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  1. I'll tackle your second question. Enough is enough when you can build a story without constantly stopping to do more research. A pretty good rule would be that 1/10 of your research will appear in your story. This might vary person to person. The rest of the 9/10 is all background but crucial to your understanding. The 1/10 only works well if you understand why it's there, which means you need the rest. I wouldn't overdo the worldbuilding. I would write the plot out or brainstorm the ideas you want in your story (but seriously, write the beginning, middle and end to your story too, it helps a lot). Then research from there.
  2. @Molah Hey! Check out the videos from Sanderson's Creative Writing course online here. Specifically, watch Lecture 6, he invites Eric Stone to come in and discuss his working with short fiction: successes, where to publish, how to submit, etc. Very informative, lots of info. Here's the first lecture to get you started! Lecture 6.1 If this helps, let me know!
  3. I'll agree with most of the above, specifically @jagabond, writing everything out with the story in mind, then rewrite with others input. I've tried both ways, there are pluses to both, but on the forum, I would suggest chronological order with well thought out scenes near completion.
  4. Well, we could start this ourselves and reincorporate the RE forums for our submissions overall comments. It wouldn't be too hard for us, we're used to it, and it would be simple enough to let others know so they could use it too. If people wanted to use it, they can, if not, they keep working how they are. I'll pass it by Silk again to make sure it's cool.
  5. @SirenKing Just got to your message today and I've been thinking about how I could incorporate you into the Write About Dragons course. We've just hit the halfway point, so I'm thinking it'd be hard for you to really draw a lot from the group joining up now. However, like Silk said, RE is a great group, I've been a part for a while, though not as active because of WaD. And, in a few weeks, our WaD group will be working towards some new goals, when the course is complete, which you're more then welcome to join up with us. Shoot me a message and we can chat about how we could make sure your fit in future plans! And if you want to participate now and don't mind a steep starting curve, let me know, I'll get you added.
  6. Within Reading Excuses, currently we just use the forums for discussion on each submission, which has been working literally for year. However, I’ve been busy the past five weeks trying out a new format that I think could be beneficial to the entire group of writers on 17th Shard. I talked with Silk, she knew it'd been kicked around before, but thought it could be worth revisiting. So, to give some perspective on the concept, during the Write About Dragons writing group as we work through the entire lecture series by Brandon Sanderson. We’ve been using Google Drive to upload and comment on our work. So far it’s been a huge success because we’re all able to lay out what we like in the specific areas that matter as we see them. This has added a lot of value to the critiquing process. For more info on the success, touch base with Robinski too, he's been a heavy part of the system (among others, but I don't want to speak for them). Anyway, I’d be willing to get the system into place with you and provide the admin team all the information they would need to monitor it or I could also help with the process and oversee it. Here’s what the process looks like: Standard Layout Uploading/Creating New Document Label (Used RE Formatting) Commenting & Critiquing Then we could follow up with overall comments on the forum, like we do right now. Each writer could then download their documents with the comments, adding a lot of value to the virtual critique process. What do you think, could this work for Reading Excuses?
  7. That is a lot of try/fail cycles for a novella. It's possible, I suppose, in some small ways. But if it happens too much, it might bog down the story. Could you be more specific with what you mean about the difficulty? Do you mean levels of difficulty in each try fail cycle? In general–for me–I keep the difficulty the same, but after each cycle, I raise the characters skill and ability to meet the difficulty.
  8. Almost done week five! Everyone keeping up? A few people didn't send in submissions, so I wanted to send out a reminder for you. Because the whole point of a writing group is to keep everyone writing! Stay with it and keep offering reviews!
  9. @Andyk & @Jagabond great resources, thanks for putting these up here! How long have you both been in the writing market?
  10. Just crossed 10K in the WaD novella! How's everyone doing with the course?
  11. I'm writing this without looking through other's comments. It's hard to formulate what I think of this story. It's solid as a piece of writing. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of turning these old legends on their head, just because I feel like it defeats the purpose of having legends. That aside, the first person perspective was decent. Different and unique way to show the other side of the conflict. Mordred already seemed disillusioned, but I felt like Caradoc's arc was less believable. Maybe because I didn't understand him, so I hadn't bought into him. So, overall, I liked your writing, felt like you grasped the anger of Mordred. But I wasn't a fan of the plot. Hope this helps. Now I'll read everyone else's comments.
  12. @helwar I don't know. I'll look back through when I get a chance. @sunshine no problem at all, hope you have a good week. Looking forward to hearing what you think of our work when you get back! Keep #writing!
  13. To @Robinski as he points. "What? I don't see anything...Hey! That was 300 of my words!" Extra word count thievery from the surplus pile is allowed in moderation. I should clarify though, I've written about 8500 words total so far, so you may not steal from my surplus. Ha! Take that
  14. That's the spirit! I'm happy to hear it's working, that's the reason we're doing this. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing more of your work. #amwriting: Update 2000 words written
  15. I'm going to be posting some of a new work from the WaD class also, not this week but the 11th. Sorry if I haven't gotten to people's works here, this has been a tight week, next week looks the same. But after that, I'm hoping to be back and reviewing. Just letting you know, I haven't forgotten