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  1. This is the camp Im in at the moment as well. Much in the way it was Honor (and I assume Cultivation equally) that facilitated Spren procreating before Honor granted that to the Stormfather, I think it was the Shards (or in the case of Honor his current Proxy), that accepted Oaths. I dont think Odium has yet had the opportunity to accept a proper Voidbringer Oath (and Im entirely uncertain if they will have their own Words). But I do think it's something that the new management may come around to...
  2. Happy Birthday, Quantus! 

  3. HAHAHA! Them: Survivor! Him: Dont Call Me That Them: Yes, Sovereign Him: Dont call me that Either! Them: Yes, Lord Master Him: Rust, this is getting out of Hand. Them: Yes! Hand of Harmony Him: NO! Them: Um, Um, Divine...ah...cyclops? Him: Oh for the love of the... Are you going to help at all? Marsh: Hehehehhehehehe, *sigh* Dont look at me, this is all your fault.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Agreed. Im guessing it will manifest with a UnMade/Bondsmith equivalent, Sja-Anat herself being the most obvious option right now, with (in my mind) the theoretical Spren of the Everstorm being right behind her. I so strongly suspect Progression is Cultivation's Pure Surge, fwiw.
  6. I agree with the above. Elantris first would be my recommendation because that would put them in increasing quality order. But either way you wont miss anything but the most obscure easter egg style connections between the two, despite being on the same planet.
  7. F-Bendalloy Compounding could theoretically negate the need for food and water stores for the crew, if it's in an unSealed form (Im picturing something integrated to the ship itself); all it requires is the metal store, which a) burns at a pretty slow rate and b) can be created whole with other magic systems (which may be available by era4). I believe there is also a WOB (cant find it) that Bendalloy could theoretically be used to "store" waste just like it does food or water, and by era4 there might be some way to convert the resulting investiture into some other useful metal's frequency.
  8. Entirely possible, though sometimes the place that you think is locked down the most is the one you loose sight of. I cant wait to get a look at his side of the curtain, and what's he's really up to...
  9. Right, and the whole point of that part of the WOB is that the organization is loose and semi-autonomous enough that it can attract some far less savory and disciplined when they are outside the radius of his immediate manipulation. He would not be the first or last leader to loose his grip on the office culture when his organization grows and spreads, and as his attention is diverted elsewhere. But Im getting nervous at the direction of this conversation, given we're in the Mistborn section. @vonnegut, where are you in the spoiler-spectrum of the rest of the Cosmere? Would you be open to moving this conversation to a broader, more spoilery section? I dont want to derail your thread, and certainly dont want to spoil anything for you.
  10. Id say that is not guarentee'd if/where he is not directly overseeing things:
  11. Agreed. And given how trace dietary metals were some of Vin's early source, it seems possible that they could burn their "natural" iron reserves in an emergency, at least until anemia sets in. Sort of a magic/Iron equivalent of a starving person's body eating their own muscle mass.
  12. Short version is that you dont need to worry about it too much, people here are very easy-going overall. I dont think anyone is going to bite your head off for asking a question or broaching a topic they've heard before. Worst case Ive seen is people just post a summary list of the similar discussion topics so they dont have to rehash. The policy says necro-posting is frowned upon, but I think that's more to say that you shouldnt feel bad about starting a new thread instead of continuing some long-standing super-thread. Nobody is likely to call you on reviving a necro-thread, and the time I did (jokingly, I swear) the mod's told me to leave it be, and that really old topics get locked anyway. Official response here:
  13. Or Iron, but yes they arent able to see normally and need to burn to see the lines, it's not a permanent/constant effect.
  14. Precisely, anything involving just Unkeyed metalminds is going to be too limited to grant Compounding; one way or another they'd only have half the Hack. UnSealed should do it if you get a matched pair, though the nicrosil eventually runs out so it's not as permanent a solution as Spikes. For example, somebody had spiked F-Aluminum into Miles, he could then produce essentially infinite UnKeyed Gold Metalminds. A Gold Ferring could tap them as if the metalminds were their own to Heal, but could not Compound more. A Gold Misting could Burn them to get LOTS of Healing, and could likely learn to throttle and Flair as other metals, but could not ReStore any of that to Compound and keep the supply going. This implies that cutting the metalmind would not be very viable without additional steps:
  15. If it's UnKeyed it is a metalmind that anyone With the Relevant Ability can access. So for the purposes of Compounding, a kind of specific combination of powers can fill them, but then anyone with the relevant Allomantic ability should be able to burn it and get a burst of the Feruchemical trait. I dont think that last person still needs to be a proper twinborn, since the UnKeyed metalmind has no Identity to restrict it. So for example any Gold Misting should be able to burn an Unkeyed Metalmind and heal. I think.... An UnSealed Metalmind grants you the ability itself, but the other base metal (the Tin or Gold or whatever) is just included in the medallion itself for convenience, and simply holding it gives you the ability to fill other random chunks as metalminds just as any normal Ferring would. So burning a metalmind would work as normal, and burning the metal in the actual coin would be kind of wasteful but might not actually break it functionally.