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  1. Haha, that's perfect!
  2. I agree in spirit but Im drawing a blank on what you are referring to with Syl?
  3. EVERYONE! Go watch Peacemaker. You will not regret it. Well, unless you make the mistake of watching it with any children in the room. Lots of regrets there... But it's one of the best shows I've watched in a long time, and by a WIDE margin the best thing in the DCEU.
  4. This is where I land as well. I believe that it's possible, because he is still alive and capable of choices. I'd even say I believe it's possible because Brandon is one of the most talented writers around and I think it's within his skill to do it in a satisfying way. I have no idea what that would look like, how many books worth of developments it would take, or if he'd live many moments past whatever did it (Self-sacrifice is a classic for this sort of turn-around). And I dont know if it would be more satisfying than other outcomes (comeuppance, etc)
  5. I see where you're coming from, but I took that as less Im not sure why I started spoiler-tagging this line of conversation, in retrospect. Do we need it?
  6. I still think he's a great foil to Kaladin, as the example of the opposite path. Im actually really curious to see where things go with his new blindness and his apparent connection to the mysterious El, bearing El's former title. Also I think El is , which if true opens a lot of interesting plot paths.
  7. This is kinda where I land I think, too, honestly. The liquid in the shardpools is the most dense and least controlled of all the forms of Investiture. Raw Injection, especially raw physical injection seems too random of an act with too powerful a substance to be safe. But to be honest, I cant decide if it would be better or worse to find a way to inject it directly into the spiritweb, via hemalurgy or a raysium dagger, etc. EDIT: For that purpose, Im pretty sure the best option out there is Lerasium, since it permanently rewrites spiritwebs directly. I have no idea how to go about manipulating the effects wiht any precision though. My best guess at this point is that you'd want to Invest other metals (through Hemalurgy, Feruchemy, or Awakening) and then alloy that charged metal with Lerasium to make the changes directly to the spiritweb.
  8. Except it apparently didn't. The guy Intended to die, but somehow made it through the Dor and safely to Roshar instead. He intended to Die, but I suppose that could be pretty close to "Travel onward" and be the trigger for the worldhop.
  9. The only time we've seen this happen to a living person, they appeared to dissolve but actually Worldhopped and eventually settled in a lighthouse. It might actually be difficult to stall that process and just soak in it.
  10. Harmony's is likely highly volatile compared to the average shardpool, so Im going to guess the average person would be overwhelmed by the conflicting powers and either destroyed or stasis preserved, depending on which side won out.
  11. They were a status symbol for the wealthy elite. Historically wealthy elite do not take kindly to what they view as "imposters" and take their status symbols very seriously. In that sort of social structure, they are critical to maintaining the caste structure.
  12. No real evidence, but if you already had one and spiked the ability in addition, I think it would pool (like allomantic abilities, for example) and give you a bigger and/or denser Gemheart, rather than two. Same as how spiking Senses increases them but does not grow new body parts.
  13. Maybe, probably, it's tenuous, he'd have to think about it:
  14. We learned in RoW that the Surge Fabrials are created by convincing sapient spren to voluntarily manifest physically as crystal and Metal in the shape of the appropriate fabrial, something "Enlightened" and/or Void Spren are generally not willing to do (per Rabonel). While we dont know what the limits and requirements are from a Spren racial standpoint, its implied that they are made from the same nine Radiant spren species (excluding Bondsmiths per WoB), which makes the most likely candidates (if not the only possibilities) to be Highspren and Honorspren. Honorspren as a society have shown themselves a bit split on how to support the war effort, with a fear of the Radiant Bond and Deadeyes being the biggest apparent factor. Maya and The Trial upended all that, but I dont think the Fear in individuals will go away as quickly. Becoming a Surge Fabrial seems a decent middle ground for those that want to support the War effort against Odium but do now want to risk the Radiant Bond.
  15. Yes, but the key there is Consent (as with so many things). There's a difference between being housed in a Gem and Imprisoned in a gem; the former is natural for them, the latter is always a violation of the one that is being held against their will. They had no problem with Fabrials that were spren who Chose to manifest, and their systems use a lot of discrete fabrial systems that presumably used other spren (since those worked without the Sibling). For Spanreeds, I suspect they will find a spren that doesnt mind and/or isnt harmed by the process (fire seems the most compatible), or else find a different mechanism to base them on (Connection, most likely). The other uses like the 4th bridge are "easier" in that we can readily see them being replaced by Gravitation Fabrials. Which are more likely after Adolin's trial, I would think. Agreed. Fabrial development wont stop, it will just need to become more humane. That's happened a lot in real world history with "tools" that are actually domesticated animals.