. I also thought that it could be perpendicular, but I realized that they could be in almost any orbit different from the orbital plane of Roshar. That way they never transit in front of the Sun, which would almost certaintly be noticed, since it would probably happen three times a day. If they are as small as I remember hearing, something like one is about the size of Ceres and or Rhea then they would probably never be able to actually create a full eclipse. That said, you probably could see a first quarter moon right at the second moon rise, which would quickly wax to full, and possibly some other phases if you were really paying attention. Their size would also make it hard for you to tell the difference between a gibbous moon and a full moon. Nice to see that my "wild speculation" was actually pretty much what your conclusion was.