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  1. You'll want Elantris in the mix, too, forgot to mention; there have been cameo's. Emperors soul doesn't have any actual connections, but it's magic system gets into really interesting aspects of the cosmere's shared mechanics and the story is pretty often claimed as peoples favorite.
  2. I'd move Warbreaker up in the order, but then I love that book. That order will work as good as any. For what's left you're mostly connecting cosmere dots where you need both sides, so a lot won't come together until you read both sides of any given Easter egg.
  3. I could be wrong but I dont think that would work for the same reason you cant typically grab Breaths with a Spike: the Investiture involved is stored in the Physical realm and is not making changes to your Spiritweb directly.
  4. Breaths that are used up or "destroyed" return the spiritual and her, so it would be really hard for her to loose a significant portion of it. But assuming a store of them could be created and maintained enough to get an actual relevant chunk of the shard, it would be more or less like when the Lord Ruler took up the Well: Ascending to phenomenal cosmic power, Temporarily. But they presumably would not actually take the Shard from the current Vessel any more than the Lord Ruler did. Given enough time INvestiture can gain sentience, and given enough investitrue things can tend to become more sentient than otherwise. But Nightblood was Awakened with way more Intent and a specific Magic system. It doesnt appear that a physical Object is going to awaken to sentience on it's own (which do not have Spren or anything, that different). otherwise Sel would be talking by now. This worries me somewhat because of the following observation. Nightblood consumes Breath (and other Investiture, but let's limit ourselves to Breath for a second). Every person on Nalthis is born with one Breath. Populations tend to grow. Which means that under normal rules of demographics, population of Nalthis should keep increasing. This in turn means that under normal circumstances the number of people with Breath on Nalthis should be growing. I can see the following possible explanations to this: Endowment can give Breath to many more people than are currently living on Nalthis. So, the exponential population growth has not yet reached the level at which Endowment's ability to award a Breath to each Nalthis-born human is seriously challenged. When it happens though, things will not go well. There is some built-in mechanism controlling population growth on Nalthis, making certain that the population stays within the limits. Nightblood's consumption of Breath makes these limits smaller, and overall may lead to Endowment's inability to grant Breath to Nalthis-born, but not for a while (essentially, Endowment controls population trends at she sees fit). Thoughts? Brandon Sanderson Just as a point you should understand, the amount of MATTER in the cosmere is finite too. As is the amount of energy. Worrying that Endowment will run out of Breaths to give is a little like worrying that the amount of carbon on Earth will run out because people keep being born. uchoo786 So just for clarification, once Nightblood consumes investiture, that investiture gets recycled? That's what I've always assumed. That it enters the cognitive/spiritual realm? Brandon Sanderson The investiture he consumes is not gone forever--it's not leaving the system, so to speak. General Reddit 2015 (Dec. 14, 2015)
  5. Welcome! What's your favorite Sanderson work? No personal experience with it, but the top google response I got was:
  6. Good catch, yes, Warbreaker will explain Azure and Nightblood. Secret history is basically all the cosmere-relevant stuff that happened behind the scenes of mistborn Era 1.
  7. I think they can do Just about anything other Investiture can do, with enough Training and the appropriate Command (and the Intent of the mental images to guide it). It seems the most adaptable of the investitures, adapting and shedding Identity more readily than the others, moving freely to invest physical objects, and take Commands largely through pure Intent. I would not be at all surprised to find they could be used to charge any other source of Investiture with a relatively simple Command (ie. Charge a metalmind or gem, etc). It might take more mental gymnastics around the Commands but I suspect when taken to their Sci-fi extreme they will be able to mimic most other cosmere effects. We know they allow for Worldhopping, and it seems they can Connect you to the Local enough to get the language translation effect. We know they give a lot of benefits just by being Invested in the Physical form of a person (ie the Heighenings) which appear to be a direct linear scale of improvement for traits like Senses, Mental Intuition, Age, and Health, as well as more overall metaphysical Mass when it comes to overcoming other Investiture effects. TInfoil: I suspect they are a post-shattering Investiture manifestation that is mimicking the Dawnshards themselves, or at least the one of them. As far as I can see there are really only a few specific limitations to them: They need (and use up) Color to move, which is a mechanism we don't yet understand They struggle to effect non-organic materials far more than organic matter. "The nature of the Warbreaker magic is tied to the shard of Endowment, which is about giving. There are, therefore, things you cannot do for yourself." One example is healing yourself. (per WoB)
  8. More or less, though I dont imagine it as a Choice so much as that the Rosharan Gemheart ecosystem was designed as part of this pressure relief, and all the creatures of that world with gemhearts should be able to help that purpose. But you are right it would need a Sapient species to fully support a cognitive realm, which itself is entirely needed for the Spren to exist. The Singers in that light would be the alternative specifically conceived of and created because Humans (and presumably Dragons and Sho Dal) where not innately suitable. And probably needed the custom Spiritweb Expansion Slot that is the Gemheart.
  9. Friend! How ya been? He might be able to figure out a way with enough Connection Manipulation. He has the benefit of being a Sliver, so he should understand the realms better than most. And we know he does have access to Sel and it's magical Programming Languages, which probably have the most versatility and potential to customize that sort of Connection sufficiently. Also Im willing to bet Awakening could do it (based on the Ruin in Nightblood, whole other topic), you could make a Breath affect a purely cognitive entity (they might require a physical form to Invest?) Fwiw I dont think that sort of Connection would be a natural process on Scadrial, but then normally people dont become the sole focus of a dominant religion on the planet. That's the sort of thing that could have a significant effect on a planets Cognitive Realm, which in turn is what I think it would take to plug yourself into such a broad abstract concept for real power. On Roshar I would imagine the process being that either he (d)evolves into a spren that starts to take on those Connections through a combination of Choices, Self-Image, and the prevalence of Bonds that love to form on Roshar. Or else he'd attract and Bond some sort of primal Survivorspren and piggy-back the required Connections that way. Or he bribes a Bondsmith...
  10. Nicely presented! I too agree with the "What" but have a slightly different spin on the "Why": I think it's Intended as in Investiture Pressure Relief and/or Realmic Balancer. We know that Roshar functions that way now per WOB, which prevented some of the potential fallout from Honor's splintering. So maybe that's the intent and not a side effect. Maybe Adonalsium realized the use of Investiture/Darnshards/etc. was causing a realmic Imbalance and built a whole solar system intended provide a constant cycle of investiture through the realms, to give the Cosmere a way to reach and maintain an equilibrium state in spite of all the sapient futzing with the system was being done. Separate question is whether Adonlsium screwed something up bad before they made this to get the idea, whether the mortals noticed, and whether that had anything to do with deciding to go through with the Shattering.
  11. Stormlight 4 is probably one of the most Cosmere-aware books so far, so more than any other it had connections to several (most?) other Cosmere books. If you haven't already, Warbreaker should be your top priority to explain some things. Elantris will have a couple recognizable things in it too. I would probably say finish the available Mistborn before picking up Mistborn: Secret History just to avoid any potential impact of a couple cool reveals. Emperor's soul doesn't connect but is often cited as people's favorite story, so it's worth it at any time. The rest of the shorts are up to you, worth reading but less revelatory from a Cosmere plot perspective. All of this is my opinion, and this is a topic that lots of people have thoughts on.
  12. A Cognitive Shadow without a Body would need a constant supply of Investiture to maintain the existence. So I think his existence would become far more characterized by that constant need. "Survivor" would then become a little sour, more about endlessly post-poning the Beyond than about resisting the hazards of the world or however you see Survivorism. I dont think they are subject to the perception whims of the population the way abstract Spren are (and Im not sure that trait is even shared with the more similar Seons, to be honest). That appears to be to have more to do with the far more interconnected Investiture ecosystem of Roshar, at least to me. The Nightwatcher, for example, was made intentionally to lack that influence. I do think he would develop some various forms of mental health issues like any overly long-lived creatures (Heralds, Returned, Elantrians, etc).
  13. I dont think that will be the norm, or the historic direction of it. At most I think that will be the vector of Dalinar specifically as the first Bondsmith of Tanavast's ghost. But prior to that one was the Bondsmith of the Storm more than Honor itself, and the other two have even less direct association with Honor, and at least as much with Cultivation. But I also would be entirely accepting of the three Bondsmiths having more individualized Ideals that diverge from each other relative to the differences in their Spren.
  14. Yup:
  15. Melishi did the thing during the False Desolation, and I've been under the impression that their madness has been a more cumulative thing over the cycles that led to them abandoning the Oathpact and all that, as opposed to something that came afterward through Radiant interference.