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  1. When he modified plants to be both edible, and able to exist with very low sunlight, was he granted knowledge about biology, or did he just tell the power to create an outcome. If the first, why wasn't he also granted knowledge of what temperature life needs to be, and the knowledge of physics to calculate how far that means the planet needs to be, although I guess he might not have been able to tell the temperature of the sun. If the second, why couldn't he instruct them to put the planet in a safe orbit.
  2. If they are the most individualistic order, what could of caused them to all kill their spren. Also they don't exactly have oaths to break, how can they kill their spren, I guess they have to want to kill their spren. I guess that puts weight behind the theory that the spren all did something wrong, which angered the KR.
  3. Dalinar finds the Champion's eyes familiar. Could it possibly be Elhokar? His words in the wedding scene imply he could be turning to the dark side.
  4. What shape does a Line of Vigor make when it reflects? In my bad drawing below how would the Line of Vigor continue in the second picture?
  5. As above, Feruchemy compounding is the only mixing of two powers that we have seen. If we extrapolate from this then it seems that drawing a foreign power through a lens causes the power to match the lens. I’d guess if you somehow managed to put only a few breaths into some metal so that it doesn’t turn sentient, burning it would then cause Preservation's power to be turned into more breaths, the breaths could be a bit strange though. Feruchemy is already linked to Allomancy though, so I’m unsure if such a thing could be done between two different systems. We know some mixing is going on with Vasher, he is using stormlight to fuel his divine breath, maybe when he absorbs stormlight it increases his heightening, he might even be able to do awakening that leaks with it. Will we get to see Vasher using stormlight, well Nightblood has become an important element so there may be a strong crossover in the next few books.
  6. That is the best use of Feruchemy, you would never have to deal with waiting for the next book in the series.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odious_number What could this mean?
  8. Surge fabricals being the 3rd system seems too similar to the radiant system. I think the WoB is a trick, it says that a "part" of it fabricals, not that it "is" fabricals. The third system could involve fabricals that let someone create some kind of bond with the trapped spren. Also can you have a magic system that is fully "mechanized", i.e. doesn't need a sentient user. The "fabricals" in mistborn aren't their own system, so the surge fabricals probably aren't as well.
  9. Windrunner 12 Dustbringer 10 Elsecaller 11 Bondsmith 4
  10. I can't find any news about it, wasn't the kickstarter meant to of started by now?
  11. I think Curveball's power only works on handguns.
  12. Could the coffee lady be an epic with the power to create coffee?
  13. Why did parallel Steelheart kill David. Blain definitely killed David, it wasn't just him failing to save him, because Firefight wouldn't of said the Steelheart killed him if that was the case. So how could Blain of accidentally killed David.
  14. Megan was unable to find Prof, implying that he wasn't around in the other universe. Or Prof just hasn't got any powers in that universe.
  15. Weaknesses still exist. Megan claimed her powers and fully lost the darkness before the final fight with Prof, and the flamethrowers still disabled her powers.