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  1. Yeah, I think you all are right and I simply forgot how to count to ten. Probably should ask Lift how she does it. Anyways, so Ishar‘s Honorblade is still in Shinovar. Doesn’t change the fact that Odium-Camp has Jezrien‘s Blade and we don’t have any Idea where Taln‘s is, right? And those two Blades in combination grant four Surges, two of which happen to be the combination gained by becoming a Bondsmith or holding Ishar‘s Blade. We don’t know if gaining the Bondsmith Surges in this manner would grant all the Bondsmith abilities, but I wonder...
  2. I'm pretty sure that Nale's Blade never was in Shinovar, because he is supposedly the Herald to have com back for it after abandoning the Oathpact. Edit: I got that wrong. Apparently the Shin had care for all 9 Honorblades (the 10th, Taln‘s, remaining wherever Honorblades go while the Heralds burn in Damnation). Nale‘s vanished long ago, which is why Szeth recognizes it only from a depiction (he would recognize the other eight from having trained with them).
  3. My line of thought was that he is Truthless no longer and he isn't stupid either (mad, but not stupid). He should have started asking questions. So the fact that he still believes (as shown in OB), might just be a way of Brandon telling us that there is more to this. In that case, an unknown fourth Honorblade might be out there. Thanks for that bit about Szeth recognizing Nale's Blade. I totally missed that. If Szeth indeed is wrong in believing about the vanished Shinovar-Honorblade, you are obviously right about whose three Honorblades are out there. No, Honorblades obviously don't make you a member of a Radiant order. I didn't want to imply that, sorry for using the word "become", what I meant is "receive the powers of". I was under the impression that what entitles the Bondsmiths to make such deals it definitely is "just the powers". But could be wrong.
  4. I have a suspicion, too weak to be called a theory, but maybe interesting nonetheless: Odium has now a deal with a Bondsmith that if his champion wins, he’ll be free to kill and destroy on Roshar as he wishes and, more importantly, leave the system. Though I suppose it’s possible that the deal was cancelled by Dalinar not accepting to become Odium’s champion, I think that it is still in place and Odium will just have to appoint someone else (Moash seeming a likely but not the only candidate). However, I think that this is more of a backup plan to Odium, since I can see two other potential ways for him to reach his goal: Firstly, Honor implied that such an agreement would be binding to Odium, but does that mean the current Desolation will be put on halt? Probably not: I cannot see Odium now holding back his troops and not trying to kill any potential human champions on the battlefield or through assassination by the hand of his minions. Therefore, I think the plan is now to delay the battle of champions as long as possible in order to weaken human resistance as much as possible and erase a large number of possible champions. And if there is nobody left, Odium’s champion wins by default anyway. Secondly, while a don’t think a Bondsmith in his right mind would go and simply release Odium, I think this might very well be in the power of somebody holding Ishar’s Honorblade. Also, since the unique abilities of each Radiant order result from the interaction of their surges, wouldn’t somebody holding the Honorblades of both Jezrien and Taln essentially become a Windrunner, Stoneward AND Bondsmith because one Blade would grant Adhesion and the other Tension? And we totally know where Jezrien’s Blade is and we totally don’t know about Taln’s. So, securing either Ishar’s or Taln’s Honorblade could result in an instant win for Odium. (Also, do we have confirmation by now that Nale was the one who went back for his Honorblade or could it have been Ishar? I think he might have been aware of the dangers of an unbonded Bondsmith and therefore come back for his Blade. And do we know if one of the remaining Honorblades really has vanished from Shinovar? I had previously assumed that that was just a lie by Taravangian, but from his PoV in OB, Szeth still believes it and I don't think Brandon would have mentioned that without reason. So Ishar could have gotten it back from Shinovar, because even in his maddened state he was aware of said dangers; or somebody else could have taken it, hopefully nobody from Odium's camp.) I don't think this second option would work through Whatshisname (the Unmade supposedly granting access to all the surges), because I think Odium's implication that Amaram might be strong enough to control it was just a way to get Amaram to willingly swallow that stone. I think nobody survives that "bond" long enough to gain the necessary amount of control over his/her powers.
  5. First of all, I'd like to propose Stick as the Author. On a more serious note, I'll admit that, at first, I wasn't very happy about the idea that the author is a "contempory" SA character. However, very strong arguments can be made for either Dalinar or Jasnah, who in my opinion tie for most likely candidates. As for the post-Recreance Radiant I used to prefer: While the only-women-are-literate would not rule this out (since we know that was established relatively shortly after the Recreance), the word "Ardent" somehow does. If I remember correctly, the early Vorin church did not call them "Ardents" but simply "priests" until after the Hierocracy was finished, though that might be me getting my timeline mixed up. So, back to Jasnah and Dalinar: skimming through the comments on this thread a possibility came to my mind, that I have not yet seen elsewhere. How about this little theory: Our heroes somehow manage to kill Rayse but are unable to splinter the shard Odium. Dalinar picks it up in an act of nobility (that could easily be seen as a crime by many) to go play with some other shards and get himself a good splintering, while there is still enough Dalinar left in Odium to do so. Maybe off to Harmony who not only has the raw power, being made of two shards, but also the capability to ruin Odium in order to preserve the rest of the cosmere. We know (from Harmony) that you can write a book on the go while ascending and being iliterate is probably no big deal once you pick up a large chunk of Adonalsium. The one he killed who loved him might refer to Evi or anyone he has yet to kill, including Navani, Jasnah, Elhokar, Adolin, the Stormfather an various others. Also: It's probably Jasnah anyway.
  6. Mayby a little OT, but I think there might be even more to this: How do we now that the new Parshmen actually bonded Spren? My theory is: The Listeners of old did not want to be Voidbringers anymore, so in order to defy their gods they did someTHING to themselves (or asked to have this thing done to them). So the first Parshmen were created, whom the humans enslaved (buuuuh humans). How and when that enslavement came to be (directly after the THING, maybe even by means of the THING, or at some later point in Rosharan history) is not part of my theory. I don't think that they lost the ability to bond Spren, I just think that in this new state - Slaveform - they would have a hard time to go out into a storm to change, not to speak of being unable to remember to go out in the first place. The rediscovery of bonding spren might have been more of an accident - Parshmen out in the Highstorm and chancing on a compatible spren, creating the Parshendi. This could have happened soon enough after the THING that not all knowledge was lost, so modern day Parshendi still remember defying their gods, but it was between Desolations, so no Voidspren around and the Parshendi did, understandably, not go back into slavery, but decided to just stay clear of humans for a few millenia. I don't believe in Odium's altruism. The "healing" of the Parshmen did not right an old wrong (or well, maybe it did, but not in the way Kaladin and some here in this forum seem to think) but restored the Listeners to a form more susceptible to their gods.
  7. As I said further above, an old days Radiant is still my number one suspect (could be before the Recreance, as you suggest, or after it). Wow! I never even thought of that. You make a really good point for Szeth. However, what about all the "women reading this"-business? Do the Shin share the Vorin opinion towards literate men? I somehow doubt that Szeth would find it worth pointing out. I could certainly buy that all that women-talk in the Epigraphs has nothing to do with Vorin gender roles but actually refers to some act or deed by the author that hits women harder than men; but even then I have no Idea what Szeth has done in that regard that would him use such a wording. As for Taravangian....I don't really buy it, though I suppose it could be.
  8. I‘m still on the some-Radiant-probably-post-Recreation team. Sunmaker certainly seems possible as well, given the name of his (and later Dalinar‘s) Blade, but that could just as well be coincidence or the Blade could have been named way before the Sunmaker ever laid hands on it. I don’t like the idea of a current-times character being the author, given that the first two in-world books were old, but who’s to say if Brandon feels the same way, he never said all of them would be centuries old tomes.
  9. Great choice! Upvote from a biologist. Also: Great discussion, everyone! Thank you very much! I will now go back to lurking and reading along.
  10. Can't listen to anybody doing a transcript or is there one already? That would be really great!
  11. I suppose an argument could be made for any of the three.....but Odium seems the most likely choice. I do seem to remember a WoB that there neither are nor were any other shards on Roshar.
  12. This is not originally my idea (though I think I was first to post the person swap in general): Maybe soneone convinced mad Jezrien that he was Taln and then did the swap. Real Taln could be somewhere safe. Or on some private mission....
  13. It is a theory, innit? Wow! My first ever theory that is more than just a feeling or hunch! I never come up first with such stuff. A strange and good feeling. And also strange that such a simple thing feels so good. If we're going to believe it possible for the moment, I wonder: did Hoid do it or would that be too obvious?
  14. Now, that Accent thing is a good catch! I was wondering the same thing when I read it, but then completely forgot! Perhaps Epilogue-Taln was real and the whole person was swapped, not just the Blades? Though whoever did it would have to find a replacement with Herlad-like abilities and a severe personality disorder (or somehow bestow those abilities and knowledge on an excellent actor or something...)
  15. Lol, I doubt it. Though with all the worldhoppers in SA, who knows! Perhaps we should ask if a worldhopping Kandra could bond a Shardblade, maybe even go into detail: Can Kandra worldhop? If yes, do they need help or can they become worldhoppers in their own right? And if they can indeed bond Shardblades, does it matter what kind of SB we're talking (HonorB, dead spren, live spren, Nightblood lol)? Also, I don't suppose anybody cared to ask my question to clarify the whole "three types of Shardblades in WoK"-business?