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  1. Short Order Cooks should absolutely be Sliders: literal Instant Gratification! Ditto for portrait Painters.
  2. Have you finished Oathbringer yet?
  3. By era three Medaillions might be common enough that this sort of sport could be possible. The trick wouldnt necessarily be about finding twinborn players but rather finding talented players and having a Team Owner with pockets deep enough to provide a team's worth of relevant paired Medallions. Natural-born Twinborns would then be a source of additional hype, but would not be a requirement. And secret Spikes would be the PED's of the league.
  4. The difference as I see it is that Shardblades Cut the Spiritual aspect, damaging it enough to kill the person, but the Investiture that makes up the Spiritweb is otherwise left Alone. Nightblood, by contrast, directly Absorbs the Investiture of what it attacks (or it's wielder if nothing else is available), so after the damage is done the pieces are then trapped. So in the case of the fused the shadow can be reconstituted by the Everstorm because the peices are availible, but those killed by Nightblood are then trapped at least as well as a Perfect Gem would. That still leaves the separate and perpetually unanswered Question of what, if any, distinction there is between the Spiritweb and the Soul that goes Beyond (if "Beyond" even exists).
  5. You are both Awesome, thanks a ton. When I suggested that the Ten Cities where originally from Ashyn, I was imagining the same thing @Karger was suggesting, which was the idea that they used the Oathgates to transport the entire city. While I was suggesting that the Cities were originally the Ashyn Flying Cities and had been brought here as part of the Migration, I was still imaging some sort of teleportation effect, not Bubble-Doming the cities off for a Spaceship migration through the Physical Realm. But if they already had mobile cities as well as enough Surgebinding and realmic knowledge to make Oathgate-esk tech, it doesnt seem like a huge leap that they might use those cities as realmic life-rafts for their planet's fleeing population.
  6. Awesome. I really appreciate it, thanks.
  7. If nothing else it might mitigate that particular downside of habitual Bendalloy use: Sliders should all be older than the chronological time since their birth; use it a lot over the course of their lifetime and they are going to grow old and die early.
  8. No luck. Do you have a link to the WOB that you mentioned? That's honestly what interests me more, if it shot the theories themselves down
  9. I think they'd get away with it fine if they were up-front about it. As in Signs and probably having the Rioters/Soothers visible and readily identifiable. Seems to me like an Informed Consent sort of thing.
  10. Oof, you're right. Sorry, I need to read more carefully, thought it was asking about Axies directly.
  11. Me too, I dont think Ive ever seen that particular thought before. Cool, I hadnt heard the theory before, let alone a WOB addressing it. Do you have a link?
  12. Oh, in that setting certainly. Politicians and public speakers too, I would think. I got the sense it was frown upon to Sooth/Riot people without their knowledge, but was relatively acceptable in curcumstances where it was expected, like a concert or political rally
  13. Axis is the only Siah Aimian we've been introduced to so far. While I couldnt say that being such would disqualify him from being a Herald as well, I think from a literary standpoint he's unique enough already.
  14. True, but we're talking about the back half of Stormlight, which if Im not mistaken is going to happen a good bit down the road in terms of overall cosmere publication timeline. We know there will be heaving worldhopping in Scadrial era4, and a decent chance at it playing a role in Era3. Besides that Roshar is really the only other one with established worldhopping with all the Shadesmar spren civilization and trade routes (and whatnot). Worldhopping is going to have to start playing a bigger role, if only to give a chance to establish its rules before things start to really get moving on endgame story lines. For the record Im not saying it's all that likely, but I do think it would be a very fun and interesting twist.
  15. Therapists yes, and I think they said there were recreational bars/clubs/dens for that too, but wasnt there mention of it being illegal to use emotional allomancy on shop customers? Perfect Pitch (ie. Absolute Pitch) is technically something different that cant really be learned (at least in the real world) so it would be qualitatively different than the basic Increased Hearing Sensitivity that Allomancy grants. It would still likely help with music and possibly increase their relative pitch capabilities, but on the flip side they'd likely have difficulty performing in any loud environments, so small crowds only.