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  1. I'm going too!
  2. At the Shadows of Self release, I told Alyx that she was crazy for liking Steris. Later, halfway through the book I stopped and said to myself, "Rust. She was right all along. Steris is awesome." So Feather, I guess I owe you an apology!
  3. She's living in the past so you won't last without the proper care

    1. A Joe in the Bush

      A Joe in the Bush

      I feel like I know that Line from somewhere. is that from a story?

    2. Newan


      It's from the song Nightmare Night. I listened to it like 20 times on Halloween.

  4. Why am I going to wear glasses with cloth over them for Halloween? Because it will be Spooky.

  5. Bands of Mourning will be about a search for TLR's metalminds. Perhaps Trellium provides a way to tap someone else's metalminds.
  6. Aaron is evolving! ... Aaron is now 21

    1. Newan


      Crap I meant to hit b

  7. I love Syl's chemistry with Kaladin, but Adolin has grown on me as a character. I'm excited to see what happens to Adolin. I think as could go either way. Is he going to be a Releaser? Is he going to be Odium's Champion? Who can say? Also, I like the combat aspects to these discussions, and Syl can't really fight. I'm fond of her, but I'm fond of many Sanderson characters and I don't think she's especially interesting in a tournament.
  8. Just watched it. The show isn't worth sitting through. You get about 30 seconds of Sanderson altogether. I wonder if History Channel would be ok with Brandon releasing the interview online. I would be interested to hear his full answers to the questions they asked, without having to sit through the annoying voiceover guy saying crap like "But the truth of this story might surprise you," and "This demon may not exist, but the legend behind it is very real."
  9. I'm at the San Diego signing. Any questions you want me to ask him?

    1. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      How about "If Vin were an Epic, what would her powers and weakness be?" Alternately, can an Epic's weakness change over time?

    2. Newan


      He said that he doesn't know what Vin's power would be, because he makes those up based on what he wants for the story, but that her weakness would be being alone, which he thinks would be a really cool epic weakness.

      I forgot to ask the other question.

      Also, he recognized me! Ahahahahahaha Brandon Sanderson rememered me! (Of course, I did cheat. I was at the provo release a couple of days ago). But still!

    3. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Wow! Thank you so much! :D And it's incredibly awesome that he remembered you. :)

  10. 'Kandra Skrull' and I are at the San Diego signing right now. If any of you are here, come say hi to me. I'm wearing a black hat with a rope on it.
  11. I know I'm a little bit late saying this (because I've been in a reading craze), but I had an amazing time, and I think you are all storming great.
  12. I'm already here outside the bookstore. I'm wearing a black hat with a rope on it.
  13. I'm going to the release! I would go get dinner too, but I already told my brother I would get dinner with him.
  14. This would be a fun fight to see, but I vote for Vin. Susebron has only ever been in one fight, in which he had much more power than anyone else. Vin is used to fighting in the face of overwhelming odds. Susebron has a good heart, but I don't think he has the grit or the wits to checkmate Vin.
  15. Has anyone received their numbers for the Shadows of Self signing yet? I still haven't received an email, and I'm starting to worry that there was some kind of problem.

    1. Newan


      Hahaha immediately after posting this, I checked my email and I had received my number.