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  1. Not to assert that there aren't issues and apparent contradictions with Allomancy and specifically Allomantic steel and Allomantic iron, but I think that it's reasonable to say that the Inquisitors CAN push on everything they see, but it's not necessarily any use, because pushing on some of those lines would be incredibly weak. They can make out much finer lines not only because they are Hemalurgically improved allomancers but also because they've replaced an entire natural sense with a different one. Consider Spook's advice to Vin about how half of listening is ignoring unimportant sounds. Inquisitors have the "luxury" of rewiring their brains to work with Allomancy, so they just have that extra capacity to pay attention to what's there. At least, that's how I look at it, and it has precedent IRL.
  2. Presumably, this would allow you to ice skate without skates by increasing the friction, since that does work both ways.
  3. Overall, I think I'd have to choose Allomantic pewter/Feruchemical iron (I love me some Feruchemical iron). Especially since both metals are fairly inexpensive, and the possibilities are quite varied. If fighting, I could vary my weight to alloy for more nimble dodges and more forceful strikes, which would combine nicely with Allomantic pewter's innate fighting bonuses. If sneaking along, I could store as much weight as possible and use my allomancy to maneuver nimbly. If really in need of an exit, I could store a bunch of weight as I rush toward a wall (for greater acceleration) and draw a great deal at once right before impact to (hopefully) break through it. Also, if I make too ambitious of a jump, my Pewter will help me not die. Add to these specialized uses the general uses of Allomantic pewter (healing, endurance, balance) and Feruchemical iron (mostly situational; for example, epic tree-climbing skills) and I think that the combination makes a fair amount of sense. Maybe not the most powerful or most practical combination, but certainly one with its merits.
  4. The goal of dicing is to roll a certain value in comparison to other people in the game. It's a game of luck, mostly outdated (as far as I know) as a form of gambling. I edited the original post, hopefully improving clarity for the double dice. I'm not sure yet about scoring for single dice.
  5. So, I helped fund the Mistborn Dice Kickstarter and now have a bunch of dice to play with. In addition, I've been re-reading Wheel of Time recently (never read Memory of Light, so I figured I'd get everything back into my head first). So, logically, the combination of these two facts is the skeleton of an Alloy of Law-era dice game. Now, this *is* a skeleton, and I ask that you who read it recognize that. In fact, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on improving the game in terms of logic or alignment with canon. Single dice are less fleshed-out, but they're organized as follows: number (associated letter) - associated metals (current "title" for rolling) 1 ( - Iron (Raven? (ie Inquisitor)) 2 (P) - Steel (Coinshot) 3 (E/I) - Tin (Tineye) 4 (O/U) - Pewter (Thug) 5 (L) - Zinc (Rioter) 6 ® - Brass (Soother) I haven't figured out a good way to rank these for scoring. As you'll see with the double dice, I'm trying to use in-world names for things and also rank them according to Scadrial's popular mythology, but I can't figure out a satisfactory and simple way to do so with the single dice. Double Dice: number - "Title" (Personal Name) 1 & 1 - Ironeyes/Death (Marsh) 2 & 2 - Survivor (Kelsier) 3 & 3 - Lord Mistborn/Survivor of Flames (Spook) 4 & 4 - ? (Hammond) 5 & 5 - Lady Silence (Allrianne?) 6 & 6 - Counselor of Gods (Breeze) Lower numbers are better (by total sum) when playing with double dice, with pairs winning over non-pairs and those also ranked with the lower numbers as better. This ranking enabled me to create a fairly reasonable hierarchy of mythical figures while still pairing them with their relevant metals. Note that the metals are only symbolic for some (particularly the first three). As a side note, the similarity between "Ironeyes" and the WoT name for the pair of ones, "The Dark Ones Eyes," gave me the idea for this game. So... Thoughts? Suggestions? Clarifications from the canon (such as the identity of Lady Silence or Ham's title)?
  6. I believe we have WoB (maybe the annotations?) that it was a sort of combination of those two: the mists did seek out and snap allomancers, but Ruin increased their severity in order to smear Preservation's power and cause more, well, ruin.
  7. Nice little poem. A hemalurgic spike?
  8. I mean, it wouldn't shift it *completely* out of orbit. Maybe it would make it a lot more eccentric (higher difference in distance from the sun at its closest and farthest points). Which could conceivably kill off everyone on the planet in about half a year. But, y'know, no big deal. Favorite movie. I always take the chance to quote it when I can.
  9. Sacrificing Nicrobursts, a Coinshot, and probably an entire area (extreme force on whatever anchor you're using) just to send a gory hello to someone (which, btw, would require some killer astronomy and math skill)... That might just be the worst thing I've ever heard. How marvelous.
  10. In TFE, Kelsier teaches Vin to burn off all her residual metals each night because some of them are damaging when digested. Allomancy prevents poisoning by straight-up getting rid of all the metals you ingest. For me, Feruchemy is it. An iron ring or bracelet would allow me to be lighter indefinitely, which would allow a more (and less spectacular) version of Allomantic steel and Allomantic iron, which fits me better than tossing myself around on a constantly-changing ballistic trajectory. Steel would allow for bursts ridiculous speed and reflexes at crucial moments. Zinc (stored while trying to fall asleep) would allow for quick problem solving at critical points. Honestly, a properly-prepared feruchemist will be less of an unstoppable death machine (as a Mistborn would) and more of a super-spy (in my opinion). Though, admittedly, I'd not use it for super-spying...
  11. So, I understand the steel and shadow lines, but what's with the blood and ink? If it's BoM spoilers, please just say so instead of explaining.
  12. Curiosity said the answer is the conspiracy theory, not the person.
  13. Gotcha. Sorry about the misreading. That is an interesting question... I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't be possible, so I'll appeal to higher powers (Sharders like Moogle, natc, Weiry, etc). As far as I've seen, what we know of combining Shards is what we learn from Mistborn (and bits about opposing Intent that I'm sure you already know). Wait, a Theoryland search yielded this: This points toward it a possibility, so my guess is that any two Shards can be combined. My intuition is that it may be more difficult to combine certain Shards, though.
  14. Have you read the Mistborn Trilogy? If not, I'd advise doing so and returning if you still have any questions.