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  1. All Aon's are drawn by starting with a single Aon "Aon" and then adding more shapes, usually at least one more Aon, other abstract shapes, occasionally specific other geographic features). But since Raoden only had to draw a single Chasmline to make Elantris' Aon Rao work again, I think it only needs to be added to that first foundational Aon, note every additional one. Aon Eno is another good example, it include a single instance of the River squiggle, even though it's built of four Aon Aon's. Ditto with Aon Mea and the weird Life density mark corresponding to a fertile valley, even though it's built of six Aon Aon's.
  2. Based on some of his other statements about individuals with odd sensory things (like color blind or synesthesia with Heightenings), it would depend on whether the person had lost their sight or never had it. If they'd lost it I think they're they're likely to get a visual version of the Steelsight, but if they had never known sight and had no cognitive reference for it (which is more often the case with the dream example he mentioned) I think they'd get the information in some sensory framework they had (auditory would be my guess). EDIT: An interesting question worth asking if anyone gets the chance: Could a congenitally blind person receive some form of Metal-sense through a spike in the ear?
  3. Agreed, we'd need an isolated population that had Lerasium seed Mistborn but no Lerasium Mistings to muddy the generational progression and dilution down from strong mistborn to weak to mistings only.
  4. I don't think "Lerasuim Mistborn" have any set strength advantage just for being first generation from the metal, it all has to do with how much Lerasium you get. A sliver of it would make a very weak mistborn, but they'd still be a Lerasium Mistborn (technically).
  5. Shardblades and shardplate are both the same general alloy of Tanavastium and Koravellium per WOB and can be considered the same thing. Honorblades were long believed to be pure Honor (and an older WOB said as much), but with RoW the fact that they can apparently grant a Pure Surge of Cultivation implies she was involved and/or supporting her mate in the effort.
  6. Unless there ends up being something extra special about the Honorblades that makes them burn differently (as a Feruchemcially charged metal, which they resemble) the easiest source of godmetals is broken Plate. You can easily break pieces off (compared to the practically invulnerable blades), and then use it as a distillation machine to turn Stormlight into Godmetals. I think we will eventually learn if/how Honorblades can be repaired, and what that looks like might illuminate all this.
  7. There are conflicting WOB's on whether you can burn non-Scadrian Godmetals without other steps to make it work. But from there, we cant really say since all metals have different burn rates. A bag of Atium beads was enough for Marsh to compound a few centuries of youth before it ran out, but that's our only actual example of Burning a Godmetal. But as far as I know there is no known way to make Allomancy burn metals without getting them inside you, any more than you can make Hemalurgy work without insertion; the Inward/Outward divide is pretty fundamental to the metallic arts.
  8. It is but the regrown soul is not the same per WOB, and in the case of memories the Investiture hard drive sector could be regrown but the pattern would be lost (similar to that Breath Memory encoding/forgetting trick from Warbreaker).
  9. I dont think it would augment anything if you implanted it, but I think the only way to "Steal" the ability to do Hemalurgy would be to use Copper to steal the memories of how to use it. But they Die in the process so it might be moot.
  10. There are limits to how much actual Investiture a given piece of physical matter can hold (and it's likely to be less than the equivalent Godmetal made of pure Investiture). You cannot fit a shard in a spike of non-astronomical size. Burning "literal tones" of compounded Nicrosil wont do it. I think at best those sorts of methods might Connect you enough to grab the Shard when it's temporarily unClaimed (as with that Ire sphere). But if taking up the entire Well of Ascension could not take a Shard away from it's previous owner, nothing in the reach of single Allomancer/Compounder is likely to be able to pull it off before their Spiritweb is Savanted into Oblivion.
  11. It's probably the weirdest one, but within the bounds of the Metallic Arts: Attribute. Attributes are the things Ferrings store, Powers are the ability to do the storing (or the ability to burn a metal).
  12. Eventually yes, probably around the WoR Kickstarter if nothing else. Leatherbound restocks tend to happen when they go back to the printers for something else/new, but I dont think we have any actual release dates. Reprints of WoK may or may not have all the same "upgraded" features that were Kickstarter stretch goals (slip case, upgraded leather, etc).
  13. A lot will depend on the actual capabilities of Division, and maybe what sort of Resonances the Skybreakers get with it and Gravitation. For example, I strongly suspect the Lightning powers of Stormform are an application of the Division Surge. If that's both true and a power that Radiants can replicate, that sort of ranged attack will give the Skybreakers an decent advantage and a better chance to hammer through the Windrunner's shardplate.
  14. The Dawnchant is the language of the ancient Singers and is "the root of the Dawnate language family, consisting of the Shin, Parshendi, and Horneater languages. While the vocabulary of these languages varies greatly, they share similar grammar.[2]" I think the language of the immigrants just became the basis for some/most of the other languages still floating around (potential world-hopping alien influences notwithstanding). But Language overall wouldnt have been an insurmountable barrier for them, they'd have been using a lot of Connection shenanigans to understand each other. The Immigration and the first War and Fused and whatnot all happened within a single generation, so culturally things were moving very quickly.
  15. Leecher/Feruchemist, but that's making a lot of my own assumptions on how Fortune (and Fortune Compounding) might work, but i suspect it would make at least as hard to kill as a a bloodmaker. Gold might be the only other thing in the running at all.