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  1. How many people are there with Royal Locks throughout history? Its not like they're born every day, Endowment's will being directly involved is feasible even if she want nearly omnipotent and omnipresent. I agree. I just dont think nalthian shardblades are all Type IV, sorry I didnt make that clear. The type IV distinction requires sapience while these shardblades seemingly dont have them. Me neither apparently, went looking but I think I misremembered him being able to change size while drawn. I would disagree (partially). Read the WoB below: I think those black tendrils when he's consuming, leaving behind grey marks, is related, although the grey skin is a consequence of seemingly every shardblade. Any type of Ruinous investiture has not shown this effect. Regardless... I probably agree with you here, which is why I said "I've come up with my own explanation for at least some of his oddities." There just isnt much info here to do some proper speculation so I held off in this post at least, as I felt what I had was well supported. Thanks for the feedback! Edit: @Jace21 @TheFoxQR Just wanted to add that Cognitive Shadows and spren have been described as pretty much the same thing, and while Nightblood has been described as a "robot spren" I think he still fits in that family of entities.
  2. Introduction Many moons have passed since Sanderson turned his back on these forums and left us hollow, in darkness. A drought of Nalthis material like a shadow across this community. Gone are dreams of a colorful world, dreams of light. Left to the grey of Mistborn books after Stromlight books, many have given up hope of even an essay. I had all but forgotten the vibrant view of Vivenna's likeness on that most sacred of covers or the sharp bite of Lightsong's colorful wit. That is until I had (and shared) the ideas that became this theory and just had to do a reread! I've shared these ideas before, but after the Skyward tour I thought it deserved a bit more fleshing out. Thematic, frivolous intro aside, I hope you guys enjoy the theory! Sapient Objects and the Royal Locks Since the first days of Warbreaker's release there has been rampant speculation about Nightblood and the mystery surrounding his creation. From Hemalurgy to Shardic interference, I've seen many theorized causes for Nightbloods nature but none I'd readily subscribe to. After thinking about it long enough I've come up with my own explanation for at least some of his oddities; I believe that the act of creating a sapient awakening allowed for Nightblood to inherit a Divine Breath via the same realmatic mechanics surrounding the Royal Locks. While this seemed a little far fetched when I first proposed the idea, I believe recent WoB as well as themes within the book point to this theory being well within the realm of possibility. There are more than a few things in Warbreaker that lead me to this conclusion, but lets start off with what solidified this theory in my mind. Read the below WoBs: How could the endowment of a Divine Breath from Shashara to Nightblood work in my mind? Let's start off with what we know about the Royal Locks. Vo is the very first example we have of someone who successfully created offspring as a Returned. The mysterious method that he used to accomplish this lead to the descendants of Vo having a piece of a divine breath within them, allowing for passive powers similar to (but weaker than) a Returned's. The second example we see in the books of something similar is the method the ruling priests of Hallendren used to create new God Kings, which may or may not be the same method used by Vo. Not only is this example important because of who must have been the one to teach the priests this method (Vasher), it also reveals that a Divine Breath can be passed down in a manner similar to the Royal Locks. The Creation of Type IV Entities Now that I've laid down the background information let's go over what we actually know about Type IV Biochromatic entities. First off, it is relevant to remember that it seems as if Nalthian Shardblades can be created without the object gaining sapience and becoming a Type IV. Secondly, here is Vasher's description of the process used to create Nightblood as well as some important context: Reading that first in-book quote makes red lights go off in my head; we know that intention is very important to awakening, so how could Vasher and Vivenna have created Nightblood while not understanding how their own process worked? Based on Vasher's description, Nightblood should have been something like the awakened sword we see Vivenna using throughout Oathbringer. In fact, I believe that is exactly should have happened (if indeed the method used to create this sword is the same) and that there was another entity guiding this process. One with significant control over Divine Breath and who gets endowed with them. Read the below WoB: For me to explain this, lets go back to the topic of Godkings and their Divine Breaths. As it's described by Brandon in the annotations, the process used to achieve this does not always work; Godkings must sometimes be found in the form of an infant Returned. This, combined with the below Arcanum passage, leads me to believe that Endowment has the power to control when a Divine Breath is passed down after someone uses this process. This would neatly explain why Nightblood's creation was a mystery to the two scholars that created him and why, unlike almost every other magical process in the Cosmere if you know what you're doing, creating an offspring with a Divine Breath is unreliable. Nightblood's Powers - Aside As an aside, the other main thing that convinces me of this theory is Nightblood's effects themselves. He seems to very obviously possess properties of a Returned, from Vasher's direct mention that Nightblood's consumption of breath is like that of a returned, to him having mind controling abilities like what we see from Vasher with animals and children, to being able to manipulate his physical form, it just seems like this would fit the narrative in a smooth way. Conclusion I've come to like this theory more and more, the idea that Shashara could have passed on a key to Initiation to Nightblood simply by designing and creating him is something so wholly Nalthis. Im curious to see what you all have to say. Are there any holes in this theory? Points of disagreement? Let me know down below and thanks for the read!
  3. I've been theorizing in my head a bit about these Echoes we see in the sample chapter. My idea is that they are akin to the voices Szeth and Dalinar hear. My reasoning is predicated in part on a couple complicated theories of mine involving Unmade influence, but long story short cause I'm in a rush, the unmade seem to be involved in magical hallucinations (like people seeing things when deeply under the Thrill) and madness and I think this might be a related phenomenon, not caused by Unmade but maybe coming from the same magical ballpark. Reference WoB below:
  4. I got a WoB at the Chicago signing for Skyward that is very relevant to this theory so I thought I'd bump it. I definitely think this gives my ideas more weight. While it doesnt touch on my conjectures about the Heralds, I believe this shores up the foundation of evidence that those were built on. I'll admit that there is an argument to be made that my wording was too loose and that one could still believe the counter arguments proposed in this thread, but I think this is as close to an outright answer on the topic as I could have gotten without baiting a RAFO. What do you guys think? Does this WoB sway you to think I'm right when coupled with the evidence I presented in the OP, or do you guys hold other beliefs on these voices? Feel free to voice your opinion, poke holes, or add ideas since the last round of discussion on this thread!
  5. Planning on flying in friday morning, should have plenty of time to spare to make the signing. See y'all there!
  6. @Pagerunner we just got a new WoB that hints at Unmade having existed on other planets in the Rosharan system:
  7. ketek

    I love this thread, might as well contribute after lurking all this time. Torturous leaves sprout, seeds of doubt springs doubt of seeds, sprout leaves torture.
  8. Vivenna seems to possess that knowledge herself; there is a big chance it was made by Yesteel but there is also a big chance it wasn't. This could also be explained within the theory as the new blade only possessing a portion of a divine breath while Nightblood inherited a full one, although we dont know much about the mechanics of what decides this. Edit: I do believe Nightblood involved more than this though, as Brandon has hinted that a mixing of other Shard's investiture took place with Nightblood although that is still not more than a theory extrapolated from a purposely vague and up in the air WoB.
  9. I'm doing a reread of Warbreaker right now so I've been shooting a lot of quick ideas for theories off on the Discord and this was the one that i think was the best so i thought I'd do a small write up on it here. As we all know, the Royal Locks are a phenomenon when a Returned has a child and that child is endowed with a piece of a Divine Breath through a process we don't fully know the parameters of. We also know that this process likely could result in a full Divine Breath being endowed from the fact that many Godkings were created through natural birth yet no distinction between them and the ones who were made Godkings after Returning during infancy is ever brought up. With this in mind, read the below WoB: Notice how Brandon specifically ties the manifestation of consciousness to this idea that the creators of a machine would be realmatically similar to its parent. What if this holds true for type 4 Biochromatic Entities, and a factor in why Nightblood is so different (especially from the one we see Vivenna use in OB) is because he was made by a Returned? It would explain this quote and the phenomenon Vivenna refrencest: What do you guys think, is this plausible?
  10. In the released Dragonsteel there is a scene where it is revealed that the Sho Del use silver sheathes. This stuck out to me as an odd material for a sheathe so I asked about it in the reddit AMA and here is the response: Seeing as how Ambitions Vessel was a Sho Del, my latest crackpot is that perhaps silver being an important metal on Threnody is a result of Uli Da's culture being expressed in the magic. Really glad (and a bit surprised i was right there) to have gotten this confirmation, what do you guys think?
  11. Like I said, its up to interpretation, just something I thought could be relevant. Also, the disease magic apparently was not always the magic system on Ashyn:
  12. There is some evidence to suggest that the Singers didnt use any magics prior to the First Desolation in the Eila Stele but its up to interpretation.
  13. Two more recent WoB on this topic came up that bring things together a bit more: Good to see confirmation one of the (safer) theories in my OP, that Voidbinding originates with the Unmade. The second WoB further limits the number of potential magic systems that the original human refugees used.
  14. I still think the voices might be Shadows, just ones with a Spiritual Connection strong enough to allow communication. Odium in particular has a thing for turning the dead of those slain into CS', and the voices have given several hints that they are associated with Odium. I have a recent theory, or couple of theories rather, related to all of this that I know Cal disagrees with but I think its a valid alternative theory.
  15. I'm wary to draw parallels between how Sazed talks about these things and how these phrases are used on Roshar. Roshar has a long history of interaction with spren and with understanding their nature and the terminology there seems to be a lot more Investiture focused, read the below passage from Ivory: He directly ties the corruption of Glys' intent to it being "of Odium"; these phrases are obviously being used in different ways here and I lean more towards the precedent being set within the same series. Your interpretation could definitely be correct but I think mine is just as valid. When Honor says this, it always seemed to me that it was within the context of humanity being able to somehow utilize them against Odium, being brought up directly in connection to the success they would have if they forced Odium to choose a champion. Honor was a little all over the place at the end, and with what we learn at the end of Oathbringer about what Honor thought about the Dawnshards there may be more interpretations as to his meaning here, but they would all be awkward non-sequiturs in my eyes. In my presumed context, having a Dawnshard trapped and being able to utilize them are two different things so my theory would still make sense. The Sibling had also become catatonic by this point so that fits as well. I could see why you would be hung up on that quote but I feel like a very strict interpretation of what he means by "without" is necessary for it to disprove my theory, even within interpretations other than my own things could still fit. I really don't think that where these entities are physically (or cognitively) now holds much relevance as to where they originated. As you mentioned, the Fused became trapped on Braize following the Oathpact despite originally being Rosharan natives and having nothing to do with Braize other than being of Odium. We dont even know if other non-Fused Cognitive Entities are locked in Braize or if its just them, the Stormfather says that the Oathpact was meant specifically meant to lock away the Fused in the below passage because of their ability to directly affect the PR and kill people. Any power leveled on them wouldn't necessarily affect the Unmade as well, so it makes sense that they would be spared its effects: The Unmade would obviously be of most use sticking around on and influencing Roshar, so them constantly being there makes way more sense than them being on Braize for no reason, but that doesn't mean Roshar is their origin. The connection they have to Voidbinding and the slight evidence we now have as to Voidbindings origins could point to them originating on Ashyn, but that remains one of the more tenuous conjectures in my theory so I'll put leave this reply here and tell y'all to take that statement with a grain of salt. Thanks for the in depth reply Page, I've been waiting for your response.