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  1. That’d be a crazy twist. I definitely agree in spirit, but not with the specific herald. “One of them is certainly a traitor to the rest”- a few possible meanings but I’m putting my money on Nale being the traitor—— that guy is a complete whackjob. And who better to be corrupt than the judge/legal guy?
  2. Not sure I agree that Honor has no problem with Scorched Earth. Executing women and children—- or a solitary incompetent king for the greater good??? Syl and Kaladin’s conversations on this are relevant I think.... plus we have “The Patriot” where even the Torry tells Revolutionary War Lucius Malloy that “there is no honor in this” when ordered to burn the church full of civilians.
  3. I’m a fan of the honorblade guess. In Oathbringer, the chapter titled “Broken People” ends with the Stormfather explaining the Oathpact to Dalinar and Navani. The context of the conversation is the honorblades as well as the bond the Heralds have which allows pain sharing. Then we have this part where “Unite Them” is 1. placed directly in the context of that conversation and 2. In the literal presence of the honorblades.
  4. There’s one variable that hasn’t really been discussed yet — that humans fought for odium originally and the singers fought for honor... and the Stormfather says that the fighting wasn’t a black-and-white split in the past, that humans fought for the other side in previous desolations after the shard swap. This is purely speculative, but complete genocidal scorched earth could possibly have already been tried in the past by Honor’s forces, aka the Singers. Eshonai/Venli talk about how the Stormfather was a traitor to them in the past. Perhaps there was a Recreance before the “main” Recreance, which caused a shard-flip before the oath pact? The singers decided to try scorched earth/genocide against the invading humans, and in the process of veering off the path of honor, lost access to Honor’s surges/spren?
  5. My apologies if this is already been posted somewhere; I looked and searched but am currently limited to a smartphone that’s been dropped a hundred times... so I guess my post is more of a question. Has anyone taken an in-depth look at the 3 prologues + the longer Navani prologue we have, looked at the Words of Brandon on all-things-prologue, and compiled a timeline of the evening/sequence of events? Mainly asking because I came across some WOBs about it and he seemed keen on pointing out Gavilar’s meetings with certain circles that night—not all being aware of who else he was meeting. So I re-read them all, looking for super-specific details like Nale being present at the feast and speaking to Elhokar as Szeth departs to find Gavilar, but being Enroute from Gavilar’s chamber (OB) to the feast hall via corridors (WoR) when intercepted by Jasnah.... seems like there are a lot of pieces that can be fit together, it’s like Clue. If it’s already been done, awesome...does anyone have a link? My apologies for duplicating a thread if that’s the case.
  6. I always just read the passage with the simplest explanation: adrenaline. Kaladin was about to die, Rock had to act. We’ve all heard the stories of mom’s lifting cars off their kids in an emergency.
  7. I tend to agree with Thanatos.... that Dalinar’s union of the gloryspren and temporary restoration of Honor’s perpendicularity was foreshadowing a full union of adonalsium?? (Hard for me to be very in involved in the Cosmere with kids driving me nuts perpetually lol, my time to search forums and stuff is limited) on that note, can anyone explain what exactly even happened in that scene? Dalinar ascended but what does that even mean? He didn’t ascend the way Sazed did... and his line to the stormfather about his will, my soul, honors power (something like that) does nothing to explain what happened. Honor is still dead and splintered.....??
  8. i definitely don’t think Kaladin will die. He’s “the” son of Tanavast (per the storm father). I used to think he’d die but the more I dig into the WOB archive the more I’m convinced Kaladin lives. Also, Adolin will definitely become a radiant... I think Brandon made an accidental slip here, if you carefully compare these.... apologies if someone’s already pointed this out (pic):
  9. Definitely a cool theory! I found the Jasnah passage just for reference, along with a WOB:
  10. Man, I’m not convinced either way for book 4’s romance scene predictions With regards to that one piece of the pie, my prediction still leans as follows: IF Jasnah and or Kaladin get involved at all, I still think it’ll likely be with each other. Granted, the reasons outlined above are good reasons against it. But generally speaking, when does reason ever really reign in this realm? People make impulsive decisions and also get swept away by emotion all the time. Generally, happily married couples don’t wake up everyday planning to cheat on their spouse but it happens daily, despite a ruined life if caught. The smartest people on earth do things that make zero sense on a routine basis. Especially with regards to the opposite sex etc. I think everyone on this forum can think of someone in real life in a Jasnah situation who gets caught doing way worse than a hypothetical Kaladin hookup lol. We see this stuff daily. Analytically, the cons are pretty solid. From an equally analytical standpoint based on humanity and how people are, I would absolutely not rule Jasnadin out of the possibilities for book 4. Brandon has enough realism with people to allow for such human decisions, regrets, or whatever else. I’m probably wrong haha, Oh well.
  11. Hmm... because Jasnah is fairly predictable as a character, I think she will lapse and have an “omg Kaladin is hot” moment... giving her more depth. Let’s be honest, guaranteed Kaladin would go for her based on looks alone lol. Keeping her the way she currently is without variance seems sorta cliche... whether or not anything lasts, I strongly think her and Kaladin are gonna get involved, just my $0.02. I don’t think Kaladin will lose anymore family... for heaven’s sake I hope not, he deserves a break. He loses everything. I could see Lirin binding one of the other two greatspren...but obviously he’d need more page time.
  12. Hmm..... weeeell, I generally would agree. But Brandon doesn’t waste any words or details. The fact that is happened 2 doors down from Taln MIGHT carry some weight? Perhaps a cameo of another herald
  13. Lol the poll is pretty accurate, I think. By far top 3 are Kaladin, Dalinar and Kelsier