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  1. Im with what others have said, I think that the Unite Them mandate is going to have to include the Singers. And I think that theme of getting past old racial divides is already a very big theme, from Rlain and Bridge Four, to Venli as a Radiant, and even to Renarin binding a Voidspren.
  2. Im not sure I your objection to Rlain? A Parshendi Bondsmith would hardly be making more of a Kholin dynasty, and is about as far as you can possibly get from Vorinism.
  3. I pretty sure Navani's next Ideal is going to be "I will Bring Order from the Chaos." In her POV scene during the council meeting in OB Ch 96, she kept repeating "Order from Chaos" to herself like a Mantra. Another often mentioned favorite candidate for a Bondsmith is Rlain.
  4. I like the Ancestry bit. I think it would depend on the Source of the magic in these different tribes, and also if you want it to be a hard barrier or something that has a more environmental and/or cultural connection (which may determine whether you can have a character that crosses the boundaries later). Ask yourself if it's innate to the Magic, a restriction resulting of Mindset or Culture, or a lack of the original environmental Exposure (which with interbreeding might go away). If it's just divergent tribes, those lines would be easiest to blur. If it's because they are sourced in entirely different magic sources (Earth Magic vs Life Magic or some such) then the Elementalist's telepathy likely isn't even operating on the same fundamental principles as "real" Telepathy, such that it can mimic some of the more rudimentary applications but is simply physically unable to accomplish the more advanced applications. So an elementalist that can bend light and a shapeshifter that can change their skin can both appear to become invisible, but they are getting there by different paths so the Ligthbender will never be able to grow claws and the shapeshifter will never be able to fire a laser beam. Another way to go is to make the distinction more about cultural Mindset than literal genetics. In your example, maybe a successful Elementalists has to be so focused on bludgeoning Primal Energies to do their will that they become unable to take the softer, more cooperative approach necessary for subtle telepathy, or are too externally focused to be able to reach the Sympathic and/or Introspective mental-space needed to connect to another form and Shapeshift. Then maybe somewhere along the road a person is born of both, or reaches a mental balance between the two, and learns to Shapeshift into a Rock Golem.
  5. Could easily have been Renarin, that time... Even if Jasnah couldnt soulcast Kaladin directly, she could still fairly easily soulcast the air around him into any number of lethal things, up to and including a giant block of Aluminum. I think she'd still win in all but the most uneven contests; at the end of the day Soulcasting is just plain one of the single most potent powers in the entire Cosmere, as far as I can tell.
  6. There's a lot of lingual development going on currently in Roshar, and with Dalinar learning to read and many of the more oppressive Gender roles breaking down I expect to see more. Given that, and how we saw the Amaram and the Sons of Honor using Glyphs as a phonetic language instead of the standard pictographs, there's a very real possibility that those three are not a symbolic representation of the Kholin family at all, and are instead a Three-glyph word or phrase in their own right. The catch is that we have a ton of unknown Glyphs and none that are specifically The Spear.
  7. Hmmm, well, holding stormlight makes it so you dont need to breathe, if it can sustain you in other ways (food, sleep, etc) that might just work... My problem is that Im just not that Lawful a character, and the Skybreakers are about a lot more than just a personal Code, it seems very specific that it needs to be external.
  8. I tend to agree, it always seemed similar to me to how Heightenings eventually let you get around a lot of the limitations of the system including (to an extent) the need for color. That being said, Brandon has indicated that he really doesnt like that aspect of the system and doesnt think it fits with the rest of the Cosmere magics, and since it's never actually been done on screen is seriously considering making it impossible, casting Slatrification as an In-World legend that is just incorrect.
  9. Given the context I suspect that "Drought" has become a Rosharan word for Scarcity, rather than the literal Lack of Water. As your WOB points out, there are a lot of hold-over words from pre-roshar, like Wine for any alcoholic drink even though they have no grapes, Soil as in the WOB example, or Chicken being any bird.
  10. My ebook search function is failing me. Cant find the actual quote that explains the role, but in Way of Kings Ch 15 we do get this: "Killing the King's Wit was Legal. But by so doing Sadeas would forfeit his title and lands. Most men found it a pour enough trade not to do it in the open. Of course, if you could assassinate a Wit without anyone knowing it was you, that was something different."
  11. We have this WOB that says it's some combination of Skill, Ability, Numbers, and Undispersed Power (which I take to reference that most of the Others have their power tied up in Investing a planet, while prior to Braize he was unattached). However the "Numbers" option is what really catches my attention, because I've long thought it possible that Shattering a Shard specifically require Two shards to pull it apart rather than being something any one of them can do alone. A popular theory is that Autonomy is helping Rayse, though there are also all these shards we know nothing about which could be suspects too.
  12. He's a Thrill-addict
  13. Another possibility is that Hemalurgy, or at least it's fundamentals, predate Scadrial itself in the same way Lightweaving existed on Yolen before the Shattering, and Stormlight-in-gems existed on Roshar before Honor and Cultivation arrived and co-opted it. The implication would be that Scadrial was created more to give them an opportunity to Modify and/or Refine Hemalurgy, rather than creating it whole. Much like Yolen's version of Lightweaving, I wouldnt be surprised if some or even all of the Metallic Arts are modeled after older Dragonsteel era magics. For example, I could see it playing out that Dragons were innately Feruchemists, or that prior to Scadrial Hemalurgy worked but only with spikes made of Dragonsteel.
  14. It doesnt say it's made of Atium specifically (sort of the the opposite actually), but it does say that Ruin's Investiture is in the mix, and more directly that we often get:
  15. As an addendum to what I said earlier: I still think that Autonomy (or an avatar of Autonomy) is by a wide margin the most likely suspect, but it turns out there is a WOB that Alloy of Law takes place after Book 5 of Stormlight. So if things go really (REALLY) wrong for our Radiant friends, Book Five could see Odium released to go cause trouble elsewhere. But were that to happen I can't see what story would be left to tell in Books 6-10. Also, I kinda like the possibility that Sazed has gone entirely bonkers and "Trell" is a splinter personality representing a Discord persona; not sure how plausible that is, but a Jekyll & Hyde deity would be one hell of a narrative premise.