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  1. As further evidence that a squire stage isnt a requirement: Nale apparently thought Szeth might be able to skip straight to the Third Ideal. Szeth only went through the Squire stages because Nale wasnt present at the time and the other masters didnt think they could judge that, so they had Szeth follow their standard procedure and be tested with the other squires.
  2. I could get behind that. There are definitely extreme mental consequences, with an addiction to the power itself seeming to be relatively common (with both Roshar and Scadrial versions). That could qualify as the Trauma Cracks, but that would make them more of a secondary consequence rather than fundamental to Savantism itself. The Rosharan version is the one that seems a more extreme, and I go the sense that it's more commonly lethal, but again that may be secondary to an addiction to the power.
  3. Part of why I ask is that it would have implications with the soulcaster savants over on Roshar. Yup, I posted that a bit later:
  4. The third Inroad is full-on Madness, yes? Miles might well qualify for that, especially if there's any accumulated Spiritweb damage from all his Healing (or if he's ever had to heal direct spiritual damage). Tangential question: Would savantism qualify as spiritual damage enough to make it easier for a Shard to influence the person?
  5. I'd previously thought the OB letters also implied that Hoid managed to get there, but that was based on the assumptions that A) the world in question was indeed Taldain, and B)that when Autonomy said they thought "it" was well hidden they were talking about the world and not the avatar itself. But if that is the case, it would imply that Taldain was difficult to get to because it had been hidden/obscured rather than that it had it's perpendicularity disabled.
  6. Pretty fun so far. Im enjoying the combat tweaks. Instead of clothing-based gear changes like in KH2, the keyblades themselves change which alters your combos and whatnot (based on focus charge like KH2) so there's a lot more variety, and you can swap between up to three equipped keyblades on the fly. You also just Get the world's support characters, rather than having to swap out donald or goofy for them and sacrifice combo options, which I like. Looks like there are going to be fewer worlds overall than in KH2, but there's lots to do so it probably wont suffer too much for it. I have to give them credit for managing to make the inter-world space fighting mini-game actually fun this time around, mostly by making it geared toward open-world exploration. There's a lot of completionist fodder (hidden chests lists for each world, hidden Micky emblems to find, etc) but none of it's miss-able so it doesnt bog things down.
  7. Got my girlfriend a PS4 for her birthday last weeek, so we're alternating between Kingdom Hearts 3 (me) and Shadows of War (her), with Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors and Red Dead Redemption in the wings.
  8. He's fairly specific that the upper limits of Syl are about human sized, which is also the biggest we've seen her manifest in human shape. Makes me think that others, like perhaps her aunt, that have shown larger forms could become larger weapons. "You've always worried about this, havent you? That the world would come to be ruled by pens and scribes, not swords and generals." (Stormfather, OB, Ch 65)
  9. My guess would be Fire.
  10. I more mean being the person that actually put in the time and commitment to learning the craft of Writing enough to finish a few novels (another similar one would have been actually taking up music). But damned if @SwordNimiForPresident doesnt have a great point! The question then becomes how much does the essence mark being active impact the ease of stamping the book? Does it become easier to alter the past of the book after you've altered yourself, or are all stamps relative to the objective Truth and independent of Forgery meddling?
  11. Most of them would be paths not taken. -If Id stayed in the family business and taken over my father's martial arts club. -If Id joined the military instead of going off to college -If Id chosen a different Major in College, some other engineering discipline or something wildly different. -If Id stuck with it enough to finish any of my various novel ideas -If Id never believed the well-meaning idiot my senior year who convinced a handful of us he had funding to start a video game company, such that I wasnt looking for a job when I should have been. Question: Would it be possible to make an Essence Mark such that I selected the Winning Lottery Numbers many years ago, and thus lived a life of luxury with the best health care and the freedom to pursue my own interests (self education and hobbies, etc) rather than spending all my energy on a 9-5 job? I think that would make for an interesting what-if scenario.
  12. That's amazing, both of you. I can barely read my own writing in english, and it's my native language. I wonder if we can make a windows Font out of the script?
  13. Absolutely. This is on the same general order as Fabrial radios, Soulcasting Nukes, or Lightweaver Lasers; it may or may not even be possibly, but would require a major leap in Rosharan scientific understanding. I doubt it, because I think (with nothing close to proof) that unlike Gravitation, Teleportation used that way is going to work on a similar principle as Soulcasting in that it's easier to affect a single 'thing', either some physical area like the oathgates or something with a unified Identity like traditional soulcasting, and to affect just the oxygen and exclude the rest of the air would require the caster to view all the different atoms as distinct things. It would be far easier to to take a mass of Air and Soulcast it into an equal mass of pure Oxygen (or hell, swamp-gas methane) and ignite that.
  14. Agreed. It would be cool, but if it's possible (and that's a big ol' IF) it would be a Reverse lashing/Gravitation effect rather than Adhesion/pressure manipulation. On the gas liquefaction, a phase change makes it significantly more effective in refrigeration, but a phase change is not theoretically required for the cooling effect. Check out that link on the DIY liquid nitrogen system, it's using simple air in the 3000 PSI range and a regenerative cooling tower. But I completely agree that you just arent going to be able to get it to work in open air around a target, at least before the threshold of "Anything it possible with absurd/Shardic levels of Investiture". On the other hand, if you could make an inverted Heat Fabrial that absorbs thermal energy rather than expelling it there might be some possibilities. But I have no idea what principle (or Surge) that fabrial is working on. Any thoughts on that?
  15. Not quite, but yes in nearly any scenario I can think of Jasnah would be able to counter and destroy a windrunner trying this. If Lashing are a thing that can be applied to selective gasses (ie just oxygen and excluding the Nitrogen part of air), then all he'd have to do is maintain one long enough to spike the O2 concentration around her and then ignite it with a small flame piston pressure effect; that's the only route that I'd see being fast enough to be useful in a fight, and she'd still be able to do the exact same thing faster by Soulcasting the nitrogen into Oxygen, then a touch of Fire Essence. The cycling only comes into play if he's trying to make a liquid oxygen grenade, and that would be more about cycling the air pressures to supercool a metal container until liquid oxygen started condensing out of the air, then you add charcoal as fuel and throw it, the impact would be enough to ignite it without a spark. If he could also lash that object to pull only o2 it would work faster, but isnt necessary since oxygen condenses before the nitrogen. If you somehow managed to do that actively around a person rather than in a container, you'd already have frozen them solid before any ignition became necessary. Wikipedia on Liquid Oxygen Explosives Homemade liquid Nitrogen Generator (same general principle as Liquid Oxygen) Per WOB soulcasting does violate conservation of mass in some instances. The most obvious ones we've seen are when they soulcast lighter materials into Stone or Metal, particularly when they soulcast lighteyed corpses and get a statue of the same dimensions rather than much smaller but the same weight. That being said I have no idea what the specifics or limitations of that are, and suspect it varies by essence.