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  1. A couple years back they released audio recordings of his show as a sleep aid on a mediation app called Calm. In an interview from teh 90's he (not at all surprisingly) described the fact that people used his show s for relaxation instead of arts and crafts as a "Happy accident". https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/06/bob-ross-the-joy-of-painting-recast-as-bedtime-audio-series-to-help-you-sleep/t
  2. I kind of think of it in the opposite direction, that there is no reason that they would all get them, since the Orders are based on the Heralds and the none of the heralds got Squires even when their associated Order does. And there is similar precedent, as in the case of the Bondsmiths where they have never gotten Shardblades:
  3. There are plenty of relatively unique spren, the argument could be made that ll sapient spren are unique, but even Cusiceshis specifically of a lower tier than the godspren: Per the WOB I linked, they do not all have squires:
  4. The short answer is we dont know yet. WOB says that "For most orders, squire were knights radiant potentially in training", but not all of them and "Many stayed squires forever and that was okay" And that "Some orders dont have them". As far as how it was "seditious" rather than impossible for there to be more than Three Bondsmiths, the most popular theory as far as Im aware is that there are only three normal Godspren of a level that can make a Bondsmith, but that an UnMade might also be able to serve that role, making a Voidbinder Bondsmitth (which would be crazy powerful and scary). Personally I think there are even odd that Sja-Anat might go this route, if she is sincere about defecting to Dalinar's side.
  5. No such thing as a "wrong" way to enjoy fiction
  6. Two things, First, this is an interesting line of thought. One way around the Identity issue is to directly Spike their Identity with a Duralumin Spike, which would give you compatibility with any/all of their metalminds and (assuming you can simultaneously spike more than one thing from a single victim) their Spikes. At the very least that gets you around the WIlling Participant issue, though not the pacifist moral issue. The other thing from the OP, the Kandra arent necessarily dwindling like that. While it's true that the knowledge of how to make new Kanda spikes is all but lost (Harmony knows how, and Kelsier might as well), the Blessings are the only limiting factor so their numbers can remain constant so long as they are not loosing/destroying blessings. The Mistwraiths are (or at least were last time anyone saw them) a breeding race:
  7. Personally Im a big fan of the Loudred DJ's we saw in the Detective Pikachu movie. Healing magic is pretty obvious, would be great for hospitals, anything with the sleep spell (Jigglypuff, etc) would be a perfect cure for insomnia. Pretty sure plant pokemon could do some great things to aid farming production. Teams of Fire & ice pokemon can make all kinds of Power Generators, not to mention actual Electric types. Ghost pokemon raise all kinds of philosophic questions....
  8. I was about to buy a motorcycle off craiglist as a project to give me something to talk to my brother about, but cant because of the Stay-at-Home orders.
  9. Where did you see that? I thought it was just that he swapped the Bondsmith book (Dalinar) for the Szeth book (Skybreakers) in the sequence, but that Kaladin/Windrunners were always the 1st book.
  10. Agreed, it would depend on the method/nature of becoming a Cognitive shadow. The most general way to become a Cognitive Shadow is to get an infusion of investiture at the moment of death that extends the period of time that your spirit/soul/shadow (philosophically debatable) lingers before moving Beyond. That method would generally tie anchor you to the source of the Investiture that did it (Kelsier). Vasher can pull it off, but I think the critical difference is that he's been "stapled" onto a real physical body, rather than being a pure Investiture entity. The heralds's method seems like a bit of both, it locks them to the system even though they have bodies, but I think that has more to do with the Oathpact specifically, and since it's whoel point was to trap cognitive entities (Fused) to a particular place it makes sense that they'd be less free to roam. Especially as compared to Endowment, with philosophically is about /giving/ power that you are free to use, as opposed to Restricting behavior the way Oaths do.
  11. I think with a Leecher taken to the logical extreme, your theory does hold water. What the numbers would turn out to be, and how difficult would be to avoid chromium toxicity on your way to becoming a Savant, that would be hard to say for now (we're getting a Chromium character eventually, so we'll get more info then). But Leechers operate on the same general mechanism as Nightblood, and savantism is weird, so I dont know of any specific reason that it couldnt work. Might not work as fast as Nightblood does (even with duralumin), or so completely destroy in all three realms, but enough to kill might be in reach. One side note: Savantism is supposed to always have a downside, even if they havent always been presented that way. He's said that the Downsides were a very important part of is original intent with Savants, and that he feels like he's deviated from that too much from that original intent and may well backpedal on it some.
  12. I think the question is whether there were any Ducks included in that Import.
  13. Hard to say. There are Birds on Roshar, though they arent native to it, strictly speaking, and are mostly found in Shinovar. They are rare enough that all birds tend to get called "Chickens", even ones that would be more accurately described as parrots, so it's kind of hard to say whether any of them are actual Ducks by our definition. I dont think there has been any specific mention of an aquatic bird yet, but that may change once we get a better look at Shinovar itself.
  14. One more useful WOB:
  15. This. Something planetary sized like that would also likely require more Investiture than a mortal Spiritweb can handle without becoming a Sliver. It would be kinda like trying to use the Gravitation Surge to pull a moon out of the sky.