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  1. Thy politiks matters little to usss...
  2. I know not of the "She" you speak of. Cupcakes is but a revelation of the true mindsets if some MLP members.
  3. About Life sense - in the same chapter as Nightblood and Sunset there is this: Note that Vasher can sense that something is grass and where it is. Nightblood is an entity mainly made of Breaths, geared toward interaction with humans by its command : So itslifesense is apparently enough to feel the fisherman, feel his location and possibly lift his direction from his head. Or possibly, his lifesense is varied enough to act like Inquisitor's Steelsight, feeling variations inside the body enough to tell where a person is facing. It is his major sense, so it is probably that it is better developed than in human, who has other senses overshadowing it. Which does not explain how a straw figure would be able to even walk - two-legged (I assume) walk requires a lot of senses to properly pull off - balance, touch, relative positions of body parts, something for navigation. Part of it is probably carried over from the fact that Breaths were originally human, and so fit better to human patterns. Other... Yes, I would probably have to go with "Shadesmar sight." It is one of my currently dominant opinions that Spiritual realm does not have...Distance and time resolution, for lack of better word. For me, it contains more of the history and interactions of the object than the object itself (as if THAT makes any sense ), past, present and future. OK, my head is a mess. Anyway. IMO (current): Breaths have at least some cognitive component, with even more being added by Command, and the object uses that for senses. Depending on command, it can filter the input in different ways.
  4. (Reads up) Ok, that makes sense, I guess. I'll just follow the links from there Thank you. Now, as for the bubbles, Ive realized too late that bottom end of the gravitational well corresponds to chromium bubble -slower time. So the effect for the light entering the bubble is to increase energy (as perceived by people in the bubble. Seriously, definitions of kinetic energy in even simple moving reference frames start to baffle me. Add to this SR, and, well... XD I kinda wonder what the world looks like from, say, neutrino POV, which seems to be always moving at almost the speed of light. Ahem.) So anything at the border that would drain energy from the, say, bullet, can be applied to light, therefore avoiding blueshift. Hmm... Maybe I'll think about it some more.
  5. I admit that I watch the show from time to time... For its Shivering InSaNiTy! hidden under veneer of normality. Pinkiepie's insecurity and paranoia, Twilight's spikes of OCD, Spike's occasional greed and crosspecies love, Rarity's wrath and arrogance Delightful, I say. They would make the most interesting Hemalurgy experiments, I say. Maybe we would be able to spike those qualities in cats, oh, yes. Also, cupcakes
  6. Thank you! (Reads up on contravariance) The vectors are not what I thought they are (which was an ordered collection of number-things, btw, that cannot be any-variant) Another question then - is multiplication of co and contravariant vectors (vectors, not tensors) commutative? Because in school I learned that depending on order of column/row vectors you get inner or outer product, respectively XD And what is the difference between a tensor and particularly multidimensional matrix? Back to relativistic bubbles IIRC (I am very unsure) that energy variation is what blue/redshift is all about - for me, as a dabbling layman, lowering frequency is in many ways the same thing as making light slower, or stretching space a bit. When light exits gravitational well, it sheds energy, and with it, frequency, until, in case of black hole, it falls back down Hmm, that actually makes sense, in a way - entering a bendalloy bubble is like falling down the grav well - you gain speed, and light gains intensity instead of frequency, resulting in the same energy gain... hmmm... Or does it gain frequency as far as outside world is concerned, but intensity compensation as far as the bubble itself is concerned? I've mentioned before that the way something perceives light kind of depends on the "speed" of its own interactions with said light - so they light might be blueshifted, but if you are sped up, you won't notice it. This can be made to fit a lot of things... except the air pressure thing At least I don't see how. ... I need to go to sleep NOW.
  7. I know this is offtopic (and maybe I should have used PM system), but as QFT practitioner, can you (or somebody) explain the difference between vectors/matrices/tensors with subscript indices and superscript indices? Like fijk and fijk? Apparently it is so basic that nobody ever bothers explaining it (in the articles that I've read, wiki included) XD It drives me nuts XD Back to the bubbles - as usual, with gravity the border of the bubble seems to have discontinuity which is rather hard for me to handwave. The time/gravity/space shear there should be rather huge, as far as I can tell. And a simple experiment can show that the energy values (as we understand energy, anyway, which is a different topic entirely) do change - a solar battery/ induction based charger inside a bendalloy bubble would produce more energy, possibly even more than actually went into emitting the light in the first place, if efficiency is above timechange percentage (around 12.5% for 8x bubble, that is). This is not unusual for realmatic interactions per se (see - Feruchemical iron perpetuum mobile).
  8. Well, my current attitude towards bubbles is rather well summarized in this post. (Though some points have been answered since) And IIRC, my question to Brandon about water stream impacting the border of bubble was promptly RAFOed (it was during first brainstorming session or whatnot XD) I mean, photon count, nyah, nyah Photons are energy, so the bubble could probably shuffle them *somewhere*, and time shenanigans could fix blue/redshift issues. But what happens to larger objects, like air molecules? Because they'd have to be destroyed on exit of bendalloy bubble, for example (unless they bounce, which raises a host of other questions) And a question for you, Kurk Imagine that Odium created a time bubble that is anchored to Cosmere center Roshar surface, taking rotation into account, at the Scadrial-Roshar distance from Roshar center. What'd happen when it impacts Scadrial, going at the speed considerably higher that speed of light, and goes through Wax that is just then jumping out of the train? EDIT: Physics
  9. A Rockeater princess, here? Torture her for her secrets!
  10. Warning/ disclaimer: Frankly, as I see you, I am ashamed. Ashamed and DISGUSTED! Is this what the proud Caton has degenerated to? Have you no sense of our HISTORY? Even so, have you no pRiDe? We cats are proud species of Gore, Murder and Fluffiness! Even a normal cat is proud to KILL (as depicted in this comic), and would go for major veins with their claws to show AfFeCtIoN (experience)! And that is the kind of banner you would suggest for us, Awesomeness Summoned? We should MAUL you for presumption! Pathetic creatures, art yar cats or mice spiked with the essence of Lifeless PUPPIES? Art yar VERMIN?? (note to self: breed mice spiked with lifeless puppies, spike city officials with that) As it is now, we shoid aSpIrE to be like Felynes, at least they are respected and regenerate from any injury, throwing bombs larger than their bodies! And yet we the Cat Inquisitors (though I am part human, for my eternal shame) have so much more potential! Potential for GORE and DOMINATION! Now, I knyaw that our origins are humble, as our organization was born from research of deranged, self-spiked human (me), but our goals are lofty: taking over the cosmere as the shadow rulers. Not to mention that our creation is supported by BRANDON himself! Know, ye unbelievers that the mind of a catquisitor is TWISTED (here is a symbolical representation). Know that our types and phenotypes are MaNy! The Engineer, the Spy, the Harvester! (I apologize for my inability to draw) ReMeMbEr, that we had many successes, as we terrorized Elendel! Follow the great example of Kurkistan, who has summoned the DEVIL, the Satan to spike it and take its powers for his own, even though he had to replace parts of his body by metal and cybernetics! Ah, how the blood of a hundred virgins flowed that day, how new kittens played in their VISCERA! This is our foundation. See how he, alone, invaded Sel and has taken over the whole COUNTRY that now bears his name and gives him POWER? We should follow this glorious example! Quitecontrary, did you say cat MEAT? We shall invade China and eat their INFANTS! (As soon as we are done with Elendel) Their vast population would swell our numbers! Tempus: For shame! Dost thee not know that squid causes gastrointestinal distress in cats? I applaud your attempts in creating the cat-stamp that would transform lowly HUMANS and noble Cats into the Cat Inquisitors, even though the change is temporary. But the ink you use is weak. The best ink for soulstamps is made from human blood and BILE, as their livers are RIPPED from their bodies, with some ground bone added for stability. Keep that in mind, nyaw will you? In conclusion: We are cats! We DOMINATE and INFILTRATE! Have some dignity, or ate least BLOODYMINDEDNESS!
  11. You speak true, Kurkistan! Let the repercussions of Hemalurgic harvesting fall on more... prominent creations. We shall conceal our spikes beneath our fur and harvest their corpses. Also, little does Chaos know that as cats, we have little in the way of hierarchy. Those who speak, speak mostly for themselves... Nyaahahaha! As a wise thing once said,! let the lord of chaos rule!" While we go our way =<*_|>=
  12. Did... Did an ambulatory fish just pay obeisance to us in fresh spikes?
  13. Welcome, all cats and other things feline! Our Caton has grand and well documented history, unlike some I other clans I would not lower myself to mentioning. Behold the links to our humble beginning! Some may also be interested in the accounts (sadly incomplete) of our activities in Elendel (or meta-Elendel, home to crafty Eeron-Gal?) (links duplicated from my signature) Know that we are many, and we move boldly, as well as in shadows, as befits our preferences! Know that we regard humans as something below us, yet useful. Sometimes very useful... In other words, welcome Souls and livers shall be ours!
  14. Nothing wrong with that... Once upon a time, people complained that I don't laugh and smile enough, so I practiced an ancient Japanese practice of takawarai (maniacal laughter ) and supplemented it with creepy giggling during work for up to ten minutes at a time and one-sided baring of teeth, and they don't complain anymore Though new acquaintances tend to react oddly. Human nature, I assume.Which reminds me: compound breath so I would be able to giggle creepily for hours without having to goigle on inhalation , which reduces the quality.
  15. That is a good question, Kurk! According to your own quote above: A point is an instant. How, then, to explain the apparent lasting effects exhibited in the books? Well, the answer is simple enough - all the energy goes through the metal in an instant, but it takes time for the body to channel that energy into something useful - it leaks over time at a body-fixed maximum rate (that can be stretched, probably), and then decays exponentially. Ignoring the "i think" part of the answer above, let us assume another burst would help. If my minitheory above is correct, it would probably mean that Duralumin/Nicrosil would compress the Investiture inside the body even more, increasing the flow at the cost of time (and, presumably, body damage) Now to the bubbles Please remember that Scadrial rotates, and that normal bubble rotates with it So bubble simply attached to Scadrial would go sideways... Very rapidly... After some distance, possibly even faster than light. And/or do Bad Things to the planet it is attached to, assuming connection goes both ways. Plus all other problems with bubbles and their interface that I listed in the post somewhere and am too lazy to find or repost Edit: This should go into my sign, but, everything above that is conjecture is just IMO-type conjecture. I may change my mind if more evidence comes or I just think harder, etc,etc.