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  1. I votet that it should be (in order of the Orders): Protective, Just, Brave, Loving, Giving, Honest, Careful, Resolute, Dependable, and Pious.
  2. Any resistance against re-using belssing spikes is "mostly just cultural". In normal circumstances (or rather with Normal non-trellium Blessing spikes) it creates a new Kandra and is currently the only way the Kandra know to maintain their numbers since they do not know how to manufacture more Blessing Spikes. If a Kandra is without their Spikes for too long, however, their memories will biologically degrade to the point that if enough time has passed before they are replaced, they will essentially be a new person.
  3. Im not saying forget what his efforts have accomplished, Im saying forget the Suffering itself. He can be told what he did and who he saved, but I think he would appreciate a nice big blank spot over anything and everything that happened on Braize.
  4. Amnesia. He deserves to forget.
  5. Good Point. An aluminum-lined hat would help hide most of the internal metals, but I dont think it would stop two Seekers from detecting each other's efforts. It has no visible effect so you could use it if you were confident there were no Seekers around, but it would be one of the more dangerous metals to your secret.
  6. I suspect they had the very real fear that the Humans would be able to force them into Slaveform as they had their ancestors. As @R J mentioned, they probably didnt realize just how much knowledge the humans had lost.
  7. Indeed, you'd pretty much have to pick just one thing and drop your cloud when you are burning just that metal. Steel as one of the Overt metals would probably make the most sense to be your cover Misting type, since all the rest are theoretically easier to hide. Honestly the easiest way to hide that you are a full Mistborn might simply be to get really into Body Piercing, and just keep everyone guessing which are Invested Spikes.
  8. Vax

    What's worse is that given the timeline of the Cosmere, we cant evn be sure it's not both a place and a person. The WOB is that Leras "would recognize Vax", and that it was "heavily suggested that it's a place". But we have characters that have created whole planets and lived for millennia, it's not out of the question for Vax to be a place but also have been a person back in the shattering era when Leras would have known them.
  9. It's worth noting that standard Bronze Mistings can feel the difference between the burn of different metals, so you would need to keep a constant Coppercloud going most of the time you are burning metals.
  10. In addition to that, I could see an instance where you burn copper to filter out some sort of perception "noise" and burn the bronze to detect only a specific (or maybe just the most powerful) signals around. I could especially see this having an application as the metallic arts move to a more mechanical/scientific model moving into the space age
  11. I think it would depend heavily on the shards (and vessels) in question. It seems like it would be far more likely on Roshar, for example, than on Scadrial where the vessels are fighting and the intents themselves are almost directly opposed. By contrast on Roshar the two shards are married and their investiture is intermixed all over the place in the spren themselves. While they didnt apparently have mingled Perpendicularities as far as we've seen, I think they could have a lot more easily. Im curious how thing where in the old days on Sel.
  12. Im curious to see how much control they will actually have when it comes to Division. One of only times we've seen it be used was Malata burning a fractal pattern into a table. If they can direct explosions with anything like that kind of detail, there is every possibility they could direct more violent explosions in a vague shape-charge sort of way.
  13. Fair point. Along those lines, I wonder if a skilled (and durable) skybreaker might be able to add some sort of sustained rocket burn behind them for additional/active Thrust.
  14. The implication is that he and any other bondsmiths will not get Plate, consistent with the fact that they have never gotten Blades (I originally thought that was a new restriction this post-Recreance).
  15. Hmm, interesting thought. Which is more useful, Adhesion or Division? Adhesion can manipulate air pressure and so should easily be able to aid flight, and likely in more diverse ways. But a lot of that aid would likely just come down creating vacuum/low-pressure areas to reduce wind resistance, and Im curious if Division can pull the same trick by Dividing the air in front of the flying Skybreaker?