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  1. I haven’t found this online before, I’m fairly certain that B.S. created the whole Kaladin/Syl/Windrunner squires thing from Hook. Why!? I’m watching “Hook” right now with Robin Williams. I’ve seen it a thousand times, it was the theme of literally every family get together. (If you haven’t seen it, or more relevantly, HAVE seen it but haven’t seen it since you’ve read the Stormlight Archive, then this is for you.) I’m not the greatest at articulation, so forgive me for botching the job... that said, the fairy Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts) looks exactly like Syl as described in the book. She essentially “saves” Peter Pan (or Kaladin, a depressed version of him as a middle aged adult). The entire experience throughout the film smacks of Syl bonding Kaladin and their relationship, both visually and emotionally. Next we have the wind running/flying. A close look at the movie and books shows the similarities with ease. The squires: the lost boys. ESPECIALLY THE LAST SCENE IN NEVERLAND. This whole scene (after Dustin Hoffman is eaten by the crocodile... and by the way he seriously reeks of “Odium”), when watched from the POV of a Cosmere Fan, feels like an analogy to Odium’s reign (having read through Oathbringer). Brandon is what, 36-40 years old? Means he’d have been 9-13 when the movie came out, had to have been his holiday favorite. It’s a stretch with zero proof, all I’m suggesting is that a mortal human author usually has inspiration and I think I may have found his inspiration. Ok, ok. Before I clocked “post” I googled it in a different window and found this: I postulate also that Atilium is Brandon Sanderson’s ghost account.
  2. Croaker’s Apprentice haha, that was an excellent maneuvre, took a lot of valour to post that and a colourful imagination.
  3. Love it! Awesome breakdown, this is full-on legit. I think my primary 2 cents of difference as far as predictions go are these, but I’m mainly throwing these out there just because it’s cool to speculate. Navani: will bond the Sibling, as the Sinling seems to be the heartbeat of Urithiru and Navani is the driving force/most obsessed with figuring out the Urothiru life support system/Fabrials—- she’s also linked to Dalinar and the stormfather by proximity as well as position/Influence. If anyone figures out how to awaken the Sibling, it’ll have to be her. Rhlain: He’s gonna possibly bond the Nightwatcher, as he’s being cultivated for some higher purpose that we don’t know yet. That, or (as posted originally) he will bond the Sibling and Navani will bond the Nightwatcher.... because she’s been cultivated for a higher purpose lol. I *hope* Kaladin escapes the standard “lets beat down Kaladin” plot line in book 4, I feel that it’s overdone and he deserves a break. Also, I predict Kaladin and Jasnah. Ishar will turn out to be Tolkien’s Saruman.... a traitor to the good guys, also a traitor to the bad guys, in it for himself, and ultimately a distraction. Even his name “Ishar” reminds me of “Istari”.... just sayin. Szeth will kill Nale.... Nale deserves it. And it’ll be a band aid to whatever is left of the Oathpact, as the herald killing dagger is in the hands of Moash. But I think it’s gonna happen in the last part... the whole Nale/Nightblood scene that we know of from Azure which also ties in Zahel will probably be hit upon all book long until the end. Honor: Dalinar will fully ascend in book 4, escaping the clichéd “book 5 ascension”. His ascension is probably what will assist the Sibling in waking up. So we will see full-on Shard(s) vs Shard in book 5? Who knows! Absolutely awesome post, got the gears turning in my head.
  4. Interesting points on Cultivation! Asshe is one of the 16 shardholders with a plethora of behind the scenes workings, I think we will all be surprised by her intentions/workings in book 4. I have mixed feelings/impressions from Cultivation. Assuming that the Diagram actually IS from her (We don’t have an actual account of Mr. T’s trip to the Nightwatcher like we do for Dalinar) she’s blatantly leading Mr. T. down an “immoral” path by lying to him and causing a lot of death. Not that she has to be moral, as of course to a shard like Cultivation, certain death/decay is acceptable. But she was all about Honor/Tanavast. Perhaps she’s the Machiavelli equivalent of the shards.... ie., the end justifies the means. We see Cultivation specifically grooming Dalinar to face Odium (when he seeks out the Nighwatcher), although she admits/vocalizes that she’s taking a gamble in doing so. From this passage in OB, it seems that the reader gets a “truthful” glimpse into her intent.... that she wants Odium to fall. On the other hand, the diagram is all about killing/assassinating/usurping Dalinar. Unless Cultivation is just being manipulative as ever, I’d wonder if the Diagram is “really” a product of the nightwatcher via Mr. T., or if it’s source is Odium. Perhaps the boon granted to Mr. T. By the nightwatcher about having the capacity to save everyone has absolutely nothing to do with the diagram, that it’s a red herring, and Odium wrote the diagram??
  5. Heck yeah. Aside from the flying ships, I’m sure Brandon has already concocted vehicles or something specific to Windrunners in his mind with seatbelts of some sort to prevent tumblage. If Kaladin’s squires each controlled a flying car with 5-6 people belted in, his 30 man airborne platoon could turn into an entire company.
  6. That said, in theory the wagon would consume the same net amount of stormlight as the amount of people it’s carrying (plus the weight of the wagon)... so economically it’d be more expensive with regards to stormlight consumption. However, there’s a lot more ease of use for the one doing the lashings. Also, I think it’d be possible to create fabrials that had two pieces.... one attached to the wagon and one worn by the wearer, perhaps controlling binding or adhesion? Or gravity? That way there’d be no need to “cancel gravity” that pulls on the people while the wagon is separately lashed? Dunno, just some thoughts.... going off the passage in Oathbringer, chapter 60-something, where Kaladin is flying everyone to Kholinar and the dynamics/rules of windrunner flight are described. I’m upvoting your reply though, makes sense.
  7. I haven’t seen this topic so I apologize if it’s a repeat. Am I the only one wondering why Kaladin doesn’t escort non-squires in flight by use of a common object or vehicle? For example, “everyone hold this bar and I’ll lash the bar”. Obviously a crude example as people’s grip would fail, but perhaps a wagon or something that’d accommodate people in seats. That way he doesn’t have to constantly sky-dive-maneuver and re-lash everyone. Just an observation/thought.
  8. After reading all 10 pages of back and forth regarding Jasnadin, all I’m gonna say is that opposites attract and there’s no predictability in reality for people getting together. The fact that each character can remain single and bring fulfillment to the reader, OR hookup with another character and bring just as much fulfillment to the reader, signals that Brandon has done his job as an author very well. Regardless of if they get together, it’ll be a great 4th book I think. My personal vote: Shallan is a mental case, Kaladin is better off without her. Jasnah needs some humility, as legit as she is I find her extremely annoying with the bossiness. Kaladin could use a bucket of water (metaphorically) to the face, Jasnah could provide it. Lol
  9. Yeah good point about Nale’s actions...He is probably the character who frustrates me the most on Roshar. He tells Szeth that it would be unwise to swear to him for his next ideal.... and he repeatedly says that he’s getting worse. Turning on his own kind right now and literally working FOR Odium is cause to raise an eyebrow.... his warped sense of justice and following the law has completely overshadowed any shred of actual honor as well as common sense. He’s acting like he just now is finding out that the fused are the natives. I bet that Nale meets a sticky end at the beginning of book 4.... his new “friends” will easily ambush/kill him with the same knife that ended Jezrien.
  10. Stormlight doesn’t add much strength though. Kaladin notes that detail after Rock shoots Amaram with the Shardbow, unassisted by plate. It says that Stormlight adds endurance, not strength. Even the “light” 200lbs is pretty friggin heavy.... sending a fully armed and armored adult male flying through the air with a one handed shove requires an inhuman amount of strength (plate) or a special ability. I do concur, something is definitely going on.
  11. I dunno....To me it doesn’t jive with the feeling of the entire section, and Odium’s rage/shock... which he brought up later on to Mr T about Dalinar’s ascension. Which is significant. Again, why does Taln literally have 1 moment of Lucidity which happens to coincide with the ascension? Which happens to happen at the same time Odium goes crazy. The Evi theory feels like jigsaw pieces that don’t fit being forced together. Huge climactic moment of the book is either centered around the primary conflict/restoration of the good deity, or frankly wasted on some relatively obscure character that we’ve only met for a couple of chapters. I think the Evi moment received final closure when Dalinar received forgiveness.
  12. I’m gonna agree with this... I think the incident with Odium and Dalinar is getting way over analyzed. The immediate context of the chapter in question and overwhelming impression the text gives is that Dalinar is uniting the gloryspren and reknitting Honor. I don’t think Brandon would hide a micro-analytical type of theory for us in the climactic sentence of a 1,300 page book. The “slap you in the face” impression of honor reign restored is Odium fleeing the battle. Confirmed just afterwards when we find out that honor’s remnants+stormfather soul+Dalinar’s will=whatever we now have. Also there’s Taln’s one and only moment of utter lucidity: while Dalinar is ascending. and his lucidity flees after Dalinar’s “ascension”. Haven’t seen anyone connect that dot yet unless I missed it somewhere.
  13. Edit: never mind this theory, I did some digging and figured out “intent” I’m reading through part 2 and am about 99% sure I caught a new Shard Hint. That being said, I’m an extremely busy person and I don’t have time to live on this website and research every topic ad nauseum (like I did with all things Tolkien when I was in college) before I post. So if it’s already been posted my apologies. the part where Odium appears to Dalinar at the end of part 2... in both the NOOK and Hardcover version, Odium capitalizes the word “Intent”. Here’s the quote: “Ah, all right then,” Odium said. He smiled, a twinkle in his eyes. “Oh, don’t fret so. These things must be done properly. I will go if you release me, but only if you do it by Intent.” Pg 550 hardcover, 595 in NOOK. We know that Odium s bound somehow, that Honor and him had an agreement. There are rules Odium must follow with regards to his current restricted status. My best guess is that Intent is one of the shards, and Honor/Odium made a binding agreement about something (which stipulates the conditions of Odium’s imprisonment) in the name of Intent. Brandon doesn’t randomly capitalize words, especially in the context of us having our first interaction with Odium. Having a typo in such a high visibility scene would be a no-no. He’s also not one to make accidents like that. In OB, “Intent” appears 32x. Only once is it capitalized. It appears 28 times in TWOK, capitalized once only as the first word to a sentence: “actions are not evil. Intent is evil, and Jasnah intent had been to stop men from harming others.” (573, nook, relevance probably is zero) Arcanum Unbounded: pg 14 in nook, discussing the investiture rules on Sel. “In addition, the rules of perception and intent are greatly magnified on Sel...” intent is mentioned again as a vital portion of the investiture on Sel, pg42 in nook. I did a quick search on my nook for all appearances on “intent” in literally every cosmere book. Every form of investiture in the cosmere relies on the user’s intent as a critical piece. And Odium just capitalized it. Perhaps someone whos lucky enough to ask Brandon the next question could ask him about this theory lol. If I’m in left field and there’s already some other expanded theory/word on Intent, I’m all ears.
  14. Agree 100%....I’d say that pretty much sums up a lot of us readers out here. To quote Ollivander, “I think we can expect great things out of you, Mr. Potter.” Maybe we will get to meet the shard in Oathbringer. We’ve met what’s left of Honor (stormfather), I’m fairly confident/hopeful that we will meet Odium, why not Cultivation? Definitely been a sideline character/benchwarmer so far.
  15. Ah Roger that. As an alternative, I see she had fingerless gloves.... doesn't Shallan describe Lyn or someone else as wearing fingerless gloves? Or potentially her as Radiant/Veil?