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  1. Granted. Anything you touch becomes gold, unless you touch gold, which then becomes electrium. I would like to know the question of life, the universe, and everything.
  2. Granted, but they won't be happy that you're still alive. I wish I felt better. I feel flu-ish
  3. I don't think the "Skybelt" is really a constellation, but rather the disk of the Cosmere Galaxy. You can see the same thing on earth. As long as you are able to see the stars, you will see the disk make its way across the sky during every 24-hour rotations. As the sun sets, the disk rises and as the disk sets, the sun rises. Unless your orbit isn't flat, that is.
  4. Granted, but everyone you know will suddenly receive the impression that you've passed away and no matter how many times you prove to them that you are still alive, they will soon after forget any interactions with you since the "terrible accident" I wish that I would randomly swap usernames with another forum member and that they would have no clue that their name wasn't originally martyrboy.
  5. Granted, but you will now grow miniature talking awakened, spiked, Radiant cactuses in place of your fingernails. I wish I was a full mistborn and feruchemist.
  6. Granted, but you will never understand the absurdity of this request. I wish my life was never too easy or too hard.
  7. We are all sticks!
  8. So, if a Knight Radiant were walking along and cut himself, then breathed in stormlight, the stormlight would immediately recognize that the cut does not fit with the knight's perception of himself and begin to heal the cut. So here's my example: A knight radiant is charging along in battle with his comrades when they are attacked from behind. The group breaks rank and swivels about to face the ambush, but the knight radiant aforementioned is too slow and is thrown to the ground by one of the enemy monsters. One arm is pinned under the creatures foot and the other hand is caught under a rock. Unable to summon his shardblade and unable to use surgebinding because he is a Edgedancer and not even resurrecting a dead boy will save him, the knight watches helplessly as the monster lifts its massive club to mash in his forehead. Except... he doesn't watch helplessly! He has a hidden power! He immediately convinces himself that he has a third arm sprouting out of his chest, only he lost this arm during the battle. It was very painful. The stormlight immediately sympathizes and helps him by healing his third arm which miraculously appears out of his chest, summons a shardblade, and slays the monster. He then is made fun of by his peers because he is deformed and amputation doesn't help at all. Eh? Plausible?
  9. .

    The Steel Alphabet is a real alphabet. For example, copper makes the d sound in don't; Pewter is the neutral vowel, in this case the o; and Lerasium is the a in panic. Check the coppermind for details. Also, the words inside of the book are not random either.
  10. But... But... "At" is Astatine, which is element 85...
  11. Note 1: The world seems to be closely related to Scadrial. Blood and metal are very important. Note 2: They specifically call the old world "the Homeland". Remind you of any certain kandra? Note 3: An "Evil" attacked the homeland, very similiar to how the Deepness ravaged the kingdoms of Scadrial. Note 4: Gunpowder had attention brought to it. Before the defeat of the deepness, gunpowder was just being developed. Note 5: Threnody has the same Skybelt as Scadrial does Grand Assumption: "Threnody" is a southern continent on Scadrial.
  12. But you'd be so much happier as a fire!