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  1. I got more of a "weary" feeling from him. All the other character's actions were just child's play to him, and he couldn't really care about them because he's seen it all so often before. The only time he felt like a spoiled brat was in SH, meeting Kelsier at the well of ascension, where he basically pouted about how ungratefull the skaa were.
  2. I like your idea, and it could explain why he alwais has a plan (he fears that without a plan he'll lose). a problem with your theory, however, is that if is so afraid of losing, i do'nt think he would have started the reckoners, because it is such a hopeless cause.
  3. Cadmium can be used in fights too. because humans ca'nt come into the bubble from the outside, you can use it as a barrier.
  4. I do'nt think zane knew that his spike gave him more steelpushing power and precision, or that he knew about hemalurgy at all, so it is'nt surprising that he did'nt mke the connection.
  5. A problem with your method of awakening hemalurgic spikes is that an item can only hold so much investiture, and that may make hemalurgic spikes much harder to awaken because of the investiture they already hold.