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  1. This sheet is so much fun. I want a skyeel pastry! So.. *sweet* hehehe.
  2. You outdid yourself with those concepts, they're spectacular!! I want to see them in a Stormlight Archive HBO series!!!
  3. Thank you! Thank you! People seemed to like the project but job wise, only time will tell! I am applying regularly to job offers I see (animation and games industry), but not desperately so, as I am enjoying freelance life as well. It's a hard industry to break into so I will just have to improve, do more projects, and keep applying Thanks!
  4. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Last one of this series! A mood painting of the hallways of the Imperial Wing. Thank you for all the kind words, hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the Emperor's Soul setting! You can also view the full project here:
  5. Ah, I thought you were referring to the hospital room more as a general feeling. The specifics obviously don't match, because I didn't intend it to be one! And I agree, I would love to see this as a movie or short film
  6. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Emperor Ashravan's bedchamber. I run with the "phoenix rising toward heaven" theme described in the book (for his bed), and tried to implement it in other parts of the room as well. Or maybe I was just glad for an excuse to draw some of those lovely swirly clouds on the ceiling...! The door in the middle actually leads to the outside, maybe a private garden (which I never got to illustrate though). The actual entrance is located at the front/bottom corner. I also figured that if I were an Empress or Emperor, I'd definitely want some plants in my chambers as well!
  7. That would be a possibility, yes
  8. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Outside of Shai's room - she is located in one of the less well maintained wings of the palace, but I still wanted it to show its former glory.

    © Johanna Rupprecht

  9. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them - there will be one more! Thank you! Hospital room is an interesting connection here, not something I aimed for - but I guess given the circumstances here it does work!
  10. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are not. Maybe she found some more fragments of an object in the corner, or stole another item from the hallways on her way back from a bath, like she stole the vase. In the end I choose to go with the visually more pleasing version, which from my interpretation of the book is not an impossibility in this case. I do appreciate you actually taking the time to analyse and count my pictures this closely though!
  11. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Shai's work room - after she did severe "improvements" to each and every furniture, and even tore down the wall for more space.

    © Johanna Rupprecht

  12. She has to break down the wall to the next room, which is a storage room - and in the process even manages to find material for a hearth. So given that information, I am pretty sure there will be some old clutter in that other part of room that she can get her hands on for some additional furniture as well.
  13. Good catch! Half of it is probably the light, as I painted the "shabby" room in cold lighting, and the other half is ... I could make up something like "they wouldn't design every room exactly the same style, even in the same wing, because that would be boring". But in truth you really just caught me here, I designed Shai's rooms first, and the corridors second, without thinking it through well enough - I was more focused on making Shai's wing look different from Ashravan's. So thanks for pointing that out - some visual anchor would have been really important here (for the "before" version at least)! With the emperor's quarters I actually did just that - make them coherent. Oops.
  14. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Here is my visual interpretation of the Imperial Prison (or more like: a part of it), designed to keep forgers locked up securely. As I am not sure how many of you here about behind the scenes/concept work for the entertainment industry, a short explanation: The photo references on the side are additional explanation and texture information for people who might translate the 2D concept into a 3D work (i.e. for a computer game or animated movie). In this case there are obviously not for any real production but as I am using this as a portfolio project, that's how I am going to present it anyway.

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  15. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Moving on to the Imperial Wing - a stark difference with its gold ornaments and hallways lined with ancient portraits and artifacts. I knew I wanted to have gold engravings on grey walls, as I saw architecture like this on my Taiwan visit and loved the simple elegance. So at first I was playing with some different ways of going about it, but in the end went with something rather close to the original traditional Chinese letters, just that I am using a fantasy script instead. Here are some other design ideas I considered (most of them felt too modern to me):
  16. That's a good point. I did not think of this at all! Oops!
  17. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    For my new portfolio project, I decided to do some Visual Development artwork based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“. I did my best to stick to the descriptions I found in the book, with some artistic license where necessary, or whenever I couldn't find much visual descriptions. I will try to keep my descriptions spoiler free, but I hope everyone who read the book will recognize the art. To kick it off, here is a key scene of Shai & Gaotona in Shai's room. More to come!

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  18. I mean this one, I also set it in the time after she already forged most of her surroundings into nicer versions: Aww, thank you
  19. From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Here is Shai's room, before she uses her forgery to make it nicer.

    © Johanna Rupprecht

  20. Thank you! An after pic is coming, albeit only in line, in addition to the illustration with Gaotona, which is also in the "after" stage.
  21. Thank you! I usually start in color right away, if I intend on making them colored that is (as opposed to just lineart). That way, it is easier for me to get the mood right. When starting in greyscale and applying colors later, it never turns out as nice as if I start with colors right away.
  22. Thank you! Thanks! I would love that, haha! Video game, or a short animated movie might work too I guess! Thanks Thank you! Yes there is... well, Landis already explained it, basically I could've put it in the "cell" drawing, but I actually imagine the rocks to be thicker than the part shown in the sketch, and the ralkalest lining being *behind* that. Thanks for explaining
  23. Thanks everyone!!
  24. Hi! I've been posting some Stormlight Archive fanart on my blog and on deviantart, where I then was encouraged to come and post it here as well (where I was so far only lurking and silently reading without an account). So here I am! I wanted to work on my portrait painting skills, so I decided to paint some of my favourite characters of my favourite series - not only incorporating the visual descriptions, but also mood, and the way I feel about the characters. Quite a challenge for me, but also a very enjoyable project so far I appreciate any feedback, both on technical aspects as well as if I get some of the visual depictions wrong. I will update this thread when I have more, although that will probably take some time as I can only work on those in my spare time between studies and client work. Are you interested in seeing work in progress pieces as well? Thank you for looking, hope you enjoy! Lyra --- My interpretation of Shallan, as I see her in The Way of Kings. While Shallan has some very dark sides to her personality (and past), she is very good at hiding those – and I also think that a certain amount of cheerfulness is part of her as well. This is the side I wanted to portray here, the joy she feels when studying, observing, researching. It was so hard to get her eyes right - kind of asian and still blue - and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result... Here is a closeup: link Jasnah: