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  1. The short version is that Nobody actually knows all the details or implications of the Oathpact. Right now we only know a few details for certain. We know that the Oathpact is related to Odium being trapped in the rosharan system but that "[Odium's] being bound is greater than the Oathpact." We know that the Heralds were alive and still human at the time of the great migration. We knwo that part of it involved Honor empowering ten Humans to become Heralds. We know that the pattern they were stuck in was to return to Roshar, fight Odium's forces, and then die and return to Braize where they were eventually found and tortured by odium's forces there, and that should any of them break under the torture they would all return to fight another desolation on Roshar.
  2. Another line between Human and Construct might be the point after which you can no longer breed and make more Humans. Kolos where definitely incapable until Harmony made some intentional tweaks, and mistwraiths/Kandra even more so. Not sure where the average Inquisator fell on that spectrum, though.
  3. The Heralds should probably make the list, on account of them being relatively lynchpin elements to Rayse's imprisonment and all of them being entirely kookoo. Ishar in particular, as I have fairly high expectations for what a Bondsmith should be able to do, and one that is entirely unhindered by Oaths who happens to also be known as Binder of Gods is likely something that can do damage on a pretty wide scale.
  4. fused

    On one hand that would make sense. On the other hand that would imply something akin to a stomach and Investiture digestive process; which seems odd to me but then even Nightblood gets overloaded and Drunk on Investiture when he eats too much. The alternative is that they are perpetually hungry and will swell to however much Investiture is available, but if nothing else that makes them pretty damnation dangerous. That's a great datapoint! So it sounds like the Larkin is only able to eat static, stored Investiture, not that tied up in a being. Since you just reviewed the scene, any mention of it eating any sort of kinetic Investiture effect (an active Surge or anything) or for that matter feeding directly from the Perpendicularity? It's starting to sound like they only eat stored investiture (in a person or a gem).
  5. fused

    It's possible that Larkin have difficulty eating spren, particularly the more sapient spren that appear to be proportionally more Invested. On the other hand, it's possible that Spren have simply learned to avoid larkin like the embodiment of Investiture death that they are, purely as a survival adaptation. Between the bond and the internal nature of the Gemheart, I think you are probably right. I do wonder if they could suck one out of a Fabrial though. If so, a larkin might even be able to eat a trapped UnMade, which has some serious tactical implications.
  6. fused

    Almost certainly less Invested compared to sapient spren at least, insofar as that scale goes. I suppose I expect that if larkin can suck the spren out of a fabrial (do we have an example of this?), there's a reasonable chance they could get sucked out of the Singers (or greatshells, etc). Unless the gemheart bond Form change offer some Identity-based protection against Investiture effects the same way plate does, which is entirely possible. Although now that I say that, being inside a Singer might be enough protection all on it's own, if we look at pushing on metal inside a person as an example.
  7. Deep change in attitude and access to Stormlight. Jury's out on whether Regrowth would still work years after the initial injury.
  8. I took this as a reference to how Dalinar faces a similar time-constraint when he uses his surges to repair an inanimate object, not a referenc to his own generic Radiant healing, but I could easily be wrong. This makes sense too, in that I fully expect her to be unable to heal herself even if she became radiant. To be clear the theory is that Self-image will still override and prevent healing if the person has accepted it, regardless of time. It's just that, per the passage you quoted, Regrowth used on somebody else seems to also be limited to recent injuries.
  9. Hemalurgy is really just a process that lets you Frankenstein together pieces of Spiritweb into different forms for different purposes, and Kolos where simply one specific and often repeated design built for gross physical strength, basically shock troops. Inquisitors were built for a different purpose, and with more variation, but tended to be more about consolidating Metallic Arts abilities. There's no realy tipping point, they are just different designs (Tanks vs...I dunno...Helicopters?)
  10. fused

    Oh, damnation, ya that kills it, at least for that instance. Im still curious what would happen to a normal Singer, if a Larkin could eat the Spren out of their gemheart and force them out of their form.
  11. From what Ive seen, I think she can only do the Capture bit with what she actually Observes, and still has to engage her own normal artistic skill for any 'photoshopping' (either changes or additions) which would then filter back to the cognitive bead of the drawing at the normal pace. Though I suppose it's possibly that she could learn to include alterations with the initial capture; I dont know if she's even ever actually tried, she seems to treat the ability purely as a mental Polaroid. Even that was a matter of days though, whereas Lopen had been missing an arm for years. Renarin was healing enough folks at the hospital to run into a bunch of people and correlate the ones he couldnt heal to those that had been injured longest, and I find it a little hard to believe that it was all due to that many people just accepting their new situation unusually quickly and coincidentally being the earliest injuries. Given how so many of the other investiture functions work, it makes sense to me that there would be a functional difference between healing yourself with your own investiture and Slef-image, versus infusing somebody else with Investiture to get it done.
  12. I agree, though it makes me a little sad since it sounds like it's mostly a Doylistic choice, but I cannot figure out any in-world reason why Allomancy would create savants but Compounded Feruchemcy would not. I can understand why normal feruchemy wouldnt do it, because the raw quantities of Investiture are lower and more naturally limited, but the whole point of Compounding is that you are getting Allomantic quantities that are just converted to Feruchemical flavors.
  13. fused

    Any Shard is (for all practical purposes) Infinite in their total energy, so Voidlight is going to be so just like Allomantic preservation Power, the Dor, etc. But just like all the other examples we know, it takes a Connection, a Conduit, to get that energy from the Spiritual Realm to the Physical. So far that has either been a finite Connection directly back to the Shard (like Allomancy), the Storm for Honor, or the natural realmic Connection within a person for Feruchemy or Breaths. Honestly I think the best explanation for the Larkin v. Fused instance is even simpler: The larkin simply Ate the cognitive shadow right out of the host. The Fused ARE Investiture, they are just cognitive Shadows riding piggyback on Singer bodies while inhabiting their Gemheart, so they'd be just as vulnerable to a Larkin's appetite as inert stormlight sitting in a gem, or any spren for that matter. Which, now that I think about it, likely means that a Larkin could forcibly remove a Singer's Form by eating the spren that was residing in their Gemheart.
  14. It's worth noting that she doesnt destroy all heraldic religious stuff, she is specifically destroying images of herself and usually leaves the rest intact. That could be a giult thing, but Ive seen decent theories that it is specific to her madness. The idea is that all the herald's madness is an inversion of their associated Attributes, and she was the Herald of Beauty, known for Creativity and Honesty, who is now sneaking around destroying all records of her own appearance.
  15. That comparison doesnt fit, the steel is just more fuel, ie more stormlight, but still using a single Shardic Connection to channel the power (a Connection to Preservation for allomancy, or a Nahel Bond to a Spren). Having a second Spren and thus a second whole Nahel bond would be more akin to when a mistborn gets extra power after receiving a Spike of allomancy on top of their own existing abilities; they're getting two separate conduits to channel the power. So long as all three (two spren and radiant) agree on their interpretation of their Order's Oaths, their wouldnt be any conflict, same as if they were of different orders.