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  1. Regular yes, and horses are one of the more prominent Shin exports (by reputation if not by volume). Ryshadium are strange, with lots of RAFO. My best guess is that they are a more recent development, but no clue if that's a natural evolution or not. We do know that they are a genetically distinct subspecies of horse has started to form a spren Bond the way so many native species do.
  2. What are you arguing exactly? That Slatrification doesnt break Sand mastery, that it doesnt break the wider Investiture economy of the Cosmere, or that you thing the actual known uses of Sand Mastery makes it weaker than other Magic systems and thus should be "balanced" against them by letting them bypass one of it's limiters? The key points I see: In the context of just Taldain, it lets you power-level your base strength of sand mastery In the context of the wider cosmere, it's one of the easiest known ways to convert different kinds of Investiture. In the context of the emerging trans-planetary Investiture economy, If the microbes on the sand can be cultivated off-world then it becomes wildly more important. It will become the Spice that must Flow. In the context of relative Power balance of the magic systems, I fully expect that Sand Mastery can do at least as much with Investiture and general Realmics as the Metallic Arts can, with enough scientific development. But also, Relative Power Balance has never been one of the goals I believe there is a WOB that I cannot find where he says he has no real intension of "Balancing" the magic systems against each other the way Ive come to expect from way too much DnD/table-top gaming.
  3. I think I support the change, or at least see the justification. The danger with slatrification is more about the upper bounds, in that it circumvents the primary limiter, much like if a 10th heightening person could actually cycle from grey to white and back, completely negating the Color aspect of the awakening magic system. I aslo suspect that he's thinking more about how White Sand is going to impact the era4 trans-planetary cross-culture, more than just its Taldain setting. Specific thoughts: a) By cosmere standard White sand is relatively easy to cultivate, and can be charged by the presence of any Investiture (including a nearby Radiant). This makes it one of the more universally accessible (and potentially renewable) Investiture storage methods available. Less elaky than Gems, more universally accessible than metallic arts, Not really, at least in the wider cosmere. It charged a jar pretty quickly just in the presence of one relatively "quiet" Surge, so being in a Storm, near a big ball of Kinetic investiture like Elantris, a Perpendicularity, etc. should blast it white in no time. And this is at least one big area where it shines: it can convert investiture. c) Here's where the narrative danger happens: Power-leveling. With a big enough supply of sand the Master could channel investiture infinitely, without limit, and thus potentially blast the strength of their Master right up to Sliver levels since Use (and Overuse) directly increases your total strength. Imagine if a radiant got slightly stronger every time they used a surge, and then they power-leveled every Highstorm. d) I strongly doubt that it will stay that way, purely because I said precisely the same thing about the Metallic Arts once upon a time, yet we know that equally limited magic system can be hacked into all kinds of weird things including full FTL space-flight.
  4. I think what is throwing me is that I was kind of operating under the assumption that the Aons (and other regional languages) where "born" from the shattering cataclysm. Because the Seons and Sakze were. But from a Chicken Vs Egg standpoint it actually does make more sense if the shapes/symbols were already significant to the Shards and their destruction just blasted off the "sparks" into those pre-defined shapes.
  5. Sweeeeeeet. It implies that at least some of the shapes/"languages" of the Dor magics pre-date the Dor itself, enough that they might have still worked before the Seon's were created. We knew the timeline on Elantris was wonky and that it had been "Rediscovered" at some point.
  6. So far Harmony's Intent is all about the balance of Opposites (though WOB says Discord might have worked too). But all that's being impacted by the two original Shards and the opposing nature of their Intents. We've bee ntold that the two are mingled/Connected enough now that they would not be split without effort, but I dont think that means they have entirely integrated (yet).
  7. I could have sworn he hinted that he'd figured it out before that, but I dont have a specific passage. I wasnt entirely convinced she ever had him fooled.
  8. Closest thing I think we have right now (absent the promised quantification) is this more relative ranking of invested objects:
  9. Dominion might fit "Tezim the Great" these days RoW Spoiler:
  10. It hasnt changes persay, it's just a lot more complicated than that (and this might get into spoilers from outside of Mistborn, so Ill try to be vague where necessary). One of the Big Questions of the cosmere, and one that Branderson has said he wont clarify so the audience can decide for themselves, is what actually happens when you Die. One the one hand, Everything in the Cosmere is "made of Investiture" in the sense that the Space, Time, a person's body and mind and the whole Physical Realm all sort of Emanate from the Spiritual Realm, and Sentience itself arises from the presence and/or concentration of Investiture a creature/object has. On the Other hand, everything I just said is just one In-world interpretation that is debated. What they can observe in-world is that when a person dies in the Physical World, something like a ghost appears in the Cognitive Realm for a brief period of time before going Beyond, and if they have (or get) an infusion of Investiture in that window they will linger on longer (until the extra Power runs out). But then, one of the more accomplished Scholars in world is also such a ghost-creature, and that character believes that the original Soul is long gone and what's left is just a fossil in the shape of a Person. Could be valid science, could be depression... The other important data point is that the Shards exist in all three Realms, most of the Investiture in existence resides in the Spiritual Realm, and they can tell when Investiture is "destroyed" it returns to the Spiritual Realm. But Dead Souls are Beyond them; they can catch a soul and Infuse it before it goes Beyond, but they cannot reach Beyond, return a Soul from it, or perceive anything that happens there. EDIT: There's "Dead" and "Mostly Dead". Mostly Dead can be tested and interacted some with all the Magic, but Dead Dead is just a mystery to them as it is to us. And Im sure peoples in-world opinions are just as much a mix of Science, philosophy, and/or religion as we see on Earth.
  11. What a Soul is and what it's made of is highly debated In-world, and Branderson hasnt not been willing to weigh in to confirm any one theory. Cognitive Shadows can be made, but even those shadows disagree on whether they are the "original" or just a fossil-style imprint. It's the old question of whether a Ghost is the original Soul or just an echo left behind when something "else" goes Beyond. Technically all Metalminds store Investiture, just different types (and there's supposedly some overlap), but as far as we know so far Nicrosil stores the ability to use different kinds of investiture, not necessarily all types and/or Investiture Structures (like a whole Spiritweb). Ferucehmy stores and infuses the investiture that is flowing between the Realm to create/maintain the mortal person, but (as far as we've seen) it doesnt actually touch or alter the Spiritweb itself. I think it's more or less the same reason you cant steal normal Breaths with Hemalurgy, because they are present on/in the Spiritweb. Hemalurgy, on the other hand, can apparently do this all day long, and staple a Cognitive Shadow back onto a physical Body. Not unlike (I suspect) how tone was used to hold the fraying Inquisitor Spritwebs. But then. housing and splicing pieces of Spiritwebs are the core of Hemalurgy.
  12. Interesting Idea, hard to say. The lesser spren granting the form seems to be more housed in the gemheart of the singer, distinct from a Radiant Bond that is more external. We've seen envoyform forming Connections, but we havent seen it manipulate pre-existing Bonds. If that's a real limitation, they'd need to make a new Connection over-shadows the spren's Connection to the Planet (if that's even possible given that they are living Investiture).
  13. I cam across this inforgraphic recently that lays out the milestone timeline of the development of electricity-based science and technology. We often try to pin down the Real World Equivalent of a cosmere world's culture or technology (which is usually less straightforward than one might first expect). Reading through it, I propose that Rosharan Fabrial Technology was languishing in the 1700's until Navani came along to play the role of Michael Faraday, the one without a formal science education who never-the-less consolidated a bunch of pieces of knowledge, dispel a lot of the persistent misunderstandings, and provide unified theories of function that led to a huge boom of Invention and technological advancement. Thoughts?
  14. All, by definition. Eshonai and/or mentioned it at one point (in WoR I believe). Agreed, I think you'd could (in theory) try to make your case to any of the Spren, so it would depend on the individuals. Though it is apparently possible to take additional steps to forcibly prevent the Spren from ending the Bond. Maybe you put the bond in a Spike into the Spren instead of it's "natural" state, so that it cant release it voluntarily. Or Maybe you spike in so much Connection to yourself that they are anchored to you similar to how they are anchored to Roshar itself.