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  1. Nuances in meaning are too often lost with me when trying to express myself in english How is “steadfast”? I just think it would be too weak.
  2. Adolin being (one of) the kindest person we have met so far on Roshar does not mean, he is not hardheaded. He stood WITH Dalinar when he was in a weak position (WoK), he stood AGAINST Dalinar when he was in his most powerful position (in refusing to become King). Bets are taken, that he would have done so even if it hadn't been his father. He believes in fashion, when hardly anybody around him does so. Now him refusing to do the strategically sound and give away his sword and become Radiant is another (perhaps the best) example. I never meant that he used his sword as tool, but that he treated it as something with a personality even before he could have know that each shardblades actually IS a person, and that this behavior stems from his interpretation of his Alethian heritage. Anyway, both of you of course might just be right :-) It is hard to discuss something containing so unsorted views as my initial posting :-D
  3. I beg to differ and even add an: On the contrary! Adolin stems from a culture, where shardblades are coveted and venerated objects. Up to a very short time in the past they where mysterious, too. People only knew that they where immensely powerful. Quite some of them where named by their owners. My point is: an Alethi like Adolin, educated for warfare, had of course a very personal relationship to his shardblade, even before he learned (less than two years earlier!!!) that they originally had been spren. Hardheaded as he is, he just refuses to change his ways of handling his sword of caring for it, just because, you know, Modern Times. It might well be, that this is the core reason, that radiancy for him is further away than for many others.
  4. *headscratch* ... well ... I mean ... Adolin was THERE quite some of the time of the Blackthorn and had to live through it. He must have KNOWN at least some of the dark aspects of his dearly loved and venerated father.
  5. The interaction of all involved, its quality, the deep deep affection for each other, the insights they all have of each others personalities ... it should not have suprised me but it did and it left me positively speechless.
  6. Yes, of course we have in Chapter 2 3 FIVE *god...m* FIVE(!!): Edited: Ok, further reading shows this already was discussed, so ignore at will :-) But count me in the camp of "Fused have Aluminium Confirmed".
  7. I think, @Karger is talking about a different kind of blindness (Odiums presumed blindness towards Venlis spren) than @Blightsong (Odiums presumed blindness towards Venli herself). Or? But of course Odium distinguished Venli by preventing the Fused to take her.
  8. Or e.g. cutting up gall or kidney stones, cleaning your arteries of atherothrombosis ... lots of good to be done for a –moreover intelligent!– tool like a sylspel ... and thus the name of the 6th SA book now is obvious: "Emergency Room Roshar - The Manual"
  9. Each to his/her own. Heroes journey is all fine when analyzing a story afterwards; but it tends to spoil it for me while reading. I prefer thinking/feeling "What an admirably feat of my beloved <insert hero name here>!" over "Yeah, of course! Brandon needed to revive <insert hero name here> right at this moment because of heroes journey." anytime. Thinking too much about possible constructs used by an author leaves me sometimes without wonder. That is usually the moment I stop reading/watching the story. Happens way too often. Peace!
  10. So your answer to the poll would be "Yes" or "YESSSSS" ???
  11. I am quite sure this is where Kaladin story is heading. Are you too?
  12. There is too much discussion of Brandon's intention or literary tropes or the hero's journey for my taste. Let us trust in Brandon in that everything will explain out of the story itself.
  13. Naaa, he got his copy of "Mistborn: Secret History" finally ...
  14. The part of "relieving him from his duties" brought tears to my eyes. Dalinar is a tough bastard, but he is right. Quite sure we 'll see one of the others speak the 4th ideal now.