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  1. Do you have a link to this WOB? Id like to see his exact wording. There are a lot of things in the Cosmere that are similar because they are built on common realmic mechanisms, but are not literally the same thing. When they are literally the same it has a lot more implications on the history and evolution of the Cosmere. Rysn got a burst of color enhancement consistent with a bunch of breaths, but if it's literal Heightening effects then we can assume she has Life Sense, Perfect Pitch/Color, Immortality, Instinctive Investiture use, etc. etc. which is a much bigger deal. From the other examples we have, just a big store of any kind of investiture alone wont create the Heightenings. We've seen people Ascend from overuse of Metallic Arts (Atium) without gaining other Heightening effects. We've also seen LTR need to hack Atium for a dangerous limited Immortality when he had access to more than the 5th Heightenings worth of Investiture.
  2. I dont think so, if for nothing else than because the Drab state seems to have shortcomings in several different Metals' purview. They have strength, health, mental speed, and maybe Senses, Energy, and Determination all affected. Fwiw. Drabs can use feruchemical medallions, fwiw, though they "are missing a little bit of something". I suspect they'd fill it a lot slower, and/or have smaller max storage rates, etc. Where was that in Dawnshard? The only thing analogous to Heightenings I recall seeing in SA is the increased color aura effect when Nightblood is drawn. ANd we have several examples of people having more investiture than heightenings and not exhibiting the Heightening effects.
  3. Hard to say. It can happen fast enough, from what little we've seen. The only real catch I see is that Regrowth might require maintained contact infusing the Investiture during the growth process (which is how it looked with Lift in WoR). If so, they could definitely weaponize it to some extend but might not be able to make it a ranged / thrown weapon.
  4. Fair enough. My point was that previously it had been one Godmetal Per Perpendicularity, so it would follow that if the two Shards are intermingled enough to crystalize a new Godmetal, they are intermingled enough to have the separate Perpendicularities come together. But if you are right and he's maintaining two Perpendicularities, that would also open the possibility that Harmony actually has two different Godmetals with different ratio's of Ruin to Preservation.
  5. Sooo, Endowment actually Created the human life on Nalthis, the way P&R created them on Scadrial?
  6. That's my understanding as well, that the letherbounds were previously all Signed (though maybe on an insert sometimes?), but that they were considering non-signed because of the near constant demand for them.
  7. The interference is confirmed to be a natural Fortune interaction involved in seeing the future and not something specific to Roshar or Renarin. I would imagine the actual Influence of a given misting would vary greatly by their nature and personality, and would argue that in a less interesting Time Renarin might have gone his whole life without telling anyone he saw the future; had he lived his quiet life in the ardentia, he might never have actually had a noticeable impact on the course of things. Also, fwiw, Renarin was Greyed out in that he cannot 100% predict him, but that doesnt mean he cannot make reasonable guesses from his Vantage on the edge of Infinity. Given what Vin proved you can do against Atium, a shard can presumably do a lot more, so they can at least see a lot further down the possible timelines (and probably make a reliable short list) even if they cannot predict it with 100% perfect accuracy. And setting aside the mortals involved, in both Scadrial and Roshar you have two Shards that live in the Spiritual Realm fighting, and it's probably their vantages (and perception based changes to the timeline) that are the most difficult to work around. Compared to the aitum shadows of a Shard, the short-term insight of Allomancy or the reflexive and uncontrolled visions of Renarin are probably a lot easier to plan around.
  8. Somehow I dont think it is what you think it is...
  9. This WOB implies that he might have had Help, which always seemed like the simplest explanation to me, if not necessarily the most likely.
  10. On point that used to trip me up is whether that Annotation is saying he uses his Wielder's Definition of Evil, or if he's using his Creator's definition and just letting his Wielder do the measuring. I think it's saying the latter, that his Creator has a nebulous (probably unconscious) idea of what Evil was but no clearly stated or reasoned definition, but since Nightblood doesnt get the distinction fundamentally he lets the Wielders reaction/interpretation of that Imperative.
  11. As far as we can tell, a Perpendicularity will form naturally on any planet where a Shard is in Residence, unless they take conscious steps to do something else with it, like put it in a storm or something. The Pits would have started working again and producing Atium after enough time, had Ati survived. The Well was the other one, and would have in theory worked for a Perpendicularity once it filled back up. We dont have any confirmed details of the Perpendicularities in Era 2, including whether there is one or two of them. Sazed moved enough landscape that it could be anywhere in theory. We know both K&N and Hoid have managed to get on and off world, which implies that one is working, or else they've both found a new means of worldhopping. There a broadsheet that mentions a woman coming across a perfectly blue pool somewhere in the mountains in the Southern Roughs, and a sudden appearance of a strange figure by the pool. This is the best bet we have for a Perpendicularity in Era 2. The Counter-argument is that the source of Harmonium is obviously somewhere in the South, and at least in Era 1 both God-metals formed right there at the perpendicularity.
  12. Harmony is aware that some other Shardic force is actively blocking him (the Red Haze) and he knows a foreign Shard has given out foreign Godmetal Spikes. He may not have figured out exactly which Shard is behind the Trell events on Scadrial, but I strongly suspect he would be able to Recognize the Shard if and when he interacts with them. I dont think one Shard would be able to disguise their nature well enough in the Spiritual Realm. Given that, and assuming that Trell can communicate to or monitor their spiked Agents in Scadrial, I think it's a safe bet by this point in Era2 that Trell knows things are getting more Overt.
  13. Well, Breed a god
  14. 100% In-world logic/Theory: Forgery appears to support the idea of quantifiable Alternate Timelines, given that the effectiveness and the amount of Investiture required varies based on how far from "true" the revision is. However, only the present shared Truth/Timeline is actually manifested as an existence with a Cognitive and Physical Realm, using and as a result of the sum total of Investiture in the Cosmere. Emitting a complete, functioning set of Realms would, I think, take a matching amount of Investiture to the Cosmere itself. This would take all the Investiture of Adonalsium that was shattered, PLUS all the Investiture that was tied up in the Cosmere's functioning existence back in his time (which probably matches what's floating about today, hard to say).
  15. Saw this float through today, fwiw: EDIT: The other source of a lot of what is out there is from various Kickstarter campaigns, but those are more limited time, limited run stuff.