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  1. salsa

    What about spicy guacamole?
  2. Good stuff all around! On the subject of applying/joining, since @ChullRider hasn't logged on in a while, I'd say that membership is more of if you say you're in, you're in :-) you won't get your name plastered on page one since I can't edit other people's posts, but welcome aboard :-)
  3. Way cool. Personally, I'd also suggest having the option to have it printed monochrome, probably grey, so that you could paint it yourself for those into painting miniatures.
  4. If you'd like :-) I used to write ketek. Almost finished a 121 word beast that (IMO) was really good, but lost the paper I was writing on
  5. Relevant
  6. 10. Don't kill people at night 11. Don't kindle... wait a sec...
  7. Not an author, but I have quite a few names I use more or less regularly, to the point where there have been times if asked to introduce myself my immediate response was "Caranguejo" rather than my real name (fortunately keep my online names mostly separate from irl)
  8. @RogueWriter any poetry to share? Also, have you ever tried your hand at Ketek?
  9. Is great. Really wishing I had people to play with, or that the Steel Ministry was more active...
  10. xkcd - nerd humor Drugs and Wires - dystopian cyberpunk Goth Western - supernatural western Stand Still, Stay Silent - Nordic post apocalypse with magic and monsters Shotgun Shuffle - ... day in the life? Honestly pretty hard to get into, but gets better Ten Earth Shattering Blows - post apocalyptic, pretty new so hasn't gotten far Far Side of Utopia - science fiction, also somewhat hard to get into, complex magic system Scandinavia and the World - lighthearted commentary about Scandinavia... and the rest of the world... Darths & Droids - if Star Wars was a tabletop RPG I've read a few others, but these are the ones I currently follow (which also means none are done yet)
  11. Howl's Moving Castle was based on a book, yes, but Castle in the Sky≠Castle in the Air... Interesting theory, though.
  12. Aw, ok. I just ask, 'cause I've been spending much of today trying to figure out how I'd start a duelling cane club :-P
  13. So... is this now a RP guild? Gonna be honest, was kinda hoping this was for irl marital artists and combat nerds to discuss what techniques you'd use on Scadrial (and in the Cosmere in general) :-P
  14. Honestly, I just want a decent duelling cane. Maybe one made from the thigh of a monstrous Koloss I hunted down, but I'd be happy with a bog-standard wooden one, as long as it's well made
  15. We used to have a koi pond, but no longer (was having problems, so we ended up giving away all the fish) I really want to get a ferret, though I'll have to see how my family responds to that desire...