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  1. You are saying that odium took a singer and a voidspren and together made a Fused. I'm saying I don't think there was a separate voidspren involved, just the singer soul being warped. The reason I think the distinction is important (and this is just theory) is that Odium's a whole pattern and development over the desolations seems to be him trying to Invest as little of his own power as possible, presumably since that makes it more difficult to leave Roshar. The Fused are some of his earliest creations fromback in the first generation of the migration when the Heralds were made, and the only reason I can think of for him to use mortal souls as a raw material instead of just making splinter spren like H&C do would be to reduce his Investment.
  2. The arent bonded to a VoidSpren so much as they were themselves made into spren-like Cognitive shadow. They didnt bond a spren, they became one.
  3. Keep in mind that Scadrial was created whole in relatively recent times even ignoring all the later meddling by Sazed and/or TLR. It was more or less blinked into existence with a fully developed ecosystem and sentient population. So even if a Natural planet needs to have that sort of history and/or evolutionary sweet-spot to generate the right fossil fuels, they could still easily exist on Scadrial if they were part of the earth-likePlanet template used by Ati and Leras (and assumed to be Yolen). Agreed. Steel requires Carbon, but coal is far from the only viable source for that, historically or practically. Coal's real benefit was that it could pull double duty as both the carbon and heat source, and usually do it better than Charcoal (and without additional energy and labor costs to make the charcoal from plant matter). Nah, those instances of meddling by the Lord Ruler and Sazed are within the last 1300 years or so, no where near the geologic timeframes needed to naturally generate fossil fuels.
  4. Hehe, that was my first thought too, honestly, until Venli clarified the firebrand bit. I like to think of it as a very Punny "both"
  5. Well that answers that, Per Venli there are nine "Brands" (as in Branding Iron) of Fused, and the Thunderclast and Unmade are both considered something above Fused tier entirely.
  6. Good point. I would be extremely surprised if there were multiple Steel alloys with different effects, that would essentially be making new and separate metals, which I would assume to run counter to this whole thematic tie-in to the metallic arts. I think your other suggestion more likely, that there is some additional trick required to make the spren Repel it's own associated Essence; perhaps it takes an additional Cognitive Metal in addition to Steel for the Physical effect, to reverse/Suppress the Spren's innate Essence association.
  7. And in another seeming confirmation of the cosmere-wide thematic consistence of the Allomantic metal effects, we have confirmation that Iron is the key to Attractors, and it sounds like they simply have not discovered the correct Steel alloy to make Repellers, though they know it would be theoretically possible.
  8. What you describe as "Pathways" sound a whole lot like Spiritual Connection as we know it.
  9. We know that there is something qualitatively different going on with Fabrials that mimic actual Surges directly (Soulcasters, ReGrowth, etc.) Ive been wondering recently if the trick to these is that you have to take the lesser spren version (ie windspren for Honorspren) and externally inject so much Investiture into them that they are semi-promoted to full Sentient spren. In other words, Spren normally go to Honor/Stormfather to create new spren naturally, but this would be a sort of incomplete spren-clone made by artificially mimicking that process.
  10. Well, I was honestly thinking the most likely candidates to take notice of Scadrial's emergence were Spren, since two of the know regions bordering Scadrial are Rosharan. As far as who "determines" that Scadrial was Artificial, I personally dont think it matters too much, given all the reasonable in-world explanations available. Any witnesses (spren, dragons, hoid,etc) alive at the time of Scadrial's emergence could logically figure out that it was not natural because of the way it spontaneously appeared in defiance of all natural processes, with an all new and fully formed sentient population. Per the Traveller short Frost/Dragons should have ways to keep watch remotely (he was remotely aware of Leras and Ati's passing). Or one of the two founding Shards might have told some mortals, or one of the other Visiting Shards over the years could have. It's also entirely possible that the way everything on Scadrial is suffused with P/R investiture to a highly unusual (possibly unique) degree is scientifically observable to those with the right sensitivities, which may or may not involve any academic understanding. And since it's also possible to use Investiture and the Spiritual realm to peer into something's past, such a process would reveal a sharp threshold before which nothing there had a past. These are all just examples, but without more (ie "ANY") information on the groups around back then or their actual historic capabilities, I cant form a particular opinion or favorite. On a more general note I really dont think should assume that the only entities interested in basic exploration are going to be academics, let alone that Silverlight is the only such entity. I personally think that whomever is behind the interplanetary caravans (probably not a monolithic group) would be the most likely and the most motivated to find, explore, and map a new planet. And not for research or academic understanding so much as immediate economic opportunity. In other words, you might get your rich British explorers that sponsor expeditions to Africa so they can Name a mountain after themselves (but then return home to their estates), and then you get the sort of explorers who found and explored the "New World" on the simple hope that something New and Unexplored would provide opportunity (or escape).
  11. Why does it have to be Silverlight? They are not the only Cognitive Realm population by any means.
  12. Huh? The "Expanses" we are talking about are the Cognitive Realm regions of inhabited planets. The "Expanse of Vapors" for example, is Scadrial. The physical realm "expanses of space" arent reflected much in the Cognitive realm, since nothing sapient lives there to observe and/or ponder it. They technically exist, but are wildly compressed.
  13. The Sense of Pain is confirmed to a valid thing to store. You may or may not be able to separate Thermal Sense from the more general sense of touch, I couldnt say. Sense of Balance seems entirely legit to me. Sense of Direction might work for a creature that has an actual external sensory input (like birds that have biological compasses) but for the average human a "sense" of direction is more about spacial relations and memory capabilities, which are probably more of a Zinc thing. Cosmere examples:
  14. I recollected it being far less than that, my mistake. Oh, ok I see where you are going with this. That's a good question and I dont have a definitive answer to it, other than to assume/believe that the existence of world-hoppers at all implies that it's a surmountable challenge. Given that the Perpendicularity are described as the equivalent of Gravity Wells, I would personally expect there to one or more technological solutions to that, some Investiture Compass/Sunstone/Starchart equivalent that would point to the nearest Perpendicularity. Taldain Sand, for example, though I dont know what sort of range it would have. For what it's worth, anything that exists in the Cognitive Realm can probably be assumed to have some knowledge of and/or access to Investiture, since that's Food to the natives and is needed to make the trip for any Physical being. Investiture is all you need for both those things, didnt Hoid use a local ghost and an invested Oar?
  15. It may be a problem that solves itself: Lingual drift tends to happen as the generations rise and fall. But if the population includes a sub-group that still actively speaks the "original" then it would be able to preserve the original forms before any significant shifts could anchor them in the main usage. They could still split, but it would need a more specific cultural trigger the make the rest want to actively separate themselves from the Elantrians (similar to the America's making changes to the English language, or the rise of "Oxford English" had social/caste implications. Had it lasted longer the Raod would have likely accomplished that sort of segregation. But as long as the Immortals are interacted with persistently enough the rest of the population shouldnt have lingual drift large enough to make communication difficult; at most they will have the typical generational slang and maybe regional accents.