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  1. And coming back to agrabes' original post. One could interpret TwoSouls thoughts of Iyatil "running amok" as rejection of her leading style during the formation phase of the Ghostblood branch on Roshar. Follwing this thought one would be able connect 1. the differences of both branches and 2. the fact that Kelsier and TwoSouls DO know about her (and her acolyte Mraizes) problematic views.
  2. Don’t forget the 17th shard with Demoux etc
  3. Hmm, just finished reading and headed over here; bear with me if I repeat stuff discussed somewhere else. Concerning the timelines: don’t we have a perfect anchor with the following quote: I took it for granted, that this sister must be the masked Ghostblood from SLA. So far she did nothing which aligns with my understanding of “running amok”, so we can expect her to do this in SLA-5 IMHO. Added: Iyatil it is.
  4. Hmm, I am confused about Aux being Sigs "Knight". Reading this as "Knight Radiant" would reverse our initial naive understanding of their relation; it would make Sigzil take the "spren-role" in their relationship :-) (Funny enough, that is something I was expecting of Adolin and Maya, i.e. that Maya will take the Radiant-role and Adolin the Spren-role.)
  5. Exactly my thought as well :-)
  6. I ld say that is just his way to travel forward in time.
  7. I think ruthless and brutal and egomaniac and incredibly powerful is enough to be as dangerous as Hoid says. You neither need to add "intelligent" to that nor can imply "intelligence" from it. But even that is besides the point, because I was only referring to the manipulation of Hoids memory and only that and was trying to explain, why Hoid apparently did not expect Rayse to be able to do so, or -attention, new idea- it all was a bait to see HOW intelligent the current vessel of Odium actually was. Moreover I think that Mr. T is quite intelligent and knowledgeable even without the Boon-Burst :-)
  8. Well ... I come back thinking about ... (Mistborn Spoilers ahead) Can we have the same situation here? I.e. that Taravangian just is a very intelligent and knowing person, where Rayse might have just been a simple minded one, and that that more than the power defined their abilities? So Hoid had perhaps just prepared for the wrong adversary. Having seem how Brandon again and again tries to incorporate modern concepts in math, physics etc. into his storytelling, I would guess that Hoid will have a way to failsafe store his memories and already did so. This failsafe might not be available at once, but when going into restore mode he will notice and perhaps even correct the damage done. What bothers me more is the concept of the storage. The altered memory as we actually see it is only the one about very recent events. You usually don't put this short term stuff into external storage.
  9. Because it conflicts with my imagination of Brandons or any other powerful writing process. The basic idea of the scene is: "And then the fragile, old, dying king slays the incredibly powerful godlike being with an incredibly powerful weapon he just happens to find and takes the role of the god." This is great, but not original enough and not Roshar specific enough that Brandon will keep it such a long time. The described events do not fullfil my expectation (for this being THE scene) either; well written, tense, exciting, but nothing we have not seen as good or better by Brandon, even in this book. (Don't get me wrong: The scene is all what you say about it, and above all important!!!!) How about Eshonais Death scene? The fallen hero, being smashed about by the forces, fighting, dying, progressing, ascending. And then the THE FLIGHT OVER ROSHAR ... now THAT is something I can imagine being written by Brandon so long ago and cherished and saved and now finally published.
  10. I am still at a loss. None of the so far mentioned scenes had the right “fit” for me. - Navanis role wasn’t yet planned. - I do not see the scope in the epilogue. - Regarding Kaladins oath I beg to ask: Why should THIS oath be the “driving” one, why not the first, second, third or fifth? - The replacement of the Odium vessel is surprising, shocking, implication loaded; and it might be the best guess so far, but I am not wholly convinced, either :-/
  11. Yes, right, but wasn’t the initial question which title he actually lost to a human? My vote clearly goes to ‘Voice of Lights’ after spontaneously thinking ‘He who quiets’ (which after reconsideration does not make sense at all).
  12. Admittedly I was sure, I had picked up that Shallan was supposed to have reached level 4 at the end of Oathbringer, but can't find any quote for this. Darn, I was so convinced that Shallan had reached level 5 with her progression ...
  13. Yeah, but nobody said that Koravellium Avast could not be Frosts sister! HA! (translated: Yeah, you are right, I should have tried coppermind before posting ) ps: There IS a thread where it is speculated that Cultivation IS a dragon:
  14. The last sentence of Taravangians perception hints at a fundamentally different form of Cultivations vessel, aka the form of the one promised Dragon: