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  1. If shadesmar is a particular region and not the whole world, could we assume that it would be cognitive and that's where spren come from as opposed to seon being from the spiritual part? (as indicated in the emperors soul) Also we know that some spren do more than just exist and wait to be called into the physical realm as evidenced by cryptics and honourspren not liking each other due to political reasons
  2. Yes..lightweaving is a possibility but as for hoid appearing in every series we see him appear in the third book so that could satisfy the condition? But you guys are probably right-they're all the same hoid
  3. I don't think I'll ever be over Kelsier's death ever

  4. In the first book Kelsier meets an informant who goes by Hoid but doeant match the description and maybe personality of the person we accept as Hoid..we also know that hoid was the name of his teacher whic he stole so maybe the hoid we met was the teacher who is later killed by hoid?
  5. If the innate investiture was a small amount of stormlight which cannot be used like breath-but exists-and breathing in more stormlight was sort of like extra breaths, that would explain how Vasher/Zahel is able to live in Roshar
  6. Adolin may get banished from the shattered plqins and sent back home as a compromise between Dalinar and the other highprinces.However there were mentions of some major corruption of some sort going on there? So we could probaby see the political situation in the capital.
  7. i have a feeling a lot of things are going to come to a head in Roshar.With Odium shattering so many shards AND being trapped in one place,this could be an opportunity to either shatter Odium or combine it with i guess a lot of people are interested in it? There are also ten books planned for the stormlight archives-which is the largest so far apart from the mistborn series. Another (unanswerable) question is what happened to Vivenna?
  8. Omg you guys are awesome! Thank you! ♡ Its lovely to meet you all
  9. I guess I wouldn't mind a love triangle as long aa adolin and kaladins friendship isnt affected-but thats highly unlikely so Adolin I guess (Thought I can imagine her going out with Renarin as adolin and kaladin atand there looking confused and being idiots)
  10. I think that Zahel might be Vasher-so that's another worldhopper apart from hoid So its possible for peoplefrom Nathas to jump to Roshar but chronologically how many years after warbreaker are the stormlight archives set? also if vasher needs breath to survive, can stormlight be a substitute? Same to draw nightblood. .
  11. I posted some rough mistborn sketches I guess I'll do rockbuds next ^^ (Hello! )
  12. I've read all his cosmere works so far and wheel of time! Looking forward to enjoying this site! I like to draw stuff even though im not very good ^^