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  1. game

    Devi's a listener scout, so that looks good...
  2. game

    Agreed. Sebarial Princedom, Revolar, and Catacendre.
  3. game

    The only other thing I could think of would be Catacendre, being Sazed's Ascension, but I agree it's more likely to be Heightening. If both those hit we don't have any clues left, so pass?
  4. game

    Vin as the Ascendant Warrior for one, not sure about the other.
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. game

    Almost certainly Truthcall, being a Returned. The only other Nalthis-related space is Heightening, and this would be a weird clue for that.
  7. game

    *pokes game* is this still on?
  8. "The fun thing about the RWBY fandom is that you can literally just make up ship names on the spot, and not only will they be totally plausible, there will be folks who will pretend they know exactly what you’re talking about. e.g.: 'Oh, yeah, I used to ship Tequila Sunrise and Will to Power, but these days I’m all about Noodle Incident.'"
  9. game

    I'd like to play. I've been following the thread for awhile, and I've played this game in person.
  10. I wrote it... Leads up to challenging Amaram in WoR. I think it's kind of funny that this leads straight into The Reynolds Pamphlet, but that would work way better for the leak of the edited vision transcriptions than the aftermath of the challenge.
  11. There's already a thread for that.
  12. When Navani is reading the Eila Stele, it reads "They were a people forlorn, without home." When that passage is repeated in the epigraphs, it reads "without a home." Intentional? (Yes, I went over that very carefully to see if Brandon was pulling a Well of Ascension again. That's the only discrepancy, and it looks like a typo.)
  13. The Fused in Celebrant had descriptions of most of their party, but was looking for an inkspren instead of a Cryptic. (He also doesn't mention Maya, and says "two or three" humans when we have four. Food for thought.)
  14. Hmm. Nohadon lived and died before the Recreance, and Tanavast died after it. Not impossible (see: Kelsier) but he'd have had to find something to stretch his soul so he could stick around as a Cognitive Shadow. He'd also have to have known it was possible, and have had a reason to. That would be a good reason for Honor not having Splintered further since Tanavast's death, if someone had taken it even partially (ibid.) (Not to reopen the debate, but my two cents on the Splintering thing: the impression I got from the WoB's was that, no matter how many Splinters the Shard creates, as long as the Vessel is alive, they're a unifying force, something like a hive mind, and the Shard is "whole". Note that Brandon specifically said that Endowment is not considered Splintered, despite routinely creating large numbers of Splinters (although they may rejoin with her-- but that's another topic). Once the Vessel dies, that guiding force is gone and the Splinters all fly apart like the bee ships in Star Trek Beyond. Some of the things the Stormfather says support this too - he changed, or was changed, when Tanavast died. It may be that maintaining this guidance requires the Vessel to retain a certain amount or percentage of the total Investiture. I could be completely off base, but I don't think anybody put forward this interpretation.)